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Stylish and Practical Storage Ideas | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Storage solutions make our lives much easier without clutter and loss of order. If you want some special storage ideas, in this article you will find 4 stylish and practical storage ideas at the same time for different things from children’s toys and bikes to wardrobes built into the wall in a distinctive way. We leave you now with ideas.

1- Hanging baskets

Very simple and smart idea at the same time! We all know that kids don’t care about room tidy and cleanliness! That’s why it’s so important to provide them with fun and practical storage places. The idea of ​​hanging some baskets on the wall is a great idea to turn the tidy up and cleanliness of their room into a game of shooting.

It can be carried out everywhere

If you think that the idea of ​​baskets can only be implemented by children in their rooms, then this is not true! You can use baskets everywhere from the doorway to the mantle above the shoe cabinet to put things when you get home, or even in your study and work area, perhaps even in the bathroom or in every room to put dirty clothes. There are many examples!

Built-in wardrobes

Built-in wardrobes are one of the most space-saving ideas and look beautiful too. At the core are built-in cabinets in the form of drawers and shelves, as well as built-in cabinets that also have a place for a sink! And extended to its corner and the rest of the road we will see closely in the next picture.

Extended to all places

This is the wall-to-wall cabinet in the previous photo, isn’t it? You can create an extension of it to the bathroom attached to the room to put towels and all the things you want.

Bike storage

How about creating a small garage inside your garden to store some things and your bikes too?! Who among us wants to put his bike on the lawn so it gets dirty with mud and has to clean it every time before you go out? In the next picture we see the garage when closed.

When closed

What is your opinion? After closing the garage the place looks very tidy without the bikes scattered in different parts of the garden for a more tidy and cleaner look! And also I protected them in this way from theft.

Exploitation of space

What do you think of this room? Looks a bit wide doesn’t it? But that’s not because it’s really spacious, but because of the beautiful wardrobe built into the wall that encircles the bed on all sides, taking advantage of the asymmetrical space due to the sloping ceiling on both sides, which would have been difficult to buy a wardrobe to fit in. The closet not only contains a cupboard but also has a small commode on each side and a bookshelf!

Surprise isn’t it

This is the closet from the inside, where there are drawers and shelves, each according to the need, they are cleverly divided so as not to leave you with anything outside without finding a special place for it to store inside the wardrobe.

There is always a solution, no matter how inconsistent the dimensions of the room or its small area, there are always smart solutions for storage and you can get what you want with the help of a specialist!

Amazing ideas for decorating your dinner table on New Years Eve

A pretty Christmas tree with glowing lights and scattered gifts is one thing, but a perfectly designed Christmas dinner table is quite another. After all, you want this celebration to be a highlight of the holiday season, right? Then it all boils down to how to treat that table and its accompanying decorations, so, to make your Christmas dinner even more special this year, let’s see how to decorate your table in style like the professionals.

Use fabrics

Don’t leave the table until the last minute, we understand you may need it for Christmas prep ie gift wrapping, but always make sure to beat the rush by finalizing it before Christmas Eve. This will ensure you have enough time to focus on last minute issues like realizing that you don’t have enough chairs or boards, for example.

Start by covering your table with a cloth and this is not only for the aesthetic value, but also to protect the dining table from spills. And remember, you don’t need to choose the best bedding to make your Christmas table look great. Even something as simple as a piece of paper cloth can be stunning with the right colors and accessories. Just make sure whatever cloth you use is properly ironed even the paper for a neat look.

Technical details

Here you can start sketching out the look of your dining table using charger plates or place mats. For a quick handling solution, take a sheet of A3 size white paper. Fold this in half and fold it again. Cut small shapes out of the paper through the layers before unfolding. Cut out the cut sheet in order to set up the decorative snow effect.

Trip arrangement

After adding the main dish knife and fork knives on both sides of the charger plate, starter knife and fork on the outside, dessert fork on top with handle showing left, and spoon on top of that with handle right, slide on centerpiece.

Festive wreaths are always a winner and can grace the dinner table in style by providing color, texture, and pattern to their centerpiece. Don’t forget to add some strong arch candles of different sizes and place a heat resistant mat under the centerpiece. And always keep foliage away from flames. If you’d rather not watch a fire during Christmas dinner, we recommend battery-powered candles which can look just as amazing as the real version.


