The house- Building- furnishing and living Gurgaon Noida Delhi NCR

The house- Building- furnishing and living Gurgaon Noida Delhi NCR

The house – Building, furnishing and living:

A house is a place for yourself, a place where you can come home after a long day of work or enjoy your day off. Unfortunately, it often happens that houses do not quite meet one’s own personal tastes. By building your own house or renovating a house to your own taste, a house can optimally meet your interests, after all, the design has been chosen yourself. By finishing it with self-selected furniture, it becomes a joy to be at home. Ideas and inspiration for your own home Of course, a house or renovation cannot be drawn up on paper in one day. There is a lot of research and brainstorming that proceeds. But how do you find ideas and inspiration for a personal design? Interior A to Z has a wide range of designs, ideas and styles.

Single-family home

A single-family home usually has a spacious living room and a spacious garden. There are enough bedrooms available to live in this house with at least two children. New-build family homes often contain every comfort and luxury to make the living experience as pleasant as possible.

Container house

A container home is a home that can literally look like a container. Container homes often have only one floor, which makes them extremely suitable for people with walking difficulties or who do not need a large house. How do I design my dream home? A dream home design does not come to paper with just a finger click. A drawing or design requires some expertise or experience in this area. To get a design on paper it can be useful to hire experts such as an architect. It costs a bit more, but a design can come to paper much faster and much more professionally.

Should I rent or buy a home?

This question can only be answered individually because it depends on your own conditions and plans. An owner-occupied home has the advantage that it can be completely adapted. You are not subject to the conditions of a housing corporation and therefore have a lot of freedom. Capital is also built up by making repayments and mortgage payments are often stable.

How much does a house cost?

When buying a house it is very useful to have some savings on hand. Of course, the entire amount of a home does not have to be paid, but costs for any renovation and any brokerage costs must be paid out of your own pocket. It is also possible that a maximum amount is set by the institution where a mortgage is arranged.

How much does it cost to build a house?

The cost of building a home varies from business to business. It is of course necessary to look at what is possible with a mortgage. With an irregular salary, it may happen that the mortgage will only cover part of the construction costs. That is why it is wise to find out carefully what is possible and what is not. In addition, there are also furnishing costs, the hourly wage of, among other things, the notary and construction interest.

What is the minimum size of a house?

How big a house should be is up to one’s own desire. A family with several children can better use a larger home, because more bedrooms are needed, for example. Families consisting of only two people can easily stay in a small house, but if they prefer to live spaciously, they can still choose to live in a large house.

How do I find a suitable home?

A suitable home can be found by doing a good search yourself and possibly viewing houses. A real estate agent can also be engaged to help you find a suitable home. The most important thing is to clearly state your personal requirements and desires, so that the broker can come up with suitable homes.

How do I build a house?

It is not easy to build a house. Much has to be arranged and many choices have to be made. The most important thing to start with is to see if it is feasible with the finances. Furthermore, it is useful to first have an idea about what kind of a home it should be and what the requirements are. After this, the step can be taken to hire an architect. This can often also help with the further steps in the construction of a house.

How do I find the right architect?

Interior A to Z has a wide range of architects available to help with any project. The most important thing is to look at an architect’s personal style. If an architect builds a lot in classical styles, but a project has to be a modern style, it is useful to see whether this is the right architect for your project.

Modern houses

The hallmarks of a modern house are the sleek or distinct designs. Straight shapes and separate details are usually used. Modern can be experienced by some as less atmospheric or too static. The furnishing of a modern house is often quiet, but well suited to the house or the residents.

Rural houses

Rural houses often have a natural, but very atmospheric layout. The main colors of an average country house are brown, beige and white. The furnishing of a rural house often also has a luxurious appearance, which can sometimes give it a royal atmosphere. A unique atmosphere can be created by using color details and matching furniture.

Classic houses

In traditional homes is often used a lot of white. In addition, it is often quite quietly furnished, but luxury is clearly radiated. Details such as incised doors and ornate window frames clearly give a design its classic character.

The house- Building- furnishing and living Gurgaon Noida Delhi NCR

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Country house

If money were no object, we would probably all have second homes in the countryside. We almost all long for a quiet environment in the woods or meadows, where you only hear the twittering of birds, far away from a busy and bustling city. The concept of country residence has been around for centuries: the wealthy aristocrats owned several houses, with large tracts of land. They did their business in the city and sought out the quieter areas on weekends to relax.

