Where can I get tips, ideas and inspiration for furnishing and decorating my bathroom

Ideas and inspiration for furnishing and decorating my bathroom

  • Furnishing and decorating my bathroom | Gurgaon and Noida

  • Furnishing and decorating my bathroom | Gurgaon and Noida

  • | Furnishing and decorating my bathroom | Gurgaon and Noida

Furnishing and decorating my bathroom | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Before you start on a design, it is useful to get some ideas. The bathroom section of Interior A to Z includes many photos of different bathroom styles. This way you can find out what you like – and what you don’t. You can save the photos in your virtual idea book, so that you don’t have to start all over again with the search for the perfect bathroom every time you visit. There are dozens of different bathroom types, each with its own characteristics. So first research which style you like best, before you continue to pick out items for furnishing and decorating.


How do I furnish my bathroom?

It is easiest to start with looking for the right bathroom tiles. Do you want everything sleek in simple, neutral colors? Or do you prefer a flashy bathroom with brightly colored tiles? There are a lot of possibilities and it is wise to think carefully about this. The tiles largely determine the atmosphere in the bathroom. When the choice for tiles has been made, the decision about the shower facilities comes.

Would you like a luxurious bath-shower combination, or would you prefer a freestanding shower? And do you want a toilet, or will the toilet be in a separate room? These choices determine the further steps in the design and must therefore be carefully considered. Only when these fixed elements have been decided can matching bathroom furniture be sought, because then the available space is known.


What color schemes should I use for my bathroom?

The color schemes depend entirely on the function and style of your bathroom. A safe choice is white as the base color, because it can be beautifully combined with any color you could wish for. White combined with bright colors gives a dramatic effect, while other colors can evoke an effect of mystery or warmth. The incidence of light is also of great importance: natural light largely determines how colors appear. Size is also important: in a small bathroom, bright or dark colors can seem overwhelming.


What type of walls and floors should I use?

Many people immediately think of tiles when it comes to the walls and floors of a bathroom. However, that is far from the only choice when it comes to bathroom design. For example, a bathroom floor can also consist of wood or concrete – the latter especially applicable in minimalist bathrooms. Bathroom wallpaper has also made a big comeback in recent years.

Due to a special treatment, this wallpaper can withstand the humid conditions in a bathroom and can give a warmer appearance than tiles. The choice of materials largely depends on the style you want. Some styles go well with a lot of woodwork, while other styles only go well with tile. So think carefully about the type of walls and floors you want before you run to the tile department!


What type of bathroom accessories are there?

The only possible answer to this question is: infinitely many. When the large objects such as shower cabins, baths, toilets and bathroom furniture have been placed, the last furnishing comes into play. Bath mats, (shower) curtains or window stickers, racks for towels or soap, bathroom lighting and many more items do not end up in the bathroom until later. It is precisely these small accessories that determine a large part of the atmosphere in the bathroom. This is the method to create the right atmosphere in the bathroom without costing a lot of space or money.


What should I consider when lighting my bathroom?

When designing the bathroom, the choice of lighting should not be underestimated. It is the lighting that ultimately determines the atmosphere to a large extent. Nowadays it is common to hide bathroom lighting in places where the lamp is not conspicuous, but the light does give beautiful effects. Also the style of the important: a modern bathroom normally has brighter light than the much warmer rural version.


How can I plan the perfect bathroom?

As mentioned, it is customary to start with getting ideas. Choose the style in which you prefer the bathroom, so that it can serve as a basis for further ideas. Always think about the users. Are there children or elderly people using the bathroom? Then take this into account in the height and accessibility of all elements. Always keep the goal in mind: is the space functional, or is it a place to relax? Think in advance which colors you want to use in the bathroom. Good preparation can prevent chaos during the realization of the plans. Many people prefer to determine the color of their bathroom mainly by adding colored accessories.


What should I pay attention to if I have a small bathroom?

There are two things to keep in mind when designing a small bathroom. First of all, a small bathroom fills up quickly. Try to store all loose items as much as possible and prevent all kinds of loose items from wandering around, so that a calmer picture is created. Work dosed with accessories. Second, color matters. Therefore, opt for lighter colors to create the idea of ​​more space.


What are the most popular bathroom styles?

Minimalist bathrooms


The  minimalist bathroom is generally very clean and tidy. As little loose, roaming items as possible, such as soap bottles, shampoos and accessories. It consists of simple, clean lines and little fuss. As little decoration as possible, and as few accessories as possible. Neutral colors – especially a lot of white and gray. This bathroom is simple, easy to keep clean and functional.


Modern bathrooms


This one resembles the minimalist version in some ways. An important difference, however, is that the modern bathroom is a place that is not purely designed for functionality. It is a place that exudes peace and balance, without being bare or functional. This variant meets the latest trends.


Country bathrooms


A cozy atmosphere with warm shapes and colors. Flowers and colored ornaments confirm this style. Warm colored bath mats, cozy patterns on the shower curtain and soft colors provide the ultimate relaxation after a long working day.

Ideas and inspiration for furnishing and decorating my bathroom

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