• Inspirational Modern Decor Ideas You Can’t Miss | Gurgaon

We always strive to provide you with everything new in the world of decoration, and because modern decorations require focus in choosing colors, furniture,  walls and floors, today we offer you great inspiring ideas so that you can change your home decor with some modern ideas, including having a comfortable home And honorable in front of your guests.

Now is the time to get out of the traditional and old, and get a modern, cheerful home full of beautiful details. After reading this article, you will definitely choose one of these ideas in renovating your home decor.

1. Wedge

The design is quite distinctive and cheerful, although the background is great for the patterned wallpaper and the table is high and distinct.

We cannot forget how the sponge on the chairs is new, different and modern and gives you a session that you immerse yourself in and forget about life, for a more comfortable and relaxing time. Acquiring a comfortable and distinctive piece of furniture seems to be one of the great ideas for a modern décor in your home.


2. Zigzag floor

Most of the time, we prefer the plain floor and the carvings on the walls, but in this design we show you how the zigzag floor is wonderful and cheerful and fills the room with vitality and may give you excitement.. This is in addition to the open cabinet consisting of several shelves that hold plant pots and books.

  • Inspirational Modern Decor Ideas You Can’t Miss | Gurgaon

3. Different and matching materials

Despite the different materials from which the furniture is made and the colors that do not resemble each other, there is a wonderful and unusual harmony in the design.. The sofa is black fabric, the chairs and table are wooden in its natural color, and the library is white wooden, all of this meets under a concrete ceiling from which a chandelier hangs with wonderful glass cups .

4. Pink and gray

The use of cheerful and distinctive colors in your home gives yourself a wonderful comfort inside the place, but here we show you a more than wonderful combination. It is pink and gray that gives you a very modern room in a wonderful contrast between the two colors, but in their beautiful pale shades, with the soft fur rug, modern lighting units and plants.

5. Black wood floors

Black wood is one of the finest and most luxurious floors that you can rely on in your home, as it goes with all colors, but we recommend light colors like this design that took the colors of the panda, where the homogeneity of black and white was made in a wonderful style for a space that holds a living  room and a dining room at the same time .

6. Sitting in the woods

Have you ever been to a forest? Or did you want to live this adventure.. Certainly if you love the atmosphere of the forests, it is no longer impossible for her to come to you, it is the wonderful wallpaper that can make you live what you want.. This is how we see the successor of the room full of trees with a large and spacious sofa for rest and relaxation.

7. Concrete walls

Although there are many forms that wallpaper offers us, the concrete walls still retain their luster and give a sense of strength and solidity to the place, and this design relied on huge concrete panels to fill the walls to obtain this wonderful shape.

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