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Modern ideas for integrating TV into your living room

Although the way we watch TV has changed over time, because it has become indispensable because it is getting used increasingly to observe movies or TV series, and maybe connect it to a laptop.

All this makes it necessary to style the space that has the TV, to supply tons of relaxation and entertainment, especially if it’s integrated into the living room. But also, above all, attention must be paid to the way the TV is placed therein room, after it’s become a crucial decorative tool for decorating the walls of the living room.

In today’s article from, you’ll find 10 modern ideas for TV inclusion within the living room, with designs implemented by our expert engineers. Just enjoy watching them and obtain inspired to style your home!

1 – Suspense TV

We start our experience from the fashionable ideas of placing the TV within the living room with this proposal that a represent a suspended screen with a metal structure mounted on the ground, which may be a quite stand designed in an inverted L-shape, to be hung up the TV. Placement within the middle of the space as if it were a true decorative element, since the TV is inserted into the living room as an integral a part of the furniture.

  1. TV installed within the wall

In this project, experts chose a contemporary solution to incorporate the TV within the living room, to save lots of tons of space, to be installed directly on the wall, as if it were another decorative element, to finish the minimum sequence, and to end with a ready-made unit from the set of drawers, which comes during a dominant design Of white and slightly of yellow color.

  1. A custom wall

We talk during this project about prepared walls, which may be a distinctive and opulent idea to incorporate the TV in the living room, providing a special wall up which the enormous TV screen is installed, to occupy the middle of the space and become the important focus of the composition of the living room, while at an equivalent time, an exquisite separation element between the spaces Different hospitable one another.

  1. Incognito TV

In this project, television is introduced during a very secret way, exploiting the presence of the black a part of the wall, which incorporates the whole space, additionally to exploiting the stark contrast with the remainder of the white wall, also as enriching the presence of paintings, posters and framed photos. The oblong shape of the TV screen completes a daily sequence of alternating frames. It’s very effective and modern idea to insert TV into the living room.

  1. The TV is during a group of shelves and drawers

In the living room of this project we discover a contemporary idea to include TV during a very simple and effective way. The TV, in fact, was placed on a coffee table topped by shelves with closed, open-side drawers that act as both a drawer unit and a TV unit.

  1. The central element of the wall

The inclusion of an out sized screen within the living room means it’ll become the central element of the wall, so a really low table consisting of two levels was chosen to utilize the space with multi functionality. The contrast between black and white with simplicity, makes it blend into the wall with ease and elegance.


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