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Interior design and decoration ideas

Designing and decorating a home is not always an easy task, and many times we may have to adjust ourselves so that we do not spend all of our budget on home decoration. But in many cases, redecorating or redecorating the house may contribute to improving the general atmosphere and psychological state of the home’s residents, but the limited budget may stand in the way of achieving this. So, in this article, we present some distinctive and cheap ideas that can be implemented in various places in your home that will help you save your money and at the same time give you a different and completely new look for your home.

1. Make your own decorative cushion cover

If you ever go to a fabric store, you will realize how many wonderful colors and shapes of fabrics there are, so if you are a fan of handicrafts and you can sew, you can make many dazzling things to decorate your home. Where these distinctive fabrics can stimulate your creative ability to make many things, such as cushion covers that appear in this model, which gave the room a distinctive vibrant look.

2. Putting a vase of fresh natural flowers on the table

Usually, we put tables around the house for various purposes, and you can use these tables to decorate your home by placing vases containing fresh flowers to give a special luster to the place and make it more beautiful, in addition to that this idea will not cost you much. Also, if you have a small garden, you can grow some plants and flowers such as roses or lilies, or the type you prefer to add an attractive aesthetic to your home.

3. Painting the walls with writable paint

You can paint one of the walls of your home, especially in the kitchen, with writable paint to turn it into a black writing board that can be written on with chalk, which can turn into a special place for entertainment and for children to highlight their creativity, just leave a bowl with several fingers of colored chalk for children. In addition, it is possible to convert these walls into a wonderful painting that you can change every period according to the time available to you, or it can be used as a modern writing board to write daily notes and important details or even what you want to buy so that you can remember it when you leave the house.

4. Renewal of seats

If you feel that your home furniture needs to be changed, but you do not have enough capabilities, you can renew the old furniture instead of buying new ones, as you can give the room a new look by changing the fabric of the chairs and re-painting the wood to get a completely different look. As shown in this example, the chairs have been revamped and modernly designed using distinctive colored and patterned fabrics.

5. Painting the furniture

One of the distinctive ideas to give the place a different modern look is to paint the furniture in colors that match your own taste, which can give your furniture another opportunity and renew your room without spending a lot of money buying new pieces of furniture. In this model, the chairs were painted in bold modern colors, and different colors were used but are distinctively homogeneous, in addition to that, some colors were used on the kitchen wall to give a distinctive touch.

6. Reuse the old wooden ladder

If you have an old wooden ladder, you can recycle it and use it in various ways, for example, you can paint it and turn it into shelves in the bathroom to arrange things, or in any other room to put some decoration pieces to decorate the room. In this model, white was used to paint the stairs to match the bathroom colors, which was in harmony with the dark wall colors and appeared in a distinctive modern way.


Your Home is your Signature, as personal & as unique as the latter

This serves as Interior A to Z’s guiding principle and is evident in how we evaluate the demands and requirements of our clientele, develop concept ideas that pay close attention to detail, and finally bring these designs to life. We work to jointly design our clients’ spaces by fusing our sector experience with their unique choices and preferences.

We provide end-to-end design solutions in the areas of residential and commercial interiors, supported by a team of professionals who are finesse-oriented.


Comprehensive knowledge of the client’s tastes and preferences, way of life, occupation, stage of life, budget, aesthetic and functional requirements, local preferences, family members (elders, children, pets) and their specific demands, site location, and much more.


Project outline, key offerings, timeline, budget, mood boards, and color palettes are presented in their first form. A thorough Space Plan that includes 2D and 3D renders follows (highlighting placements, colors, lighting, furniture & accessories).


Wood and other basic materials, finishes, textures, colors and designs, flooring (tiles and marbles), and procurements for things like lights, curtains, rugs, upholstery, wallpaper, kitchen appliances & fixtures, sanitary ware, etc. are all finalized before purchases are made.


All woodworking-related materials are sent to our on-site workshop, where our skilled artisans create your factory-made furniture with the least amount of room for error. When ready, the same team installs these at the location.


Office interiors, 2D and 3D designs, floor plans and elevations, theme selection, color palette consultation, lighting consultation, and spatial planning.


Modular Kitchen | Doors | Crockery & Bar Unit | TV Units | Cabinetry | Bathroom Vanities | Dining Tables | Beds | Coffee Tables | Wardrobes (Swing Doors/Sliders) |

Why do I require a firm of interior designers?

