Inspirational ideas to renovate your kitchen

Inspirational ideas to renovate your kitchen | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

There are times when we need to change something in our lives because we are bored with routine and nothing is more effective than a small renovation of the space and this can make a positive impact in the space.

We want to leave a slight renovation on an important space in our house and one of the rooms we spend a lot of time in is  the kitchen , if you don’t know where to start we present to you in this topic very cool kitchen renovation ideas.

  1. The black and white kitchen

There are almost as many possibilities for different kitchen  designs  as people, since you can always give them a personal touch that will make them unique and different from others. In the photo, the low and high furniture is made in black color, as it is noted that they do not have a handle to give a more modern feel to the ensemble, and the low furniture is costed with a white quartz worktop, which makes a nice contrast throughout the furniture. The geometry in the plan of this kitchen is in L, although it has three sides, in one of which is the cooking area with a smoke extractor hood, then the sink, which is located under the existing window, and finally a small section of the counter top on which the high-capacity furniture is placed Large capacity.

  1. The kitchen with a great rustic touch

Nowadays the kitchen space has become one of the favorites of the family members and that is why in the time of kitchen repair it is always about joining some space to get more narrow space, realizing that where before it is just cooked, it is also possible to eat it. In this solution, a sloping ceiling made of wooden stud supported on beams of solid wood in a light color, gives a very rustic touch to the environment, which is designed over the cooking area as a classic cool bell and the beautiful solid wood table with wooden chairs finished in wicker, to further increase it rustic. Furniture dominates in white, to enhance the brightness of the space, which has good natural light that enters through the large window that we see as the sink is placed under it.

  1. Kitchen connected to the terrace

This kitchen dazzled us with its luminosity, and this is because it is located on the penthouse floor, which always gives the space of positive natural light. The kitchen has direct access to the balcony. In this design it signifies that the cabinets are floor to ceiling to take advantage of maximum storage space, which is complemented by two large refrigerators for products that require cold. The upper part is a new material known by the trade name, which is Corian and was chosen in white, it is a synthetic material that is now used much because the hard surfaces that have the maximum qualities to be highly resistant are achieved and be thermal, which means that the drains of the drains can be one piece, ie not present Together, because the material allows total continuity with the horizontal plane of the work surface, being thermodynamic, it is both like saying that it has a three-dimensional design, and also has a very wide range of colors.

  1. Kitchen with practical island

If we observe this kitchen, we see that it has a design based on feng shui, an ancient Chinese philosophical system, which harmonizes the occupation of space to achieve a positive effect on the people who live in it. In the photo, harmony reigns in the design of the ensemble. On the left side, the furniture is low and high without handles and large capacity, in the middle is designed for the island where the cooking area is located and a layer to absorb the smoke generated which is included in a false ceiling at a lower level than the rest of the false ceiling of the space. The island visually delineates the kitchen space and the designated room can be seen on its right side.

  1. Linear Kitchen

In this kitchen design, the linearity and simplicity of the kitchen take on a special role. Low furniture is culminated by a counter top, which has a space for preparing the products to be cooked, which is made on the table which is mounted on the counter top making it stop, then the cooking area of ​​the food with a smoke extractor plate on it and then a single breasted sink is placed . On the table, tall furniture, which has its lower face on an LED light fixture installed in each of the units, is placed to provide additional illumination in the work areas.


  1. Eclectic cuisine

Here we see a kitchen aesthetically pleasing to the industrial style, Boyd or lighted metal beams supporting the ceiling slab to the left of the photo, perforated with six-sided polygon geometry or hexagon which is suitable for steel savings due to their long lengths between the trusses, and the full metal beams supporting them Ceiling slab on the right of the photo. The entire space is eclectic, i.e. a mixture of three styles, an industrial one of metal beams, rustic of exposed brick and hydraulic floor, and the other modern in furniture design with its central island containing the cooking area and large stainless steel range hood. On both sides of the island there are large drawers for storing things, and on its right side a large blue refrigerator, then a large longitudinal counter top with its sink, there are cabinets, with which the brick wall is left. Through its irregular geometry, which in all its splendor illuminates all the length and length of the kitchen space.

How to decorate your bedroom successfully!