Another more contemporary idea is to place mirror tiles in the center of your table and decorate it with a variety of glass candles in different shapes and sizes This mirror is perfect for accentuating the soft glow of candlelight for a magical ambiance Surround this centerpiece with some ornaments that enhance your color palette Some festive foliage Optional If you don’t want the setup to be too subtle and minimalist, got a seating chart in mind? Place cards are a great way to ensure strangers are seated next to each other, creating the potential for new friendships. But instead of a simple place card, attach a name card to each Christmas cracker, or write each guest’s name on a trinket with a light-up marker before placing it on a plate.

Napkins and tapes

As for the napkins, you can be as delicate or delicate as you like, which is the great thing about being the host! To keep it simple, wrap those napkins with napkin rings or tie each one with a pretty ribbon. To impress your viewers, we suggest looking for a YouTube video of incorporating your napkins into elaborate shapes like hats or turkeys.


We understand Christmas crackers are traditional, and that for some people, a Christmas dinner table might look like a variety of underdone crackers, but if you don’t want the extra cracking noise, just take a chocolate bar dipped or linen covered to mimic a cracker. traditional. No matter which route you go, just make sure your real or fake cracks coordinate with your color scheme and color scheme.

Stylish ideas for teen rooms that you will love | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

When we start talking about men’s bedroom ideas , it’s all too easy to resort to cliches: nautical linen, charcoal walls, leather headboards and while these are all chic ideas, there’s no reason why two men should have bedrooms that look so similar in style!

In fact, designing a bedroom with a masculine edge should be no different from the design of any other system. All necessities still apply: layout, function, and convenience. But when it comes to actual style, what do 21st century men prefer?

Geometric forms

Put flowers and butterflies aside, it’s hard to identify a particular pattern as exclusively masculine or feminine. But in general, a pattern with a strong geometric pattern is more welcome when considering men’s bedroom ideas.

The masculine look thrives on clean lines and sharp edges (as opposed to smooth curves). Thus, ditch the Paisley and instead choose Argyle, Chevron, Stripes, Checker, etc. Use geometric patterns on textiles and accessories to weave that strong, edgy look throughout the room.

A rug is always an easy way to add style to a space. Depending on the size of the rug, the scales of the patterns can add visual interest to the entire room, or perhaps eliminate the need to add other motifs on other surfaces.

Color tones

First, decide on the color palette. When imagining a typical masculine bedroom, we seldom think of bright yellow and soft rose tones although we wouldn’t go so far as to say that these colors are totally off-putting.

In general, men’s colors tend to be of the darker kind and have a good look that blends in well with warm neutrals. Given this tendency to include darker hues, a pretty pop of color here and there is a nice way to break up that moody vibe.

our choice? Dark greys, browns and blacks are classics, but add some undertones to keep the palette from getting too discreet – taupe, medium grey, grey, and blue are especially nice. The texture of wallpaper is also a nice way to bring in a solid color without being too overwhelming, And remember, dark floors will balance beautifully with lighter colors everywhere else.


Darker colors invite more luxurious fabrics to enhance this edgy look we’re aiming for. Think classics like wool, linen, heavy silk, and fine-thread cotton all imitating a high-class hotel look perfect for today’s modern and successful man.

Wall-to-wall carpets are ideal for masking sounds and ensuring added comfort. In fact, take a look at some of the luxury hotel rooms, many of whose suites are designed with successful male travelers in mind. Just designing a man’s space doesn’t mean that your options in terms of accessories are limited – just change the focus.

Adequate decorations

Look for pieces that add to the feel of the bedroom. Stones, figurines, or pottery can be used. Books are always a nice touch, especially old works with interesting or vintage bindings. And don’t overlook pieces of fabric like scattered pillows, which remain an excellent choice for adding color, pattern, and texture. Just don’t overdo it with the amount of pillows!

homify tip: Eliminate the clutter Empty your pockets on your wardrobe and keep items that hold memories: a postcard from a museum exhibit, a picture of your girlfriend, a rare coin you picked up in the park, etc. Just put the pieces to a minimum and rotate them occasionally. It can serve as an excellent reminder that although your bedroom is a cooled space, it belongs to someone with an active lifestyle.

 Art That Speaks Since you’ve chosen darker colors in your room design, feel free to bring in brighter colors across wall art. Multi-piece gallery walls are always a winner, as they ensure eye-catching statement walls while ensuring another space to include other funky artwork.

For a quieter and more reflective atmosphere, we suggest black and white photography in hidden frames (dark wood, stainless steel, etc.).

To tie the entire look together, use your pieces of art to reflect the patterns and colors in the accessories, floor rug, scatter pillow, and bedding motifs.

Choosing the right furniture

Three words: simple, yet elegant. Like those patterns, your furniture pieces should be straightforward, but also look great. We recommend dark woods and leather Yes, it’s classic and metal.

