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Interior Designer Sector in 12 Noida | Best Interior Design Firm

Tips for decorating and furnishing a small living

In the living room we spend a few times looking for comfort and tranquility in it, even if the area is a few meters, we can make this space very comfortable through the tips and ideas of experts, let us present these tips and suggestions to you to discuss with your friends and choose what is most suitable for you from between them.

1- Fill in the corner

If we are excited about large open spaces with airy air, but small spaces can also benefit from them, by taking advantage of every corner in addition to good lighting and light colors, and do not over-decorate the space unnecessarily.

In one corner of your small living room you can place a lamp so that it falls on one of the furniture to make it a nice reading corner like this design.

2- Choose small pieces of furniture

If we are talking about a small living room, do not put a large sofa along the wall, you should use small pieces of furniture so that the space is not stifling and is balanced between the pieces of furniture used in the room and easy to move in it.

5- House keeping

Not everything in our house should be bought. We leave you this suggestion that makes the room very welcoming, and at the same time it will cost you nothing and you can design it in the right dimensions and dimensions for your small room.

4- Add the plants

Flowers are always welcome in any space regardless of the décor, location or style of the room and make any space lively and unique whether it is single flowers or placed in any pot, if there is a desire to put flowers and there is no space for them on the floor or furniture can be Hang flowers from the ceiling, we’re not kidding. You can hang flowers like this as you can see in this picture, or rely on vertical gardens on the walls.

5- Try to change the places of the furniture

You should try to change the arrangement of the furniture in the living room in different ways until you find the best position for it.

6- Use wallpaper and mirrors

Mirrors and wallpaper add depth and dimension to the space, making it appear larger than reality. Rely on them and the room will appear twice as large and create more light. As for wallpaper, you can find it with landscape designs that seem very real and add depth to the room.

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