Simple living room decorating ideas

Simple living room decorating ideas | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

If you want to add some new decorative touches in your living room then this article is for you keep reading! You’ve put in a decent budget to splurge on the new accessories. In addition, today the experts give you some simple decorating tips for living room decor.

Feeling a little overwhelmed by the idea of ​​giving a room a new look is completely normal. And if it’s a social space that you know guests will undoubtedly see, like the living room, you may be experiencing some downright stress. But before you have a panic attack, keep reading.

1- Furniture

Furniture pieces take up most of the space in any room. Thus, you will need to know how to arrange it in the living room for an effective layout.

Don’t make the mistake of decorating where people push a sofa on one wall, a few chairs on another, and call it a day. Plan in advance. Consider the focal points in the room, such as the fireplace or TV. Create conversation areas where people can sit and chat comfortably without straining their necks to see each other. And always remember the flow of traffic

2- carpets

Size is critical. Make sure the living room rug is large enough that all the furniture can be placed on it. Ideally, there should be about 25-50 cm of bare floor between the edges of the rug and the walls of your living room.

3- artistic touch

Although you don’t need to fill every available millimetre of your walls, you don’t want them to look bare either. And always remember that art is subjective: what is considered beautiful to one person may not be the same to the next. This means that you do not have to resort to expensive paintings for the walls of your living room.

Follow your instincts. Keep in mind what you want. Perhaps a gallery wall of framed photos of family and friends could add personality to a space?


Always include each of the three main types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent. And layered lighting is the best way to ensure there are no dark areas, especially if you plan to use your living room for a variety of actions (such as watching TV, reading, socializing, working, etc.).

Place your light sources at different levels around the room (i.e. wall sconces should not be the same height as table and floor lamps).

5- Paint colors

Never choose wall colors before choosing your furniture. Make sure to sort your more expensive/larger pieces of furniture (like sofas, TV units) before sifting through the paint palettes.

Here’s a hint: Neutral colors (like white, grey, beige, etc.) can go a long way in making any room look bigger and more inviting. Plus, neutral hues naturally go well with any additional color, no matter if it’s cherry red sofas or a green floor rug.


6- Sizes

Measure this living room top to bottom (and side to side) before you load up a side table there. Take these measurements with you to the store to help you plan properly instead of buying furniture that ends up being too bulky.

In the end, the living room should reflect your personal style and be comfortable and functional. Instead of seeing it as a chore, make choosing living room decor fun, because that’s exactly what it is

7- Decide on your taste

In this day and age, with the vast amount of information freely available, there is no excuse for not having a clear idea of ​​what interior design styles you like and dislike.

tip: Large purchases should support your specific style. If you choose the classic style, do not buy a modern sofa as this will only lead to confusion.

So, once you’ve decided on your preferred style, move on to the most fun part: buying new furniture!

8- Mix the old and the new

Nobody says that just because you fancy the traditional style you need to make your living room look old and outdated. By all means, put a fresh spin on that vintage look by pairing some antiques with some ultra-modern pieces.

For example, imagine a traditional Chesterfield velvet sofa setting the traditional tone in the living room, then contrasting it with a simple glass coffee table. Throw in a quirky lamp in the corner, but then move the scales back to the traditional side with a decorative carved knot.

9- Pay attention to details

Texture equals detail, which equals character. This is what is needed to prevent the traditional living room from becoming too formal.

Carpets, pillows, blankets, curtains, tables, floors and chairs – all of these have the ability to flaunt a rich texture. But don’t choose to include complex materials for each piece. Leave a few surfaces empty here and there, like the coffee table and lampshades on either side of the sofa—there’s such a thing as overdoing it.

Simple living room decorating ideas | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Stylish decorating ideas for a modern and modern bathroom

Have you been dreaming lately of giving your bathroom a new look? Well, hold it there, because we’re about to save a lot of money while keeping your shower/shower space in vogue.

That’s right, we’ve been hearing our ears on the floor for quite some time (which means we’ve been listening to what bathroom designers, interior designers, and other professionals in the industry are up to), and here are 9 unique bathroom design ideas inspired by the experts.

