Unique tropical children’s room decorations

Unique tropical children’s room decorations | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Undoubtedly, we are all aware that each style of home decor has its own characteristics and advantages, but in this article we will talk about the tropical style and the emergence of these characteristics in the designs of children’s rooms , and at first it is known about  the tropical style that it has colors that radiate joy Vitality and activity, and takes the drawings that distinguish it from the nature of tropical forests; Where all the details and colors;

Where we find that decor when looking at it brings us to a large extent to the picturesque nature that works greatly to feel the comfort of the nerves as well as the psychological calm required for children, and we will review for you in this articles six designs for children’s rooms with a tropical style, and we collect for you a group of designs that combine Tropical botanical natural and cheerful colors that give the child vitality, activity and love of life.

1- Light colors for children’s roomsTips for creating a distinctive decorative touch in your home

It is clear that this design is completely different from all designs for children’s rooms. It is also very suitable for male children between the ages of two to twelve years, and this design creates a spirit of creativity and joy in the child; Where the wide space gives him the possibility to move, play and unload his energy, and if we look at the colors.

We find the dominant color is the clear white through the shiny floors in addition to the walls as well as the ceiling, but we do not stop at this, rather it is interspersed with some colors that are proportional to each other; Where the green and blue color and some frames have a distinctive shape, in addition to the presence of tables with seats to gather the largest number of children, and we overlook the great role that space plays with the addition until the design comes out to us in this form.

2- A small space with a distinctive decor

When we look closely at this design, we find that the designer was inspired by the spirit of nature, which indicates his use of the tropical style, in addition to that this design is most suitable for young girls, and this is evident through the colors used between almonds, roses, intertwined with turquoise.

This design is one of the The designs are completed through the place designated for sleeping, and the office adjacent to it for studying. We do not stop at this point, but rather a place for mothers to sit next to the child with the decorations for placing games, and the lighting is combined between natural and artificial with side lighting and blinds.

3- Simple and distinct design for tropical kids room5 of the latest and most beautiful new children's room designs

This design is characterized by simplicity that gives us calm and comfort, and perhaps this is the result of being a design for girls’ children’s rooms; As this is evident through the use of the light pink color with simple glimpses of pink, while the floors are of dark brown wood, and the designs are not devoid of the glimpses that distinguish children’s rooms, which are the curtains with expressive inscriptions in addition to some posters on the walls, as for the lighting, it plays Natural the biggest role through sunlight.

4-Designed in the spirit of forest5 of the latest and most beautiful new children's room designs

When looking at that design, we feel as if we are in the middle of a forest or a zoo, as a result of the designer’s use of wallpaper in the form of a forest of green land, clear sky and animals closer to stereoscopic shapes, and with all that we find the floor of the room is wooden in light color, as well as the table surrounded by colored seats. In addition to the small side library, the lighting is shared between the two types, whether natural or artificial.

5- Ample space and great organization

Space and arrangement play the biggest role in this design; As the space greatly helps in organizing things, especially games for children, this design is two levels and is more suitable for male children, where the colors are blue and milky, and the design is completed by both wooden floors and white curtains.

6- Green title design

Green largely dominates the design as a whole, with wood permeating the design, despite the small space, but the design is suitable for two people, any two children; Where the double bed and the study place in addition to the place designated to store things and toys.

Unique industrial style decoration ideas | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Concise minimalism combined with fragmentary features such as worn-out steel parts, unfinished wood, and un-plastered walls are all elements of the appeal of trendy industrial design. The impressive ambiance of the industrial style gives every room a strange coziness. Today, we introduce decoration ideas that enhance the completeness of an industrial style space.

When thinking of industrial style, it is easy to think of steel and concrete, but wood is also a good material that cannot be left out. Wood breathes, moves, and radiates warmth and serenity, making it the perfect match for other cold, harsh industrial materials.

First popular in the 70’s and 80’s, exposed concrete walls are one of today’s most beloved interior design elements. If you create a natural wall that looks like it is not finished properly, you can create a friendly and rustic feel, and it becomes an interior point in itself.

The combination of the smooth and rough feel of leather and steel is one of the elements that make industrial-style interior design perfect. Industrial spaces often have a mix of old and new, but the combination of traditional leather and industrial iron is an idea that interior designers especially love.

Metal pipes made of copper brass and steel have long been valued for their durability and functional use and can be found in many buildings. With the recent popularity of industrial design, these pipes are receiving new attention as decorative elements rather than equipment.

