Paint or coat? Unusual ideas for wall decor | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi

Paint or coat? Unusual ideas for wall decor | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi

Walls are the basis of any home, so we must give them a high intention so that our house appears as required. The matter will not end when choosing the color of paint only, but the decor of the walls is very important in the interior decoration of the  house . You have to detail it.

1- Fireplace wall

The wall that was built for the fireplace makes us ask many questions, the fireplace outside creates a special atmosphere so the wall that was built for it must be specially built like it so that the overall appearance is great, the gray and cream tiles lined up next to each other made the whole balcony look very nice and warm.

2- The wall of wet areas

Wet spaces in our house, such as the bathroom and kitchen, need walls of a special type that are not affected by the many waters that it touches, so the walls covered with mosaic tiles are very ideal for these spaces. Small tiles in multiple colors such as blue, white, and green highlighted on them make them look very impressive.

3- A modern touch to the stone

In the pool area is a space for gathering and spending fun times, so the stone wall with a modern modern touch will bring you the feeling of fun and comfort in this area.

4- Details

Another use of stone walls with white walls is for the reading corner, where relaxation and tranquility.

5- A garden in the bedroom

The bedroom is the most  relaxing room in the house, so the green wall will give an effect of comfort and relaxation. The wall needs maintenance in a proper way to stay as it is, but it is all worth it.

6- Do you dare?

The use of a dark color in the dining room decor is a bold idea and gives a unique touch to it, in this case all the elements must be carefully chosen from the chairs to the rug.

7- Garden on the wall

Vertical gardens are always a good idea, but they need constant maintenance and care, which is a very useful idea not only because it gives a distinctive touch to any space, but you can grow some plants that you can use in cooking recipes.

8- The stone

The stone is one of the ideal materials for interior walls, and it is preferable to use it with the white color. In this design, it was used in the wall touching the stairs. The appearance really looks great.

Inspirational Tv Corner Design Ideas

There is certainly no home without a TV or a screen. Whatever your interest, whether you are one of those who prefer TV or not, screens are no longer dedicated to local channels only, but you can watch your favorite videos and various other channels that suit everyone’s tastes, so it became necessary to plan a special design for the space The TV is designed to complement the  room’s decor and  provide you with a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere while watching your favorite shows. we will show you some ideas for designing a TV library.

1- Choose a strong background color

Some may think that having a strong color in the TV background is not desirable at all, so many people avoid using strong colors in the TV background because they believe that they affect the lighting, causing discomfort to the eye, but on the contrary, those colors provide a comfortable vision for the eye, and create a very attractive aesthetic touch On the TV site.

2- Choose antiques and accessories around the TV carefully

Choosing antiques and accessories around the TV should be chosen very carefully, and it is preferable to define a unified standard for decorating the place around the TV so that the eye is not distracted by the presence of different contradictory accessories.

3- Determine the general style of the room’s decoration

I always make sure that there is a special and specific style in the room’s decor, including of course the TV area, which should be consistent with the design of the entire room in order to make you feel comfortable and integrated.

4- Avoid choosing wallpaper with geometric graphics

If you are going to choose wallpaper to decorate the walls of the room, decorators recommend choosing plain wallpaper in the TV area, because this will ensure that you are not distracted and therefore watching more comfortable.

5- Is it difficult to choose a decoration style?

Do you find it difficult to define a specific style for the room? What do you think of the following simple design? Yes, you do not need complicated ideas in order to get a harmonious decor, just choose what you prefer and like and implement it very simply to get the most beautiful and best in the TV room.

6- Does black color affect vision?

Have you thought about adding a black background at the TV area, the black invisibility helps to clear vision without excessive lighting or the presence of distractions in the room, so we recommend trying it with the monitor or TV table.

7- Dedicating an entire wall of TV is a good idea or not?

Allocating an entire wall for the TV is a very good idea, and it is best to allocate an entire wall for the TV area so that you can control its location and easily arrange tools around it. It also provides you with a very simple and elegant decor for the room.

8- The perfect design for a small TV

The size of the TV is definitely very important, and the most important thing is to choose the design that surrounds the TV. Regardless of the size of the TV you own, each TV needs a distinctive design for the space around it, so make sure to choose a simple and calm decor that shows it as well.

9- Decorations around the TV

One of the touches that we recommend is to put a distinctive artistic touch from the decorations.

10- Screen or TV?

With the advancement of technology, we have various alternatives to traditional TV. We can buy screens with a projector to fit large areas, or choose a 4K display from the largest screens that fit large areas.

11- Use wood for a special background

Wood always has a very warm and distinctive touch when added or used in the design of the room’s decor, and you can use wood as a warm aesthetic background in the decor of the area around the TV.

12- Control the height of the TV in proportion to the length of the furniture

One of the important tips and details to take into account is to control the height of the TV in proportion to the length of the furniture. Measure the height of the TV and the length of the furniture to make the TV session comfortable.

13-Choose the best screen size based on the area of ​​the room

You should pay close attention and focus on choosing the size of a TV screen that clearly matches the space of the room. The TV should not be large in a small room, or vice versa.

