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Best interior design ideas for living room

Learn the foundations of designing your modern living room

The successful design of the living room is that the design during which there’s the most important open space for movement and therefore the exploitation of each corner to take care of order within the room and stop chaos, so we recommend the fashionable decoration system, as besides its success in achieving comfort and order factors, the furniture is solid, simple and lightweight.


 Simplicity is that the basis of recent décor, which relies on brush elements and neutral colors that provide comfort and suit the age of speed. Today, there’s no place for complications and details even within the elements of furniture and decor. We don’t need quite simplicity and luxury when designing the living room.

Modern design has succeeded in achieving the factors of comfort, simplicity, elegance and luxury together. Because it’s characterized by elegance and high taste and meets many needs, and is additionally characterized by softness in colors, warmth and intimacy, with touches that keep step with the fashionable era, and this is often what distinguishes it from the remainder of the decor systems that follow the trend of modernity

The living room is one among the foremost used places within the house, so it must be designed that suits your own taste which this design is comfortable and straightforward to use and allows every corner of it to be wont to serve the people of the house.

Simple furniture.

Choosing simple light furniture: one among the foremost important features of recent decor is that the lightness and ease of furniture with modern touches – simple furniture elements with legs slightly above the bottom

Choose colors.

The use of neutral colors: with touches of bold colors that provides a modern face to your living room…

A bold touch!

The use of colorful pillows gives this room a beautiful touch, amidst the predominant mixture of neutral colors.

Better use.

And if the space features a small area, this suggests that you simply got to use light colors to offer a sense of more room , and therefore the use of wooden floors gives a warm and comfy spirit within the room and is additionally easy to wash and more practical.

Bigger void!!

The use of mirrors and glass surfaces to offer more room and a contemporary touch to the planning.


Emphasis on vertical lines: the utilization of high vertical lighting elements and long curtains.


The use of huge paintings to integrate more colors within the living room and to feature more life and distinction to its design, you’ll choose one or two calm colors with multi-colored art paintings to urge an exquisite result

A good choice of furniture.

Fit the dimensions of the furniture with the dimensions of the space: If the room is little, we must choose small furniture that’s appropriate to the dimensions of the space, and use small sofas and tables.

Best interior design ideas for living room | Interior designer firm

Great colors for your small living room

Which color allows you to form a little living room look bigger?

Obviously, the solution is white! Well, the selection is nearly straightforward but trusts us! it’s not the sole answer … there are other interesting colors, which no matter the sort of room, will never make it appear smaller than its size, or maybe appear in its natural size, but will automatically provides it an illusory visual spaciousness.

In today’s article from , we’ll emphasize that the living room may be a place to relax and luxuriate in time, whether alone or with friends, which by choosing an honest color for the walls can greatly affect the overall atmosphere, so be able to discover 9 suggestions to reinforce the space of a small room Your own.

Dark blue

Many have warned us about how dangerous it’s to use dark colors in small spaces, but remember that if applied well, these tones are often really cool. We provide this mixture of dark blue with some yellow and white accents but close attention has been paid to the furniture and accessories. Preferring neutral colors so as to not clutter the space.

Turquoise and green watery

Sometimes painting may be a coating of 1 or two walls with different colors, because it are often a superb solution to visually divide small spaces, and to avoid wasting valuable space in walls and hallways.

Stark red

Another very effective color is red, which has been known to bring great energy into an area and permit white furniture and accessories to be enhanced in neutral tones. By employing a different accent – usually white – for your room ceiling, you visually expand the whole space.

Beige and wood accents

A good thanks to expand a little space in your house is to figure on overlapping counter walls. During this case, I used a neutral tone of beige and wooden wall not only to make a dynamic effect without taking over more room, but in particular, to form the space very warm and welcoming.

Gray and white

A mixture of timeless visual influences, suitable for all modern spaces, and people designed with an excellent deal of classic flair. Consider this instance and therefore the consistency of color distribution in the living room, between furniture, walls, and even a bit of carpet!

Light green

If you reside during a warm place and your room has good natural light you’ll choose a fresh tropical touch and make the wall fresher with lime green.

