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Interior design ideas for small spaces

Because of the high prices of homes in general, many resort to reducing the space as much as possible, especially young people at the beginning of their lives resort to small apartments and the role of experts is to provide what the individual needs inside the apartment, regardless of its size, so many practical ideas appeared to exploit small spaces well and with the least possible tools. To achieve the largest gains and jobs they can get.

In this book, we show you a set of smart and easy-to-implement ideas to take advantage of the small space in your home.


 1- Mirror and natural lighting

A small apartment in London, but it was designed in the best way that it showed beautifully in the end, the mirror and the bright colors gave a visual dimension and breadth as soon as you see the room despite its small area, and what showed it with this breadth and brightness is the presence of a window that allows the entry of natural light that fills the place and shows bright colors and their reflection in the mirror in this way.

 Having a fixed table in the living room is an annoyance when the room area is small, so some seek to get rid of it despite its importance in placing various things, experts offer you this great idea to overcome the narrow spaces in the room, a mobile table with wheels and of course with brakes to install if Put on it objects that are easy to fall, you can use it when needed and move it elsewhere easily after you are done!

 3- Three rooms * one room

Open spaces have become a trend in the design world now, and the main goal of them was to overcome small spaces by not separating rooms and using every centimetre of the existing space.

This room is very small, in spite of that we find a living room, kitchen and dining room in this small space, and as we note the kitchen is about half the wall and the other half is placed by a sofa combined with the kitchen piece in a very smart design!

Also, the use of white, which is a bright color, gave a sense of spaciousness and illus you of the opposite of the truth.

 4- Sofa or bed ?!

A simple set of movements in one minute can transform a living room into a bedroom in a jiffy!

This idea is excellent for small spaces that do not allow a separate bedroom or a separate bed, the furniture can be used versatile, by opening the sofa and attaching it to the cupboard behind it, it turned into a comfortable bed, and when a sofa comes to your home, it can be easily hidden and returned to the living room with the modern design on Image left.

 5- Safe inside a barrel

Have you heard of Recycling?

Here this style is very prominent, as he used an old barrel after it was renovated and made internal shelves in it and put wheels under it for easy movement in making a closet in order to store bathroom items such as towels, napkins and other tools.

This trick does not stop at the bathroom only, so the same trick can be used to make an open library or a place to put accessories or even a small wardrobe for clothes or store shoes, all are great ideas that can be used in an easy and simple way and old resources after they are renovated.

 6- Washer inside the wall

One of the common problems when residents of small apartments is their inability to provide a space designated for the laundry room, and here comes the role of experts in finding smart alternative solutions to provide a place for the washing machine, even if this place is inside the wall !!

Here in this small bathroom we see the washing machine placed inside the wall and hidden from view with its white color as the color of the wall, a smart, wonderful and new idea for me!

 7- Table, desk and wardrobe

When space is small, there is no room for dedicating an entire office room or setting up a luxurious wooden desk, this luxury is definitely not available!

Then emerges the star of smart and practical solutions, such as the one in this design, which combined a group of furniture pieces in one piece, which is originally a table and can be closed to become vertically on the wall to save space, and there is a space inside it to store papers as we see, and finally after opening it can be used as an office For study or work, is there an idea that is smarter and more practical than that ?!

 8- Garden on the wall

Of course, there is no place for a garden in your small home, so what do you think of making the garden on one of the walls in a smart way and a wonderful decor as we see in this wonderful design ?!

 9- An entire room on one wall

Modern versatile furniture is a new trend for small spaces, here we find a complete bedroom on one wall, wardrobe, bed and library all combined using the same piece of furniture beautifully and commensurate with the room space.

 10- Utilization of vertical space

We all resort to distributing furniture and decor pieces horizontally, ignoring the vertical space that is always available, here the designer took advantage of that space intelligently to design shelves for a small library attached to the bedroom, and the shelves took the same angle of the wall and ceiling, resulting in a harmonious and wonderful design.