One of the easiest ways to give an industrial feel is to find a way to add vintage accessories to your interior. Vintage furniture and upholstery can bring a weathered feel and rough texture to a modern interior. For example, the Edison-style lamp in the small bedroom in the photo evokes a rustic nostalgia.

In many ways, the industrial style has the unique advantage of drawing both contemporary and vintage styles. Industrial style vintage elements can add warmth to a rough look, but if you combine industrial design well, you can create a more modern space than any other style even with vintage items.

Metal plays a big role in an industrial look, so use it in abundance. This bedroom design features a work area that boasts slim, clean metal details and a cute tabletop. Contemporary metal details blend beautifully with the wood placed to balance industrial design elements.

If you have a brick wall, under no circumstances should it be covered or painted. The rough brick walls give it a very cool and design-oriented look. The room in the photo looks like a modern design office in one of the hippest big cities in the world, like London or New York, thanks to its charming brick walls.

Lots of wood is used in this comfortably designed loft, along with clinker bricks and metal elements. The use of spotlights to further emphasize the warm atmosphere is also noteworthy. Here, large wooden framed windows and modern furnishings like red bar stools complete the look of this special industrial loft.

An industrial-style rustic gallery exuding modern charm, with white walls and high-quality flooring, completes a luxurious and clean space. It shows a minimalist style that is neatly finished without extra fuss while maintaining a rough feeling.

Children room interior design | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

How about designing a children’s room with bright colors? That helps children’s creativity grow through bouncing ideas. In particular, it is recommended to decorate it. As a playground with a hideout through a multi-layered structure with space in the space. Let’s take a look at today’s quite attractive children’s room interior. It is time to find out various designs. That fit the space or situation and actively design the space for our children.

This is a children’s room with a fairly unique structure. The space is divided through a solid pillar, and the bedroom below it, and the rest of the space is decorated as a play area.

The bed furniture reminiscent of a cabin creates a space within the space. It is an optimal environment to stimulate a unique imagination and feel a sense of stability.

If you have two children, we recommend designing furniture like the one in the picture that can be used together. Don’t forget the softness of the space that pastel colors give you.

Going up the stairs, you can face a space exclusively for children. Although each space is divided, there is no door attached, which further enhances the sense of openness.

How about raising the tier slightly to separate the space practically? The existence of the stairs makes it a great playground for children. Use the empty space below for storage.

A sliding door is installed between the space divided into two so that it can be used as one or two. It’s a smart idea that can be put to good use over time.

A temporary wall is erected to divide the space according to its purpose. Although it is a shared space, the weight of the height gives it a completely different atmosphere.

If the floor height is high, also refer to the space in the photo. The two-story structure divided into top and bottom is not only practical, but it can also boost the vitality of children.

No problem in small spaces. The unique design of the railing that can be used as a simple staircase and storage space is quite impressive.

It is a space design that contains a lot of thought and effort. Let’s feel the atmosphere that gives a bright and bright impression. It is a children’s room where creativity seems to spring up .

Furniture can also be used to create a sense of duplex. The lower part is a study space, and the upper part is a structure that can be used as a bed.

It is a design that creates a more simple atmosphere. If you do not have enough free space, we recommend a structure that can be used as a storage space below.

Let’s pay attention to the design furniture along with the overall space concept. The choice of sensible lighting also plays a role in creating an atmosphere.

The bed furniture that goes well with the clouds and the clouds perfectly conveys a unique charm. Pay attention to the small recessed lights that embroider the ceiling.

Children need a hideout where they can have their own space. If it is difficult to change the entire interior, how about starting lightly with an Indian tent that stimulates the child’s heart?

Children’s room Gurgaon Noida Delhi NCR Interior Designer

Children’s room – a place for dreams

For children, the bedroom is more than just a place to sleep, it’s a place to inspire and establish your own identity, play, study and dreams. To create the perfect bedroom for your child, you need to design it with your child’s tastes and available space in mind, and adapt and update as your child grows. For the harmony of the whole house, the whole picture of the children’s room also needs to match the style of the house. With careful planning, you can get the effect you want, whether it’s modern, cool, or a bold space that stirs your imagination.

Children’s room ideas and inspiration

The most difficult part of design is where to start. Interior A to Z offers lots of exciting tips and ideas. Modern children’s rooms are fun, bright, compassionate and stylish. Curtains, lighting, photos, etc. will be changed from time to time, and furniture will be updated so that the room will evolve with the growing children.

How to decorate your baby’s room?

