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Interior Designers in Rohtak Haryana

It is a city renowned for its vibrant culture, active way of life, and distinctive fusion of contemporary and classic architecture. It is not surprising that there is an increase in demand for professional interior designers and decorators in Rohtak Haryana as more people and businesses want to maximize their living and working spaces.

And as one of the top interior designers in Rohtak Haryana, Interior A to Z is pleased to provide a variety of services to assist you in designing the ideal environment for your home or place of business. The top 10 residential interior designers in Rohtak Haryana are on the team at Interior A to Z, and they can help you bring your vision to life.

Our designers may work with you to develop a comfortable and aesthetically beautiful living or working environment that reflects your personality and lifestyle, whether you’re seeking for a contemporary or classic design, a minimalist or eclectic style. Our designers make sure you obtain a room that is both attractive and useful by putting an emphasis on aesthetics while also considering practicality and energy economy.

We take pride in providing a broad range of interior design services that are tailored to the particular needs and tastes of our clients. In addition to our team of interior designers, we also have a list of the best interior designers in Rohtak Haryana. We offer a wide range of services, from bespoke furniture and cabinetry design to space planning, color scheme selection, and lighting design.

Wide Range of Interior Design Services

The experts at our company can help with any stage of the design process, from conceptualization through project management and installation. We also specialize in designing lovely and useful commercial spaces. We utilize the most up-to-date design tools to provide 2D and 3D visuals of our plans, making it simple for you to see your space even before the renovation process starts and ensuring that we stay on schedule and within budget.

We are aware that every project is different; therefore we take the time to learn about your requirements and preferences in order to develop a solution that is specifically tailored to your needs.

Our aim is to go above and above for our clients and turn their ideal house or office into a reality. To arrange a consultation and learn how we can assist you with your upcoming interior design project, contact us right away. The core of Interior A to Z’s approach to interior design is our Design Philosophy. We think great design should be both aesthetically beautiful and useful, reflecting the preferences, lifestyle, and personality of our clients.

One of the cornerstones of our design philosophy is our dedication to following the most recent trends and creatively and effectively implementing them into our designs. This method enables the top 10 interior designers in Rohtak Haryana on our list to create places that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also showcase the most recent design trends.

Why Choose Us?

Our considerable experience and industry knowledge are among the factors that influence clients’ decisions while looking for residential interior designers in Rohtak Haryana. Our staff of qualified decorators and designers has years of experience and is knowledgeable about the most recent design trends, materials, and technology.

Our focus on detail and dedication to quality are additional factors that influence customer decisions. From space planning and color counseling to furniture selection and installation, we give careful consideration to every step of the design process.

We also think that everyone should have access to our services, thus we provide open pricing, flexible payment choices, and a selection of design packages to fit different price ranges. This makes it simple for customers to select the best solution without going over budget. Last but not least, we pledge to deliver top-notch client service and transparent communication throughout the project. In order to reduce our clients’ worry during the design process, our team is always ready to answer any inquiries.

You can be sure that you will receive a customized, professional, and individualized service from an experienced and committed team when you select well-known interior designers in Rohtak Haryana for the top affordable interior designers in Rohtak Haryana.

Frequently Asked Questions!

How much do your interior design services cost

Depending on the size of the project and the services needed, the pricing of our interior design services varies. We provide clear pricing, flexible payment choices, and a selection of design packages to fit various spending limits. After the preliminary meeting, we also give a thorough price estimate.

How long does an interior design project typically take.

The size of the project determines how long it will take to complete an interior design job. While a comprehensive redesign can take many months, a modest renovation might take a few weeks. During the consultation, our staff will give a rough timetable and keep clients informed of the status.

Can you provide references from previous clients.

Certainly, upon request, we would be pleased to provide references from prior clients. On the website, you may examine a portfolio of our work as well.

Will you handle all aspects of the project, including procurement, installation, and final inspection.

Indeed, in order to guarantee that the finished product meets or surpasses our client’s expectations, our team manages all aspect of the project, including design, procurement, installation, and final inspection.

Do you offer virtual consultations?

Sure, we do provide clients that desire them with virtual consultations. This can be accomplished via video conferencing or a virtual tour of their location.