Often we tend to associate the term ‘country house’ or ‘country house’ with luxury and status, but today there are so many different types of country houses to choose from, that there is something for even the small purse. So it doesn’t have to be a large and expensive villa to be. Despite the fact that there is a wide selection of country houses, we can say that most models have a simple construction and consist largely of natural materials.

This can also be old farms, barns, wooden huts, stone houses, a traditional stately home, or lodge. If you are considering moving to the countryside, you should think carefully about the exact location, size and style of your future home. It is also important that you make a decision about what exactly you are buying: a ruin that you transform into a home or an existing home that requires very little or nothing to do. To renovate or not, that is often the question. Renovating a house and building a house you really don’t have to do it all yourself. Expert in making your living dream come true.

What are the benefits of rural life?

For those who prefer not to live in a jungle of stone, concrete and glass, country life is perfect. Imagine, every morning, you see the sun rise, while looking out over blue rippling water, or over a beautiful green forest. You fill your day with walks and bike rides and you fully enjoy the fresh country air. There are many cities that have an escape like this close by. That is of course ideal. You have the best of everything. For some people this is not enough: they prefer to just escape from the busy cities or towns where they live. One advantage of country living is that the air is clean, your neighbors are (probably) friendly, and it’s much cheaper to get a bigger plot for the same money you’d pay for a studio in the city.

It is also great to raise your children in nature and also the pets have all the freedom. Perhaps your dream of a large garden or a veranda in the countryside will come true. You will spend pleasant evenings in these outdoor spaces with friends and family. Here you don’t have to worry about pollution and crowds. You can live permanently in health.

What are the disadvantages of a country house?

It goes without saying that living in a city means having better access to airports, train stations and other public transport options. This ensures that you see more of the rest of the world and also come into contact with different cultures. In the countryside you can live in a bubble and only have the same type of people around you, which in turn can lead to shortsightedness. For those who do not value the amount of square meters of living space, city living is simply the best option.

An abundance of cafes, restaurants and bistros is also a nice touch, as your kitchen space may not be large. Even people who don’t like to cook will have a hard time in a country house. Often you only have 1 or 2 restaurant options in the area; you could quickly get tired of that. Also be careful not to get isolated. And finally, if you want to move to the countryside, don’t forget that there are some small creepers there, such as spiders.

How much does a country house cost?

The cost of building and designing a country house depends on several factors, but the materials you choose in particular play a major role. Traditional options are wood or stone, but modern brick, concrete or a contemporary combination of the above: it is all possible these days. The type of house also plays a role, is it a farm or barn, a barn, a large house or a small one?

If you want to get an idea about the cost of a country house or want help with a project, fill out the contact form to enlist the help of an experienced architect.

The ideal roof | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Architecture does not live only from interiors; in fact, the structural elements make up an important chapter within the constructive universe. Roofs and roofs are, without any doubt, one of the pillars of any construction worth its salt. Not in a literal sense (that part corresponds more to the foundations) but rather, by its practical application. Aesthetics occupies a prominent place when choosing one or another proposal but, the truth is that, when choosing, we must not lose sight of the main purpose of these elements, which is none other than to protect both the interior space as well as those who inhabit it.

The surface to occupy, the weather, the style of construction or the particular budget of each one are some of the issues that must be taken into account when it comes to finding the ideal roof  . Its design offers a multitude of possibilities adapted to all types of requirements and it is not the same to install a cover in the garage, than to roof the porch or transform the upper area of ​​the house into a charming roof terrace.

What is the best solution for my home?

To speak of roofs is to speak of protection. This type of construction element has an eminently practical purpose and, consequently, its design must serve that functional nature. Combining aesthetic appeal and effectiveness will be key to achieving the perfect design.

Although history has left behind many examples adapted to different architectural styles, the most common roofs that you can find, mainly, in single-family houses around the world are:

Gabled roofs: How could it be otherwise, this type of roof is made up of two sloping planes or skirts joined at the highest midpoint? They are ideal in places where inclement weather in the form of snow or rain does not give truce; in fact, their frequency is a good criterion for choosing the degree of inclination. Although it is a roof with a long tradition, its appearance does not stop fitting in modern constructions and, in general, it is cheap and easy to build.