When considering ideas for toddlers, it’s a good idea to plan well in advance for when your baby grows up. Taking walls as an example, painted walls are easier to update than changing wallpaper. Brightly colored stickers brighten the room and stimulate the baby’s heart. And if it is no longer needed, it is easy to remove. Pastel colors or print patterns that match the style of the room are good for curtains and blinds. Keep in mind that if you choose and place a crib and storage unit, you will still need a larger bed, a larger closet, and additional storage for toys and books.

How to design a teenager’s room?

If your child has matured into a teenager, it is advisable to consult with them before proceeding with the design. Draw inspiration from your child’s personal tastes and tastes. Choose a mature design and make sure your personal space and needs are respected. When using existing furniture, it is recommended to polish it, polish it with varnish, or paint it with a neutral color. Consider a wall where you can clip as many pictures and photos as you like. A study desk will be set up if available space is available. How about adding a comfortable sofa for time to enjoy with your teenage friends? Remove toys from the room and install a bookshelf with ample storage and storage for personal belongings. Consider his favorite color in the bedroom for a teenage boy.

For example, a combination of earth-colored textiles, bold colors, and unpainted furniture is a good idea. If you’re planning on a theme, choose one of his favorite hobbies … music, games, or sports. Similarly, the bedroom for a teenage girl draws inspiration from her personality. For example, one girl loves bold colors, glittering decorations, and a little stretch to imitate adults. Another girl may prefer an elegant feminine look, with lavender walls and white furniture. It is important to listen carefully to the opinions of children who have different tastes and tastes and incorporate them into the design.

Kids room design tips

When thinking about a children’s room idea, it’s important to focus on whether it’s growth-promoting, active, and the right setting to stimulate children’s creativity and potential. Similarly, children’s themes, things of interest … For example, decorate the room with nautical-themed lighting, paintings, and pirate-style wooden toy boxes. If you’re a girl, you’ll probably like pink or light purple. By incorporating elements that are in line with fairy tale themes, such as beds with high headboards, drape nets, bedside lamps and bookshelves, the room is simply a place to immerse you in your favorite fantasy world from a place for sleep. It becomes.

What color should the walls of the children’s room be?

It is important for children to choose their favorite color as they should feel comfortable in their bedroom, but sometimes compromise as needed. If the child prefers a deep purple color, using it on the wall creates a melancholy atmosphere. In a large room, it’s a good idea to paint a part of the wall purple as an eye catcher. Otherwise, paint the wall with a light, bright purple like lilac and add purple as an accent, such as with textiles. There is no limit to the use of colors in mixed styles, but in other cases you can choose your favorite color and adjust it according to your style. White and pastel colors are good for creating a bright and airy atmosphere. By making good use of rugs, cushions, photographs, art, etc., you can make your favorite color work as an accent color.

Which flooring material is suitable for a children’s room?

There are many options for flooring in the children’s room, and the final best choice may be your personal preference. The carpet is warm and soft at your feet and can help soften the blow if a small child falls. It is also ideal for areas with long and cold winters. But the downside is that the carpet can stain and you need to move all the furniture in the room to replace it.

Flooring needs to be painted and re-stained on a regular basis or varnished to maintain its luster, which makes it a very attractive flooring material. Laminated flooring creates a modern, refreshing and cool atmosphere. Add rustic shades of rugs such as pink, green and beige to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere when choosing flooring or laminating, or rugs with bold patterns to give your room a mix of colors. It would be good to lay it down.

What decoration suits my child?

When choosing decorations for toddlers, choose the colors, accessories, and themes that they respond best to. You’ll see this clearly in your favorite books, TV shows, games, animals, and colors. For example, for girls who are particularly responsive to animals on the farm, a farm-themed design such as piglet-patterned bedding, animal-themed table lamps, and a picture of a sheep on the wall would be very pleasing. Classic style is ideal for teenagers who prefer black. You can easily achieve this by painting the walls white and adding black as an accent.

Converting a children’s room into a teenager’s room

You can transform your children’s room into a teenager’s room in a few simple steps. If the bedroom is large enough, teenagers will understand that their single bed will be replaced with a double bed. Refresh all the walls painted in your favorite color, and replace or remodel the furniture in the children’s room. Throw away or transfer old toys and books and remove them from the room, but leave some favorites that make the room playful on the shelves. You may no longer need a shelf for toys, but we’ll add a shelf for books and materials for learning. The final touch is completed by replacing bedding, curtains, rugs, lampshades and more.

Make a small children’s room

When designing a small room for a child, it is essential to make effective use of the available space. The use of colors, patterns, lighting and children’s furniture creates a spacious and airy room. Dark colors and bold prints make the room look smaller, while white, pastel and delicately patterned wallpapers make the room look bigger and wider. Strategically arranging the wall mirrors will reflect the light around you for a bright and spacious effect.