Can I see the design before it is implemented?

Absolutely, before the design is implemented, we give the client access to detailed drawings, 3D renderings, and presentations.

How do you handle project management?

We take care of project management in a competent and systematic manner. From design creation to final inspection, our committed project manager will work directly with customers to make sure everything is on time and within budget.

Can you provide design services within my budget?

Indeed, to accommodate various budgets, we provide a variety of design services, packages, and flexible payment choices. After the initial meeting, we also offer a full quote and have clear pricing.

How We Bring Your Vision to Life

The first step in the process is a consultation where we meet with our clients to go over their needs, preferences, timetable, and budget for the design. This is a crucial step since it enables us to comprehend your vision and way of life, which serve as the basis for our design concept.

After the initial conversation, our design team will get to work developing a conceptual plan for your space that captures your style and vision. This entails creating a layout, deciding on a color scheme, and establishing the overall design aesthetic.

After conceptualizing the design, our team will hone it and produce presentations, presentations in 3D, and comprehensive drawings for your review. This step is essential because it enables you to see the area before the renovation starts and allows you to make any necessary design adjustments.

Our project management team assumes control of the project after the design development phase; they coordinate all project-related activities, including as design, procurement, installation, and final inspection, to guarantee a smooth and timely completion of the project. The installation crew will put the design into practice when the project management team gives its approval, ensuring that the end result meets or surpasses your expectations. They pay close attention to every last detail and guarantee that the concept is performed flawlessly in order.

Interior Designer in Rohtak Haryana | Best Interior Design Firm


Interior designers in Rohtak have invested a lot of effort in researching the ideal style for a child’s room. The area of your home where your little ones may play, discover new things, and daydream is their room.

It should also be useful in addition to having a pleasing aesthetic appearance. Our interior designers in Rohtak at Interiors have gathered some suggestions if you’re unsure of how to approach creating your little angel’s nursery. Now let’s have some fun with it!


It’s crucial that you merely consider your child’s suggestions when designing their room in Rohtak. But, interior designers caution that kids’ tastes might change, so make sure any suggestions they make sound practical.

As an example, within the case of selecting accessories and color, choose those that are easily replaceable.


The major goal should be to create a play area that gives your kids room to develop in Rohtak. Your kids’ rooms should showcase their unique personalities. Avoid using themes that are sensitive to age and instead utilise furnishings that can be quickly refreshed, such as pillows, artwork, and sheets.


By applying new paint or wallpaper to the accent wall, you can incorporate your kids’ favourite colours. There are hues that are effective both visually and psychologically.

For instance, many interior designers agree in Rohtak that blue is a calming colour that promotes creativity and gives the room a serene appearance. Yellow may be a fun colour that fosters a welcoming atmosphere. The popularity of pastel colours has increased recently. While decorating your child’s room, stay away from boring hues like black or grey.


Natural light should be allowed to enter your child’s room in sufficient amounts because it’s crucial to their physical and mental development. Also, it keeps them cheerful. Keep artificial lighting dynamic while remaining soft to promote both study and playtime.

Because apartments in are so crowded, you’ll need the help of interior designers in Rohtak to provide the proper lighting for your child’s room.


The furnishings are frequently what provide the most excitement to the kids’ space. Your children’s toy collection is frequently and tastefully displayed in a toy corner.

Interior designers in Rohtak advise including amusing furnishings like a blackboard wall or a painting area with easels to encourage your children to create their own works of art. Use materials in vibrant colours to further promote a positive attitude.

Create a little living area for your youngster if they enjoy reading books. Your kids’ room offers lots of opportunity for experimenting.

You’ll involve an indoor designer in Rohtak, like Interiors in designing it.

We make sure that all of your children’s room requirements are satisfied and that it maintains consistency with the rest of the interior design of the home in Rohtak.

Interior Designer in Rohtak

Home Interior Designer in Rohtak

Office Interior Designer in Rohtak

Top Interior Designer in Rohtak

Best Interior Designer in Rohtak


Indian refers to luxurious residences with interior designs in Rohtak created by well-known interior designers and where the owners have invested hundreds of thousands of rupees. It’s not always the case, though, and there are some straightforward yet efficient ways to make your home more opulent.