White with white

If you’re keen on white, and have enough courage to possess a monochromatic look within the entire room, from floors, to walls, through furniture and curtains, then you’ll get a spacious, fresh and bright space.

Wine color

This new and weird proposition is undoubtedly elegant and refined; if your choice of wine color is combined with neutral tones, attempt to please yourself. Just admire how cheerful and stylish this wall radiates!

Pastel colors

Pastel shades appeared in 2017, but it seems that they’re going to continue with us within the New Year 2018, everyone loves those soft tones, and needs to possess them in their home, and because they enhance the elegance of the furnishings with an easy and modern taste … it’s just perfect!

Great designs for sofas that fit different living rooms

The great protagonist in any living room, but it’s often truth focus of home life. We are talking about the corner sofa, where the foremost vital area where the family meets to spend pleasant moments of relaxation and intimacy.

Due to its importance, it’s not always easy to settle on the proper model, because the characteristics of the environment to be included must be taken under consideration. that’s why in today’s article from , we brought you 7 great designs for corner sofas, very different from one another , and suitable for several sorts of living room and various design styles , to satisfy the requirements of every . Let’s start by checking them out!

A chic youthful character

For compact small residence, and so as to save lots of space, an L-shaped sofa are often chosen, it’s ideal for little rooms. The material and leather upholstery provides it a youthful look and modern character, suitable for home of a few or one among children.

Convenient and straightforward to wash

A soft corner sofa with removable fabric is a perfect choice for families with children, as functionality and luxury are the key words to explain it, especially with a little chaise that permits stretch while watching TV.

Design suitable for contemporary style homes

If we love modern design, in fact we’ll not be ready to resist this elegant sofa in its gray color, soft fabric, with L-shaped design, suggested by our experts, because the design of the sofa has clean lines, making it ideal for presenting a modern-style stay.

Multi functional open space units

If we love multi functional spaces , to be shaped consistent with the requirements of the instant , then this colorful sofa proposed, is that the perfect solution for us, as a modular model which will be converted into a corner sofa, bed, or a gaggle of small chairs, and what it also suggests Imagination. This feature seems ideal for open space environments, to be reinvented a day.

Antique classic

If we’ve always believed that corner sofas were the prerogatives of recent interior design, we will re-evaluate after seeing this exemplar, where we will see a curved sofa with its Baroque detailing, decorated with precious fabrics. Ideal for providing classic living room furnishing in classic antique style.

Modern classic

If you wish the classic style, but prefer it more realistic than the previous example, we will bet the corner sofa offers a minimal sophistication. White sofa in white leather is handmade, thus unique and customizable counting on our tastes and wishes. For instance we could invite a selected size or reclining back or the form of a settee bed.

Choose those that like modern solutions

An almost futuristic corner sofa. a settee with a contemporary design, ideal for those that seek ultimate relaxation, especially if it’s large and cozy , with padded armrests, glass storage areas on the edges , also as tilted headrests, providing an adjustable height.

Living room models with colorful furniture

Our tour today is light and fast for those that love brightly colored furniture and like to possess it in various rooms. Here are 5 models for living rooms that shine within the magic of a mix of bright colors, not only in furniture but also in fine furnishings, curtains and accessories. Let’s start now!

1- Delightful and harmonious

Despite the multiplicity of colors within the first model with us today, it’s characterized by a state of terrible harmony between all the weather. Check out the carpet and note how the multi-colored seats linked each of the seats and therefore the curtains, although both are completely different colors from the other!

Here we must means a crucial matter when furnishing the rooms of your home, which is albeit you’re looking to use different and strange colors within the decorations, you want to take under consideration the coordination with each other; So as to not annoy the eyes and eventually begin with the specified result.

2- Optical balance

A state of balance flooded over the place. Harmonious strongly with brushes floor, curtains firmly in line with pillows decorated sofa, all of them slot in with spotless white background, which succeeded in highlighting their beauty and high.

3- a unprecedented radiance

Of course, this room must have an unprecedented brightness. So how can it not be, given what percentage bright colors are utilized in it?! Suffice it the yellow that sparkled within the rug and captured the whole floor and therefore the gray, purple, turquoise and beige colors within the various seats.

