Special design furniture that will transform your home! | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Special design furniture that will transform your home! | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

There are furniture that we need in our daily life. In the living room , sofas and tables that are responsible for coziness and comfort, chairs that enable convenient living, and various accessories and goods are located throughout the house. Of course, there are many cases in which furniture is selected by paying attention only to its function because it is considered necessary. You just have to be comfortable, or choose furniture that is unique but has a similar shape or pattern that everyone has. But let’s not assume that all furniture is the same. There are pieces of furniture that will function perfectly in your home, while at the same time transforming your home into something beautiful and special. Also, no matter how beautiful and perfect the interior is, if the furniture is not arranged according to the interior style, the overall atmosphere of the house cannot be unified, and the carefully constructed interior may not shine. Let’s find out about the various furniture that changes the interior of our house to fit the style you want, regardless of the fashion, and makes you feel as if you are in a gallery.

How to organize your shoes using the extra space! | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

There is a saying, ‘If you want to know a person’s personality, look at the person’s shoes’, this saying has a scientific basis. At a university in the United States, participants were asked to submit photos of the shoes they wear frequently and to answer a questionnaire diagnosing their personality. It is said that he was able to accurately grasp the political orientation and emotional stability. For example, the personality of those who prefer shoes emphasizing practicality and functionality was expected to be cheerful, but as a result of the experiment, there were actually many owners of cheerful personalities, and it was found that those who wore ankle boots had an aggressive tendency. Interestingly, it turns out that people who wear shoes that look uncomfortable have a fairly calm personality. As a result of this study, it was found that the shoes they are wearing can tell 90% or more of a person’s personality. If so, wouldn’t you be able to guess your personality from the way you organize your shoes? Today, let’s learn how to organize shoes using the extra space.

Organize your shoes using an empty wall

In a narrow space where storage is insufficient, using a wall is the solution. It not only has a storage function, but also has a decorative effect, making a plain wall stylish. Organize your shoes by creating a storage shelf or small cabinet on the wall near the front door. The open shelf, which is the easiest to install, has a high decorative effect and is highly useful. The shelf in the photo is also an open shelf, and the top compartment is decorated with ornaments, not shoes, and the functionality is also enhanced by storing storage boxes in the lower part of the shelf. Shoes of achromatic colors look harmonious with the white wall color.

Sleep side by side and fit under the bed!

If there are too many shoes and it is impossible to store them all at once on a shelf, it is better to store shoes that are not worn often because they are out of season in another space. If you’re short on storage space, use the space under your bed to organize things you don’t use often. If you want to store outdated shoes under the bed, first remove the dirt from the shoes with a brush or tissue before storing them, wipe them clean with a special cream, put them in a newspaper or pouch, and store them in a drawer or storage box under the bed to keep them clean. .

Store clothes and shoes at once

The primary purpose of a dressing room is storage. If there is no dressing room, it is very impractical to have to repeatedly take out and put in the clothes according to the season, and even store them in separate rooms. If you have a dressing room, you can store all seasons clothes, shoes, bags and accessories in one place, which is very practical and visually pleasing.

Store neatly in a shoe cabinet that matches the atmosphere of the house

In fact, the best way to store shoes is to install a shoe cabinet that matches the overall atmosphere of the house and store them from top to bottom. Do not store worn shoes directly in the shoe rack. Shoes soaked in sweat should be stored after drying, and shoes wet from rain or snow should also be dried sufficiently before storing in the shoe cabinet. Also, if you store too many shoes in a narrow shoe closet, the ventilation may be poor, which may cause odors or wrinkle shoes and spoil their appearance. If you open the shoe cabinet door frequently to ventilate, you can reduce moisture and odor to some extent.

Organize your shoes with breathable wicker

If you live on a monthly or jeonse basis in a house that does not have a shoe rack, it is not easy to change the structure or install a new storage space without the owner’s permission. Even in such a situation, there are ways to store shoes neatly and easily. If the shoes are not ventilated, the material of the leather or shoes may be damaged. When storing shoes, it is essential to consider ventilation and choose a storage box that can breathe. Storing your shoes in a basket made of bamboo or wicker can solve this problem.

