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Dream Home Modular Kitchen || Gurgaon Noida Delhi NCR

Choosing the right style for the kitchen in your residence (both home and apartment) is often not an easy thing, especially since most residences in Indonesia have relatively limited dimensions for the kitchen. Many kitchens have an area of ​​less than 10-12 square meters; often the standard Indian kitchen is only 6 square meters. Follow these guidelines to determine the elements of your dream kitchen design:

What style of kitchen should I choose?

Kitchen counter:

Design is made in such a way that many people can sit together and eat. This design is especially useful if you don’t have the space to put a separate dining table.


The dining area is separate but the upper part of the room is empty and you can place food and drinks from the counter like a bar.

Kitchen Island:

This style completely separates the room for cooking and the room for eating. If you are often bothered by the smell of cooking left in the room then this style is perfect for you.

What type of kitchen is suitable for my home?

Kitchens like this you often find in any dwelling. The option that is most often done is to buy a ready-made kitchen and install it at home; this method allows you to save on a budget.

Kitchen Island:

Many inexpensive alternatives such as the linear type. This kind of kitchen is currently in vogue, but it also requires a little more space between one piece of furniture and another.

L -shaped kitchen:

Suitable for a kitchen that is in the corner of the room, stable and allows more space for cooking. In addition, in general the price is relatively affordable.

U -shaped kitchen:

As the name implies, when viewed from above it looks like the letter U. The price is relatively expensive but it is able to accommodate more space for kitchen utensils and facilitate access to your utensils during the cooking process. Suitable for those of you who like to cook.

What basic material should I use for the kitchen counter top?


Material is one of the most popular because it is affordable and gives a natural look. Unfortunately, stains and water make it less durable than other materials and it’s also not very easy to maintain.


This material tends to be more expensive, but there are different prices. Marble is easier to clean and maintain, and it is also more durable. The only drawback is that it is difficult to clean if it is stained.


Has a characteristic similar to marble.


Can be installed as a base if you use concrete as a base. The price is relatively cheap and the maintenance is relatively easy, the motives are varied. But the installation must be careful; otherwise it will crack easily in a certain period of time.


Often used as a coating for wood, making it easier to clean. Unfortunately the glass material itself is easy to break and crack either due to impact or heat and cold.

Stainless steel

Cheap and easier to clean than marble or granite, but the installation cost are not cheap. Is a good conductor of heat, unfortunately easily damaged because it is easily dented?


Concrete has often been used as a cheap alternative, although it doesn’t look as beautiful as others, it has its own style. The surface can be made smooth, but it can also crack especially if it is frequently exposed to high temperatures directly.


Laminate is also often a popular alternative because it is relatively inexpensive and has a variety of motifs. Laminate is basically a thick plastic; the point is to coat the kitchen table.

How to maximize the function of the kitchen table?

Group kitchen utensils by function

This will make it easier for you to sort the utensils so they don’t get mixed up and messy. You will no longer be confused about finding the equipment you will use, besides that you will also save time because you no longer need to be confused about where to put the equipment back after washing.

Take advantage of the backslash area to hang kitchen utensils

These tips are especially useful if you have a limited work area or storage space in the kitchen. You will be able to cook more freely because the work area can be used to its full potential without scattered utensils. Utensils that can be placed on the backslash include a kitchen knife (you can also add a magnetic strip), wooden spoons and soup spoons.

Make the most of kitchen drawers and cabinets

Using the same small jars for cooking spices that fit well and are easy to organize in drawers, for example, will make it easier for you to keep your kitchen tidy and clean.

Use your creativity

Many things that don’t really belong in the kitchen can become useful and beautiful things in the kitchen. For example, blackboard paint can be a beautiful and multi functional decoration where you can write down the dinner menu for today.

My kitchen is small, how do I organize it so that it is functional?

Choose multi functional furniture

Because most kitchens in Indian homes have quite limited dimensions, it is important to choose furniture that has many functions at once. In addition to saving space, it will also make it easier for you to maintain tidiness and cleanliness.

You can also choose furniture that is relatively tall and has lots of drawers or storage space to make it easier to place various kitchen utensils and supplies.

Use each corner as a storage area.

If the corner is too small even for a small shelf, then you can use the space for a short bench or other seat where you can rest while waiting for the food to cook.

Another alternative is to use a corner, for example a bar to just place your favorite drink. Bars like this provide an alternative to social spaces within the home, both for families and for guests.

Choose furniture that is easy to transport

Many pieces of  furniture are now lighter or have wheels at the bottom so they are easy to move and clean. This kind of cabinet usually has a lot of hidden space that you can use to store tools that are not used very often.

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