An interior design firm can determine your preferences, tastes, and lifestyle. You receive realistic 3D designs of your new home that were especially made for you to see on a computer or mobile device. Then, with the least amount of room for human mistake, these ideas are converted into finely manufactured factory-made modular furniture. Often, prominent brands and retailers have partnerships with interior design firms. They negotiate the best prices for you on a wide variety of goods. These experts complete their work in a planned and organized manner and within the specified deadlines.

How can I assess a firm that does interior design?

The professionalism of the staff you intend to hire should always come first. Visit the plant and office to evaluate the staff and facilities for meeting your needs. To evaluate the caliber of their previous work, request samples (note the scale & budget). Tell them about your budget and schedule so they can determine if there is sufficient bandwidth for your project. See the companies/stores they have partnered with as well.

Do you offer turnkey services in addition to design services?

We are a one-stop shop for all services pertaining to house renovations and are based in Gurgaon. Design services, turnkey solutions, and a large selection of custom furniture are all included in our service offering. Also, we offer false ceilings, electrical and plumbing work, air conditioning and VRF, paints and wallpapers, aluminium doors and windows, flooring, and CCTV installations. We offer Modular Kitchens, Wardrobes, Custom Furniture of all kinds, TV/Crockery/Bar units, Vanities and more thanks to our in-house manufacturing facilities.

What types of wood products, coatings, and accessories do you offer?

We are proud of our extensive experience working with all types of marketable materials. Our customers can select from a variety of engineered wood materials, including commercial plywood, MDF, and particle board as well as termite- and water-resistant options (HDHMR, Boilo, Waterproof Ply/Board, Birch Ply, Bison Board). We offer Laminates, UV Board, Acrylic, Lacquered Glass, PU and Melamine Finish under finishes. We provide a wide variety of accessories from well-known national and worldwide manufacturers, like Hettich, Sleek, Inox, Blum & Kaff.

How long is the product warranty offered by your company?

All products produced at our own production plant come with a five-year warranty. We transfer to you the same guarantee that the Original Equipment Manufacturers provide for all additional accessories, appliances, equipment, and lighting (OEMs).

What is the payment schedule for a project that you are working on?

Before starting the work, we require a 20% advance from the client after the client has approved the quotation and the contract is signed. Within seven days after the start of the job, the second payment of 50% must be made in order to buy materials. 20% of the total payment is made for final finishing during building construction, and the final 10% is due upon delivery. Please be aware that the services we offer are subject to GST at a rate of 18%.

What guidelines do you have for starting a project?

We firmly intend to fulfill the contract’s promise to supply what the customer has approved. After receiving the client’s approval, any small revisions are noted in the quotation. 2) We charge extra fees for any customizations or design iterations. 3) Customers who want accessories that are not included in our offering must pay an extra or different price.

Do you employ a model where the supplies are supplied by the client?

We only purchase materials from our reliable vendors in order to guarantee the quality of our finished products. The wishes of our customers are understood and respected, nonetheless. Thus, we have a DIY model where we simply offer Design Consultation and Project Management Services, but we may assist you in creating the Bill of Quantities (BOQ).

Do you offer packages similar to what internet sites for remodeling do?

Sorry, we don’t offer ready-made bundles. One size definitely does not fit all, and we value the uniqueness of each of our clients. Users are given customized options, allowing them to decide out the smallest aspects. Predefined packages also don’t disclose the price of the different components that make them up. As trust is the foundation of our interactions, we cannot compromise on transparency at any level.



There are many different modular kitchen accessories on the market to meet your individual storage needs, regardless of the size and shape of your kitchen. They are simple to combine and match to fit your cooking technique while guaranteeing an uncluttered appearance, good organization, convenience, and effective storage—all you need to make cooking every day a pleasure. To ensure that the storage bins can hold the accessories, choose them before the restoration work starts.

1. Organizers for cutlery

When inserted into drawers, cutlery organizer trays eliminate disorder and clutter, which is especially helpful when you need to quickly locate something. This kitchen accessory, which is offered in a variety of sizes and styles, has compartments ideal for storing spoons, forks, knives, tongs and other cutlery.

The repeated opening and closing of the drawer for utility items creates an obstruction when cooking, therefore try to avoid placing a cutlery drawer directly beneath the cooking range.