Avoid large photos and art and choose small frame prints instead. Choose small bedside rugs or neutral carpets such as cream or beige for laminated flooring. The blinds are clean and refreshing, and allow more space on the wall. The lower children’s cot is a drawer for clothes and toys and books, and the slightly taller cot is equipped with a wardrobe, desk, chair, etc., so it is space-saving and highly functional. Choose doors, wall-mounted shelves and storage units to avoid clutter, and make your children’s room look neat and tidy.

What style would you like?

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a particular style for your children’s room is whether it reflects your child’s character and personal taste. It’s also important that the style you choose is in harmony and balance with the rest of the house.

Classic children’s room

The classic design of the children’s room will be stylish, sophisticated and timeless. All elements such as children’s furniture, accessories and textiles must complement each other to create an elegant balance throughout the room. Avoid mixing different colors and designs for children’s room furniture. For the main wall, choose a neutral color such as white or cream, and add gray, green, yellow, etc. as highlights.

Modern children’s room

Modern style children’s rooms are an attractive choice as they are easy to adapt. It is the latest elegance that creates a comfortable and relaxing environment by having a margin without cluttering with furniture. It’s very easy to decorate and can be transformed into a modern style by exchanging items around the room such as rugs, clip art and textiles (eg curtains and bedding).

Original children’s room

If you want to experiment with different colors, textures, designs and shapes, the original style children’s room is the best choice. Creating a room that overturns traditional rules and preconceived ideas will nourish and blossom children’s imagination. For example, bedding should be bold and flashy, and curtains should be floral, animal art, and ethnic-style pattern rugs. Children’s furniture can also be painted and then decorated with stencil art.

Scandinavian children’s room

Scandinavian children’s rooms are widespread today. Choose earth-colored and unobtrusive furniture and accessories for your children’s room. Then choose a simple design made of natural wood. Items around the room should also be made of natural materials to give a sense of unity. Concrete-based table lamps, for example, create a Scandinavian children’s room and add to the fun. A faux fur rug is a good way to create a cozy atmosphere.


Children’s room Gurgaon Noida Delhi NCR Interior Designer

How do you arrange your children’s room with the approach of schools? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The new school year is approaching and we are all preparing ourselves and our children for it. At this time, you need an integrated room that suits your child’s needs at this stage, a comfortable room in light and calm colors, functional furniture that fits the room’s space and provides you with the appropriate storage spaces, and a study desk that you can design to suit the empty space in the room And a wardrobe for clothes.. All these things are indispensable, but you should not forget the lighting because it is no less important than all of the above, and here in this article we offer you the most important things that you can prepare your child’s room with for a new school year.

Decorate the children’s room with colors that match the child’s preferences

As parents, we need to support our children, who are loved more than anything in the world, so that they can grow up to be independent individuals properly as they grow older. In addition to serving delicious food, showing different sides of the world, talking together, and emotional empathy for parents and children together, children can have their own time and build their own mental values ​​in a healthy way. So, it is better to design the room where the child is alone according to the taste and personality of the child. Rather than designing in pink because it is a girl and blue because it is a boy, how about using color therapy to decorate the  child’s room according to the child’s personality ? So today, Interior A to Z has prepared a customized color interior for our precious children. From now on, let’s take a look at what color will suit our child.

Pure white color

White color is a color that can be used by a variety of age groups, from very young babies to adolescent high school children’s rooms. This is because not only a pure and clean image, but also a modern and sophisticated image can be given to the room when used with black. In particular, white color can be said to be a color that gives emotional stability to a child who has large emotional ups and downs or is distracted. Rather than taking the whole room in white tone, it is better to use white colored wooden furniture to give a natural and calm feeling, or to use soft rugs or carpets with fabric materials to decorate the children’s room with a warm and clean image rather than a cold feeling. . In addition, if the child has difficulty in concentration, when designing a room in white color, it is necessary to provide a sense of stability by setting the height of the furniture at a constant level.

Calming green color

One of the most used colors for children’s rooms of the age group devoted to learning rather than very young children is by far the green color. This is because green color, like white color, is a color that gives a sense of stability to children without psychological stimulation, how about adding a green color to the desk chair, bookshelf, or shelf in the children’s study room? By providing shelves or chairs designed in green colors with different brightness and saturation, such as the light green and dark green in the photo, you can increase the child’s concentration. In addition, green color has a color therapy effect that strengthens insight and mental power, and as many people already know, it can be said to be the most suitable color for relieving eye fatigue. Of course, in addition to the study room, the green color can be used in the children’s playroom. When using the green color in the playroom, it is better to decorate the entire wall in green rather than using it as a point color like the study room in the photo to make the child feel free in nature, as if running on the grass.