You may achieve the ideal balance between budget, quality, and practicality with the help of interior designers in Rohtak. Let’s take a look at some of the actions you may take to bring a touch of luxury to your house in Rohtak.


Focus mostly; we will create a gorgeous and opulent impact through a focus. A gorgeous chandelier can define it within the most prominent way.

Some architects advise building it with an open layout and fireplace. You’ll purchase an outrageous item at a reasonable price at an auction or a local merchant, creating luxury in your chamber.


Various textiles can help you a lot in this respect and make your home a luxurious one for you and your guests. Examples include carpets, bed sheets, throws, pillows, and other similar goods.


Antiques are a common component in homes, and other individuals utilise them to decorate their surroundings. If you would want to display these antiques, but cannot purchase expensive goods, you’ll acquire a damaged or worn piece at some auction or pip out from local vendors and reshape it after making little work. Most of the time, repainting will take care of the problem, and your guests will think it’s a luxurious touch in Rohtak.


You may sometimes create a luxurious ambience in your home in Rohtak with the help of a few minor arrangements and a tidy surroundings. By clearing the clutter and arranging the items in a fashionable manner, you can attain these outcomes.

Moreover, you’ll place some covert storage bins throughout your house to put away all unnecessary objects, making everything appear tidy and organised.

A professional interior designer in Rohtak will help you add elegance to your home if you hire them. They have the ability to handle the situation and find a suitable solution.

A sincere and enthusiastic evaluation of an interior designer transforms the space into one that is clutter-free in Rohtak, opulent, and organised, and in most cases, you won’t need to spend a fortune doing so.

Creative ideas to decorate the walls of your home Gurgaon
Creative ideas to decorate the walls of your home Gurgaon


Homeowners who want their rooms to have a high-end look typically select elegant decor in Rohtak. To give a design a distinctly formal appearance, symmetrical components and glossy accents are typically used. With careful attention to colour and detail, creating luxurious interiors in Rohtak is not too difficult. The end effect might be a decorating style that is both traditional and lavish in Rohtak.


Choose a colour palette that is monochromatic in Rohtak. Several hues of an identical colour used in interior design are intrinsically elegant. Ash grey and snow white are two hues that not only give a room a glam appearance but also combine well with many different accent colours. To serve as a backdrop for the entire decorating scheme in Rohtak, paint the walls a medium shade. Install intricate white crown moulding around the ceiling to draw attention to the home’s architecture and give the room more visual appeal.


Employ luxurious textiles in Rohtak. For a stylish look, dress a bed with a damask tone-on-tone blanket and a plethora of velvet and brocade pillows at the head of the bed. For optimum effects, get pillows with fringe and tassels. Choose plush leather couches and chairs for your living area, and add a touch of glam by placing a stylish faux fur blanket over a chair’s arm. To give the room a refined appearance and feel, accent a dining room table with a brocade tablecloth and napkins.


Add tasteful lighting. To give the room a striking appearance, suspend a lavish crystal chandelier from a high ceiling. Add a chandelier over the dining room table, the furniture in the living room in Rohtak, or the bed to emphasise the room’s focal point and highlight its peak. To add more light, place gleaming brass or silver-based lamps with silk shades on end tables, sideboards, or foyer tables. Crystal wall sconces placed each side of a fireplace or on the wall of a bedroom complete the opulent, fashionable décor.


Reflective accessories can be used to enhance the decor. Post a collection of silver-framed black and white pictures on the wall of your living room, dining room, or bedroom in Rohtak. A Venetian mirror can be hung on any focal wall to reflect light and give the decor depth. To add a delicate glow, arrange a set of white candles and silver mercury glass candlesticks on a coffee or dining room table. Any area in the house will benefit from having tall faux proprietaries with silver bases on either side of a mantel or sideboard.