14- Choose the location of the TV according to the position of the furniture

Choose the location of the TV according to the position of the furniture to enjoy a comfortable sitting while watching TV without feeling restricted to a specific session.

15- Buy a wall bookcase when you first buy the TV

If you intend to buy a wall library, it is preferable to buy the TV first, so that you can choose the spaces that suit your choice of TV and that also fit the room spaces.

16- Shelves functions around the TV

An aesthetic touch with simple details that you can get when you make sure to install shelves parallel to the TV to get a design that coordinates with the arrangement of the room’s tools and decorations.

17- Choose the colors of the TV screen

Choosing the colors of the TV screen between (metal – silver – plastic) to suit the room’s colors and decorations to get a masterpiece consistent with the decor and not just a TV.

18- You don’t need to design a media room

Of course, you do not need to design a room for the media, it is enough for you to allocate a simple corner with a TV table or a library with some decorations and choose the appropriate lights.

19- Which designs fit the TV wall? Just what suits your taste!

You may wonder a lot if there are any designs or a particular style that suits the TV wall, but let me tell you that there is no need to think about that, just choose what suits your taste only.

20-Choose the viewing mode

In the end, we advise you to make sure to choose a comfortable position for the furniture to enjoy watching, and feel comfortable as well

Easy steps to paint old wooden doors | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Considered the doors of wood in your home is the first impression of each room of the house room I always impression lasts, and is considered of more elements within the home that are affected by environmental factors around us, chronic of the sun , for example, humidity, rain and other different atmosphere sponsor that displays them damaged and soon paint The wood is old, and the doors become old, faded and neglected, and this definitely reflects the look of the house as a whole.

In this case, either to spend a lot of money in hiring someone who  specializes  in carpentry work to bring you a new door again, or that you would resort to an alternative solution , a personal diligence and renewal of old doors on your own and at much lower cost and windows of your home!

If you are a second party owner, then this article will be useful to you as it gives you easy and smooth steps for painting doors/windows and also provides important tips to keep in mind when doing this job.

Purchases necessary to complete the process successfully

Starting to renovate the doors of your house, you will need a paper and a pen to write down some of the necessary things that you will need. When you decide to paint your old wooden doors and windows, you will first need to go to one of the shops specialized in selling paint products and buy the following.

The things that you will need to do the process of painting and renovating the doors of your house are many, but simple, which will make you easily know the answer to the question that is on the minds of many, which is how to paint wood lacquer?


*Paint brush to be used to paint curves and kinks in doors and windows that the roller will not be able to reach.

* Small or large roll, depending on the size of the door.

* Sandpaper for wood.

*Matte lacquer-oil-zinc. Quantities are determined by the number of doors and windows to be renewed.

Ask the owner of the shop for help regarding the appropriate quantities for the number of doors and windows in your house

*Glossy material for wood.

*The colors of the astir or lacquer wood paints you wish to paint the wood with.

Start with sandpaper

Before beginning the process of painting old wood, whether it is doors or windows, you will need to do the sanding process to remove debris from the door as well as traces of the old paint.

In this step, you need to do two very important things:

*While using sandpaper, care must be taken not to damage the wood.

*After you have finished sanding, the wood should be thoroughly cleaned and wiped with a clean, soft towel/towel to remove dust from the door before proceeding to the next step.

Lining is an important step

Surely you have heard before about the process of wood lining before, and if you have not heard of it before, do not worry, it is an important step and we will tell you its details. Wood lining is a very important step because the lining makes the doors and windows of your house more durable and more able to face scratches or any environmental factors, and hides any visible imperfections in the wood that may be apparent when painting.

Lining work steps

According to this stage, you combine the lacquer and oil together to get the first mixture and start painting, where you use the roller to paint the main parts of the door, or the window, while the brush is used to deal with corners and curves, which are usually difficult for the roller to reach and cover with the mixture referred to.

How to hide wood defects with putty?

As we talked about the importance of the lining step, we will talk about the importance of hiding wood defects using putty. With the passage of time and exposure of wood to many external factors, this causes damage to the wood veneer and thus the appearance of some scars and dents that affect the appearance of the wood door, and here comes the role of wood putty to hide wood defects For any type of paint, whether ester paints or lacquer paints.

How to prepare the paste

The putty preparation step isn’t much different from the primer, just instead of making a mixture of matte lacquer and oil, you make a mixture of matte lacquer, oil, and zinc.

*After putting these materials on each other, be sure to mix them well to get the desired mixture.

*Use a putty knife to cover and hide wood defects with putty, such as pits and small empty parts, taking into account placing a large amount of putty on each of these defects and leaving the door to dry.

*After you are sure that the putty is dry, use sandpaper to remove the excess so that the wood is level.

And finally.. the paint

Paint the door with another lining that consists of matt lacquer with the addition of a little wood gloss.

*After making sure that the second lining is stable, you should paint the wood in the color you chose before when purchasing all door/window renovation items.

*Finally..painting the door with a glossy substance, so the door becomes bright and amazing, as is evident in the displayed model.

Easy steps to paint old wooden doors | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR