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Small Conservatory Interior Design Ideas | Gurgaon | Design Firm

Luxurious table and furniture in your living room

From ancient times the Diwan-e-Khana has been the main corner of the house. Diwan-e-Khana is a mirror of your culture and customs. It also determines your sophistication, manners and tendencies. If you are looking for the latest trends and favorite tips regarding tables and furniture specific to the halls, then here are some interesting  tips.

Background and foreground

The background of the sitting room of the Diwan Khan is of special importance. In the given picture, beautiful curtains and TV sets on the back with a combination of colors present a visible scene.

Openness and discipline

The attached picture shows the beautiful arrangement of different corners of a spacious hall. The choice of furniture, the angle of the windows and the arrangement of light in white will be highlighted with framed pictures.

rainbow and rainbow

In this picture, an attempt has been made to show the beautiful combination of colors and light. The yellow color of the floor lines and table lamps, the color scheme of the pillows and the angles of light have created a rainbow view.

well organized

In this picture, the colors of the walls and furniture are intertwined. In this way, the furniture is given a new dimension and language. Especially on the roof and wall, beautiful designs have been made from wood.

Closer to nature

You can create your own imagery with the selected patterns of our experts to arrange the imitation furniture and surroundings to give your living room a natural and natural color .

Modern and comprehensive

If the premises are limited, the dining table can be decorated in the background of the hall. Especially for a large family. Now how to make this scene charming and captivating? An example of this is clear in this picture. The beautiful combination of furniture, enviable decoration of the central wall and high angles of lighting illustrate the potential.

With modern tradition

If modern furniture is arranged in a traditional style, such a scene is created. The artistic decoration of the background in this picture requires a creative idea. As a result, the magnificent style of the Diwan-e-Khana has been enhanced.

Small kitchen seating design

The kitchen is a place of chaos for the whole family. And in a sense a central place because everyone in the house gathers here. They cook, eat and drink, or gossip together over evening tea. But some kitchens are so small that they can barely accommodate everything. Or a small table can be placed around which only two or three people can sit.

But the word impossible is not in our dictionary on Homo fi. We know that tidying up small kitchens is a big problem, so we’ve come up with 11 designs that make it a place to sit, eat and drink, despite the tight space. Let’s take a look at them together.

1. Industrial designed counter

Is there a special kitchen? Particular attention needs to be paid to the colorful box cabinets interspersed between visible concrete and open pipes. The gray counter for work is extended from the corner to the kitchen counter and looks very attractive. You can sit in this part of the kitchen but it is also a unit in itself. Simple wooden chairs create a connection between a modern kitchen and a floor made of vertical pieces of wood.

2. Counter and work table as well

This small kitchen with stainless steel upper surface is a masterpiece of innovation. But due to the use of wood, there is a feeling of warmth. The dining table and the simple wooden floor are not very elegant, but they seem to invite you to sit down. The stools for sitting are very modern.

3۔ Red wit

This kitchen was designed in the shape of the English letter U but has been kept open. This minimalist kitchen with white glossy surfaces looks great. The seating area in this small U-shaped kitchen is made on two sides. Thin strips are used for this. Both sides can be easily used for eating and other household chores. The 6 designer chairs, which are bright red, add color and a sense of life to the white kitchen.

4. Like fresh air in summer

The use of light green in this white kitchen feels like a breath of fresh air. Both the kitchen and the upper work surface are U-shaped and like the rest of the kitchens, the counter is extended outwards. There are two light green stools on which one can sit and inspect the entire kitchen and there can be easy communication between the guests and the cook. We think the most stylish thing about this kitchen is the light colored refrigerator right in front of the stools.

5. Rural comforts

In this kitchen we are meeting the wooden elements which give a glimpse of the country style in the kitchen. Kitchen designers have only painted the working surface white. Wooden stools with leather coverings also look very elegant.

6۔ Color contrast

Made of white and blue, this kitchen is U-shaped. The dining room space is designed in such a way that it is the most prominent aspect of this kitchen. If it is made, it is also U-shaped, but it has been deliberately kept a little lower. There is a small refrigerator next to this table with two chairs. Three hanging lamps illuminate the table.

