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Ideas to renew your homes

It is very important to give a new style to the house because everyone in the house gets tired of seeing the same style. But there are a lot of things you have to consider in this regard because if the decoration of the house does not suit your taste then you get angry when you see it.

You need to bring home a style that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. But everyone wants their home to be unique. That’s why today in this article we have brought to you 19 ways that can easily fulfill your desires.

1- Make most of the items white, it will make your house look bright and spacious and it will also give a very comfortable impression.

2- If the wallpapers are used carefully, they can change the style of your room at once, just like the decorator in this picture has put together wallpapers of different colors to make it more vibrant.

3- Choose only one thing for decoration like a painting. This method will give your home a very simple but elegant look and will not cost you much.

4- The stone wall by the way looks very beautiful and when it is textured then the splendor of the room increases even more. So leave the traditional style and use such a strong designed wall in your home.

5- Adding a few wooden shelves will not only beautify your room but it will also be useful for storing different things. You can also put small decorative items on them.

6- Arranging the books according to the colors will not only impress everyone with your good taste but they will also enhance the beauty of your room.


7- The use of shiny surface floor is also great. Wooden floors will be your best friend in this regard as they are very elegant in appearance and do not weigh too much on your pocket.

8- The use of long and hanging lamps for lighting will not only make your home very bright but will also enhance the style. And this style is very simple, easy and very cheap.

9- If you want to bring a little bold and bold style in your home, we suggest that you change the color of the lights in your house and use bright colors instead. You can use LED lights in this regard.

10- You can use beautiful and colorful pillows to add colors to your bedroom. It will give your room a very soothing beauty.

11- Bright paint done on only one wall of the house will not prove to be expensive for you and it will also eliminate the same boring style of your house.

12- Deviating from the traditional way … The light on the camera stand is a very unique style.

13. The ancient style of decoration is very popular nowadays. Using vintage style items like this will give your home a timeless look. And what’s the point of having an old stone wall with it?

14. Even a small addition to your home will make a big difference. Like a flower or a small plant. Just one vase will give your room a very simple and fresh look.

15. A light touch of cement or iron decoration on the walls and ceiling will also make your room very beautiful. And what if this style is used throughout the house?

16- Use some unique items instead of the traditional style shelves to keep things, as shown in this picture. That way, your belongings will be safe and the room will be beautiful.

17. Charming styles on walls and ceilings are great for decoration. Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need.

18. The space under the basin in the bathroom is always wasted, so if your bathroom is small, don’t leave that space unattended, but use it to keep essentials.

19. If you want to draw everyone’s attention to a part of your home, use something brightly colored. As if bright yellow curtains have been used here.

Chintels Serenity interiors gurgaon

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