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Would you like to completely rebuild, restore, or improve your magnificent house in Malviya Nagar Delhi? Are the top interior designers what you’re looking for? You’re in luck if the answer is yes! In order to give your house the appearance it deserves, Interior A to Z offers premium, all-inclusive interior design services. Additionally, you can alter and personalize the designs in accordance with your preferences, giving you total control over the design process.

Our knowledgeable interior designers will walk you through the process with their years of practical experience. We also recognize that every client has a distinct vision, which we will work with them to develop and realize without sacrificing quality or execution. Therefore, Interior A to Z, Malviya Nagar Delhi, has some of the most qualified interior designers to assist you with all your interior design needs, whether you want to add a dash of color or completely redesign your home.

Do you want to know another reason why choosing us is a good idea? The following are some benefits of selecting Interior A to Z as your dependable partner for all of your interior design requirements:

These aren’t the only advantages of hiring the top interior designers in Malviya Nagar Delhi, though. Continue reading.

The cost of home renovations is generally known, but it doesn’t mean you have to go over your allocated spending limit. At Interior A to Z, we think it’s possible to realize your vision without breaking the bank. Spending excessively is therefore never a concern. You ask, what else? You may be qualified for a number of our smart shopper discounts as well.

It goes without saying that having a team of knowledgeable and skilled interior designers in Malviya Nagar Delhi can make a world of difference, especially when it comes to interior design services. At Interior A to Z in Malviya Nagar Delhi, our interior designers have years of experience in their field and can provide you with the newest advice. All the while, we are taking the required actions to guarantee that your interaction with us is simple and hassle-free.

Numerous Options: Our collection is as wide-ranging as it gets because we know that not all customers prefer the same furniture, colors, or designs. You will be exposed to a wide range of interior design choices, including furniture, flooring, colors, themes, and décor.

We promise that this will be a memorable, in-person event that will jump-start your relationship with us.

Do not worry if visiting us at one of our experience centers right now sounds impractical for you. Alternately, you can select to have a consultation with us online, in which case our knowledgeable interior designers will quickly create a detailed plan for you. Remember to complete the lead form well in advance of the meeting so that our interior designers will be better equipped to help you right away!

It’s time for the fourth and, possibly, most thrilling phase for both of us. We start a special adventure together once you pay the nominal fee and choose Interior A to Z as your dependable interior design partner for your Malviya Nagar Delhi home. A home renovation or new house design might be a herculean undertaking, but we at Interior A to Z have all the tools and resources to make the process memorable and hassle-free from start to finish.

With our customizable options, you will have the opportunity to make all the decisions. We’ve got you covered on everything from flooring design, colors and patterns to style and furniture. Our knowledgeable interior designers will be available to help you if you ever feel overwhelmed or need advice.

Interior Designer in Malviya Nagar


The ideal interior designs in Malviya Nagar for a child’s or teenager’s room are those that capture the character, interests, and hobbies of the occupant. Think on if your adolescent prefers music, movies, or football, for example.

The difficult fears and insecurities associated with forging an identity as a young adult are frequently squeezed into the adolescent years. Teenagers may feel more at ease with them if their bedrooms are individually designed in Malviya Nagar. Don’t forget to keep up with the times and try to be as modern as you can, especially when dealing with teenagers who are frequently highly self-conscious and nervous about fitting in.

If they have their friends over, having a modern bedroom that looks hip can just boost their confidence a little. Teen bedrooms should be cool, bright spaces while adults prefer a quiet, peaceful bedroom in Malviya Nagar.

Consider using imaginative and daring features to motivate and energise your teen. Work with your teen to decide on the room’s theme to get things going. There are several fantastic teen bedrooms available if you need some inspiration. How your teen will spend their time should be taken into consideration while arranging their bedroom in Malviya Nagar.

They’ll need enough room to spread out and hang out with friends, but they’ll also need somewhere to work on their homework and rest peacefully. Consider how a design will accommodate a workstation, bed, closet, and other useful items. Don’t be hesitant to use unconventional furniture, such as a cover bed, hanging chairs, and inventive bookcases.


Teens’ bedroom walls are the perfect blank canvas on which to express their individuality and sense of style in Malviya Nagar. Consider using hand stencils, wall decals, or bright murals to add some edgy and upbeat motifs to the room. Whiteboards, magnetic boards, and chalkboards are other creative uses for walls.

If you want to reproduce your teen’s best moments by printing and framing their images of friends, family, and travel, you might also want to check out our boy’s bedroom and girl’s bedroom in Malviya Nagar. To create a specific and distinctive place, frame the images and hang them on the wall or from the ceiling.


