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Beautiful flowers decorate your home with different ideas | Gurgaon

Flowers are one of the most beautiful accessories and additions that you can add to your home decor to make it look cooler and more elegant, and perhaps using flowers for their multiplicity of colors, qualities and shapes is one of the largest fields in the sciences of adornment and interior decoration in homes, but the principle is absolutely not disputed about the need to provide appropriate quantities of roses inside  and outside the house  to be Your home welcomes all guests by itself and draws attention in a positive way and achieves the required coordination and luxury with a natural touch that is not compared to any other kind of decorations and decorations at all.

In the bedroom of the same quality as the wallpaper

We can use natural flowers in the bedroom with a simple touch as soon as we put one bouquet of roses that are light in smell and delicate in shape in a light color and not bright to help us calm more and accept the design of our room more, and we can also expand the participation of roses in the room’s decor by using Wallpaper with the same quality of flowers to achieve more integration and unity of design.

About the trip to welcome and open the appetite

Flowers are important to welcome guests and open their appetite for delicious food, and we can take advantage of this feature by providing delicate vases in vivid colors such as purple, red and blue to be in the dining room above and around the table, which increases the room’s beauty and attractiveness.

Near the kitchen for perfuming

There are always fumes and a mixture of cooking smells in the kitchen, and to help the kitchen have a smart smell at all times, we can use flowers and plants with a beautiful and strong smell at the same time, such as cloves, mint or jasmine and local roses, which will be a strong and tangible addition in the kitchen on the A practical aspect and an aesthetic aspect that we feel in the form of vases above the kitchen shelves, which certainly serve as a distinctive accessory.

In the living room for more warmth

In the living room, we can add a bit of warmth and elegance to its details by using flowers with a smart smell and an open and fresh shape, as family living rooms are often dedicated to family gathering for cups of tea or fun watching TV, so we can take advantage of that by preparing the room for more Elegance by beautiful multi-colored and harmonious blooming flowers as well.

Ornamental flowers but with cloth

The shape of flowers is not only limited to natural plants or ornamental plants, but it may be addressed to be made of fabric and textiles as well, as the shape of the rose in itself sends a lot of good meanings to the eye as soon as it is seen, which helps to use it in more than one other way, such as this chair or bed linen or Curtains and other patterns on the walls and other uses borrowed from flowers.


Beautiful flowers decorate your home with different ideas | Gurgaon


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Decorating the entrance to your home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Decorating the entrance to a house depends on your ability to summarize all the beauty and interior taste in your home to be the future and the first welcome to your guests as soon as they pass through the door of the  house,   and because it is one of the most important areas in the house in terms of decoration and interior design, we have created this book of ideas to know Together on 25 diverse ideas to decorate and beautify the entrance to the house with sufficient beauty, practicality and high taste that dazzles all your guests and makes you happy personally..

1- Simple and amazing

Small but simple house entrance, be simple in using the components that decorate the entrance to your house and move towards preserving the space of the corridor by using smaller and simpler pieces of furniture in shape and color.

2- Use cheerful flowers

Nothing compares to the beauty and sophistication of flowers. Flowers are the first tool to welcome all the guests in all the world, so be careful with them at the entrance to the house.

3- Mirror

The mirror helps you adjust your grooming before you go out and helps your guests to make sure they look and feel confident when you visit, so experts recommend having it.

4- The beautiful wall

Using inexpensive 3D papers in the hallway enables you to evoke the beauty of more than one element like this wall, which suggests that it is marble, which is actually paper.

5- silver colors

Neutral and calm colors like silver can make a perfect entryway, especially if it has fewer details.

6- Corridor manipulation

The use of architectural art in the design of the ceiling and the corridor leading to the house makes it an influential figure in the decoration of the house in general.

7- Organizing

Be as organized as possible in all components of the entrance to your home, from floors to walls and furniture.

8- classic

Antique stone floors, chairs, and a classic console always make magic in a classic-style entryway.

9- The large area of ​​​​the entrance

Big space alone is charming because as human beings we naturally love comfort and space so never try to reduce the space available in the entrance with any excessive pieces.

10- An artistic touch

Paintings and handmade reproductions of international paintings always attract attention in your home.

11- Ceramic

Ceramic can be used like paintings because of its great ability to print and draw on it.

12- Pictures and frames

Frames and personal and tourist photos at the entrance enrich and increase its details.

13- Weird Furniture

The first thing that attracts attention in the entrance is the furniture placed in the front of the door. There is an opinion that every stranger in the entrance is likely to be used to attract attention.