Creative purple color

Unlike the green and white colors mentioned above, purple is not often used in children’s rooms. Because we dismiss purple as a color that confuses children. However, if you think your child has talent in the arts and sports, there is no color like purple when it comes to decorating a nursery. Purple is a mixture of red of passion and blue of restraint, and has the duality of sometimes inspiring emotionally and sometimes restraining emotions. So, for a child who is gifted in the arts, how about designing a child’s room in a creative purple color, stimulating both rational and emotional aspects at the same time to stimulate and encourage the child’s abilities?

Lovely pink color

Pink is a color that gives a feeling of love just by looking at it. If our children are clumsy and blunt in expressing their emotions, I hope that they will fully express the emotions they have hidden and contained in their hearts, feel that they are receiving enough affection from us as parents, and grow into a child who knows how to give this kind of affection to others. If you want, try designing your child’s room in pink. Pink color, which opens the door to emotional expression, is a very good color for children who are not good at communicating or who are awkward in expressing their emotions. Unlike the red color, where you can feel passionate and strong energy, it is a color that helps you to express yourself with a soft, gentle, and peaceful feeling. In addition to a child who is not good at communicating or expressing emotions, let’s give the child a sense of emotional satisfaction by coloring the room of a child who lacks self-esteem or a lack of affection in pink color that is full of loveliness.

A calming brown color

There is a color that has been loved by many people for a long time without difficulty, and that is brown. The brown color is reminiscent of a tree, making you feel secluded or relaxed as if you were in the forest. If your child is constantly under stress and feeling impatient, try decorating the child’s room with a brown color that provides emotional stability. Don’t just imagine a dark and stuffy auburn color as a brow color. Just like in the children’s room in the photo, light brown and brown colors that feel warm and bright and auburn that gives weight to the room are applied to the bed frame, stool, table, rug or wooden flooring to make the children’s room look like a forest planted with various kinds of trees. How about designing? If we go to the mountains when we are stressed, smell the green trees and think about shouting loudly, we can understand the emotional stability that brown gives a child.

Orange color with an extrovert personality

Orange is a color that is well known as a color that stimulates appetite and is often used in dining rooms. In the case of a child who is usually bored, there is a case of not being able to concentrate on one task, such as playing another game after not eating well, and then being distracted. Let’s give these children a sense of joy, adventure, and happiness with the orange color, which is a mixture of red and yellow, which are warm colors. In addition to children who have short mouths or get bored easily, the orange color is also very effective in the interior of a passive children’s room. Orange’s proactive and extroverted personality and stress-relieving effect will be a factor in opening a child’s closed mind. This is because the more passive children are, the more stressful they have while purging their emotions from within. Therefore, it is good to design the nursery in orange color, which relieves stress and helps to form an independent personality.

Blue color to relieve tension

The blue color, which is usually used the most in boys’ clothes and play equipment, is not necessarily limited to boys. This is because not all boys have the same personality, even if they are boys. Blue color itself gives a cool feeling, so it has an excellent effect on calming the mind, so it can be said that it is a very good color when designing a child’s room with a violent and aggressive tendency. In general, a lot of boys’ rooms are designed in blue color because of the preconceived notion that men are active and women are calm. However, rather than decorating the room in blue because it is a boy, it is better to decorate the room in blue if the child frequently gets excited or overly nervous over trivial things, or if he cannot sleep properly. This is because, in color psychology, blue is a color that calms the mind and builds patience. Also,  since it is effective for insomnia patients, if your child is growing up, let’s decorate the room in blue so that he can relax and get a good night’s sleep.

Smart yellow color

If your child is shy and shy, having difficulty meeting various people or if you are worried that your eyes will narrow because of discomfort, try decorating your child’s room with yellow color. The yellow color, which is a representative of bright and cheerful color with brightness and saturation, fosters the self-esteem of shy children and helps them grow into cheerful children. The warm yellow color can be said to be a color that naturally gives energy to children and gently induces them to change into an extroverted personality. However, since yellow is a bright color that catches the eye, it may cause an awkward situation as to how to use it to decorate the nursery. But the way is easy. You can design the wallpaper for the nursery in pastel soft yellow, or place a sofa or play mat in yellow with high brightness and saturation. This will transform a timid child into an extrovert, a lively and energetic children’s room.