Creative ideas for small homes in Gurgaon
Creative ideas for small homes in Gurgaon

Amazing ideas to make your home brighter

We look for everything that is comfortable, beautiful, and makes the house appear brighter through the use of some simple ideas in Rohtak, but creating an atmosphere of calm, beauty, and radiance inside the house is very important because the house is the most place we turn to in search of comfort and relaxation and to get away from the pressures of practical and routine life that have become causing a lot of psychological and nervous pressure throughout the day.

1- Choose your furniture carefully

The brightness and brightness of the house are significantly impacted by the furniture’s choice of shape. For instance, when choosing large-sized furniture, it should be in light and bright colours. This is especially important when choosing a dining table since its flat shape and light and bright colour aid in reflecting light, increasing the appearance of brightness in the space in Rohtak.

2- Using glass or transparent walls

The use of windows, long transparent walls made of glass or transparent synthetic fibres that allow light to pass through, and some patterns and graphics printed on those transparent walls can be used, as shown in the picture, for a more beautiful and appealing appearance, give the interior of the house a brighter, more beautiful appearance in Rohtak.

3- Design of large windows inside the house

Some areas do not allow natural light to enter the interior, such as the dining room in this image, which lacks a window. However, a wonderful and straightforward idea was developed by designing a large transparent window that connects the dining room and the kitchen, allowing light to enter the dining room and creating a separation between the two to lessen noise, smoke, and smokiness.

4- Choosing cheerful furniture colors

If you look, you might initially assume that it was a storage warehouse, but the furniture used in it was able to completely transform it and make it brighter and more attractive by using small-sized pieces of furniture with bright and cheery colours. The concept of moving the sofa away from the wall also added additional space for the room and increased the amount of light that penetrated the room’s corners, which led to the roo.

5- Paint the walls bright colors

The shape and brightness of the house are well known to be significantly influenced by the colour of the walls. The walls in this image are a light shade of indigo, with two different panels in black and white, and the floor is made of a light, warm wood. There is no denying that the blue hue of the walls, the light, and the dazzling white ceiling colour worked together to create a wonderful ambiance that was brimming with life and happiness inside the house.

6- Choose a simple design on a white background

When there isn’t a lovely view to look out of your window, you can choose the interface you want to see by drawing or painting something resembling that design on a wall with a white background. This is a simple genius idea in form and implementation. With the use of coloured pillows that provided a lovely decorative touch, the brilliant white hue considerably assisted in lighting the space in Rohtak.

Creative ideas for small homes in Gurgaon
Creative ideas for small homes in Gurgaon

One-room interior, this must be avoided

Nowadays, as the number of one-person households rises quickly, so does interest in one-room interiors in Rohtak. You probably have a lot of concerns regarding the interior of a one-room flat if you’re preparing to move there. It is overwhelming to imagine that a one-room apartment’s interior will be more straightforward than that of a conventional small- or medium-sized apartment, but the one-room interior in Rohtak does not function as well as you may expect. Even with a minimal amount of furniture, the area tends to become crowded quickly due to its small size.

According to an interior designer in Rohtak, “wide-looking presentation and efficient space organisation” make up the essence of one-room designs. We will outline the seven most mistakes made while designing one-room interiors in this article. Please pay close attention to the seven faults we’ll discuss in the post below to make your one-room interior feel bigger and more functional in Rohtak.

1. Avoid high furniture

The ceiling height is one of the main reasons it is challenging to test out the sensual foreign homes featured in interior magazines. In foreign countries, particularly in Europe, the ceiling is higher in older buildings. Yet, an apartment building’s ceiling can only be as high as 2.4 metres on average. In a studio with a low ceiling and a constrained space, it is preferable to stay away from using high furniture in Rohtak.

When furniture is put in a room with a low ceiling but a high ceiling, it not only throws off the room’s feeling of balance but also draws attention to the furniture’s presence, giving the room a stuffy appearance. Choose a layout with low-slung furniture if the ceiling is low.

2. Avoid dark finishes in narrower homes

According to a proverb, “one room is unconditionally white inside,” thus I try to avoid using colour inside one room. There are various ways to make the studio appear smaller because the apparent volume that fills the area grows as the colour changes from white to dark colours.