And if you end up with an industrial space, you’ll have the bonus point, because it’s the epitome of a successful modern-day man inhabiting a high-rise loft, who makes the city his playground.

homify tip: Always include room for a nightstand that can double as a stash spot. Include items like a lamp, a clock, a book you’re actually reading, and your cell phone. Let your nightstand include doors, drawers and or other clever aids to aid in storage.


A men’s bedroom requires the same lighting needs as any other space: a mix of general, task, and ambient lighting. But ditch those stiff bedside lamps with claustrophobic shades. Instead, she chose something with a sharp edge, like metal factory lighting, or corner lamps.

Bonus points if you can install a wall-mounted with a rubber arm!

Speaking of stylish spaces and trendy colors, take a look at the best gray bedroom ideas.

Stylish ideas for teen rooms that you will love | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Stylish living room design ideas | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Small living room ideas and valuable decorating tips that we will share with you today will help you design a stylish and comfortable space for you and your guests. By itself, it opens up new opportunities for architects and designers, who are forced to come up with innovative solutions to provide a comfortable room for everyone despite its size.

Before you start decorating your living room or renovating an existing room, always take an accurate measurement of the available area, from a detailed plan, you can use a pen and paper to depict your ideas on paper and take suggestions from an experienced interior designer.

How to design a small living room

Tips for creating a distinctive decorative touch in your home
Tips for creating a distinctive decorative touch in your home

How to decorate a small living room? This question worries many homeowners. The design of a small living room does not have to be overly complicated. Always think about the most important furniture and decor items for this space. Once you put them in place, you start adding more decor items later. Try not to crowd it with too many items. Maintaining the interior’s breezy nature is key to designing a small living room.

Instead of walls, try to separate public and private spaces with glass partitions, portable wooden partitions, potted plants, or pieces of furniture such as a display cabinet. This will help you create a more comfortable and airy living space.

Small living room decorations

It is very important to have a small decor in the living room on the walls, lively wall decor serves as strong distractions, however, I easily turn on the patterns. Choosing a wallpaper with subtle motifs or just decorating a wall, you can invest in an architectural wallpaper that creates a false sense of depth. Mirrors also help make.

The room looks more spacious, you can install contemporary or frame less mirrors in your living room.

Lighting in a small living roomWall Decorations Creative and Inspirational Gurgaon Noida Delhi NCR

It is very important to buy lighting fixtures that can beautify the space and make it appear brighter, a brightly lit room always looks more spacious and inviting than a gloomy one. A combination of ceiling-mounted focus light fixtures, elegant pendants, and table lamps should be used to brighten up the room.

While discussing small living room decorating ideas, we can’t stress enough the importance of making optimal use of available natural light. Install windows with panes of glass that help keep the room cheerful all day long.

Color tones

Select a color scheme that helps make the space brighter and more cheerful. Shades of white, gray, pale blue, beige, yellow, lavender and some other pastel shades are usually preferred for a small room. However, you do not need to limit yourself to only these colors. You can easily mix different tones for the four walls and create a very attractive space.

If you’ve chosen cool or neutral colors only for this space, inject some vibe with the help of colorful pillows, fresh flowers, small art objects, framed photos, or lamp shades.


Take note of some of the often overlooked decor options, these options can easily give your living room a stunning makeover. And don’t worry. These are a great part of small living room ideas on a budget. Choosing fabric with little or no embellishment at all, monochromatic upholstery that syncs well with the overall color scheme looks best in a small room. Pair with throws and pillows in vibrant colors and shapes.

Storage ideas8 different ways to use the green element in bedrooms

While planning the interior of the living room, do not forget about an essential element of the decor. Have enough storage space, so that your room doesn’t start looking for syringes and lodging later. Install built-in cabinets and shelving systems to optimize the storage area. You can even install storage cabinets with mirrored doors to add some sparkle.

Stylish Living Room Interior | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Stylish Living Room Interior Inspirations

When compared to the living room, of course the family room is more personal. Here is a place to gather, relax, have quality time, to do many activities carried out in this room. If the atmosphere is comfortable, pleasant with a stylish interior design, this room is sure to be a favorite spot for residence. Well, for your inspiration, this time we will present 15 very beautiful living room interiors, and these are the work of Indonesian architects!

1. Tiny Yet Fresh!

Our first inspiration came from an apartment that was not too big. Although faced with a limited area, our professionals managed to conjure up a super comfortable living room! Not only that, it looks so fresh and bright, with a choice of white, yellow and blue shades. Of course, to manipulate the space to make it look more spacious, a dark glass wall becomes the background for the television. Our attention was also drawn to the fluffy carpet which adds to the comfort of this area.

