Dream Bedroom Design Inspirations Gurgaon Noida Delhi NCR

Dream Bedroom Design Inspirations Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The bedroom is one of the spaces where we spend a lot of time in it, from resting, relaxing, watching movies, reading books to working. For this one room, of course we give special attention, starting from its comfort to its design. Well, this time we will provide 9 dream bedroom designs for your reference.


This first bedroom design raises the main theme, namely a soft color symphony combined with white. It turned out to be so beautiful and looks very comfortable. A warm impression also radiates from the solid wood and rattan furniture, as well as the presence of plants placed near the balcony door and paintings that make the room more stylish.

Well, for those of you who are confused about ‘dressing up’ your bedroom in a studio type apartment, what if you take a look at the design of this room. Minimalist style, this room is painted in blue all the way down to the wooden floor, which can be a differentiation and a barrier in other areas. Uniquely, this bedroom is made with a model like a box, and far from being stuffy, because there is a window that looks cute with plants on it.

Furniture that custom is very important for a small bedroom. You can store a lot of things and the room becomes tidy. This smart storage area is custom made under the bed, and there are multiple multipurpose shelves near the mattress. For you book lovers, this dream room can be your reference.

By applying a variety of wooden furniture, the presence of plants that decorate the room attracts attention. Especially with the combination of brick walls, making it look natural.

The following room looks very fresh huh? Of course, because of the presence of many windows, so that sunlight can enter directly into it. In addition, in front of the window, there is a comfortable spot to relax while reading a book. And in the area next to it there is a work desk, with a view outside the house.

The next dream room falls on a room that is dominated by white and gray. Not only does it look clean, this room looks very comfortable with the presence of carpet and windows beside it.

With a natural atmosphere and beautiful color play, this bedroom is decorated with large windows that lead to a private balcony. Owners can rest in the room, and also relax outside the room. Is this room your dream room?

With a typical Scandinavian minimalist style, this room is painted in a fresh mint color. The mint-colored chandelier and seating match. To be more comfortable, you can put a carpet on the floor of the room.

The last dream room fell on a very comfortable room, which has a small garden on its balcony. One thing we like the most is that this room is filled with sliding windows and glass doors. Air can enter, and the owner can relax in the small garden, which at night there are spotlights shining on the tree.

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