Interior design ideas for kids room in low budget | Top interior designer firm

Interior design ideas for kids room in low budget | Gurgaon

Interior design ideas for kid’s room wardrobe

Children’s bedrooms are one among those spaces that we devote tons of care and a spotlight to make an area filled with fun and heat, while maintaining a secure and functional character. The children’s bedroom is additionally one among the foremost important rooms within the house that needs tons and tons of space for storing to accommodate children’s clothes and toys, additionally to worry products, towels and diapers if their ages are still small.


1. with an additional bed for relaxation and sleep

A design that mixes fun, elegance and functionality, where the cupboards are on the edges and at rock bottom , with the planning of the world within the middle as an additional bed for receiving friends at any time, or using it as a personal space to lie and skim entertaining stories.

2. a little wardrobe for the baby

If your baby remains very young, and therefore the available budget doesn’t leave a wardrobe, you’ll design such an exquisite wardrobe, which allows to supply an out sized amount of space for storing and space for tons and tons of your baby’s belongings, and at an equivalent time, its surface are often used as a seat and maybe a table to vary the nappy.

3. Practical design with a long-term look

Some parents think during a practical way with a long-term view, and like to style an area that suits their children’s young ages, but at an equivalent time it’s suitable for staying with them for several years. If you think that that way, this is often the right design, because it may be a large wardrobe with many various storage spaces which will accommodate the requirements of your child until reaching the stage of adolescence and perhaps more!

4. a little wardrobe under the bed

It has become common in modern design trends to mix two individual beds into one structure, to save lots of space, and during this model, we will see how the wardrobe is additionally integrated into an equivalent structure, because it is meant under the upper bed, next to the lower bed, which leaves the remainder of the space Free, perfect for enjoying and having fun!

5. Utilization of the space above the bed

In those rooms with small and limited spaces, it becomes difficult to place two beds with an out sized wardrobe to accommodate the needs of the 2 children together, but with this design, you’ll reach a perfect solution, which saves tons of space, because the ceiling height was used, and therefore the cupboard design above the 2 beds, At a height that permits children to succeed in their belongings by standing on their beds, leaving many space within the room, even a study desk has been added.

6. Stylish modern design

The children’s room doesn’t necessarily need to be designed during a cartoon style, with tons of colors, graphics and woods, you’ll also follow the fashionable style to urge a children’s room that is a youth room, which makes it suitable for your child for several years.

7. with graphics and a fun character

We have previously mentioned that we’ve collected multiple designs for children’s bedroom wardrobes, to suit different tastes, so after presenting the previous modern youth design, this cute design, with drawings, colors and decorations, fits the other tastes, which like better to accept each stage of their children’s lives.

8. Create an area for the wardrobe

Even if the space doesn’t leave an area ahead of you to style the wardrobe, you’ll find that space and make it, even as the experts did during this typical design, using the space on each side of the window, to style two small cupboards with many storage drawers.

9. The classic way

This time the wardrobe design comes elegant and soft within the classic way, and that we see it suitable for a touch princess’ room, with carvings, decorations, white wood and mirrors that enable her to embellish and take a final check out her elegant appearance.

10. Design from the longer term

We left the simplest to the top , where modern design is from the longer term , you can’t make certain whether the planning of a main bedroom or a children’s room, where the hanging cabinets, hidden lights underneath, and therefore the remainder of the wardrobe takes the function of a seat!

Interior design ideas for kids room in low budget | Top interior designer

Best bathroom design styles

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of the house. It usually doesn’t get as much attention as the rest of the house. This is the part of the house where we take care of our cleanliness, do our personal chores and get comfort and happiness. If we decorate our bathroom in a better way, innovate its design and add charming style, it will create a better impression of our personality on the guests and relatives.

Today in this article we will present you the beautiful and best bathroom designs that will help you to add new innovation and charming style to your bathroom.

Then come! Let’s take a look at these suggestions without interruption.