Organize your shoes by walking like a tree

If you have too many shoes to store but not enough storage space, the Shoe Tree is the best solution. If you put the shoe tree on a hanger in one place and hang your shoes on each hook, you can identify your shoes at a glance and store a lot of shoes, which is practical. In the photo, the simplicity and chicness stand out by unifying all colors such as walls and storage rings in black.

Removes moisture and odors from shoe closets

The best way to get rid of moisture in your shoe closet is to first ventilate it regularly. Also, if you roll up newspaper and put it inside the shoe cabinet, or fold the newspaper thickly in each compartment, it is effective in dehumidifying and deodorizing. At this time, it is more effective to collect the desiccant (silica gel) contained in sweets or baked seaweed together with newspaper instead of throwing it away. Also, if you dry the green tea tea bag that you have brewed once and put it inside the shoe, the bad smell will disappear. When the smell is too strong, just putting baking soda in the shoe closet can have a deodorizing effect. Most of the causes of bad odors are acidic, because baking soda combines with acidic odors and neutralizes them to eliminate odors and absorb moisture. As shown in the photo, it is convenient to keep shoes cleaning tools such as a dedicated cleaner and brush in the shoe cabinet together, so that you do not have to search for them every time you use them.

Store leather shoes separately

Leather is highly breathable, so it does not generate sweat when worn, and is strong against heat, so it does not burn easily even when exposed to fire. In addition, it has a unique luster, making it even luxurious. However, it has the disadvantage of not being able to wear it for a long time because the leather is damaged if stored incorrectly. First of all, leather is weak against water and moisture. It should not, however, be stored with a dehumidifier. The leather must retain adequate moisture, as excessive dehumidification can cause the leather to dry out, warp and become rough. Leather shoes are best stored in a cool, dry place out of the sun. To store leather shoes for a long time, brush off the dirt on the floor with a brush, put newspaper inside the shoes to maintain their shape, and apply a leather-only cleaner to a soft cloth or brush and rub it all over to cover the scratched or discolored areas. do. Then, wipe it with a dry cloth moistened with milk, which will help form a coating film and give the leather a luster. After that, put it in a pouch or paper box and keep it for a long time. Either way, store your shoes wisely and neatly so you can use space and make your precious shoes last longer. How are your shoes organized now? Take a personality test yourself.

2.Special design furniture that will transform your home! | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

3.Special design furniture that will transform your home! | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Bookcase Transformation- Discover the smart bookcase interior | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Recently, more and more people are decorating their home so that the living room can be used as a study room and books can be used anywhere in the house. In particular, more and more people are trying to change the living room, which was the space we used to watch TV, by removing the TV in the living room and putting in a large built-in study. In a house with children, they try to decorate the living room like a study room and even a large desk like a book cafe. As such, books and bookshelves are indispensable elements of a home. If you have a lot of books, you may have thought about how to effectively store a lot of books and use them as an interior. This is because there are many ways that can be usefully used as interior materials and furniture, rather than just making a library and placing books on a bookshelf. The bookshelf is not just a place to store books, but can be decorated in a more unique and atmospheric manner by using interior accessories in various places. In addition, there are various types of bookshelves, so you can freely choose according to the atmosphere of your home. A bookshelf that fits its purpose and purpose plays a big role in changing the atmosphere of the house and each room. Learn how to store books in a variety of ways, from small shelves to large bookshelves, and learn how to decorate your home smartly by transforming your bookshelf.

Large built-in bookshelf

One of the best ways to store a lot of books and use them as interior accessories is to make a large built-in bookshelf in the living room or study space. You can store books by turning one wall into a bookshelf, or you can create a cozy feeling by putting bookshelves on the sides and top at the entrance to the other room as shown in the photo. It is important to note that if you want to put a large built-in bookshelf in a space other than the study, which is a space for books, it is better to install the bookshelf on only one wall. This is because it is easy to give a feeling of cramping if done wrong, and it can also look narrower if it is not a large space.

Large built-in bookshelves

If there is a working space in the living room like this photo, you can divide the space arbitrarily by turning one side of the office space into a bookshelf. It is a good way to put bookshelves and shelves to separate the space, but if the house is small or you don’t need any walls, it’s a good way to simply give the feeling of space division without walls. Sometimes it becomes a living room, a resting space, but it is also very good to give the impression of a study.