1- It’s okay to design a modern bathtub

Designers have constantly changed the shape of independent sinks and aquariums and where they should be placed. For 2020, they’re back to basics by putting our origins and culture first. Think Japanese bathrooms where asymmetrical natural shapes and artisan feelings are at the forefront of space design.

your options? Depending on the space you have, your freestanding tub can be placed in the middle, in the corner, or built into the wall! Treat your sink to a raw, natural look with rough materials like stone, concrete and marble.


2- More striking details

Bathroom fixtures have been cut to make them more prominent, especially in minimalist spaces. But for 2020, it looks like we’ll have more options for eye-catching fixtures, as the finishes will be black, gold, copper, and glossy upholstery!

your options? Pair your fixtures with a simple-looking vanity and/or open or glass-walled shower to make it stand out even more.

3- Different and really special tiles

For 2020, luxury-looking tiles are out there and those with a more subtle style are in the making. Patterned tiles are ideal for those looking for a more dynamic look and feel.

your options? Choose tiles that will be timeless, like neutral hues in elegant designs. If you want to bring in some color with your bathroom tiles, dark or light colors are best – stay away from anything too luxurious.

4- bolder tones

According to the Milan Design Fair, the favorite colors for 2020 are champagne, bright yellow, and pumpkin red.

your options? Don’t overprint or tile the bathroom walls in these colors, especially yellow and orange which can be overwhelming. Spray these tints around your bathroom via colorful accessories.

5- Italian open-style bathrooms

Italian open-style bathrooms, especially multifunctional ones with built-in seating, ambient lighting, anti-fog drain, etc., are set to become larger (not literally) in 2020. Thanks to the trend that will include the tub in the shower area. Simply separate the shower/shower spaces by a glass wall to make your bathroom appear more spacious.

your options? Think practical—just because you can have a shower space doesn’t mean you should. It may sound cool, but that soapy water residue will now end up in the bottom of your shower and bathtub, leaving you with more cleanup work! If you have the space, we suggest an open plan shower and separate bathtub.


6- Touches of nature

Textiles with botanical prints are one thing, but by 2020, the bathroom’s commitment to nature will be more literal. By working on the fact that we are more efficient and calmer when we surround ourselves with nature, more and more bathrooms around the world will incorporate a realistic farm into their designs.

your options? Create an entire wall of greenery, choose natural tile, have a full-size window overlooking your green garden, or even bring in a single potted plant.

7- Details

2020 will move away from the chunky pieces, especially when it comes to vanities in the bathroom—great news for those of us with small bathrooms.

your options? To make your bathroom practically slimmer, keep only the essentials in your space. Stick to storing the rest in entryway cupboards, especially anything that could spoil (like perfume).

And while we wait for the new year’s trends to kick in, we have these eye-catching bathroom floor ideas..

8- Some pieces of furniture are okay

Another feature that sets traditional bathrooms apart is how they like to include comfortable furniture. But remember that it is all about the attention to detail and quality materials when discovering traditional furniture.

Some of the basic options to consider for your traditional bathroom include a cabinet (to help with storage), a footstool, a table, a chair, or an ottoman.

9- Unconventional shower

If you have the extra space, how about adding a traditional shower to your bathroom space? Modern designs include solid bathroom sets with beautifully exposed valves and tiled counter tops to blend in strikingly with the rest of the traditional bathroom. Round fixed shower heads are also available to complement the traditional.

Seven ideas to revitalize a boring living room

In a living room that the whole family uses together, it is more important to have an interior that all family members can accept without burden, rather than simply revealing a person’s taste and personality. Therefore, in order to create a comfortable atmosphere and create a cozy indoor environment, the space is often decorated with neutral colors and no special features are given. However, an overly ordinary living room

can always be boring. So how do you revitalize a boring living room?

In today’s article, we’ll introduce seven interior ideas to add vibrancy to your monotonous, unassuming living room. First, before looking at the seven houses with pictures, let’s think about what designs the whole family will understand. In addition, when applying the idea to your own home, it is also important to consider whether the beautiful interior space combines function and efficiency. The living room should be able to comfortably accommodate not only the family, but also the guests and neighbors invited into the house.