7. A combination of tradition and innovation

The next example is a kitchen that is a bit old-fashioned. Due to lack of space, the entire dining table is kept in the kitchen, but there is also a counter stove to work on. The white surface of the counter provides a great contrast with the wooden table, while the upholstered chairs look great.

8. Colorful and romantic

Just one word for this kitchen. Romance. This kitchen is full of life. Due to lack of space, the dining table has been placed here. You can sit on four high chairs and look out the white painted window bar. Reminiscent of the old days, the white coated cabinets provide a striking contrast to the natural wood working surface.

9. Extra working level

One thing we have to admit is that this kitchen is not that small. The kitchen and dining area are so well integrated that we can’t live without showing you. It is similar to the kitchens of houses built near the beach. Such kitchens are commonly found in Germany. The white furniture looks great with a wooden work surface and floor, while the seating stool is no less.

10. Looking to the future

This kitchen is built without any special layout. Every jazz in it is different from what we have become accustomed to seeing. Kitchen designers have created two counters that differ not only in size but also in shape. The back table can be seated face to face on this triangular sun while the lower level table is oval in shape. There are three stool-like chairs to sit on.

11. Adopt U shape

We are concluding our review with a modern kitchen. Due to insufficient space here, experts have set up a table with two chairs instead of a large table. That’s enough to feed two people. Even if you don’t want a protruding surface, red lights and fresh flowers add to the beauty of the room.

Rustic style houses

Even in modern times, rural houses have retained their importance. Despite living in cities, most people like and enjoy the rural standard of living. Today we have come up with some such  homestead ideas on. You too can be inspired by them. So let’s take a look at them.

Rural houses compared to urban houses

The construction of these houses usually uses mud and wood instead of cement. Not only are they beautiful but they are also affordable for everyone. In this picture you can see a similar house. Wood is used from windows to ceilings.

Use of wood in balcony

The picture above also shows a country style balcony, decorated in a country style style. Its roof is made of wood. Plants and grasses have been arranged around the dog keeping in view the natural environment. The tables and chairs used for sitting on the balcony are also made of wood. It is completely ventilated. You can easily spend a lot of time in this type of balcony forgetting your fatigue.

Exterior door decoration

If you want to decorate the house in different ways then you can see this traditional and natural decoration. The exterior door of the house is made of wood. Wooden doors are also available in modern designs. You can also make custom door designs.

Small Conservatory Interior Design Ideas | Gurgaon | Design

| Small Conservatory Interior Design Ideas | Gurgaon | Design Firm

Small Conservatory Interior Design Ideas | Design Firm

Small wooden kitchen to match your stylish style | Gurgaon | Gurugram

If the living room is that the guts of the house, then the kitchen is its soul, and when facing a little kitchen space, the design must be exhausted a wise way that accommodates without causing chaos, which we’ll address within the subsequent through today’s ideas book showing 9 wooden-touch models that have ingenious designs Despite its limited space, it’s sure to provide you with many ideas!

1- Floating Lockers

A charming kitchen by all standards, although it’s small, sparkling with a woody touch of sunshine brown color, and is supposed during a U-shape, especially the lower a neighborhood of its cabinets, which was covered with elegant black marble giving it a shiny look and plenty of dignity known to be one of the foremost prominent features of the black color.

As for the upper kitchen cabinets, they have a floating appearance, and this is often actually because they are not during a line as is that the case with their lower counterparts, but some are designed to be closer to the ceiling, et al. are closer to the marble surfaces of the lower cabinets.

2- within the angle of genius

In this kitchen created during a genius corner of the house made entirely of wood, experts made sure to reduce the work area to suit all the specified electrical equipment / appliances during this small space without the kitchen becoming slightly overwhelmed.

They were also successful in two other touches, the first is selecting the off-white or ivory color as a partner for the color of the cabinets – brown closer to the orange -, and thus the second, carefully selecting the lighting lamps as they play an ideal role in lighting the kitchen well on the one hand, and giving it a classy modern look on the one hand.

3- Chocolate

Prefer darker colors than light wood? Totally covered in semi-sweet chocolate, this contemporary kitchen is supposed during a G-shape with cabinets, some built into the walls, and a couple of the more traditional type utilized in kitchens.