 11- Under the ladder


The space under the stairs is always neglected, this smart design used that space in a storage design for brushes and other tools, and there are some designs that use that space in the design of a whole dressing room!

 12- He did not leave even the doors!

Furniture experts have mastered the use of every possible space to fit small furniture pieces, here we find the kitchen cupboard utilized in the best way, even the doors were divided into internal shelves to place jars and various cooking purposes, and we also note that the microwave was also placed inside it!

Interior Designers in Rampur Low Budget and Luxury Design Near Me

Interior Designers in Rampur Low Budget and Luxury Design Near Me

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A house with stunning interior

Home is very important in human life. Everyone has an emotional and heartfelt attachment to their home. No luxury hotel or resort in the world can meet the needs of your home. Usually we build a house at once so we try to make the house comfortable but the house should be comfortable as well as comfortable and Homo fi is very careful that your house is the most To be unique, the article that is being presented today is presenting the pictures of a wonderful house in which a sea of ​​comfort and comfort has been taken care of, so let’s see this wonderful house.

Comfortable living room

A living room in any home cannot be overlooked. This is a great place for your family and friends to sit. So we have to decorate it carefully. We think that you want to decorate the living room, but believe me, filling it with useless decorative items will make you annoyed. So let it be simple. The living room in this picture is very simply decorated. Its color is kept natural which makes the eyes look fresh. Wood is used for the floor which ensures its comfort. Stunning lamps are used on the wall for decorative lighting in the room.

Dining room

A dining room is a room in your home where the whole family can sit and talk. Therefore, it is important not to make the dining room too luxurious so that the attention of the eater is focused on the decorations rather than the food. That is why our professionals have kept the interior of this dining room very simple but sophisticated. The room has a large window for natural light and ventilation. It has a carpeted dining table and other decorations that match the color of the room.

Use of natural colors

If you think natural colors will make your living room dull, you need to consider this suggestion. All the furniture and decorations in this room are gray in color, which looks very nice.

Use of wood

Contrary to the previous suggestion, wood has been used in this dining room. The floor and all the decorations are made of wood. It feels luxurious

A wonderful dining room

If you are also a fan of large furniture then this suggestion is for you. Decorate large furniture in a way that will make the room look different, as in this picture it is recommended to replace only two chairs of this large dining table that attract attention.

A little traditional

If you also like traditional things, check out this design. Even large furniture looks very beautiful if kept in style.

In a different way

The interior of this room is also traditional but its style is a little different. It has a magnificent bed and a sofa low bed which looks very luxurious and comfortable


The importance of the kitchen at home cannot be underestimated but there are a few things to keep in mind when designing a kitchen. For example, the kitchen must have storage space and its floor must be stylish as well as functional. As the floor in this design is made of marble which is very functional so its shelves are also made of marble. It has enough cabinets to prevent it from spreading. All in all, this is a wonderful kitchen

Youth room

Young people have always been considered a symbol of enthusiasm and passion, so their room should be appropriate. So keep the colors in their room a little brighter and also their furniture. What a wonderful and lively room.



How long will it take to complete my home?

This would rely on a variety of elements, including the size of the apartment or villa and the current condition of the property. The design phase, however, can generally be estimated to take between one and two months for an apartment and between two and four months for a villa. A typical flat fit-out would take three to four months if the walls, toilets and floors were already finished. An empty apartment’s interior restoration would typically take six months.

How much time will be required from my end?

To approve plans, approve the choice of materials, and to assess progress, you would need to set aside no more than one or two hours every week.

How can I be sure that my timelines are not exceeded?

When a customer selects our turnkey services, our staff will create a construction calendar for the full project’s duration as well as a timeline for the delivery of materials. Afterwards, our project manager, lead designer, and site supervisor would produce regular progress reports and guarantee deadline adherence.

Will you undertake the project on a turnkey basis?

Yes. A full-service, complete interior design company is Interior A to Z. Our whole range of interior design services includes civil construction, POP, electrical, plumbing, water-proofing, fitted carpentry, free-standing furniture, painting, and polishing. We provide our clients with a single point of contact for the duration of their engagement.

With turnkey interior design, will your team take full responsibility for all matters related to the design and execution?

Absolutely. Our team will be entirely in charge of managing your project, coordinating with all vendors and subcontractors, for following timetables and guaranteeing quality control, from conceptual design to handover. Once you are completely happy, we will never leave your side.

How do you ensure that quality is maintained?

One of the top interior designers in India and Gurgaon is Interior A to Z. We believe that quality starts with good paperwork, which includes our thorough estimates that list the brands and material grades that will be utilized to build your home. The materials are subsequently delivered, and our experienced site managers make sure that the work is done strictly in compliance with the approved BOQ and drawing sets. Such differences are quickly brought to the design team’s attention after supplies are photographed and catalogued. Along with doing these steps, the project’s lead designer also pays a weekly site visit to assess the development.

What brands do you use?

Our objective is to only employ reputable, high-quality branded materials, regardless of price. This includes paints and polishes as well as plywood, blackboards, veneers, and laminates, adhesives, all hardware, cables, and switches, POP, and gypsum boards. This guarantees your residential interior design’s high quality finish as well as its robustness and lifespan.

Will you work with external contractors?

Yes. Also, we employ independent contractors. In this situation, we’ll offer all the essential drawing sets and do regular site visits.

Will you work on labor basis?

No, all of our input expenses are already factored into the advertised rates because we provide a premium service.

Can we select from our preferred vendors?

Absolutely. We are always delighted to recommend reputable merchants as needed for the project, but we are also more than happy to choose materials from the vendors of your choosing.

My site is not in Gurgaon – can you still execute it for me?

Yes. We will send our construction crews from Gurgaon, however we do not use local contractors or agencies. This is the only way we, as one of Gurgaon’s top interior designers, can ensure that deadlines are met and quality standards are upheld. In such a situation, in addition to our usual rates, outstation fees would be charged.

What do you suggest for the loose furniture?

We recommend either customized manufactured furniture or imported furniture, or in some cases a combination of the two, depending on the project’s nature, the size of the spaces available, and budgets.

What is the benefit of custom made furniture as opposed to ready made?

Every design, size, and specification can be skillfully fashioned into a piece of furniture upon request. Indian interior designers especially enjoy this. It enables us the freedom to select designs, specify additional criteria like size, height, and form, and also gives us the freedom to select fabrics that go well with our design and color scheme.

What about the quality of the loose furniture that you will provide?

Quality is one area where we never skimp as one of Gurgaon’s top interior designers. Our furniture is made in accordance with the strictest industry standards, and all of the raw materials we use are branded and of the highest caliber. Each piece of furniture we produce with the help of our reliable partners undergoes a stringent four-step quality control process that is supervised by our furniture QA/QC supervisor.

Can we import furniture? If so how much will that cost?

Of sure, I say. If you decide that you would rather import your furniture, we will give you all the required advice and solutions.

Will your team help me the selection of accessories, artworks, and soft furnishings?

Yes, of course! Up to the point when you move into your flat, we remain at your side. We will visit suppliers, make a shortlist of soft furnishings, accessories, and décor items, and then provide you with our picks. We can also assist you in choosing prints and artwork to match your decor. We will be pleased to use our resources to help you acquire anything unique if you require our assistance with it.

Do you offer support after the project is complete?

Absolutely. As a business, we are committed to creating long-lasting relationships with our customers and setting the bar higher for Indian interior designers in all facets of design, construction, and customer service. Whether you need assistance finding a vendor, following up on a warranty, or for routine maintenance, we are always available to help.

How long can I expect my interiors to last?

Our numerous clienteles value us tremendously because of the superior quality of our interior design. Interior A to Z combines superb materials, good building methods, practical design decisions, and skilled craftsmanship. Our interiors might often endure fifteen to twenty years or more with reasonable maintenance.