2. The Family Room That Joins The Dining Room

The name is also the family room, of course the items that usually are here are televisions, bookshelves, and also a dining table. To maximize space, there are indeed many residences that combine the family room with the dining room. Because again, family activities are often centered in this space. Well, the results of our professional work is absolutely stunning. This area is made open, by presenting a garden that is a view that spoils the eyes. The brick walls combined with wood material, as well as the photo frames that line the walls, successfully create a stunning family room!


3. Maximize Space

The concept of merging the family room is also present in this one house. With a luxurious modern style, in one area consisting of a family room, dining room, and kitchen that are made together. But what makes it unique, to differentiate the function of each place, our experts make different colors and decorations. Wow, very interesting isn’t it?

4. Falling in Love at First Sight

This room is certainly one of our favorite rooms. With an open style, this area is really a comfortable place to hang out and do a lot of things. The air circulation is very good, the lighting is maximal. This space consists of a kitchen, dining table, sitting area, with the most refreshing view of the eye, namely the swimming pool! Wow, you can imagine how it feels to linger here. The decor is mostly brown, with brick walls that add to the homey atmosphere But what makes it difficult for us to move on from this room is the transparent door that can be opened, which makes this room so charming.


5. Arty Minimalist Space

With a minimalist style, this family room comes with a decoration that is no less stylish. The walls combine glass with marble walls, decorative lighting and seating that is made in various ways. Well, to create a unified interior, the same color is applied throughout the room. Nice!

6. Family Room and Library

This family must really like reading books. Well, the family room was made multi functional, adjusted to the family’s preferences. Here family members can play, relax, work, do homework, and of course read books, with the presence of a very large bookshelf.

7. Luxurious and Elegant

This room carries a modern country farmhouse design , which still prioritizes the tropical concept. With natural lighting, the concept of finishing furniture with a dominant white color adds a bright impression to the interior of the house. The family room is also combined with the dining room. So when relatives and friends visit you can relax and eat food directly in this area. In addition, with a large void that becomes the interior accent of this house, it produces a room that is tall, spacious, bright, and comfortable.


8. Homey Room

Often we watch TV while eating food, because it tastes really cool isn’t it? Well, so that family members feel more comfortable at home, this room is no less complete. Here the dining table is made facing directly with the television, then there is a kitchen as well. If a large family comes to visit, this room is definitely the most comfortable place to gather.

9. With Wood Accent

With a simple style, this room is also made together, without any insulating walls that limit one room to another. The combination of white and brown, turned out to be so harmonious with the open plan concept of the room.

10. Small Cozy Room For Gathering

This spot is also our favorite. Inside there is a television, a multi functional table as well as a bookshelf, and a unique room divider! What we like the most is the concept, where we can lie down, and sit on the floor in this space . So even though it is small, it can be transformed into a very comfortable family room.

11. Good Lighting

This one family room is also not too wide. However, because it is designed with neutral colors, as well as perfect lighting, this room becomes a very cozy place to relax, after a tired day at work.

12. The Room That Brings You Back

How would you feel if you sat and rested in this room? It seems that the mood can rise and get excited again, right, with the presence of bright colors here. With a playful concept, this family area is decorated with modern furniture. To make it even more beautiful, the shelves are used to store photos, then there are uniquely shaped lamps, and room dividers made of wood. Love it!

13. Typical, which is shady and cool

Feels like visiting grandma and grandpa’s house, this one family room is very unique to Indonesia. It has the advantage of a very shady and cool room, transparent glass windows and doors, able to make the atmosphere more beautiful. In this room, it is decorated with seating, dining table and television, with a brown atmosphere. Having managed to look special with the presence of various chandeliers, this room is indeed easy to collaborate with various other decorative ornaments.

14. With a Japanese Touch

Although small, the living room in this apartment looks so fashionable, with a Japanese touch to the interior design. Playing with walls that are made in various ways, the Japanese feel comes with decorative wooden walls. The bench is no less unique, where the side of the window is transformed into a seating area. Then decorated with chandeliers, photo frames and window blinds, the result is an extraordinary living room!


15. Decorated with a long multipurpose table

And last but not least, our favorite living room belongs to our professional creation. With natural shades and a combination of brown and gray, the family room feels simple, with minimalist decorations but feels elegant. Decorated with a multipurpose long table, sofa, television, plants and industrial-style chandeliers, make this family room unique. Is this space your favorite? But what is certain is that it is very comfortable and very pleasant to gather together in this area.

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