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We are very confused about the design of our children’s rooms, as they are rooms that are prepared for a simple age, after which the child needs a new room to change his needs and age. Therefore, most parents furnish the room once in proportion to the stage of adolescence, which is a wrong behavior as the child at different age stages needs different needs, and large furniture may come without having a space in which the child can play, nor does it give him the creative freedom that allows him to discover the child’s potential buried, and his personality that is in the process of growth.

1.​ A suitable bed

Choosing a suitable bed is more difficult than you can imagine. Beautiful design and comfort are things that must be taken into account in addition to the element of safety, and the size of the bed is suitable for the size and age of the child, taking into account that the bed stays with the child for a period of time so that it stays with him for as long as possible.

You can also encourage your children to go to sleep by personalizing their beds, perhaps by giving them a layer of their favorite color, or by placing some pictures of their favorite cartoon characters or creating a style that suits their hobbies.

2. Enough storage space

Children’s rooms need  a lot of storage space, there are a lot of toys, books and clothes and without smart storage space will be cluttered throughout the room.

You should keep the storage space close to where they are used. Toys should be stored in a way that is easy to arrange after playing, and it also teaches children the value of organization. It should also combine different ways of organizing, there should be drawers, shelves, and the space under the bed should be used, in addition to different-sized boxes and baskets.

3. A creative space to play

Many parents urge their children not to paint on the walls or furniture without providing them with an alternative. Within the child, creative energy needs to come out to the light. You can put a large white board on the wall, paint part of the wall in chalkboard colors and or give them washable colors. It is important to let children express themselves with some freedom and without being bruised or victimized by fear.

  • Items that are important to have in your child’s room | Gurgaon and Gurugram

4. Good lighting

One of the most important elements to have in a child’s room is good lighting. The child spends most of his time in his room, so it is important that the room has natural light to participate in his safety and physical health, in addition to the fact that the ill-distributed lighting may later affect the child’s vision.

It is important to add a number of multiple light sources to get lighting to suit different activities, from studying (which requires direct lighting), sleep (which requires a soft light source to avoid completely darkening the room) or play (which requires spotlights or scattered lighting throughout the room).

5. office

At a certain age, your child will need a space to study, practice different hobbies and learn. It is important to make sure to provide a stylish desk that matches the style of the room with a comfortable chair to avoid sitting for long periods in positions that may affect the health and development of children.

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