And we cannot forget the wood covering for the background of the TV, which also added a warm and bright touch to the atmosphere of the space.

4- the planet of colors

With the appliance of touches like these that make your room appear as if a world of colors!, you’ll only need calm pieces of furniture (beige, cream, or white) because you’ll be spent on using colors in one among the walls also as within the cushions to attach both of them to every other, and thus you’ll need elements that balance the design the space as an entire.

5- Formal colored

Because the room is more formal, mostly thanks to the utilization of sunshine gray in most of the walls, also because the furniture, it had been natural for the planning expert to resort to colorful decorative elements that break that feeling of drawing and provides the space a touch fun.

The fun was represented by: the cushions, the curtains, two orange chairs, and a rug that mixes many colors with small interlocking geometric designs.

The Victorian style living room designs are outstanding

The Victorian classic style is one among the foremost classic styles in magnificence and wonder for lovers of elegance and stylish classic details, it’s the design of these trying to find absolute beauty and stylish details, so today we at will present you thru this text a group of Victorian-style living room designs very elegant and luxurious.

1- Bright details

A bright living room with dynamic color accents, we clearly see how the gold accents within the design play with the brilliant color details through the blue, orange and gold tones with touches of chic blue, the disappearance of the small print like the gilded cocktail table and therefore the carpets with the crystal chandelier within the middle of the ceiling, the walls are designed elegantly and really simply From wallpaper with elegant patterns.

2- Safaa Al-Azraq

No one can deny that the small print of the blue color can create a transparent beauty and elegance on any design. Here we clearly see the small print of the blue color with golden touches filled with beauty and classicism to feature to the space clear details of the classic Victorian style, through some details of the decorations and furniture, so we will see how the designer played with the ornamental details within the design through some antiques and antiques.

3- Excessive elegance

A wonderful and distinctive classic design that mixes golden and black tones during a completely unconventional way, so we discover fabrics and furnishings play a particular and attractive main role within the design of a really elegant and classic room, wallpaper with its distinctive Victorian engravings with decorative details within the gilded decorations and paintings and with its distinctive classic character, the space is wonderful within the sense Word.

4- Special details

Another model for a living room that carries with it special and ornate details from the decoration touches and therefore the pattern utilized in choosing the furniture, so we see excessive attractiveness and elegance and clear on the space design, especially when that specialize in the colors utilized in the space and therefore the decoration touches.

5- Purely classic

The classic Victorian style is an Old English trend in architectural arts and it’s a trend that has its own elegance and attractiveness, and it’s characterized by high taste. Extravagance.

6- Absolute simplicity

A distinctive and upscale design for a living room designed with absolute simplicity, infused with classic tones within the choices of furniture and décor, with the presence of that chandelier hanging from the ceiling during a quite wonderful way, and therefore the presence of warm wooden parquet within the design of the floors added to the space a contemporary touch during a quite wonderful way.

7- Neutrality of gray

Gray is one among the colors that’s characterized by beauty and exaggerated elegance, and its presence within the design of the house makes the house vibrant with beauty and extreme classicism, the decorations and therefore the library on the walls additionally to the presence of classic details within the great thing about the paintings and decorations that dominated the space and its design.

8- an area of special beauty

And its conclusion was musk with this excellent design of an area that carried a special quite beauty, starting with the utilization of carpets within the floors and gilded furniture additionally to the distinctive wallpaper patterns, the foremost important characteristic of the classic Victorian style within the design is that the wallpaper and styles with its distinctive inscriptions.

Designs to combine the living room and dining room

While recent trends in architecture aim to scale back the spaces of homes, the prevailing trends in interior design aim to integrate living environments into one space to beat the matter of small houses, while taking advantage of the positive aspects of that, which is to make a warm and intimate atmosphere.

In today’s article from , we brought you 6 of the simplest models for combining the living room with the dining room in one harmonious and harmonious space, without real dividers that kill space, but rather believe visual separations in terms of colors , pieces of furniture, also as carpets and paint.