A double room is that room of the house where intimacy is enhanced, the decor should express tranquility, emotion and personality embodied. Finding the style that represents your lifestyle, which is essential to the importance of this room not only as a place to sleep but also as a haven for complete relaxation and moments of contemplation.

Here we have tried to create an ideal space as possible by following all the details for a tight design that integrates with the desired final form. The harmony in planning and choosing furniture, accessories, fabrics and the rest of the decor details has been taken into account  . Here we know the importance of the role that decor plays in making you fall in love with your home more and more, so today we will help you find great ideas for decorating your home and inspire you to design a room that matches what you see here.

How to decorate a small wedding room

How to decorate a small married room is a prior rather complicated, however, when it is clear which elements are the main ones, the path is less complicated to success. When space is nothing special in a room, the so-called rule of three Rs must be fulfilled: reduce, rethink, and reuse.

Minimize: This is an appeal to avoid all that unnecessary furniture in the residence. Since the size is small, the furniture should be chosen carefully. A bed, a table and a wardrobe can be all you need to decorate a small wedding room. If you are due to hit the space, a second side table or a small piece of furniture is the maximum that should be included. Otherwise, it will be overloaded.

Rethink: When starting to decorate, it is important to think about what place and distribution you will have in the furniture. In the case of a small double room, in addition, it is necessary to give it a second round. Is the bed really centered? Perhaps in one of the walls maximize space. Is it necessary to lose all that space in the attic room? How about using it as a slicker? These questions and many more are essential to getting to the improvement of every angle.

Reuse: This point does not focus on the reuse of materials, but on seeing the dual use of furniture. In a small room, saving space is essential. For this reason, such items as a bed will fulfill a double function, it will be a space for rest and a storage area. Choosing the canape option will give extra space, really essential in spaces like this. The closet will benefit from every angle. From floor to ceiling, a practical box is positioned to accommodate seasonal clothing changes.

Decorating a double room with a small budget

When budgeting is an issue, it’s best to be clear from the start two things. On the one hand they are must, ie items that cannot be abandoned. And whether it is a rolling bed, a sticky mattress, or a specific paint accent, these must be included in the decoration without exception. On the other hand, it should be a list of all those who are desirable but can be dispensed with, for example, a particular model of nightstands or a particular designer bedding. Having these points is much easier to reach the point of reconciling a tight budget and a perfect bedroom.

In addition to this point, decorating the marriage room should be with  a little money with small tips, for example, real decorative jewelry can be found in antiques stores and urban markets. Its decorative value is enormous but its cash price is usually reasonable. Additionally, in-store selling moments in the Valley can save you a budget that will later be allocated to some of the essential items on the menu.

Choose rustic style to decorate the wedding room

Rustic style is recognized by two main things: the use of wood and company lines at the same time comfortable. Therefore, when asked how to decorate a country room, the answer is: use warmth as a common theme. The best advice for achieving this is to follow these five points to the letter:

Embrace Wood: The use of wood in darker tones is the basis of this style. Adding decorative wooden beams will enhance the idea.

Include green: rustic style seeks the union between man and nature. Whether with tones on the walls or with the inclusion of plants, the presence of this tone is important to achieve that union.

Heat: The stove is one of the most used items on this model, it’s likely that installing a conventional one is complicated. That’s why the range of electric stoves has grown to offer solutions that adapt to any pocket.

Pastel shades: To soften the roughness of wood pastel shades are the best option. These tones are not only softening but are perfect for giving warmth and relaxation to the room.

Seen walls: In addition to wood, leaving walls unpainted is also an essential feature of rustic decoration. Whether brick or stone, leaving one of the walls uncovered is the icing on the cake to rustic decor.

How to decorate a white double room

White is the color used in two types of decoration as a hero: modern and simple. However, white is much more than that. The use of white color gives peace and tranquility to the room. Relaxation and light are the powers of this color.

Choosing a goal for the bedroom means giving this room the ability to be a refuge to forget and move away from everyday worries. A space of light and sincerity with the one who transmits all turmoil to the outside. White room is relatively simple in decoration, however, do not forget that any element can become ruinous. Therefore, great care should be taken with the rest of the elements that do not follow this color, since a poor choice can break the delicate balance of the room.