Four-sided roofs: In this case, there are not two, but four, the skirts that make up this type of roof, like the previous ones. They are ideal for areas with adverse weather conditions. However, they resist better in areas with strong winds and, although the investment to be made for their construction is greater, they offer the advantage of freeing up spaces inside that you can use for a multitude of purposes.

Flat roofs: Among the most contemporary proposals we find flat roofs, synonymous with modernity and a certain minimalist air that we can appreciate in many projects of our days. Despite their uniform appearance, they have a certain inclination that allows the drainage of water and, in their favor, stands out for their easy maintenance and their capacity as a thermal insulator.

A material for every type of roof

In terms of coverings for roofs and roofs, the possibilities are very varied, although the most common is to opt for traditional tiles. However, the evolution of materials has allowed the introduction of certain nuances or variants in this chapter capable of giving your roof an appearance fully adapted to your aesthetic requirements. Some of the materials that you can use are:

Traditional tiles: These pieces made of terracotta have been, for years, the undisputed queens of roof and deck cladding. It’s ribbed or flat shape, depending on the needs or tastes, give the roofs unique aspects that do not diminish its power as an insulator at all.

In addition to the traditional ceramic tiles, today you can find tiles made of metal, asphalt and even wood that offer particular properties in terms of finishes, resistance and insulation.

Slate: They are generally presented as flat pieces of rectangular or square shape and it is a roof covering that fits equally well in cold and warm places. In addition, it is highly resistant and requires little maintenance.

Asphalt: This type of coating, also known as bituminous covers, is manufactured from petroleum products and its insulating nature in its greatest contribution. There are different applications and formats, which makes this material one of the most versatile options capable of roofing a multitude of scenarios.

More roof ideas

Along with the roofs of the house itself, we can find a wide range of proposals aimed at exercising some protection in other settings. Pergolas, for example, are an option to consider optimizing outdoor spaces such as gardens or patios. You can find them in a wide variety of materials and their installation can provide the perfect excuse to put your DIY talent to the test.

If what you are looking for is an original solution for your roof, you can always explore somewhat more elaborate proposals such as transforming it into a charming roof terrace or converting it into an urban garden. You dare?

The best solution, in the hands of professionals

Popular lore says that you don’t have to start your house from the roof and it is right. Before embarking on the task of building a roof, it is necessary to have the necessary knowledge to make your choice a success. It is not only a matter of determining its appearance, inclination or the materials that will give life to this architectural element, but of knowing what the best combination is.

Finding the correct answer depends on it is easier if you look for a good professional in the field and, in Interior A to Z, you will find not only great  experts , but also examples of their work that are the best guarantee of experience. Consult all your doubts and find the perfect roof for your home.

The ideal roof | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The floor | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Best Interior Designer

The floor always in contact with our body

The floor is always in contact with our body. Moreover, for who take off their shoes and work indoors, the floor means more than just a place where they stand on their feet. The texture and temperature of the material that completes the floor is transmitted directly to the body, which plays an important role in determining the atmosphere of the space and the mood of the user.

The floor is an essential building element for heating. As much as the history, which goes back thousands of years, the floor is deeply entrenched in the daily life. For example, when you sleep on the warm floor, you think of the true meaning of rest, and the days when you lie on your lower neck and spend the cold winter become memories.

Therefore, the domestic housing market focuses more on floor finishing materials and heating methods than other countries. In fact, the existing was a method of finishing the floor by laying a wide, flat stone. Then again, it is a simple method of covering the top with mud and spreading it evenly. Of course, professionalism was required to install strong spheres so that they do not collapse.

Of course, the floor, which is a kind of semi-exterior space, had to be touched by a more meticulous craftsman. The wood-fitted floor was used as a cool pavilion in the summer or as a floor for the family to gather together. And as it is a place of meeting and communication, it was the floor that many people constantly visited. So how are these floors transmitted today?

Which flooring and floor heating method is right for me?

Everyone dreams of a design that reveals their individuality and taste. At this time, the floor finish determines the overall atmosphere of the interior. For example, a hardwood floor with a herringbone pattern creates an elegant and warm interior atmosphere. And marble floors are good for adding exotic scenery or a luxurious feel.

First, to find the right flooring for you, it is good to think about the interior and harmony. If all the spaces are white, you can easily get bored. Then, apply a wooden floor to the floor to emphasize the natural feel. Alternatively, you can complete the visually stable space with a slightly darker tone of the floor.

Furthermore, under floor heating is a must in houses. Consider hot water heating, which is most often used in apartments, or electric under floor heating, which can be easily installed in prefabricated houses. More specifically, geothermal heating can also be a good heating method for thermal efficiency and natural environment. Think about which flooring and heating method is right for you.

Of course, the first design you try may feel difficult. Then, why not consult with the various experts introduced by Interior A to Z here? You can choose a flooring material that reflects the atmosphere of the interior space and the individuality of the owner. Under floor heating also finds the most efficient method considering the size and area of ​​the building.

What are the different types of floor finishes?

There are numerous floor finishes available on the building market today. And it can be broadly divided into flooring, wood flooring, steel flooring, tile, marble, etc. depending on the nature of the material. Especially for floors combined with heating, it is helpful to clearly understand the nature of the material. This is because the thickness of the finishing material and its thermal conductivity are greatly affected by under floor heating.

First of all, veneer is the most commonly used floor finishing material. The price varies depending on the product, but you can decorate the floor at a much lower price than marble or wood flooring. Its thickness is also thin, so the advantage is that the warmth of the floor is transmitted as it is. However, this thickness comes as a disadvantage that heat cannot be preserved. In addition, it is the least durable finishing material.

Solid wood flooring is a floor finishing material that matches the natural interior atmosphere. A variety of patterns can be applied to wooden flooring depending on how the boards are fitted. Considering the direction of the floor, it is also good to put a pattern horizontally or vertically. Also, depending on the material of the wood, it is perfect for creating a colorful interior atmosphere.

In addition, the advantage of the tile is that it is water-resistant. For this reason, tile floors are mainly used in the hallway, where shoes are removed, or in bathrooms and balconies where water is frequently used. Thanks to this, it is easy to clean. And marble flooring is a material that can give a point to the luxurious interior atmosphere as much as the expensive price. Let’s find a material that suits your home from a variety of floor finishes.

What is the difference between hardwood flooring, reinforced flooring, and hardwood flooring?

In addition to the aforementioned floor finishing materials, various flooring products are also introduced in the Korean housing market. However, because of the similar names, many people cannot tell the difference between them. For example, the most representative examples are wooden flooring, steel flooring, and reinforced flooring. So how the three floors are finishes different?

First of all, solid wood flooring refers to a floor made by thinly slicing real wood and a floor in which wood is added on top of plywood. The price of flooring is inversely proportional to the amount of plywood used. Since it uses the least amount of plywood, it is the most expensive compared to the rest of the finishing materials. However, it is a material that satisfies both durability and aesthetics.

Hardwood flooring and hardwood flooring are the most confusing finishing materials because of their names. First of all, reinforced flooring is a product in which a wood-patterned film is overlaid on fine-grained HDF plywood. On the other hand is a product in which a film is applied on top of plywood made by thinly slicing wood. Therefore, hardwood flooring is more expensive and more durable than hardened flooring. However, both products can save the wood grain.

So, let’s choose a floor finish that suits the interior and construction budget. If you’re going to live for a long time, it’s a good idea to spend a little more on flooring. This is because it directly affects the indoor atmosphere and the mood of the user. Of course, instead of choosing a cheaper product, there is a way to replace the flooring over time.

Design ideas to complete a beautiful floor

The purpose of a home is always to create the most cozy and comfortable indoor environment in the world. Numerous design elements are required to complete such a space. And among various design elements such as walls, ceilings, and doors, the role of the floor cannot be left out. This is because we stand on our feet wherever we put our shoes on and where we don’t.

Let’s take a closer look at the floor of the outdoor space as well as the indoor space. For example, the wooden decking on the terrace floor should be treated with antiseptic treatment to prevent it from rotting even if it comes in direct contact with rainwater. At the same time, choose materials and shapes that match the exterior design. A good idea is to decorate the terrace floor with stone tiles.

The important thing to complete a beautiful floor is the design idea. How about a floor finishes that combines functionality and practicality? If there is a floor that you like among the designs introduced by Interior A to Z, let’s save it to the idea book. Of course, if you show it while consulting with an expert, you can explain your design idea more easily.

If there are people around you who have challenged housing projects or interior remodeling, how about getting them to introduce you to experts? This is a way to get help from someone you trust. But above all else, the simplest, most accurate, and fastest way is to see an expert here at Interior A to Z. Take a look at the different floor designs today and chat with an expert.

The floor | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Best Interior Designer

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