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Ideas for Decorating Small Rooms | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Nowadays living in a small room is the most common thing. Floors, especially in big cities, usually each house is no more than 80 or 90 square meters, so the sleeping space will be reduced to 10 or 12 square meters. Therefore, we need to be smart in dealing with it.

It is very important to think of color and furniture combinations that go well in our small rooms. Inspiration from some design examples will be very helpful and in this idea book to be exact, we’ve rounded up more than 20 proposals for small rooms that we’re sure you’ll love.


Decorating with vinyl can be a fantastic idea to give a personal touch to our living room without having to add furniture, minimal decoration, not many shelves or cabinets. Just leave the walls completely clean, and then coat them with the design you like best.

A bright finish can be a brilliant idea if we are looking for brilliance and a feeling of greater space. The light will bounce off the floor or on the furniture and achieve a pleasing result.

Tall shelves allow us to place books or decorations taking advantage of space that would otherwise be completely wasted. If you also light up the area, the results will be even better, you just have to look at the picture!

Separation of different environments or spaces without walls is possible, apart from being highly recommended. There are many choices we can make to visually separate two rooms, among them people choose structures like this, completely hollow, where light can enter.

If you like this idea, feel free to consult further with our interior designers and decorators.

Sometimes we insist on adding furniture that we like, even though the addition doesn’t really have any flavor or capacity. If you have a room similar to the one in the picture, do without a low table or coffee table to make it more comfortable.

A shelf that serves as furniture for a television is a very simple example of how we can take elements for several uses at once. Surely if you think about it, you will realize how you can get more than what you think about some furniture.

If your room is painted on a neutral base, you can always add a touch of color through textiles, such as curtains or pillows.

It is quite common for us to talk about multi functional furniture. And what if we took advantage of every corner that space has to offer us? For example, that empty area is ideal for storing a pair of chairs.

Mobile furniture, or furniture that can be moved easily, can also be great for small spaces. In this case, this simple drawer with wheels serves as a coffee table or for storing or supporting different objects. Move him as you wish!

Absolute white is always a great idea for small, under-lit spaces. You will make your living room bigger and brighter than before.

If there is a corner sofa in your living room, you will be happy to have one. In addition, usually a room requires more or less only two or three chairs.

If you have a mini floor, feel free to open the kitchen into the living room. At first you may not like the idea, but we assure you that both aesthetically and functionally it is preferable.

Artificial lighting is something that really needs to be considered. The best thing is, you can always achieve the results you want.

Pastel colors are now increasingly fashionable in interior decoration. They are fantastic for small rooms if we combine them with white. You can add this color tone through embellishments, textiles or even painting the walls.

If your home is an open concept space, you can choose to install infinite shelves like this one, which will complete the decoration and ordering along the way. An original and versatile solution.

Behind the sofa in this small living room, a white wardrobe with wooden legs has been placed to visually delimit the living room space. A simple trick with very clear results.

If you don’t want to take risks and you want to be safe with your living room, always look for simplicity in decor. In this picture we see a modular sofa, a table, a rug, a lamp and a small basket. Nothing else but that, but still nice and comfortable.

Multiple points of light through small, warm lamps will allow you to bring a more pleasant atmosphere to your living room. This point is recommended for all types of rooms: large and small. Add that touch of warmth and you won’t regret it.

Plants have always been the best friends in decorating our homes, especially our living rooms. Place one or two (on the floor or on a shelf depending on the available space). Guaranteed to always be successful.

Stack Table is a fantastic proposal from a coffee table to a small room. All existing tables can be stored under each other and it can be pulled out according to our needs.

We have repeatedly emphasized the importance of mirrors for small spaces: they successfully reflect light and make the effect of a larger space. In addition, they are ideal as a standalone decoration.

Finally, if you have a room like the one in the picture that only has a small window… don’t use curtains! If you have little light don’t place obstacles and let the light in. Otherwise, your room will look smaller and darker.

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