Teenagers’ rooms are infamous for being disorganised. This is why convenient storage options are frequently the most basic feature kids didn’t seem necessary. Providing areas for teens to store their stuff, albeit it’s hastily tossed in, will assist retain some semblance in their space. Dressers, shelving, under-the-bed storage bins and chairs, storage benches, and built-in wall storage are a few examples of storage goods.

Verify the storage is enjoyable for your teen and a quick way to maintain their space tidy. You should review in order to perform well in class. A productive workspace is essential for an adolescent because of this. Look for workstations that accommodate your teen’s preferred learning style and offer more storage. Stand-up desks and workstations with additional study partners or group projects can be accommodated are two examples of contemporary work station designs in Malviya Nagar.

Pair an unusual chair with a regular desk. Teens today might prefer to sit on colourful swivel stools or bouncing balls instead of chairs. A bed can be the final piece of furniture required. Find your teen a bed that is both functional and comfortable, like canopy beds, beds with additional lighting and storage, or beds with interesting headboards. Teenagers need an honest night’s rest. Soft fabrics and textures are one thing that both teenagers and adults enjoy, so include some touchable decor in their space in Malviya Nagar.


Collaborate with your kid to add standing lights, light strands, neon lights, or chandeliers to their room. Never be afraid to mix and match the lights. Another simple and original way to let your teen’s personality shine through in their space is with DIY lighting options. Use an old skateboard to install light bulbs for Pinterest-worthy creations, or find ping pong balls to fill with twinkling lights. A lighting strategy that is as adaptable as a teen’s personality will be appreciated.


Make your teen’s bedroom appear bigger. For keeping small desk surfaces organised, some inventive adolescent small bedroom ideas include cork boards or magnetic dry erase boards. Alternately, put a seat next to your teen’s bed to create a versatile hangout for his or her buddies.

By placing a pillow or a few bean bags in a corner of your teen’s bedroom, you can easily build a temporary lounge out of the smallest of places. Your teen’s bed can be turned into a daybed by leaning it lengthwise against a wall. To save even more space in your teen’s bedroom in Malviya Nagar, leave off the headboard and bed frame. You should get in touch with one of our numerous skilled interior designers or interior designers in Malviya Nagar if you want expert assistance with the planning.


And since this is often a standard question facing our designers, we’ve chose a variety of favor highlights that are easy to know and straightforward to require advantage of. Though many our clients confuse contemporary as being in sync with modern interior design styles, the 2 are literally very different.

While they’ll be synonymous in key regards, when it involves interior design, contemporary vs. modern stand on their own. to urge you wise on the 2 design styles, we tapped Interior A to Z designers to share their wisdom on the differences between contemporary and modern interior design styles you ought to know.


Although some elements of recent design are often seen in contemporary design, these two styles have their own exclusive signatures. So what’s contemporary design? By definition, contemporary refers to “living or occurring at the present.” Contemporary, at its core, refers to “of the instant,” which illustrates that contemporary interior design styles ask current design trends while paying homage to the past.

Dating back to the 1970’s, contemporary style is actually unique because it borrows elements from several other design styles. With contemporary style, you’re bound to see modern elements alongside traditional Art-Deco inspired notes, and futuristic design flourishes. Another important aspect of up to date interior design styles is that they’re constantly evolving.


As we’re charting the differences between contemporary vs. Modern interior design styles contains many various incarnations, making it a touch more complex in defining. In its simplest sense, modern design refers to the reflection of recent art movements within the interiors of a home.

With roots in Scandinavian and German architecture and style, modern style concepts are decidedly fuss-free and straightforward. The furnishings and decor specialize in the utilization of neutral materials and earthy colors while eliminating unnecessary detailing. And when it involves contemporary interior design styles, you’ll see hits of color.


Modern design.