Utilization of common wall shelves1

A wall shelf that can be used for storage in general. If you find it difficult to turn an entire wall into a bookshelf, and you don’t want to store a lot of books, you can use the wall shelves to store as many books as you need. It is good to use appropriately in the desired location, and it is a prop enough to give a point to a flat wall. However, since it is a bookshelf where books are placed, if both ends of the shelf are blocked, there is no fear of falling even if the books are placed upright. Also, the shelf like the one in the picture can be easily removed, so it has the advantage of being able to change the position of the shelf as much as you want.

Utilization of common wall shelves2

As introduced above, one shelf can be used alone, or multiple shelves can be connected together to make a larger shelf, And by using the white color, you can give a neat feeling without feeling stuffy even if you put a lot of books. In addition, a bookcase is not just a bookshelf, but other props can also be appropriately placed to decorate the shelf with a little more feeling.

Minimalist bookshelf

This is a minimalist bookshelf in a style that has been favored recently. When it comes to bookshelves that we usually think of, it is common to have a rather hard bookshelf that is closed on all sides. However, recently, bookshelves that can be lightly attached to the wall or stand up for use are in vogue. It doesn’t feel stuffy, and it doesn’t feel stiff even when a lot of books are inserted. In addition to the study, you can create a book cafe-like feel by putting these minimalist bookshelves in one side of the living room or dining room. It has the advantage that it can be used for various purposes, not just as a bookshelf.

Bookshelf for storage

The bookshelf plays the role of interior decoration in the house, but above all, it has the advantage of allowing a lot of storage. That’s why many people look for bookshelves of different styles. If you have a house that needs a lot of storage, it is very practical and good to design one wall as a bookshelf. By arranging shelves of different sizes into the bookshelf, you can effectively store a variety of items. If you plan to design a wall with a bookshelf for storage as a bookshelf, there are some things to be aware of. This is because if you squeeze the entire wall into a bookshelf, you can easily feel a little cramped and narrow. Therefore, if you want to use most of the bookshelf for storage, you should first design it as a bookshelf all the way to the top of the wall. If you make a bookshelf up to a suitable height because it is hard to reach, it feels stuffy. That is why, like the bookcase in the photo, you need to give the design a high and open feeling with bookshelves on both the top and bottom of the wall. And it is good to use it with little care in the storage method.

Transformation of a bookshelf for the interior

As many of you know, a bookcase is a good piece of furniture to divide a space. You can use the bookshelf you have, or you can put it in during construction, it is appropriate to use it to separate the living room and the kitchen. Also, it is very good for creating an interior effect by using books and props in moderation. A bookcase with open front and back and a unique shape can be used to give a unique feeling without being stuffy. In addition to this, you can use bookshelves of various styles to give a point to the space and to create a modern feel. A bookcase in any house can be used as a point piece of furniture, so it is very useful and can easily change the atmosphere of a room.

Bookshelf with attic

The attic is a great place to have a cozy study. It’s comfortable enough to focus on, and it’s also perfect for reading a book or doing business at a leisurely pace. Books can be stored with a low bookshelf to fit the size of the attic. Even if the wall of the attic has a sharp boundary, it is not a big problem. This is because there are many bookshelves with various shapes these days. In addition, the bookcase has the advantage that it can be appropriately designed according to the needs of the buyer. Therefore, rather than decorating the attic with furniture that cannot be easily changed according to the needs of the buyer, you can easily decorate the attic with a bookshelf as a study or a small library. As long as you have a bookshelf and comfortable chairs, your own study and library is already sufficient. In addition to the attic, there is a small space, but if you are worried about what purpose it will be used for, consider putting in a small bookshelf. You will be amazed at the amazing transformation of a small space through this.

Special and practical bunker bed ideas

Sleeping time is one of the maximum vital instances of the day, so the bed room indoors for an awesome night’s sleep could be very vital. Among them, the bunker mattress is a really perfect manner to be a laugh, sensible and shop space. A bunk mattress may be the best choice, particularly while sharing a bed room with a friend, brother or sister . Today, we introduce a laugh and sensible bunk mattress thoughts to healthy any fashion and design.

Ideas for brothers and sisters

A bunk mattress with bunk beds is a great piece of fixtures for a more youthful brother or sister or siblings to percentage a bed room with. In the bed room with inside the photo, a unique bunker mattress became created with the aid of using developing every other small bed room on a high-degree platform.