1. Create a warm indoor atmosphere with rugs and carpets

Since the majority of people today live in apartments, it would be good to focus on apartment interior designApartments in which all generations follow the same floor plan are often difficult to express their individuality. In addition, it is difficult to remove and add walls in a load-bearing apartment building. Also, replacing the interior finishes will be costly. So, how about creating a warm indoor atmosphere simply by laying a rug, carpet or mat on the living room floor like the house in the picture? If you have small children, you can put a thick mat on the hard floor to avoid injury.

2. Create a calm atmosphere with furniture and accessories using color

The apartment in the photo decorated created a warm living room atmosphere using pastel colored props. Most of the living rooms are designed in neutral colors such as white and beige, but one drawback is that they can get bored easily. Then, let’s use color in a variety of furniture and accessories, from small items such as rugs and cushions to large sofas. A pastel shade that can be easily accepted is good, and the bright red and blue accessories will give a point to a boring space and make a living room full of charm.

3. Use sunlight and lighting to create a bright and bright space

The role of light and wind is always important in that the purpose of the house is to provide people with a pleasant and cozy indoor space. Let’s actively use sunlight to brighten every nook and cranny. It is a way to always feel refreshed and receive positive energy. It is also good to think of light to further emphasize the beautifully decorated interior. Take advantage of sunlight during the day and illuminate where you want it with lights at night. For example, when using lighting, wisdom to properly adjust the direction and brightness of light, such as indirect lighting and direct lighting, is also required.

4. Turn your living room into a special space with a single theme

This time, the idea is to transform the living room into an attractive space through a change of thinking. Decide on a theme to make your living room special. The living room in the picture decorated in Korea’s Common Ground created a book cafe atmosphere. The TV was removed from the living room, and one wall was composed of bookshelves and shelves. Indirect lighting is installed at the corners to create a cozy atmosphere, and sunlight and wind always come into the room through the balcony window. Of course, even if it is not a book cafe, it is a good design idea to decorate the living room as a work space for telecommuting or a work room for hobbies. Let’s break the prejudice against the living room and look at it from a slightly different perspective.

5. Increase space efficiency with folding door construction

In the housing market, apartment balcony extensions are already seen as a necessity, not an option. However, considering the cost and effort required to expand the balcony, it is not easy to come up with it. In addition, most of the apartments that do not consider expansion in the initial design stage do not have insulation on the balcony floor and walls. Therefore, complicated problems such as insulation, condensation, and leakage occur too easily after balcony expansion. Of course, it can be prevented by thorough construction, but how about installing a folding door like the house in the photo? If necessary, the door can be opened wide to extend the living room to the balcony. It is a design idea that increases space efficiency and creates a comfortable indoor environment.

6. Living room design that reveals individuality through art wall construction

The living room in the photo is an example of what is often referred to as an ‘art wall‘. An art wall is an idea to add fun and charm to a boring and boring living room by decorating the walls of the living room with various materials. The wall was made of old bricks and a long black shelf was installed to provide a place to put small items. Bricks with a strong handicraft character are good, and if you prefer the natural texture of wood, you can decorate the walls with ideas using solid wood. If you like the art wall design idea, consider how it can harmonize with the rest of the room before you start building it.

7. Living room design with patterned flooring and unique window ideas

The last idea to introduce is a living room design with patterned floors and unique windows. The living room in the photo completed by Hongye Design has a herringbone patterned wooden floor on the floor, which captures two rabbits with a stable atmosphere and unique design. In addition, French door interiors with an exotic atmosphere were applied to the walls and windows. Thanks to this, you can complete the living room without feeling bored. The lighting installed on the ceiling is also designed to bring out the cute atmosphere.

Simple ways to create warmth in the living room | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

A cozy home is a home that is full of warmth in its details, and since details are always the key to everything related to the world of decoration and interior designs, it is also the starting point for a warm and comfortable home, and today in this article we will help you immerse the warmth in  your living room through these The seven simple details.

1- Take care of the furniture

Take care of having some simple furnishings like a hand-designed shawl in cheerful colors, or some elegant bedspreads on your living room sofa for a cozy and comfortable look in your living room.

2- Comfortable sofa

We know not everyone will be thinking about buying a new sofa right now, but in case you do, give in to some seasonal inspiration! For example, a plush velvet sofa will be a fancy option all year round for a cozy and comfortable living room.

3- A thin rug is a must

You wouldn’t have a very comfortable and cozy living room if you didn’t invest in a great rug, right? This way you let your feet feel comfortable!

4- Lampshades and table lamps

Lampshades and lamps on the table are a lively touch in the living room, they add a softer style of lighting and make the room feel more elegant and romantic.

5- A personal touch

We don’t talk about clutter here and there, so let’s not misunderstand each other, but some personalized accessories, pictures and small decorative ornaments will not create clutter for you but will create a warm beauty in the room, so feel free to create a small corner in your living room.

6- Use the nature

The materials that you use in your living room  can add or break the feeling of warmth in your living room, which is why you should always look at the simple, natural details that can give a warm touch to your room.

7- A touch of nature

And finally a few plants, scattered here and there, will really help you bring a cozy and warm living room together. Use large, lush plants, with a simple touch string of lights, so you can really enjoy some ambient lighting for a touch of magic.

Very comfortable country style rooms

The living room is one of the most important spaces in the house, where most of the social activities of the house converge in this place.. It has events and situations of a more private nature that take place, and the living room in the house should be aesthetically attractive, very comfortable and also a more welcoming space. And to be a dazzling and honorable model for your guests.. We can bet on the rustic style to form the living rooms, because of its simplicity, elegance and wonderful aesthetic details.

  1. Rustic and very bright

Most experts agree in noting that, if there’s something rustic, it’s for being particularly welcoming. That is why it is a perfect pattern to put up a decorative suggestion for your home living room. To achieve the expected effect, without a doubt, the best thing is that the architecture itself has a rustic feel. That’s what happens in this first room, which is located in a bright, renovated and modernized country house.

  1. The perfect rustic space

Sometimes architecture responds with perfection to what is expected of rustic style and some elements need to be added to decorate the living room of the house. This is what happens in a picture room where, with hardly any furniture, the room really makes sense. The space is so amazing that it would be enough to choose simple and comfortable armchairs, so as not to compete with the fireplace, the impressive sideboard and the amazing architecture of the house.

  1. A modern lounge with rustic touches

Other times, a room decor isn’t in itself a rustic space. This should not make us give up decorating the living room in this relaxed style. Furniture and accessories that incorporate a rustic air, like the chairs in this living room, can help us create environments with a rustic touch. With simple gestures you can achieve a relaxing atmosphere that conveys stability and tranquility in the rustic halls .

  1. Small gestures that transform

Enjoy living areas and spaces designed to soften antique furniture, rustic air and natural elements that can be a hit as we can see. Decorative accessories, general items, textiles, good pillows, etc. They help us create an atmosphere with romantic rustic interior, ideal for enjoying relaxing moments doing the activities we love most.

  1. Rural spaces and modern environments

And as we see how we add a rustic feel to a modern living room, we can see examples of the opposite. The most important thing when decorating is finding the perfect balance and not overburdening the environments. In this case, we show you a centenary country house, renovated without changing the composition or character of the architecture, where we find a living room furnished with modern and contemporary sofas and accessories.

  1. Rustic and white

Sometimes the way to combine a rustic space with a modern interior design proposal is by using the right color palette. If the tones in the original elements of the house do not match the decoration of your health, why not paint the walls white? In this way, the character of the house and its constructive characteristics will still be present, but the whole will be in perfect harmony.

  1. The halls in Armenia are perfect

When we choose to use a supplier of wall or ceiling paint of one color to harmonize the image of the room, experts recommend applying preferably matte paint, so that it does not shine and does not produce a shine. We can also choose to reduce the color of the original material by bleaching, it will help us create a perfect dialogue between the old and the new, which makes the material’s texture value important.

  1. White and wood

But if we do not want to take a lot of risks when decorating the living room in a country house, with a characteristic wooden structure, it will undoubtedly be a wise move to leave the wood visible and bet on white decorations. This is the formula applied in the living room in the photo where the white walls and the light colors of the furniture and other coverings create the perfect combination.