  • Modern design features wooden and earth-friendly elements. So as to take care of a streamlined look and feel and to stay the space from feeling clinical, modern interior design styles tends to use a considerable mixture of natural materials.
  • Modern decorative pieces tend to possess a group function. Most of the ornamental pieces utilized in modern design often boast a purpose, while decors featuring contemporary interior design styles focus more on form and aesthetic charm.
  • Contemporary style concept is more fluid. Since the term “contemporary” refers to “living at the instant,” this style may be a more fluid and is consistently evolving. These designs air on the eclectic since it tends to require inspiration and styling cues from different eras. On the opposite hand, a contemporary design concept follows a strict format of minimalism, balance, and cleans lines.
  • Modern spaces aren’t usually stark or cold. Despite the very fact that modern design focuses on minimalism, latest spaces don’t require cold or stark hues. Instead, they’re crammed with many natural and warm neutrals. Contemporary interior design styles, on the opposite hand, have a bold starkness in them, like monochromatic black and white, although it’s going to also swing from one extreme to the opposite on the color wheel.
  • Contemporary furniture designs are a touch curvier. Although modern design furniture favors straight and powerful lines, the planning concepts of up to date furniture are more organic in silhouette. Contemporary designed furniture is typically a mix of comfort and class with a fresh look and feel. Metals, like nickel, chrome steel, and chrome also are popular among furniture pieces boasting a up to date style concept.
  • Modern design colors have earthier hues. Color palettes are one among the foremost distinct elements in contemporary vs. modern design. Contemporary interior design styles tend to stay to a stricter palate of black & white and gray. Other colors are often brought in, but these colors are usually pure and saturated tones like indigo, red, and orange.
  • Modern design colors, however, tend to specialize in natural hues and have reminder turquoise, brown, rust, and greens. During a modern room, it might be a geometrical fixture, while during a contemporary room, it might be a large-scale sculptural fixture installed on a series of exposed beams against a white ceiling.


It’s difficult to mention which is more popular between contemporary vs. modern design, since contemporary interior design sorts of today have incorporated key notes from modern interior design styles. In fact, modern contemporary interior design and current contemporary designs have many similarities as both designs favor an easy, minimal, and edited look featuring clean and sleek lines. Here are the foremost common similarities shared between contemporary vs. modern design.

  • The aesthetics are both minimal. Both designs have clean architectural lines and 0 flash. They feature simple architectural designs that showcase a classy and timeless elegance.
  • Both have an open space feel. So as to make a sense of spaciousness, both contemporary and modern interior design styles adopt an open plan concept. For this idea, the kitchen frequently merges with the dining room or the front room merges with the kitchen. This leads to a simultaneously airy and cozy mensurable.
  • Neither style prefers ornate designs. Both contemporary and modern designs prefer an easy and uncluttered look as they have a tendency to keep far away from the utilization or heavy elements and ornate designs.
  • Furnishings feature exposed legs. Indeed, there are several similarities and overlapping elements between contemporary and modern style which could explains why these terms are often found to be a source of confusion for novices considering the planet of interior design.
  • The confusion of up to date vs. a part of the confusion also lies within the incontrovertible fact that elements of mid-century modern design are being incorporated into contemporary designs as lately. No matter the planning style you decide on, our interior designers at Interior A to Z can assist you in realizing a up to date or modern search for your home interior with precision.

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Interior A to Z

Since 2009, Interior A to Z has worked nonstop to create stunning homes, inviting bedrooms, functional business spaces, and offices with distinctive designs. We create your ideal home with both beauty and comfort in mind. We bring a creative spark to it, whether it’s your bedroom to unwind in after a busy day, a theatre unit to binge watch, a kitchen that settles in with your culinary experiments, or an office space to nurture your passion. We make your idea a reality as soon as you board.

We completely customize our designs to meet client needs. Clients can create their home or business space by selecting from the extensive selection of colors and finishes we carry. Our items are timely delivered to the site and made with unrivalled quality.

Every component of a house, including the foyer, living room, dining room, bedrooms, bathrooms, partitions, wardrobes, crockery shelves, etc., is carefully considered and worked on to offer you the finished product you desire. In order to begin realizing your ambitions, we can receive your ideas from you in the form of sketches or drawings from any source. The consumer can have a handle on their finances to start a booking payment thanks to our rough estimating method.

Starting a project will demand a deposit of Rs 40,000 for projects under Rs 10 lakh and Rs 60,000 for projects beyond Rs 10 lakh. The process starts as soon as our design team goes to work. Needs for 3D designs won’t start till we have at least Rs 2 lakhs in cash. A final estimate will be submitted to the client for approval when the design has been confirmed. The project is then assigned to the appropriate departments, and the clock starts to run out. While projects larger than 500 square feet can take up to 65 working days to complete, those smaller than 500 square feet must be completed in 45 working days.

We started out on our journey in 2009 with a group of committed workers and brilliant designers. We established the business and became the top interior designer in India because to our rigorous work and enthusiasm for design. Fantastic designs and distinctive finishes have always been our strong suits. We create customized products using premium materials from our collection with the help and dedication of our staff.

Every task is made remarkable at INTERIOR A TO Z, which makes it the best. The extreme climatic fluctuations in the area are taken into account when testing our materials. We create interiors that combine knowledge and art for homes, workplaces, and commercial environments. Our cutting-edge German equipment and craftsmanship enable us to produce goods that are both enduring and distinctive.