1. Decorated with marble

Marble tiles have become a staple of the bathroom  . Painted in the natural color of the marble, these tiles are creating an enchanting atmosphere. The white tiles on the floor match the color of the ceiling and drawers. The shower and washroom are separated by a glass wall. The light color on the bathroom walls makes it look bright and beautiful.

2. Decorated with wood

Nowadays wood is  considered to be very important for the bathroom. But when choosing wood, take special care to choose wood that is not damaged by water. You can get help from a professional design expert for this task. Wood is considered very important for shower floors because it prevents them from slipping on water and is resistant to moisture.

3. Bathtub

The bath tub is usually used for relaxation and refreshment in the bathroom. Numerous and many attractive designs of this tub have been introduced in the market. Choose the tub of your choice and style. You can use beautiful curtains around it to add more charm and sophistication to your privacy. You can also use a shower over the tub so that you can take a shower as you are in the mood.

4. Clean and tidy

Always keep your bathroom clean and shiny, it will have a good effect on your mood and will make you want to spend more time in the bathroom. Clean wood flooring helps to keep the bathroom fresh. Light white glossy walls and charming white marble washbasin add to the splendor of the bathroom. Keep your bathroom tidy to a minimum and try to keep most items hidden so that your bathroom looks neat and tidy.

5. Use of drawers

If you want your bathroom to look clean and attractive, set up a counter table and drawers to store things in it. Store your essentials in drawers  and pack  only the essentials on the washbasin outside. It will not spread dirt and clutter in your bathroom and it will give a clean and charming look. Use lights.

6. Chhota Nagar Stylish

If you are worried about the small size of your bathroom, stop worrying. You can design your small bathroom in a stylish and attractive design as shown in this model. Separate your shower section from the rest of the bathroom with the help of glass and decorate the wall with beautiful marble. Decorate the shower floor with beautiful wooden panels.

Bath room ventilation to keep green plants gmlh to add natural color will be created with charming freshness even throw in the bathroom. The use of light colors in it will make the bathroom look bright and beautiful.

7. Shower use

Nowadays, it is common to use a shower instead of a tub for bathing. We can refresh and enjoy ourselves in a much better way through the shower. When installing a shower , keep in mind its attractive design. Choose a modern and charming style for this. Stainless steel showers come in a more robust and shiny style so using them will make your bathroom look beautiful and refreshing.

8. Special shower floor

When designing a bathroom, make sure the shower floor is water resistant. For this, wooden planks are of special importance. In addition to wood, more modern materials are available in the market. Water-resistant material helps prevent you from slipping and falling while taking a bath.

Decorate the shower walls with marble, the splashes of falling water will not stay on the wall and your bathroom will look clean and elegant. Use glass  for shower door to make the bathroom attractive. Adds

9. Charming washbasin style

Washbasins are an important part of any bathroom. If your washbasin doesn’t match your modern bathroom, your bathroom will look cluttered and cluttered. So whenever you design your bathroom, match the design of the washbasin with the shower. This will make your bathroom look attractive and beautiful.

10 Luxurious design

Design your bathroom to make it more luxurious. Choose an attractive closet with a sliding door to handle things  . Choose a modern style design for the washbasin as shown in the model. Use drawers in the washbasin counter to hide unnecessary items. Separate the shower section with the help of a glass wall. The small LED bulbs on the ceiling make the bathroom attractive and beautiful.

11. With triangular roof

If your bathroom is designed under a triangular roof due to space constraints, don’t worry about its beauty. Decorate such a kitchen with the best design and style. Paint its triangular surface with a bright white color. To add a rural style, leave one of its walls without cement. This combination of modern and rural style will give a charming scene. Shine the bath tub and floor with a beautiful golden color. This golden color will create a luxurious atmosphere in your bathroom.