  1. Stone, another great ally

Another material that helps us create the perfect atmosphere in a room decorated in a rustic style is stone. This natural material, as we know well, also perfectly combines with wood and white colors. Correct design of lighting and careful selection of accessories, will complete the perfect decor.

In short, everyone has their own idea of ​​what their ideal room should be, but a well-decorated rustic room cannot fail!

Six Mistakes To Avoid In Living Room Interior Design

The living room is the most public space in the house, where the whole family sits together, chats and drinks tea with friends. As such, it is important to design a design that reveals the personality and taste of each member of the family, while also approaching everyone comfortably and without burden. Create a comfortable space by placing cozy sofas and chairs in the living room and bringing light and wind into the room. Of course, living room interiors can feel difficult in home design. So why not take a look at some of the tips covered in today’s article?

Since the living room is a space shared by different people, it should be a background for various activities. In addition, it is important not to miss the two rabbits of practicality and beauty. Now, let’s take a closer look at living room design, which can be vaguely approached, and identify six common mistakes made during the stage of decorating the living room. The goal of today’s article is to create a space where both real residents and visitors to the house can be happy.

Mistake #1: Living room with the wrong color

Of course, you can decorate your living room easily if you ask an interior designer. However, if you want to complete the living room with your own power, it is better to consider the color first. How about using neutral colors such as light gray, beige, and white to create a sense of stability? You can feel a clear sense of space while creating a visual effect.

suggests: First, you can give various points by applying any color you like to small interior elements such as cushions, rugs, and art walls. This harmonizes with the interior space finished in neutral colors to complete a more sophisticated and stylish space. Check out the red cushions and chairs in the photo above, adding vitality to the space.

Mistake #2: Living room becomes a cluttered space

If you focus too much on an elegant and stylish sofa that suits you and a soft textured rug, you may end up with too much furniture and décor. So, it is important to remember that a beautiful space is important, but the living room should be a space where people can move comfortably and sit comfortably along with its practicality. Before buying furniture for your living room, start by finding a place to place the furniture and decorations along with a simple sketch. Avoid becoming a cluttered space and purchase furniture after confirming that it is a space that allows you to feel comfortable.

Mistake #3: Television in the wrong place

It is common to have a TV in the living room of many houses, including apartments. First of all, if you decide to place the TV in the living room, you should also focus on the location of the living room furniture. On weekends, focus on creating a place for the family to get together to watch a fun movie or watch the evening news after work. Of course, it’s best to avoid placing the TV in an awkward spot, which can clutter the living room or ruin the overall interior design. Place the television in an appropriate location.

Mistake #4: Too many clutter

How many people like cluttered spaces? Moreover, it is difficult to feel comfortable when an invited guest sees a living room cluttered with various clutter. In this situation, it’s a good idea to empty the walls as much as possible or secure ample storage space to keep things neatly organized. Of course, if the wall is completely empty, it can create an empty atmosphere, so decorate the wall with paintings or photos. In addition to the living room, it is also good to create built-in cabinets, shelves, and tables in spaces that are easy to clutter, such as hallways and hallways.

Mistake #5: Living Room Without Thinking About Light

Whether you’re reading a book or relaxing, your living room needs a decent amount of light. In a little more detail, different layers of light are important. In addition to lighting installed on the ceiling, lighting that illuminates furniture can be considered. You can also subtly illuminate the space with hallway lighting, small lamps on the table, or indirect lighting around the art wall.

suggests: Install efficient lighting that can be easily turned on and off for different indoor activities, such as watching a movie, drinking after dinner, or having fun with the family. Don’t forget to consider the amount and direction of light appropriate to the mood of the occupant and the atmosphere of the interior space.

Mistake #6: Living room full of bulky furniture

When combined with the other examples described above, the sixth mistake is too many or too large furniture. This not only makes the atmosphere of the room cluttered, but also tends to be clumsy and rustic. If you already have large furniture or bookshelves in your living room, you can balance them by placing smaller pieces of furniture next to them, such as a small table or coffee table. No matter what kind of furniture or decor you have in your living room, remember to create a comfortable and practical space that expresses your taste and personality. Also, remember that perfect living room design is always fun.