A peek at various interiors decorated with point props for each space Best Design Firm

A peek at various interiors decorated with point props for each space

The accessories and furniture necessary for the interior give each space a point or create a sensual space. Therefore, the selection of accessories suitable for each space plays an important role in the interior. As more and more consumers want to purchase accessories for interior decoration,  various products such as lighting, accessories, bowls, and kitchenware have penetrated into real life and are already establishing themselves as a trend in interiors.

From modern and nature-friendly design accessories to interior accessories that emphasize sensibility and practicality by using various colors, it is another way to create your own taste and lifestyle. In addition to accessories, interior furniture is not only a necessary item for life, but it can also serve as an object in a space, so it is good to consider this when choosing furniture. Furniture is also different for each space, so you need to carefully select furniture for each space and choose materials and colors in consideration of harmony with the overall interior.

Living room

Since the living room is spacious, it can accommodate various accessories and furniture, but it is expensive to create a different atmosphere with new furniture and accessories every time. For a living room to fill such a large space, it is important to choose the overall styling and main furniture.

If you choose the shape and color of the main furniture well, you can change the atmosphere of the living room into a natural and desired styling. In addition, various styles can be created through various arrangements. If you have a large space, a modern interior that is not burdensome is also a good idea because the living room is a space frequented by guests rather than an interior tailored to your taste.

One of the point items to decorate the living room is to use various picture frames, paintings, or fabrics. Since the wall of the living room is wide, you can create a unique feeling in the existing stuffy and plain space by decorating the interior using a frame or picture. In the living room interior in the photo, paintings with various illustrations are freely arranged in various sizes and frames, and the wall color is also made in a dark tone that does not interfere with the frame interior, so that you can focus on the painting. The overall tone-down color maintains modernity and cleanliness, while the wall painting plays a key role, so it doesn’t feel dark even without a strong sense of color.

Dining room

 The dining room is also a space for all family members to gather, but in case guests come, it should be properly styled with the taste of the family and the interior for the guests. The dining room can be decorated with various furniture and accessories, but the most important furniture that will change the dining room is the table and chairs. There is a reason the size is large, but its presence is bigger than other furniture. First, you need to decide on the shape and material of the table and then choose a chair that suits it.

At this time, the first factor to consider when preparing a table is the number of people using it and space for arrangement. Therefore, it is important to choose a table with consideration for the harmony when several chairs are gathered, and to choose a table with high utilization where you can drink coffee and tea as well as simply eat.

Accessories include flowers, small items such as vases or small picture frames, and fabric items such as tablecloths, which should be matched according to the season or in harmony with the basic interior. At this time, if you are a person who usually collects cute accessories such as bowls, you can create a unique space by decorating the wall with visible decorations.

Instead of trying to buy new accessories, you can save money by using existing ones to decorate. However, as it is a dining space, it should be decorated neatly and modernly, and it is better to avoid trivial accessories because it is usually well maintained and easy to clean.

Kids room

What are some accessories for a child’s room? The children’s room is decorated according to the taste of the child or the age of the child, and most are decorated with many colors and characters drawn. For example, you can create a colorful children’s room simply because it immediately catches the child’s eyes without using a lot of props to decorate the child’s room with colorful point wallpaper or lighting.

The interior in the photo is a blue color on the wall as a whole, and a wallpaper with a picture that the child will like was used to give a point. Overall, wood materials and colored products and accessories are uniformly arranged to create a natural yet cozy feel. In addition, for the bed bedding set, a brown color with a checkered pattern was selected, and cushions of various colors were layered on the bed to give it richness.


The bed color that cannot be missed in the bedroom styling. Just by changing the bedding color and setting, the atmosphere of the bedroom will change significantly. As the interior in the photo, the overall white color is the basis, and the interior with warm colors orange and pink creates a clean and lively space. Although it may seem cold overall, it is decorated as a cozy space by harmonizing appropriate tones, and wall lights are installed on either side of the bed to create a soft bedroom atmosphere.

Even if you do not decorate the bedroom with such expensive furniture or accessories, you can create a special decorative effect with just the bedding color, so let’s create a unique style with various patterns and colors. At this time, if it is difficult to change it every time depending on the season or the desired concept, it is better to choose a multi-item that can be used for 4 seasons rather than changing the thickness of the bedding. In addition, it is said that hanging a picture frame or a picture among the accessories that can give a point to the bedroom is related to the wealth of noble people from the point of view of the interior of Feng Shui.


A space for concentration The study & study room is already filled with heavy types like existing books, so it is better to decorate it simply. For example, decorating a space with plants that are good for air purification is not only nice to look at, but also helps you focus on work because of its ability to purify the air and automatically supply oxygen and moisture without using a humidifier or air purifier. Or, there is a way to decorate the space with interior lighting. In an office space where you work for a long time, the design of lighting is also important, but let’s not forget that you need to pay attention to the lighting.

The interior in the photo uses green, the point color, to the white and black interior to create a casual study that is not boring. The wall was created as an interior using a picture frame, and various frame frames were used to give a point, and instead of hanging it on the wall, it naturally leaned against the wall for a natural look.


The tile interior, which can be transformed into as many styles as desired, is the perfect item for the bathroom. Tiles have a wider range of colors and textures than wallpaper or flooring, so they can give a wall or floor a luxurious look. Items that can be individually decorated The tile interior has as many patterns and colors as the point wallpaper, so you can decorate it freely to suit your personal taste.

A single frame is not set, but you can freely connect each desired tile to create a new pattern, or create a single tile with a unified color. The uniqueness of each tile is unique, so you can decorate the space in your own style with a little personality. You can connect various patterns like a puzzle to make a point in the space without trivial props, and you can also find fun creating your own style. As in the interior in the photo, if you choose a tile drawn with various patterns within the black and white color tile, you can freely decorate it in any shape you want without a fixed frame, and create a unique bathroom space.

Veranda: mini garden

What items should you choose to make the most of your small courtyard to create a mini garden? You can create a garden by using the wall directly. In the form of a vertical garden, growing plants on a vertical wall was a technically difficult problem in the past, but with the development of many technologies, the number of cases of creation is increasing. It is good to hang small flowerpots by installing a wire mesh on the wall, or by attaching a shelf to one side of the wall to place plants, you can place several flowerpots without taking up a lot of space.

When decorating a vertical garden, it is better to choose iron or plastic flowerpots made of relatively light materials. In addition, if you use high and low wooden boxes to create a three-dimensional space and cultivate the shape of the garden, you can not only look good but also use the space appropriately. In addition, by installing a lattice structure for vines on one side of the wall, you can create a garden using vines that grow well on walls and walls.

Dressing room

In the case of a dressing room, if there are many small items, it can interfere with the interior. A neat way to decorate a dressing room is not to buy new accessories for decoration, but to decorate it with existing accessories. For example, as in the interior in the photo, you can attach a shelf neatly on the wall and hang a mirror necessary for the dressing room on the wall, and on both sides, you can give decorative effects to the wall such as all kinds of accessories, hats, hair bends, etc. stored in the dressing room. If you select things and decorate them as if they were a single ornament, it can be an interior accessory because it looks good as well as organizes it.

How to Smartly Clean and Maintain Your Home Without Mistakes | Gurgaon |

If you live with your parents and become independent and have your own space, or if you meet your family, get married, and start your own household, you are often responsible for household chores. It is important to decorate the house beautifully and create a space that reflects one’s taste, but it is also very important to keep the house clean and stable. This is because, although it has been beautifully decorated and decorated, if it is not properly maintained, there is no meaning in putting any effort into it.

A house is fundamentally subject to change and tame as it goes through the hands of people. Also, cleaning and managing the house for a healthy and regular life is one of the most important things we need to do. Today we are going to learn how to manage your home without making any mistakes. Let’s take a look back and see if there were any common sense that we were misunderstood and manage the house smartly.

How to choose the right curtains for your room| Gurgaon | Delhi NCR

Curtains are an essential item to control the temperature and amount of light in the room, and they are helpful items for interiors by adjusting the atmosphere of the room according to the design and color. Usually, when you buy curtains, you choose them based on the design or price, but before that, you need to decide on the color and design of the curtains according to the furniture, lighting, and atmosphere of the house, which can help you create a sensible and atmospheric home.

Other things to consider when selecting curtains are whether they have cold and heat dissipation effects, whether they protect privacy, and whether they will not get tired quickly even after using them for a long time. Today, let’s take a look at how to choose the right curtains for your room considering these various factors.

Basic interior needed for our children’s room

It is not an easy task to select furniture that combines function and style and an interior that matches the function and style for the proper growth of children and improvement of creativity. Children who were simply interested in everything when they were young grow up, their likes and dislikes become clear, and their own tendencies become stronger. Because the desired props are different and the color they like is clear, it should be completed with an interior that respects the child’s tendency.

If you want to develop your child’s creativity, you have to be careful when choosing one small accessory for your child’s room. In particular, the sensuous design and colorful items stimulate children’s imagination and make the interior special. In addition, in the case of children’s rooms, storage space is insufficient, so it is important to secure an appropriate storage space so that the room can be organized. A messy room is not conducive to a child’s concentration and is not good for the interior. In the case of cabinets, the selection of products varies depending on the size of the space, but basically, it is necessary to select an efficient storage method without occupying a lot of space, such as using a basket or shelf, or using a reclaimed cabinet.

Basic color for a child’s room

The most important color selection and material selection before decorating a child’s room determines the atmosphere of the child’s room. You should decorate the child’s room by examining which colors can maximize the child’s strengths and correct the weaknesses. In the case of color, although it has a great visual effect on us, it has a great effect on the growth and development of children, so the color that naturally blends into the interior helps the child’s brain and emotional development and the formation of a harmonious personality.

So, what color should you choose for your child’s room? For a child, it is good to choose a color that helps to stabilize the mind and body without getting tired of using it for a long time. Among them, green lowers the child’s aggression and relaxes the mind by releasing tension in nerves and muscles. Green is soft and dark green better than high brightness and saturation. Also, for children, blue lowers heart rate and blood pressure to calm the mind, so it can improve concentration. If it is for your child’s health and concentration, let’s engrave these two colors for the color of the child’s room.

Kids room point wallpaper & eco-friendly wallpaper

The wallpaper interior that can give a point to a child’s room uses the child’s favorite color or character. However, if you paint the entire wall with wallpaper that helps children learn, you can give children interest in studying and decorate the space as an interior. Also, if you are concerned about the environment and your child’s health, there is a way to use natural wallpaper or eco-friendly wallpaper.

Natural wallpaper is a wallpaper made of natural materials that are beneficial to the human body, such as pine, mugwort, and lavender. Eco-friendly wallpaper is a wallpaper that many people with sensitive skin are looking for in homes with children with skin diseases. Eco-friendly wallpaper has the function of adsorbing and removing harmful substances and deodorizing, and is effective in improving environmental diseases such as atopy. In addition, it has the advantage of forest bathing effect and humidity control, and can be recycled after incineration.

Well organized storage space

In the case of a child’s room, the storage type of course varies according to the age, but in the case of preschool children, the storage of toys is mainly useful, so a basket or box type is mainly useful. It is a good idea to purchase a low cabinet so that children can organize themselves and put a box in the cabinet so that they can put in and take out toys on their own. If you have older children, you need storage space for supplies and various books rather than toys. Organize them neatly in drawers under the bed or on the desk.

Middle and high school students have more books than lower grades, so it is better to purchase a spare bookshelf in advance. In the case of clothes, they have a smaller amount of clothes than adults, so there is no inconvenience in storage space, but children grow up quickly, so it is better to organize or dispose of clothes that do not fit and are not worn.

Cozy interior

In order to create a cozy interior, the interior using fabric is as important as the choice of color. There is a way to make a space rich and cozy by using fabric. In the case of fabric, it has the advantage of being able to easily decorate and change the inside of the house, and at the same time, it is an item that adds warmth to the house in winter. Add warmth to the child’s room using cushions, carpets, or rugs, and choose a color that the child likes or a color that gives a sense of stability to create an interior. As a color that can give warmth to a space, you can use cream, green, or brown-based tone-down colors. If you want to choose a cool color, there is a way to mix and match two colors that give you cold and warmth.

Study room for homework

Mother’s interest The interior of the child’s study room. There are many ways to get good grades, but if you pay close attention to the study room, which is the basic space in which your child lives, you can create an atmosphere where your child can study on their own at home. It is good to choose a desk and chair, which are basically necessary for the study room, that fit the child’s body and do not cause discomfort even after sitting for a long time, and select a chair with a certain amount of cushioning.

This is because the wrong posture hinders physical development because it is the age of full growth. In addition, it is good to secure a lot of storage space for children by installing under the desk or shelf. This is because a lot of space is needed with books and documents, etc., which increase as students get older. Also, it is recommended to always use a stand to protect eyesight. The harmony of weak stand lighting and overall lighting is the most important. At this time, it is also an important option to choose a cute design that will stimulate the eyes of the child.