While you follow these models with us, you’ll bring a bit of paper and a pen to require notes on the visual separations and therefore the consistency of colors between pieces of furniture, walls and also floors, you’ll find your inspiration in these works from the touches of professional experts !

A mixture of methods

This environment is extremely interesting in terms of the planning style, the color combination of yellow, gray, white and also purple. We will see how that piece of kilo divides the space visually, separating the living and dining rooms. Also, the color difference between each of them creates a transparent visual separation while preserving harmony and harmony between them through the walls and therefore the common gray color.

The table is next to the wall

The table next to the wall may be a gimmick and overcoming the matter of not having enough space within the room, once you have a little space, but at an equivalent time you’ve got an outsized table, placing it against the wall is that the perfect solution, this manner you’ll make the foremost of the space while you’ll still receive an out sized number of individuals to eat a delicious meal together. You’ll notice that the carpet acts as a visible separation between the dining and living rooms!

Great color and visual harmony

With a touch patience and trickery, you’ll create a mensurable of favor and appeal. Everything has got to do with it. This space isn’t big in the least , but as you’ll see, because of a really reasonable arrangement and meticulous selection of furnishings and each small element therein room, the living and dining rooms were merged into a narrow space without feeling any crowded or cramped.


White is usually a perfect solution for little spaces, because it gives it the brightness and visual breadth needed to feel comfortable and it also works to reinforce the natural light. During this example, because of the white walls and furnishings, that space appears spacious, larger than it actually is and more welcoming, which made it possible to mix the dining and living rooms with an equivalent colors, and separate them using carpets.

Few small pieces of furniture

This model is right for knowing the way to present a little living room, where nothing is missing, but everything is merely smaller, the sofa, the chair and therefore the library built into the wall, and also the board and chairs..Everything is chosen during a small size that meets the requirements and performs its function without occupying an excessive amount of the space. The color contrasts between the table and its chairs also because the living room is attractive and visually separates the 2 rooms with a backing from a bit of carpet that clearly delineates the boundaries of the living room.

When the Round Table is that the answer!

A round table becomes a superb solution consistent with its location within the room, as long as there’s space that it can accommodate; it’s a perfect solution for decorating a central area, because it enjoys a greater degree of intimacy and encourages conversation while eating. The column jutting out from the wall creates a partial separation between the 2 spaces, while the colors connect them in a chic harmony.

Furniture and table in living room

From past the Diwan-e-Khana has been the most corner of the house. Diwan-e-Khana may be a mirror of your culture and customs. It also determines your sophistication, manners and tendencies. If you’re trying to find the newest trends and favorite tips regarding tables and furniture specific to the halls, then here are some interesting tips.

Background and foreground

The background of the living room is of special importance. Within the given picture, beautiful curtains and television sets on the rear with a mixture of colors present a clear scene.

Openness and discipline

The attached picture shows the gorgeous arrangement of various corners of a spacious hall. the selection of furniture, the angles of the windows and therefore the arrangement of sunshine in white are going to be highlighted with framed pictures.

A rainbow and a rainbow

In this picture, an effort has been made to point out the gorgeous combination of colors and lightweight. The yellow color of the ground lines and table lamps, the color scheme of the pillows and therefore the angles of sunshine have created a rainbow view.

Good regularity

In this picture, the colors of the walls and furniture are intertwined. During this way, the furniture is given a replacement dimension and language. Especially on the roof and wall, beautiful designs are made up of wood.

Closer to nature

You can create your own imagery with the chosen patterns of our experts to rearrange the imitation furniture and surroundings to offer your front room a natural and natural color.

Modern and comprehensive

If the premises are limited, the board is often decorated within the background of the hall. Especially for an out sized family. Now the way to make this scene charming and captivating? An example of this is often clear during this picture. The gorgeous combination of furniture, enviable decoration of the central wall and high angles of lighting illustrate the potential.

With modern tradition

If modern furniture is arranged during a traditional style, such a scene is made. The artistic decoration of the background during this picture requires an ingenious idea. As a result, the magnificent sort of the Diwan-e-Khana has been enhanced.

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