Avoid using dark or vibrant finishing materials if you can, and paint the entire inside a light hue to make the studio feel airy and bright. If you want to employ colour, it is preferable to finish the floor in a dark hue to give the room a sense of weight while keeping the walls and ceiling in a light colour scheme.

3. Unify the color of walls and furniture

When the studio gets smaller, it is advised to concentrate on the “interior that does not indicate the presence”. As an example, we suggest the interior design strategy of blending the colours of the walls and furniture into one. The white interior that we previously looked at is another interior design in Rohtak approach that matches to this.

It reduces the perception that the furniture protrudes in front of the wall by combining these two colours into one and creates the optical illusion that the wall and the furniture merge into one. Choose white furnishings if the walls are that colour.

4. One table is enough

It is more practical to use furniture with many uses at once in a studio where a living room and a bedroom are integrated than it is to use furniture that is devoted to just one use. separate desk and dining room table. Having many tables in a single area is one of the biggest blunders people make when designing interiors in Rohtak. A large table in the studio is adequate for both eating and working at the same time. Even better if the table is an extendable, transformable piece of furniture in Rohtak.

5. Storage shelf instead of chest of drawers

It’s time to move on to the studio’s most crucial storage now. It is advised to actively use the wall as much as possible to create storage space in one location. The compact chest of drawers just takes up floor space, but it can only accommodate a finite quantity of storage. Instead, it is advised to connect a shelf to the wall to use it as storage space. It is a straightforward shelf, making it simple to DIY, and even if you purchase it ready-made, you can easily install it yourself in Rohtak.

6. Blinds instead of curtains

The studio needs light-blocking furnishings like shades and drapes. It is advised to install these two because they not only regulate the quantity of light that enters the space but also block outside sight to maintain privacy. Of course, blinds are advised for studio rooms if you must pick between them and curtains. Although curtains have an insulating function, they are less hygienic and have a bigger visual volume than blinds.

Very heavy drapes, such as thick blackout curtains, are not advised for studio interiors. Moreover, heavy curtains run the risk of fostering mould in compact spaces.

7. Avoid oversize pendant lamps

The term “flowers of light” refers to the lovely and graceful design of pendant lamps. To counteract the negative effect of making the space appear tight, however, tiny and practical lighting should be employed in one room, if at all possible. Consider focusing on a floor lamp with sentiment or a ceiling rail light that adds flair. If you insist on a pendant lamp, we suggest a model with a string that is reasonably short and thin. The lately fashionable bulb lighting is a nice addition to one-room layouts.

Interior Designer in Rohtak

Home Interior Designer in Rohtak

Office Interior Designer in Rohtak

Top Interior Designer in Rohtak

Best Interior Designer in Rohtak

Interior Designers in Lucknow Low Budget and Luxury Design Near Me
Interior Designers Low Budget and Luxury Design Near Me

Office interior design

The days of offices being bland spaces with whitewashed walls and frequently unpleasant furniture are long gone. The situation has completely changed with the introduction of corporate culture and the growth of start-ups, co-working spaces, MNCs in action, and outsourcing holdings. The workplaces are still professional and people still go to work, but the furnishings are nicer and every piece is ergonomic and created to be comfortable, allowing workers to focus on their jobs more effectively.

At the present day, Interior A to Z is another organization that is far superior to all the other options for office design. Leading interior designers in Rohtak, Interior A to Z, are not a company; rather, they are a well-organized system of committed, imaginative, and creative individuals that can transform any unattractive, unfinished room into a highly modern workspace. About the offices, we have more than 20 years of expertise planning, building, renovating, furnishing, decorating, and recreating entire offices and individual locations.

We have experience with high-tech presentation spaces, conference rooms, bay areas, receptions, manager’s lounges, official dining rooms, auditoriums, gyms, sports arenas, pantries, and offices in general. We have come out with glistening testimonials and satisfied customers. We offer installations, designs, decors, and everything else one could connect with workplaces, including carpeting, screens, and meeting rooms.

One can never expect anything less than the best when Interior A to Z is at work, thus one can be confident that every dollar spent is very wisely spent, solidifying our position as the top interior designers in Rohtak.