Space composition & furniture arrangement

When choosing a room for a child who needs parental care, it is basically better to place it closer than far away from the parent’s gaze. Also, in general, when arranging furniture, the desk is placed to face the window, but there is also a way to place it so that it faces the door if the parent is relatively anxious if the child’s back is visible when the door is opened. Also, place the desk in a position where the light from the window enters obliquely from the back right side, facing the door, and place the bed in front of the desk to make the space in front of the desk appear wider. It is recommended to put several cushions.


In the case of a children’s bedroom, you can change the overall atmosphere with a bed style. It is good to make a bedroom that gives a sense of stability to the child by choosing a product that contains a pattern, color, or character that the child loves. In addition, the lighting necessary for the children’s bedroom helps to change the atmosphere of the children’s room. In addition to the overall lighting in the children’s room, if you install a cute-shaped auxiliary lighting device or stand, it will improve the child’s energy and also have a good effect on children who are afraid of the night. In this case, the lighting should be selected in a line that does not interfere with the child’s sleep to create a good sleep environment.

Hide dangerous objects

There are so many toys and trinkets in the children’s room that they are spread out without knowing which dangerous objects are. It is not recommended to have sharp or breakable glass items that may threaten the child in the child’s room, but for interior purposes or if the material of the child’s toy is a little risky, it is better to put high shelves out of the child’s eye level. good night. In addition, it is advisable to put a rubber mat on the floor to prevent the impact from being less if a child falls or an object is dropped from a high place. Also, if your child frequently bumps into something and gets bruised, there is a way to prevent safety in advance by attaching rubber devices to the corners.

A Peek at Various Interiors Decorated with Point Props for Each Space

When it comes to interior design, the devil is truly in the details. Adding small but impactful decorative elements, often referred to as “point props,” can transform a space from ordinary to extraordinary. These point props serve as focal points, injecting personality and character into each room. In this blog, we’ll take a captivating journey through different interior spaces, exploring how point props can make a significant difference in various settings.

1. The Enchanting Living Room

Imagine walking into a living room filled with comfortable sofas, elegant curtains, and tasteful artwork. Now, add a large, intricately designed wall clock above the fireplace. This classic and functional point prop not only serves a practical purpose but also captures attention as a central decorative piece. Its timeless design complements the room’s aesthetics, becoming a conversation starter for guests and a visual anchor for the entire space.

2. The Serene Bedroom Retreat

In a serene bedroom adorned with soft hues and plush textiles, a four-poster bed takes center stage. The intricate carvings and luxurious drapes create an aura of sophistication, transforming the room into a romantic haven. The bed itself becomes a point prop, setting the tone for relaxation and escape.

3. The Culinary Haven – Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of a home, and incorporating point props here can be surprisingly effective. Imagine a vintage-inspired chalkboard on the kitchen wall, where recipes, grocery lists, and heartfelt messages find their place. This simple addition adds warmth and a touch of nostalgia to the space, making it feel more personal and inviting.

4. The Productive Home Office

A home office doesn’t have to be a dull space of functional furniture. A carefully chosen point prop can infuse creativity and motivation. Imagine a striking world map pinned to the wall, serving as both decoration and inspiration for travel enthusiasts or global thinkers. This point prop can spark ideas and add a sense of wonder to the workspace.

5. The Tranquil Bathroom Escape

Even the bathroom can benefit from the magic of point props. Picture a sleek, freestanding bathtub as the focal point. Surrounded by subdued colors, elegant fixtures, and natural elements, the bathtub becomes a luxurious sanctuary. Its sculptural form creates an oasis of relaxation, inviting you to unwind and forget the world outside.

6. The Welcoming Entryway

The entryway is the first impression visitors have of your home. Make it memorable with a captivating point prop, like a statement mirror with an ornate frame. This not only adds a touch of glamour but also reflects light, making the space appear larger and more inviting.

7. The Playful Kid’s Room

Children’s rooms are a canvas for creativity. Imagine a swing chair hanging from the ceiling, evoking a sense of playfulness and adventure. This point prop goes beyond conventional furnishings, providing a unique spot for reading, daydreaming, and play.


Point props are like the punctuation marks in the story of your home’s interior design. They can transform a room’s ambiance, infuse character, and engage your senses. From wall clocks to bathtub sculptures, these decorative elements add that special something that makes each space memorable and unique. So, the next time you’re contemplating a room makeover, remember to consider the power of point props in shaping the narrative of your living spaces.

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