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Discover the beauty of municipal living rooms

Living rooms have more than one style that you can design with. It is not limited to the famous modern and classic, but there are other styles that may meet your aspirations more. Today we will be with the municipal style in the design of living rooms, which is characterized by simplicity and warmth and not deviating from the ordinary too much, with Retaining the value of the furniture in the  room and  respecting family gatherings more, and the appearance of the rooms in an official way related to the country in which it is located, influenced by its folkloric decorations and natural accessories.

Great for small spaces

Municipal-style living rooms help small spaces shine more thanks to their simplicity and use of components that may be unusual in modern designs, such as fur and leather in the floors, and the design of sconces around the fireplace, suggesting more warmth, and the use of strong white lighting also helps to appear the space in a more elegant way. Much better than it would be without it.


Simple furniture

Simple furniture is one of the components and origins of the beautiful municipal style, where we note that most of the furniture in municipal designs is always made of wood, in natural colors without excessive luster or change of the colors on which the wood is in nature, where we also note the use of furniture pieces in the form of family sessions that suit everyone, It accommodates everyone, with a comfortable height and a distinctive sitting size so that there is no feeling of discomfort.


Multiple details distinguish the municipal style from any other style, we always notice the interest in vases and natural flowering roses, with a fireplace if possible, decorating the columns around it, the use of engraved furniture with attractive metal ornaments, and many details that if you check in a part you will discover such as fabrics, pillow covers and sofas Seats, blinds, etc.


Roses are essential in this style, with more reliance on woven details, such as carpets, curtains, and wallpaper, if any. Pride in roses is essential in this style, as well as the formality of the sessions in the living room from these basic signs. You always find all sessions ready to receive guests in a moderate manner and sessions Stylish.

Warmth of details

The warm details in the municipal design always reach the hearts without complications. Notice the simple chandelier design, the beautiful curtains, and the sitting that is far from any gaudy, something of the utmost beauty and tranquility. A sitting that really makes you feel authentic as if it is part of the culture of the country in which it is located and represents the comfort aspirations of the residents of this beautiful house.


Gaur City 2 14 Avenue Interiors Designs Noida Extension

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