14- Design creativity

Hand art in cutting wood or marble and designing furniture at the front of the entrance fascinates everyone.

15- Vivid colors

Vivid colors that will make the entrance cheerful, and beautiful paintings of the same shades of those colors will increase the balance and increase the artistic sense in the house in general.

16- Not all mirrors are big

Small mirrors are always attractive in large spaces and vice versa.

18- Glass walls

If you have difficulty dividing the house except by placing dividing walls, you only have to use glass to design those walls, because it will not close the space in front of whoever enters the house and will not cut the visual field, so it will be ideal in narrow spaces.

19- Wood

One of the most wonderful uses of wood is wall covering, so why not dedicate the entrance to always be sparkling with the touches of wood nature?

20- Simplicity and calmness

The white color is charming in every way, it is one of the neutral tones that clearly create a touch of calm and comfort in your home.

21- Welcome phrases

Use the welcome phrases at the gate of the house and on the small carpet in front of it, which helps you to welcome your guests in more than one way.

22- Great colors and ideas

The use of smart ideas and bold colors in the entrance would solve your space problem. Here, for example, we did not use a console, but we used prominent hangings on the wall to put all our things on it with great comfort.

23- shrubs

Add a touch of green plants to create a refreshing and welcoming look as we see in this design, exotic but wonderful when executed with small ornamental trees.

24- A poetic touch

The lampshades create an ideal atmosphere of calm and sensuality and still retain their value and charm despite the age of their model, but their touch can add a lot of beauty to the entrance of your home.

25- The Art of Exploiting Spaces

Take advantage of every meter you have in practice and leave an appropriate space for movement while you are at the beginning of designing the house, which will save you a lot of trouble later.

Decorating the entrance to your home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Small bathroom inspiring ideas

When we are faced with the possibility of owning a small bathroom, various fears and doubts about small bathrooms immediately arise. For example, we don’t want to overload an already small space with too many things, but likewise, we want the decor and feel of comfort in our bathroom. What can he do? We can play with different ideas, colors and designs brought to us by the experts to make our small bathroom functional and fun.

1- Materials and details

Natural earthy materials such as stone or cement can make you feel like you’re entering a cave every time you enter your bathroom. And we don’t mean this in a negative way, quite the contrary, we see this as a quiet and intimate place, a really welcoming place. Moreover, these types of natural substances have a positive effect on our senses and stress levels. Imagine you are walking in the woods or visiting a lake. We feel connected with nature and simply more comfortable.

2- Simplicity

This small bathroom shows us how well a neutral color palette can create a calm and inviting light space. If you want a bathroom unit that has some extra color, why not enhance your bathroom with a touch of bright color like the blue tiles in the bathroom.

3- place for washing machine

Is indispensable for the washing machine certainly, and must develop a technical touch and other process in your bathroom . If you choose a washing machine to store it in the bathroom instead of  the kitchen  you can choose the color of the same color as the bathroom tools and pelvis to complete the shape , and from another angle choose where they are stored beneath the sink to exploit that space utterly wasted.

4- Open a window

The window is a source of light and air for the bathroom. It must be present in the heart of your bathroom in a place that radiates light. It will benefit in increasing the space consciously in your bathroom, and from another door it will add an aesthetic appearance to the bathroom in general.

  1. Perfect lighting

Good and adequate lighting can surprisingly enhance small spaces and brighten up accessories, details, and the overall design of a bathroom. Everything consists of placing it in a strategic way. Of course, a detailed and thorough study of the characteristics of the room should be taken into account in advance.

6- Close to you

It’s a good and practical idea to have all the bathroom stuff on hand, however you have to use enough ingenuity so that you don’t find it all too often. A good interior designer can help overcome this hurdle. One of the advantages is that you do not need a lot of furniture, having everything close by is very practical.

7- A touch of nature

When you can connect your bathroom to the outside world, you can achieve stunning brightness almost instantly. Ways to achieve this are many but the most common and almost immediate result are large glass windows, doors or skylights.

8- Feeling of continuity

As we can see in this bathroom design, creating an intimate connection between the bathroom and the place where you get dressed and arranging everything related to your personal space makes the room much larger and more functional. This is very practical because you have direct access to your clothes and accessories right after you shower.

9- Large storage space

Believe it or not, a lot of space in your bathroom is taken up by general items like toilet paper, shower cap, hand soap, towels, bathrobes and the like. This means that good storage is an absolute must in a small bathroom because otherwise it looks simply cluttered. Not only is it a practical idea to have good storage, it also looks nicer visually.

