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Ideas for placing a TV in small living rooms | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi

Many apartments and houses, especially in urban areas, have estimated that their area is very small, and for this reason, there is a need for solutions and ideas for furnishing  small  rooms. Interior designers to find the right space in the living room to put the TV in, the solutions are really interesting not to be missed.

1- Neutral colors

In narrow places like the one we see in the picture in front of us, the most appropriate way to place a large flat screen TV is to hang it directly on the wall, so that its base is connected to shelves and drawers.  

2- Combine wood with white

To hang the TV on a wooden wall below it, I put a white shelf to hold some devices attached to the TV, such as video games or receivers . 

3- modern mix

Another good solution is to hang a small and light monitor on the wall to be sandwiched between two shelves and not take up much space. You can put your precious consoles on the top shelf out of children’s hands. 

4- corner shelves

As we have repeated many times that the available space is very small and we need every centimeter, and there is a good option to use the vertical surfaces to install practical shelves on the sides to put between them a large TV screen that looks neat and clean.  

5- An orchestrated wall

This wall was specifically built to accommodate this large screen as it is divided into an upper part that holds the monitor and some open shelves and a lower part that has closed shelves, a very practical and unusual idea that offers a lot of storage in a small space

6- Too big screen in too small space

We see in the picture a very large screen in a very small space. The screen was hung on the chest of a white wall between the upper and lower shelves, on the side the light green color was found to give the room a touch of liveliness. 

7- Everything is in the same space

This idea is for those who want everything from a TV screen, speakers, and technical equipment in the same space.

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