Hospitality interior design

These days, the hospitality industry is popular, and in order to stand out from the competition, you must have the best possible infrastructure and services. Interior A to Z provides the best help in delivering Infrastructure, which is the very first component in success. Interior A to Z is the greatest interior designer in Rohtak you can find, with more than 15 years of experience in building, designing, renovating, and decorating rooms of all types, including commercial, hotel, residential, and official spaces.

Whether it’s a kitchen for your restaurant that provides Asian cuisine or a cool bar that offers a variety of frozen treats and cold beverages; Whether it’s a seating space for your upscale restaurant on the roof or a chic dining establishment with affluent patrons; Whether a suite or a room; Everything that needs to be developed for a hospitality entity, whether it be a gym and spa, a pool party location, or anything else, Interior A to Z is the one-stop solution.

With the brightest minds working here, we can brag of the best departments’ teams. You can be sure that when Interior A to Z is working on a project, the results will far exceed your expectations and be a more accurate simulation of an idea that was looming in your mind when you first started, effectively reiterating our status as the top interior designers in Rohtak.

We speak each one of them—plush furnishings, antiquities, columns, elegant designs, modern designs, and architecture—and we do so with the best accent imaginable.

Interior Designers in Dehradun Affordable and Low Budget Near Me
Interior Designers Affordable and Low Budget Near Me

Curtain installation points that influence the atmosphere of our house | Gurgaon

Spring is when the body, which had been curled up in the cold during the winter, is relaxed in the warm sunlight coming in through the window. It is time to give vitality to our home, which was painted in black and white in Scandinavian style for a simple and modern interior during the winter, as the street trees on the empty streets are gradually wearing green clothes.

If you shake off the dust accumulated over the winter on the sofa, cushion cover, and bedding cover, and change it to a bright and lively color cover that makes you feel good just looking at it, it seems that spring has fully arrived in our house. After cleaning every corner of the house and wiping away the accumulated dust, looking at the shiny furniture naturally makes me smile. But there’s only one thing that bothers us. A thick curtain covering the window that can invite the warm spring sunlight into the house.

Dark colors or ambiguous patterns do not seem to match well with spring, which brings laughter to the body and mind. How about changing the curtains installed on the windows in the living room, bedroom, and children’s room so that they can harmonize softly and beautifully with the spring spirit that has entered our house? It doesn’t take up much space compared to other furniture, but just changing one curtain can change the atmosphere in the house 180 degrees. So, today, we would like to take a look at some useful tips for installing  curtains that are appropriate for the season and our house so that you can fully feel spring in your home  .

Not considering color is NO

The first thing to consider when introducing something into your home is whether it will naturally harmonize with the existing furniture or interior style. If it splashes too much, it will harm the harmony of the whole house, and if it is too easy, the image of the house will be flat. It is not the material of furniture or curtains that catches our eyes when we step into the house, but the pattern or color of them, so we need to be careful in choosing the color of the curtains. So, when choosing a curtain, can I just pick it up because I liked it?

Of course, that’s not the answer. When choosing curtains, it is necessary to consider the overall color of the space where the curtains are placed. In general, it is better to choose the color of the curtain by choosing one color from the cushions placed on the sofa like the living room in the picture, paying attention to the fact that when there are three or more colors in a space, the cluttered and rustic feeling becomes stronger.

You can choose a color similar to the color of the sofa or wall, but then the space will have a flat image, so for a more three-dimensional and lively living space, choose a curtain with a small ratio among the three colors placed in the living room That might be the smart way to do it.

Abundant fabric material is YES

Curtains occupying the vertical plane from the ceiling to the floor are as important as any other furniture that influences the impression of a space. The primary purpose of curtains is to block the dazzling sunlight coming through the window, but in addition to blocking sunlight, you can enjoy the function of protecting privacy from the outside, blocking noise and wind proofing.

However, if you want to enjoy such a variety of effects, the material of the curtain is limited, and the best curtain material that can enjoy all the effects is fabric. The fabric material, which changes its shape flexibly and softly according to the touch, and breathes a warm and peaceful atmosphere into the house, has a wide range of choices due to its various colors and patterns.