2. Retractable baskets

Pull-out baskets, which come in a variety of sizes to fit inside the drawers, offer deep and shallow storage space. Keep in mind that some pull-out baskets also include plate and cutlery organizers. These pull-outs open all the way down, making the contents completely visible when they are opened. Remember that each basket can only hold so much weight; avoid overloading them. The alignment of the drawers may be harmed by too much weight, and it may also lead them to sag with time.

3. Bottle swivels

When it comes to utilizing and optimizing a little kitchen area, bottle pull-outs are a smart modular item. They consist of two to three deep, thin shelves that are ideal for holding bottles of sauces, seasonings, cooking oils, and other cooking supplies. To ensure that the ingredients are easily available when cooking, they should ideally be placed close to the hob.

4. Large objects

Install a tall unit in your kitchen if there is room for one. First of all, this attachment has a normal height of six to seven feet, allowing for the most storage possible. In addition, these include storage on the inside of the doors, which keeps everything organized and handy. This item is essential since it functions as a pantry and is perfect for storing all of your normal grocery and food supplies, such as flour, dals, sauces, rice, and other items that do not spoil quickly, in one location.

5 Corner apartment

In L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens, the corners are left unused because they are difficult-to-reach places where it is challenging to build practical cabinetry. Corner units, which are accessories made expressly to slide in and out and permit storage and access for the typically inaccessible corners, are offered by all major brands to address this issue.

6. Accessories for the washbasin

Due to the depth of the sink and the existence of a plumbing line, there is very little room available beneath the sink (to connect the sink to the waste pipes). Due to spillage from the garbage (located on the floor) and food and water from the sink during utensil washing, this area is also prone to becoming dusty and messy.

To hide this area from view, install a cabinet door underneath the sink.

Install racks or other similar under-sink attachments to use this space for keeping your cleaning products and kitchen towels for daily usage.

Put a trash can holder within the cabinet door so that it may hold the trash bag and maintain the floor space clear, sanitary, and clean.


Get the ideal combination of ceramic and vitrified tiles for your home

As the focal point of your complete home’s design, flooring deserves special consideration when planning a remodel. For a long-lasting appearance, it must therefore adhere to aesthetic value and endurance. With so many options available on the market, most homeowners end up choosing the wrong thing. We present to you this tutorial that compares and contrasts ceramic and vitrified tiles, highlighting the differences between the two.


Clay and a variety of other minerals and solvents are used to make vitrified tiles. A glossy substrate forms on the surface after being baked at high temperatures, giving the tile a smooth and glossy appearance. What exactly are ceramic tiles then? They are kiln-baked at high temperatures using clay and water. An unmatched shine results from the glaze that is created during the procedure. Also, they come in a range of hues and designs, each with a hint of the earth.

Finish and Usage Areas

The glazed ceramic tiles are typically used on backsplashes, countertops, and walls alike. The reason is that their durability and wide range of colors help to liven up a plain kitchen or bathroom design. A stunning decorative base for your home’s furnishings is created by laying solid-colored ceramic tiles into the floor along with ceramic tiles with patterns. Vitrified tiles are ideal for flooring since they are offered in huge sizes. They can also be laid out closely together on the floor and are often very strong. They are notably less expensive than their superior equivalents (marble and granite) in terms of appearance, making them an excellent choice for flooring.

Installation costs

Both ceramic and vitrified tiles are economical. Also, both are more affordable than more expensive materials like granite and marble without sacrificing functionality. Both replacing and installing ceramic tiles is simple. The main downside is that the joints may be relatively far apart, leaving room for grout and dirt to accumulate in the crevices. Before they are ready for use, vitrified tiles need to set for around 48 hours. Be mindful that the joints of vitrified tiles are more difficult to remove than those of ceramic tiles due to their greater hardness.

Maintenance and Resilience

Ceramic tiles are ideal for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms since they require less maintenance. The coating shields them from scratches and stains as soap and warm water continue to remove the majority of the dirt and grime. Due to their high level of durability and affordability, vitrified tiles are most appropriate for use in commercial and residential settings. As they are practically impermeable, you won’t have to worry about stains or water logging. They maintain their color well over time as well.

Which are superior, ceramic or vitrified tiles?

Use a blend of the two; you don’t have to choose one over the other. Vitrified tiles are excellent for flooring; nevertheless, ceramic tiles have a little more personality and color to counteract the more industrial, man-made appearance of vitrified tiles.