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Inexpensive children’s bedroom designs

Given that your child’s dreams alter every five minutes, do you want to provide them the room of their dreams but not spend a fortune on it? Trust us, we understand. Because of this, we’d like to give you some unique and enjoyable suggestions for decorating a kid’s room without going over budget.

Paint with intensity

Paint is among the least expensive methods to make a statement. Indeed, that secret recipe for the flawlessly pigmented tint that gives a space color and personality. A little afraid of color? Paint just one element in the room; in this case, we painted the fireplace and added small splashes of green around the space to bring it all together. You don’t have to paint every wall a fuchsia pink or a lime green (and, in fact, we really recommend you don’t).

Bring on the light

Due to their dual purposes, fairy lights and decorative lighting will become your best friends. Who would have thought “two birds, one stone” could be so appealing? Your child now has a reading light and a companion that fit in with your tastefully coordinated scheme. A bedroom in a “hidden garden”? fairy lights with flowers. Nursery with a space theme? a moonlight side. Thank you very much.

Paint in pattern

Masking tape is more frequently utilized in interiors than you may believe. You can use it for so much more than the obvious things like placing over skirting when painting (to make sure you paint inside the lines). For instance, painting a fun design element like the above diagonal line. Start out easy by painting stripes on the wall of your child’s room or, if you’re feeling very bold, use masking tape to create an entire mountain range. We won’t judge.

Top tip for using masking tape: when figuring out the layout of a room, mark the dimensions of the furniture with tape to get a sense of the room and see whether everything fits. This prevents some costly errors!

Up cycle it

In addition to being extremely cost-effective, up cycling old furniture can be a lot of fun and extremely rewarding when you see the end product. Before our customer got involved, these beds and the yellow stool were just outdated, boring pieces of furniture. Have no aversion to color! Children’s rooms provide you the chance to be bold.

Bizarre wall art

Not just the bedrooms of children, but every area should have artwork. It’s a fantastic method to put a plan together and add color and personality. Like art as much as we do? To cut and alter wall art as you choose, create a gallery wall or utilize a picture shelf. Picture ledges are also a great way to show off your kids’ awards and artwork.

Wall stickers

That’s accurate. The best kid’s bedroom decorating option on a budget is wall stickers! They are really inexpensive, have the power to completely change a space, and are easy to remove when your son or daughter decides that dinosaurs are so the 1970s or your daughter has had enough of zoo animals. Create a special space for your child similar to the fairy door in the fireplace above by using your own creativity.

Soft play

A child’s bedroom is no exception when it comes to the importance of soft furnishings and finishing touches when establishing a cohesive plan in any area of the house. Your children might love curling up with soft cushions, reading in a beanbag, or playing on an interactive rug.

Soft furnishings are ideal for bringing color and design to the space without making it feel sensory-overloaded for your children because they are both enjoyable and practical.


Also, they are the ideal method for introducing a “theme.” Do you have a kid that wants to be an astronaut? Invest in some solar system-themed pillows rather than a bed designed like a spaceship.

Keep the furniture timeless

Okay, so we don’t really mean “timeless” in the classic or vintage sense; rather, we mean that if you furnish your child’s room with only plain white furniture, you haven’t fully committed to a Frozen or Spiderman theme. Your wallet will be happier in the long run if you pass up the wardrobe with the unicorn motif in the store and get a piece of unicorn wall art instead.

Whether or not to build a teepee

To teepee, as we say. They are an excellent (and limited) play area and a nice way to add pattern and color, however they do take up some floor space. They can be bought as off-the-shelf items, or if you feel like doing a little bit of DIY, you can choose your own fabric and make it yourself.


The garland is a wonderful decorative accent, whether it is made of bunting or fairy lights. It is inexpensive and requires little work because it can be mounted on the wall, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, or hung along a bed frame like in the photo above.

Color your storage

Given that it is a child’s room, a place must be provided for all of the children’s toys and other items. Why not use the storage bins to add color? This at least adds some color to the arduous task of packing away action figures and babies.



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