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The classic design and the rich details of luxury and elegance have its fans, and it is always met with great admiration among Egyptians in particular, so we always find a pure classic touch in homes, no matter how many styles and designs, so today we will show you a wonderful collection of designs.

Table with special aesthetic details

Do you believe in the ability of details to create a distinctive aesthetic touch? If you know the ability and strength of details in design, you will certainly see the aesthetic details in the design of this table and its ability to add a special and unparalleled beauty inspired by pure French elegance through: mixing wood, marble, and details of gilded ornaments, so if you are a classic lover, you will find yourself unable To take your eyes off this luxurious piece of art.

Luxury paper

We are looking at us again with another design that luxury and sophistication. By designing this salon in the French style, the chair is gilded with motifs that made its design a pure piece of art. The designer used silk fabric with its rich touch of luxury and its warm tones in red with its rich patterns.

French dining room

This real French design of the table is rarely repeated. It makes you feel that you are in the era of sophistication, beauty and aristocracy, well-deserved. The niche and the buffet are more than wonderful details, and the trip is the most beautiful thing possible, and it complements the beauty of the entire set with an integration that is difficult to decide, which testifies to the French uniqueness in the design hundreds of years ago.

In conclusion, with this distinctive design of a table inlaid with gilded ornaments and metal engravings that added luxury to the wood and was completed by adding this antique gilded piece on the table, the design is perfect and suitable for lovers of luxury and luxury classic designs, so we strongly advise you if you are a fan of classic taste.

Luxury furniture ideas | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Learn great ideas for storage in your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where no matter how much storage space you have, you always find that it is not enough. Even more so if you are a foodie, you need plenty of space to store a variety of ingredients and equipment needed for cooking and experimenting with new cuisines and flavors.

However, as for the kitchen space, a person’s saying is even more incredible. Cooking in a very large kitchen can also be boring, because you need to walk around a lot to fetch the things you need for each meal. The kitchen should be optimal in size and organized to the max, in order to achieve maximum efficiency and ease of use.

Here we give you kitchen organization tips that we are sure will help you organize your kitchen in a more efficient way.

Kitchen Drawer Ideas: Crock Organizer

Pottery takes up a lot of space in any kitchen, plus it should be stored stacked and separated securely. A kitchen drawer is a great place to organize the crockery you use often. Dinner plates, quarter plates, cereal bowls, milk cups, can all be found in one drawer and look elegant, while avoiding the risks of sagging and breaking at the same time.

Kitchen Storage Units: Only One for Equipment

There is not a lot of equipment in the kitchen, which is indispensable. The hand blender, smoothie maker, food processor, mixing grinder, toaster, sandwich maker, grill, chopper and coffee maker, they all need space, too. However you can only use it once, after plugging in the electrical socket. So it is a good idea to store them all in a certain place and take out what you need at the moment.

Kitchen Storage Boxes: For Large Pots And Pans

Large pots and pans always need a special place in any kitchen. They usually don’t fit in drawers, and if you have to store them in the closet, you should have one big shelf just for them. Although pots and pans look good even if they are hung on the kitchen wall, then why waste precious storage space by keeping them? If you have cabinets on the walls and no space to hang pots, you can hang from a rod over an island, as in this photo.

Kitchen shelving ideas: one right above the island

When you leave your imagination free, there is no limit to ideas. Here in this kitchen, storage above the island is created in the form of two shelves suspended from the ceiling. This space can be used to store pots, pans, dishes, utensils, ingredients or equipment, depending on how you use the island. If you use the island to prepare food, then storing equipment will make more sense, and if you use the island for dining, then storing crockery will be more useful.

Kitchen shelves for optimal storage

Kitchen organization does not have hard and fast rules. This is always done according to the user’s convenience. One person may like everything in closed closets, and nothing outside, and the other person may be more comfortable with all the daily necessities out in the open at only arm’s length. The kitchen in this photo has shelves that act as pantry to store anything and everything under the sun. Here is a simple guide to maximizing your kitchen storage.

Innovative piece of furniture tiny Homes | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Whereas decorating a tiny low home it’s extremely essential to take position terribly appropriate furniture. Multi functional furniture styles work okay in a small home. There are other aspects of furniture that you simply ought to keep in mind while getting to style a litter free interior. The subsequent designs can assist you create the proper choices.

Sectional seat

Sectional sofa isn’t the least bit up to date. It’s very helpful for contemporary homes. Sectional sofas may be tucked in any corners of the room. Besides, their standard design can be born-again in many alternative ways in step with the out there area. The one within the image higher than has beige upholstery which blends well with the surroundings. The fashionable cocktail table also will increase the charm of the living room.


Creating best use of each sq in of space is extremely essential during a tiny home. Window seats like this with storage system beneath can assist you do exactly that. This one occupies a kid’s room. However you’ll request your decorator for a stunning window seat like this in your main chamber similarly because the dining parlor. Who wouldn’t like menstruation the horizon from a seat like this?

Glass prime table

Clear acrylic or glass top tables and chairs are ideal for tiny rooms. They are doing not inhibit the flow of light. Consequently, they assist to style a breezy interior destitute of any sense of clutter. You will get glass top eating tables, low tables, console tables, nightstands and self-importance units for your home. They’re going to do up the inside as well.

Light-weight piece of furniture

Large furniture tends to create a tiny low room look littered and dingy. Avoid classical love seats and hulking arm chairs for your living room. Invest in light-weight piece of furniture instead. Those impressed from the mid-century fashionable furniture is appearance very fashionable during an up to date setting. You will conjointly get statement decorator chairs, Vernon Patton furniture or Frank player Wright recliners.

Innovative partition walls

Avoid building walls in a tiny home. Use your furniture to make clear demarcation between totally different components of your apartment. You will do so with the assistance of show cabinets, sideboards, study tables and television cabinets. Curtains may be used for a similar purposed. you will also install potted plants to make a screen of a form between the general public components of your living accommodations and conjointly the} personal ones.

Massive show cupboard

Massive display cupboards aren’t solely helpful for beautifying the area, however also to extend the storage area. Install one in your living room, study, area and bedroom. Once you would like to unlock some floor space you’ll prefer floating cabinets. Bespoke cabinets are higher than the pre-fabricated ones. They’re designed for the space you’re about to decorate. So that they are a lot of effective.

Bed in kid’s space

Kid’s love bunk beds, don’t they? However you’ll usher in some value-added charm in your kid’s room by choosing a bunk bed that doubles up as a play room. You will prefer beds with a castle like style or bungalow vogue beds. Confine mind the supply of area so you don’t find yourself making litter within the interior. A dingy isn’t sensible for the kid’s health.

How to keep your wood furniture in good condition for a long time

Wood, one of the consultant substances of herbal substances , is an appealing fabric that creates a stunning and stylish indoors with its heat and heat texture precise to herbal substances. There are infinite varieties of timber which include oak, walnut, mahogany, and rosewood, however it’s going to additionally be amusing to find out about the fabric of timber via way of means of analyzing every kind of timber with its personal traits. In addition, understanding the traits of diverse timber substances is a shortcut to hold our timber fixtures in suitable situation for an extended time. The timber fixtures cautiously crafted via way of means of artisans boasts as excessive a price because the excessive price, and might turn out to be a lifelong accomplice if nicely maintained. Here, control refers to big control strategies in line with the traits of trees, now no longer simply water cleaning. Today, we introduce the way to tame our timber fixtures and the way to preserve it in suitable situation for an extended time. If you already personal stable timber fixtures or need to buy precious timber fixtures with inside the future, test modern article on worrying for timber fixtures.

1. Care for hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring, which is called the best flooring material, creates a space that is as luxurious and elegant as the high unit price. However,  hardwood floors also have the disadvantage of being somewhat difficult to manage. If a cheap and durable reinforced flooring is like a friend you can live in comfortably, on the other hand, hardwood flooring is a flooring material that you have to support and live with. Nevertheless, the reason for choosing a wooden floor is probably because it is worth it. We recommend that you take care of your hardwood floors as described below.