INTERIOR A TO Z is the place to go if you’re looking for the top interior designers in India. With our ten years of experience and remarkable designs, Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, and Chhatarpur Delhi started to rely on us for interior solutions. India’s 130+ satisfied clients rely on INTERIOR A TO Z’s high standards. We don’t simply make the area look better; we also improve its appearance to give it a gilt-edged grandeur.

Interior Design ideas for child rooms

One of the areas of the house that requires continuous renovation is the youngest bedroom. Children are continually acquiring new interests and growing in an instant. A room for a three year old will never be the same as a 10 year old. In fact, children as young as four years old already have opinions and like to be taken into account when it comes to decorating their world: the bedroom!

There are favorite colors, styles, cartoon characters, games, among other things. If you consider these characteristics, you will have no difficulty creating an environment in which they feel they belong and where they can dream.

In this book of ideas, we share with you 20 fantastic ideas for remodeling a children’s room.

See what they are!

An orderly space

A nice house is an orderly house, so this habit should be encouraged by the little ones in the house, offering them options to keep the room organized and clean. In this sense, you can rely on multi functional furniture that offers sufficient storage areas for children to easily discover the space for each toy, each book and each object!

2. With the necessary space

In the bedroom, children play, study and sleep, so they should be able to count on free space to carry out their activities.

3. The furniture

Furniture will change according to the growth of children, so it is important to shop smart since they are babies. There are cribs that can be transformed and shaped as the child grows.

If, in addition, you do not intend to spend a lot of money throughout your life furnishing your child’s room, then do not buy pieces that are too childish, but with a versatile style that suits more than one age.

4. Shared room

If you have more than one child, but only one room, then you have to use the space vertically, as in this example. Here, instead of the traditional bunk bed , we see a wooden platform that accommodates two beds and a suspended structure that supports a third. A practical, functional and appealing solution for a children’s room.

5. Natural light

Natural light is very important in the children’s room as it influences the activities developed in the space. To make the most of natural light, paint your room in light colors, use light fabric curtains and use mirrors that, in addition to being decorative, also have the advantage of reflecting light and giving dimension to spaces.

6. Stimulating elements

For better development, children need stimuli to help them develop their skills. Music, for example, is a good stimulus: it develops language, motor skills and sociability and, on top of that, relaxes!

7. Everything within reach

For the child to feel good in space and become independent it is important to put toys and books within reach. This way, you will be able to access them easily without having to ask for help, which will reinforce autonomy.

8. Enjoy the corners

The corners, often unused, can serve to create areas that arouse the curiosity of the youngest. You can put a small library, a tent or a chest on the corner to store the most precious toys!

9. Keep some memories

As children grow, they acquire new interests, but there is always something left. Who has not had a special object since childhood? It can be a soft toy or any other souvenir that inspires protection and security.

10. Comfortable pieces

In order for your child to feel comfortable in the bedroom, it is important to choose furniture that offers convenience and is easy to use. A chair, for example, can be very useful for your child to read and even for parents to sit down if their children are sick and need to have someone by their side at night. In this case, taking into account the dimensions of the room, the armchair was placed just under the bed.

11. Superheroes!

To remodel a children’s room, a large investment is not necessary: ​​just change some details such as pillows and posters to transform the decoration.

12. Together, but no fights!

This room has a fantastic layout. Despite being a shared space, each bed enjoys certain independence, which can be very good when two brothers share a room.

13. Sensational

A perfect planning of the space is essential to enjoy a versatile and functional area. Think about your children’s needs and organize the room with simple furniture that will make life easier for everyone at home. This room has a work area and includes a sofa. Despite everything, there is still an empty area in the middle for games!

14. A different style

To give a special and different touch to the decoration of a child’s room, you can bet on the industrial style with exposed brick and rough wood.

15. Warm and modern

You can also bet on a project that doesn’t go out of style like the one we see in this proposal. The wood-clad room with vibrant touches of color from accessories and some pieces of furniture can easily be changed in the future thanks to its neutral base.

16. Full of color!

Children like color because it is stimulating. One option to change your children’s room is to paint the walls in cheerful tones.

17. Vinyls

Vinyls are an easy way to personalize your child’s bedroom walls. Easy to place and available in a wide variety of styles, choose the one that best fits the space!

18. Bed linen

The bed is the main furniture of the room, so the textiles that cover it have an important weight in the decoration. If the room is neutral, you can use the duvet cover to introduce color!

19. Simplicity

Do not overload your child’s room. Avoid excessive ornaments and overly saturated colors. It is much easier to renovate a room with small details on a neutral background like the one in the picture.

20. Artificial light

We have already addressed the issue of natural light. Let us now turn to the artificial which is equally important. Place spot lights at strategic points to decorate the room and make it easier to use!

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