So, as mentioned above, it can be seen that there is nothing like fabric as a material for curtains because it can make a space rich and warm by choosing a color without burden considering the color of the furniture already furnished in the living room or bedroom.

Blackout curtains for a good night’s sleep

It is said that we can receive good energy in a bright and bright house, but sometimes we want to take a break in the quiet darkness even on a bright day with sunlight. Blackout curtains are what you need most when taking a nap to fully enjoy the relaxation you have on the weekend, or when you want to completely block out light and noise from outside and focus on the movie.

Just as we can have a perfect night’s sleep in the dark, the blackout curtains in the bedroom help our sleep patterns a lot by completely blocking outside sunlight and lighting. In addition, it has an insulating function that blocks the cold wind that enters through the window in winter, so it blocks sunlight in summer to keep the cooling effect, and in winter it has a windproof effect. are receiving In addition, instead of the thick material that comes to mind when thinking of blackout curtains, instead of the stuffy atmosphere, recently, pleasant colors that can be hung in a child’s room like the curtains in the picture, cute patterns, and appropriate sizes for small windows, It can be said to be a good example of breaking the prejudice of

No curtains narrower than the window width

In general, one of the most common mistakes when installing curtains is to choose a narrow curtain that fits the window width. This mistake usually occurs in small windows such as children’s rooms or the study room unexpectedly rather than wide windows such as the living room. When choosing curtains, always choose curtains that are wider than the size of the window.

This is because the appropriate folds between the curtains and the curves of the soft curtains that seem to flow from the ceiling to the floor are revived, and the window can be completely covered with the curtains. Choose a curtain that is wide enough to prevent sunlight, noise, or wind from entering through the gap by barely covering both sides when the curtain is drawn. Also, if the curtains are narrower than the width of the window, it does not feel rich and spacious and makes the window look narrower.

When choosing curtains, choose curtains that are about 1.5 times wider than the width of the window to create an elegant and spacious atmosphere with wrinkles. In other words, it is recommended to make the curtain width 20-30 cm wider than the window frame.

YES to install high

As mentioned just before, in addition to choosing curtains that are narrower than the window sill or just the right width, a mistake we often make when installing curtains is choosing curtains of the wrong length or setting them too low. It is possible to point out the mistake of being attracted to the floor by installing it. When curtains drag on the floor, it can create a visually cluttered and cluttered look.

In addition, in order to visually make the living room or room appear larger, it is better to show the floor as much as possible. Therefore, it is necessary to install the curtains at an appropriate height. Curtains are generally better to be 20 to 30 cm longer than the length of the window. However, if the curtain is installed too high, it is reminiscent of adult wearing clothes as a child. Let’s do it

YES to worry about the appropriate material

Now that you have chosen the color, length, and width of the curtains, let’s be careful in choosing the material so that you can change the atmosphere in the house to your liking. The curtain material is made of poly material that connects naturally with the inside while slightly blocking the outside gaze, cotton material that can decorate the inside of the house in a comfortable and cozy atmosphere, and linen material that gives natural elegance inside the house by adding layers to it, it is reminiscent of a princess room. Shiki can choose lace curtains with a romantic atmosphere.

Of course, in addition to this, silk curtains that are very luxurious and soft visually and tactilely cannot be left out, and there are jacquard curtains that will create a classic beauty when installed on a large window like a living room. Among these various materials, consider the materials and colors of the furniture already placed in our house, and choose curtains made of materials that can harmonize smoothly without discomfort, and let’s upgrade the atmosphere in the house.

YES for pattern and printed curtains

In a home with children, it is good to stimulate the child’s cognitive ability or imagination by providing various visual stimuli.

However, if you decorate the house with an excessively colorful pattern or pattern, it becomes visually cluttered, confused, and full of rustic feeling, the printed curtains in the photos depicting characters with simple yet stylish figures, as if reminiscent of a Nordic fairy tale, are not only for homes with children, but also for those who want to decorate their homes with a peaceful and elegant atmosphere. suitable for In addition to curtains with characters drawn in this way, curtains with geometric patterns printed on them and curtains with bright patterns will give fresh spring energy and pleasant brilliance to the house that has lost its vitality whether you are pursuing a modern style or not.

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