10- Tile work

When it comes to tiles in the bathroom, they can make or break a room. It can make it amazing but it can also be harmful if the wrong type of tile is chosen. In this design we can see how the tile look in the shower adds character and charm to the bathroom, distracting away from the size of the room.

11- Wooden Furniture

This bathroom has some charm that consists in simple decoration and soft colors that give it that warm and welcoming look. Inclusion of wood in furniture is often a visual improvement on many levels, it makes a room comfortable and nice-looking. However, when it comes to wood, you should consider simple furniture shapes as there are also very ostentatious pieces of wood, which despite their appeal, absorb dimension and being in small spaces can be counterproductive.

12-disorganized bathroom

The bathroom in which there are one or more walls that do not take the straight position, we can use the sanitary ware in line with it. For example, this bathroom has a sanitary piece in each wall and placed in proportion to the wall on which it is based. Note the shower cabin and the location of the sink.

13 – in one direction

If your bathroom is regular in its geometric shape, you should choose to place its sanitary ware in one consecutive position in one direction and only one wall. In this model, observe the position of the unit and its basin and next to it the toilet and next to it the shower at the top and the shower position except for the opposite wall where the bathtub is located.


Use a large storage unit, the interior is deep and does not have many shelves, only drawers that close completely inward so as not to take up space and thus enable you to keep and store a large amount of towels, tools and shower items.

15- Details

Try to choose a number of discarded items in more than one place outside the bathroom and start using them in the small bathroom to increase the aesthetic scene, practicality and functionality as well. Save in space instead of building a board to put the bathroom items and another to hold the towels, we were satisfied with them..

16- Simplicity and classic

One of the classic ways to create more space in the bathroom, in fact, in any small room, to create this illusion of spaciousness, is to install a large and spacious mirror. This works every time. It reflects the room itself and makes the space seem much larger, as well as interesting.

17- The mosaic floor

It is known that mosaic, unlike ceramic, does not help with slipping and slipping, so it is a great solution for floors if you are going to dispense with the bathtub in the shower area and will give a beautiful shape to the bathroom decor in general.

18- Practical wall decor

Take advantage of every centimetre in the bathroom to benefit you in form and content. In this model, a great idea is to make equal slots as shelves lit with LED lights to store toiletries and towels in an elegant manner.

19- Open sink unit

Try not to cover any wall inside the small bathroom, because it will take up the space greatly. This storage unit at the bottom of the sink did not make us feel its presence despite its large size, thanks to the fact that it was not locked and left open.

20- Bathroom Furniture Size

There is a school in the world of small home bathroom design that brings everything from the pieces and sizes of bathroom eyes and its requirements, but in a smaller size than usual, and therefore it thinks about satisfying the customer and not saving on space, and you will find that type of sanitary ware is available in smaller sizes than usual.

21- Corrugated Flooring

It is said that the ribs and lines of the reasons for granting striped fake eyes space in the direction of those lines , whether crosswise or lengthwise and in this case , which we have used in the lines  floors  , making the entire bathroom looks good in the area.

22- A window into another room

If you live alone, this solution also looks great for you. Open a window in the foyer of your house or room and take into account the size and aesthetic shape, not just a window and only remember that its mission is to draw attention away from the narrowness of the bathroom, so choose a view that attracts you at home.

23- Focusing of light

It is preferable to resort to this psychological tactic in small bathrooms, as shedding light on one side without the other will make you feel that the unlit side is large and has a bit of ambiguity. It is preferable to focus the light at the mirror and only one corner of the bathroom without any second light source.

24- Rectangles

If your bathroom is rectangular, try to use rectangular sanitary ware as well, and try to spread it straight, except for the bathtub on the opposite side, which will give you a wonderful space in the middle.

25- Basin strainer

A very small basin without a circular space is one of the solutions that can be resorted to when the space is excessively small on one side in the bathroom, and it performs the tasks of the filter only and draining the water. But, of course, it serves the purpose in form and function.

26- Optical stacking

There is an old saying that says its cure with what was the disease, and that saying certainly does not go literally in our design field, but only something from it may work, which is the visual congestion that we escape from the first apartment, which is the crowding in order not to suffocate in the small space of our bathrooms. We use crowding in the natural colors in the bathroom to give an impression of depth. It acts as a natural camouflage for the spatial boundaries of the bathroom and attracts your eyes to interpret the colors and their contrast on the walls.

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