– Cleaning: Hardwood floors are susceptible to scratches and moisture, so clean and manage them as dry as possible. It is recommended to use a soft brush or dust mop to clean visible large and small dust.

– Discoloration: No matter how careful the hardwood flooring is, coffee marks and various stains will sometimes remain. In this case, instead of wiping the entire hardwood floor, use a soft cloth moistened with water to wipe the stained area partially.

– Maintenance: The wood flooring that preserves the natural texture of wood through minimal processing may lose its luster over time. If you want to keep your hardwood floors shiny and deep for a long time, you need to coat them regularly. Coat the hardwood flooring once every half a year or once a year with flooring wax released exclusively for hardwood floors. If it is difficult to do it yourself, we recommend that you seek professional help.

2. Manage your wooden dining table

Among the many designs of wooden tables, the wooden dining table made for dining is by far the most popular. However, in the process of using it, pot marks are left on the surface of the table or the red sauce is splashed and partially discolored. If you are looking for a wooden dining table that can be used more conveniently and casually without worrying about the slightest, choosing a dark color product is a good way. Continuing on, the following article introduces how to manage a wooden dining table.

– Cleaning: No matter how careful you are to prevent food from splashing onto the table, small traces of seasoning or oil are bound to remain. Therefore, it is recommended to wipe the wooden dining table from time to time with a wet dishcloth, unlike the wooden floor. However, you must wipe it off with a dry cloth after using a wet cloth so that the moisture does not remain for a long time.

– Hardened stains: Undetected stains are highly likely to harden when exposed to air. It’s not a big deal if found quickly, but if left unattended for a long time, it is a major cause of damage to the table surface. A soft cloth is not enough to remove hardened stains. Be sure to use a sponge to remove stains by gently rubbing along the grain of the wood, and then finish off the remaining moisture with a dry cloth. The dining table must also be coated with oil on a regular basis to keep it in a solid state for a long time.

3. Caring for Wood Kitchen Tools

Kitchen tools such as wooden spatulas and cutting boards are not only light and strong, but also create a more luxurious feel than any other chemical tool. However, it is important to remember that no matter how well-processed wood kitchen tools are, wood has the inherent property of retaining moisture to some extent. How to care for wood kitchen tools is as follows.

– Wooden cutting board: If possible, it is best to use a wooden cutting board exclusively for slicing vegetables. If meat, fish, or Chukchi are trimmed on a wooden board, odors and bacteria are more likely to remain, so a plastic board is much more hygienic. If possible, it is recommended to wash the wooden cutting board using a detergent that is harmless to the human body such as baking soda, and to dry it thoroughly in a sunny place. It is even better if you add a few drops of edible oil and periodically apply the oil coating.

– Wooden cooking tools: It is recommended to wash a wooden spatula or salad picker quickly in water after use and dry them thoroughly. It is NG to soak for a long time in water with detergent to get rid of germs!

4. Management method using oil

As defined above, strong timber has a assets of dropping its floor luster over time. Therefore , furnishings and equipment and different wood merchandise should be periodically oiled to maintain them bright and sturdy for an extended time. For wood slicing forums and different small wood merchandise, observe an suitable for eating oil along with rapeseed oil, that’s without difficulty to be had with inside the area, slowly alongside the grain of the timber to coat it. At this time, it’s miles higher to keep away from perilla oil, which is straightforward to move rancid. For massive wood furnishings, it’s miles encouraged to apply a furnishings oil designed specially for timber. Be positive to wipe the furnishings floor slowly and punctiliously alongside the timber grain with a smooth kitchen towel.

Ideas to choose the decoration and furniture of corridors and halls like professionals

Today we are going to talk about transitional spaces, such as the corridors and entrance halls of our houses. Precisely because they are transit areas, in which we do not usually spend much time, the choice of furniture and accessories for these spaces is relegated to the last.

Our decorators and interior designers share with us several tips and ideas to choose the furniture for corridors and entrance halls, taking into account, above all, that they are spaces that connect other rooms. That is why its style must be harmonious, to maintain a coherent transition between two spaces, in the case of corridors, and between the exterior and the interior, in the case of entrance halls.

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