4- Wood with mosaics

For small or medium-sized kitchens, wooden cabinets, whatever their color, create a classy ambiance, especially when combined with light-colored mosaic tiles on the walls like here within the pattern shown.

5- Innovative design!

This is what we call innovative design to satisfy limited space requirements!

This location – under the steps – won’t seem ideal for a neighborhood as naturally as a kitchen, but there’s little question that the experts have shined in using this small and neglected area of the house to style and build a whole kitchen.

6- The magic of the countryside

This chic rustic kitchen designed with durable wood panels across the ceiling and floor with wooden furniture – specifically the island table – brings back memories of holidays we’d spent within the countryside with our grandparents.

7- Funky

Although some may even see this model dull and lacking in life, actually it is a tremendous view that makes it away from traditional, whether within the inside design or within the form of the cabinets and their unique composition.

8- Ideal for storage

To suit all of your storage and cooking tools needs during a little space, experts strongly advise choosing a design almost just like the fashionable U-shaped kitchen featured before us.

This functional design combining contemporary design cabinets with open shelves makes it easy to store and find things when we’re during a rush.

9- Great mix

Providing the kitchen with pieces of furniture from the encircling table and chairs doesn’t always got to be modern to form an aesthetic environment, albeit the kitchen is an open design. However, the view is extremely good.

Small living room design ideas | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Small living room design ideas

For a living room to be cozy and comfortable, even a small area is enough. The main thing is to use it correctly and emphasize the most attractive “corners” of the room. Here are some ideas on how to make a beautiful design of a small living room.

Add more light

White or light gray walls immediately make the room more spacious. It will even look cleaner and tidier. The light finish adds air to the room. The walls become the background on which you can appropriately place an element of decor. It will not be “lost”, as happens when the walls are bright.

Also, to make the room brighter, it is necessary to remove important curtains and abandon the dark ceiling. It is also better to make the floor light. But there are exceptions, when the dark color or wood flooring does not spoil the design of a small living room. Interestingly, the contrasts also create the effect of good lighting. For example, in a bright room there may be dark window frames.

Fireplace in the interior

Arrange a fireplace

Fireplaces are usually in large rooms. However, you can choose such a device and such a design, when even a small living room will accommodate this cozy element. So an ordinary room will become a home in the literal sense. In this case, the interior will be created around the fireplace as a central figure. Next to it will be a sofa group or a place to read.

A room can look good when no one is living in it yet. But over time, everyday things will definitely appear. And the design should still be good. Therefore, it is necessary to provide sufficiently closed storage systems.


The minimalist style is perfect for a small living room. With him the room is always neat, friendly and ready to receive guests. Scandinavian style with its simplicity and restraint is also suitable.

The living room can also be combined with a study or bedroom. For example, a large bed hidden behind a screen or in a niche will be a completely private space, but will take up much less space. Such a mini bedroom can even be separated from the main room by a glass door. This is a stylish and durable solution.

Recreation area

Arrange an entertainment room

Depending on the lifestyle of the owner, the living room can be used in different ways. For example, as a place to watch a movie in the evenings, have fun with friends, communicate with family, do hobbies and more. Depending on these needs, the design of the room is arranged. But in all these cases there is something in common: in the living room usually relax and have fun. Therefore, it can be safely turned into your own “entertainment room”.

Combine space

The living room and kitchen in one space help to use the space rationally and add additional comfort. This solution is especially appropriate when it comes to small areas. Sometimes the dining table can completely replace the bar. Or, if the table is still there, it will be convenient to gather at the company or a large family. Combining the kitchen with the living room you need to think of a single stylistic solution for this area. Here’s how the idea of ​​a common living room and kitchen in glossy white.

Reading corner

The main thing is to determine what exactly you need: a large screen or projector, musical instruments, a sofa area, a cozy place to read. These things will add character and individuality to the design, as well as be able to tell a lot about its owner. Hence the latest idea for the living room.

Exhibition of works and collections

Board of achievements

The living room is exactly the place, you can show off your collections, works or achievements. It is not necessary to hide them behind facades of niches or in drawers. A few really important and valuable items or photos will not break the concept of minimalism. But on the contrary, they will diversify the interior and make it full of life.

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