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A house is a very private space. Everyone has their own house, and it is basically a space where outsiders are not allowed. In a way, it is a closed space. It is because there is basically a door to close the space from the outside to keep it safe and to keep the interior space comfortable from the external environment such as dust, noise, rain or snow. Among them, the front door is considered to be the most important door among all the doors installed in the house. This is because it is the closest door facing the outside, and it protects the entire interior from the external environment and is a medium for the passage that allows going in and out of the room. Now, let’s take a closer look at the types and materials of the front door, and how to make the interior a little safer.

Types and designs of front doors

Let’s take a look at the six types according to shape and design.

The first is a single door. It is the most common form in Korea and can be understood as a sliding door made in a pair just like a normal apartment door.

The second is a door installed by inserting glass windows and door frames into the walls on either side of a single door, and is larger than the first door. In this case, small indirect lighting is usually installed around the door to emphasize the luxurious or cute atmosphere. This is a front door that is usually used in a house with a classic design or a modern house.

The third is a double door. The door has two sides and can be opened from either side.

The fourth is a door in which a semi-circular window is additionally installed on the top of the door we looked at in the second. It is often used in houses with a classic atmosphere.

The fifth is a door in which TDL-type glass windows and door frames are installed on both walls of a single door, and a large oval window is additionally installed at the top of the door. It is bigger and taller than the fourth door we looked at, so you can feel the dignity.

The sixth is a door in which a semicircular window, not an oval, is additionally installed at the top of the door in the fifth door.

It can be difficult to imagine in writing. If you do not understand, we recommend that you do an image search for each door in the Internet search bar.

Materials used for the front door

The materials used for the front door that firmly draws the boundary between the outdoors and the interior can be summarized into three categories.

The first is a steel front door. Steel front doors are the most suitable material for those who want to keep costs down, and they are easy to install. However, keep in mind that if you are in an area that is exposed to a lot of volatile weather, you may need to replace the door more often than you think.

The second is a front door made of fiberglass. Unlike steel, fiberglass front doors are highly durable even in frequent weather changes, so the door is not deformed. There are many designs to choose from at a reasonable price, making it a popular choice for many consumers.

The third is a wooden front door. A door made of wood is expensive, but it is also a door that many people dream  of. Disadvantages include the high cost and the need for maintenance, such as varnishing every year.

How to install and replace a front door

There are people who want to install or replace the front door themselves without the help of a professional to save money. As long as you know how to do it, you can do it without professional help. Here’s a brief explanation of the basics:

First, create an installation outline, and try to gather as much information as you can recognize, such as materials and styles.

Second, accurately measure the size of the previous door you were using. If the door is replaced without the help of a professional, the size of the entrance space will not be increased, such as changing the size of the construction, so it is necessary to find a door that is the same size as the previous door.

Third, the existing door to be replaced must now be removed. This part is dangerous. This is because the barrier that protects the indoor space disappears after the door is removed, creating a security problem in the house. This part starts when the new door is already on the side and ready to be installed right away.

Fourth, make sure that there are no holes, such as whether the door frame fits properly or is not twisted.

Fifth, now insert the new door into the door frame.

Sixth, install insulation. It is a very important part to protect the interior from changes in weather and noise.

However, unlike an indoor door, the front door is a part directly related to the safety of the house, so it is better to get help from a professional if possible. This is because the process is not as easy as you think and it is also complicated. If you would like a free expert consultation on your front door, you can seek advice from a door expert through Interior A to Z.

Is there any way to increase safety through the front door?

Statistics show that about 70% of thieves enter the house through the front door. That is why it is important to install the front door firmly and firmly. How to increase safety through the front door is as follows.

First, basically, the front door should be solid. A solid wooden door is fine, or a door made of fiberglass or metal. However, if a metal door is selected, check the internal reinforcement and locking device once more.

Second, do not install windows on the door. If there is a window in the door, light can enter the room and increase the coziness, but for thieves, even a lock can easily be inserted with a tool to open the door. If you want to install a glass window, you have to choose tempered glass and additionally install metal reinforcement. Another option is to install a lock connected to the floor.

Third, install a deadbolt. Security can be improved with a lock that moves only by turning the key or handle without the action of a spring.

Fourth, install doorposts. It is a detailed design that enhances security even though it may not seem like much.

Buy front door

In simple terms, the total cost of installing a front door is determined by the sum of the cost of materials, accessories (locks, etc.), if necessary, the cost of painting and installation. In other words, the cost varies greatly depending on the material of the front door you choose, so you can search a lot and start with the process of choosing the design and material you want.

Main door | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Best Interior Designer

Main door | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Best Interior Designer

Home decor: 5 ideas for using roses in decoration

A bouquet of fresh roses can change the look of a room and add some freshness, but what about adding some permanent decor with floral trimmings in textiles, ceramics, and walls, for example? In this article, we offer you 5 ways to add floral decor in different rooms of the house in preparation for spring! Here are the ideas.

Bed cover and wallpaper

The milky color of the floral wallpaper and bed linen arranged between light blue and roses makes the room look very elegant and delicate and adds to the classic design. Floral trimmings go well with bedrooms with light furniture such as cream and white, as they add freshness and joy to the decor.

Fresh color ceramic

If you’re confused between bathroom ceramic colors or are thinking of renovating them, consider this fresh 3D floral motif, a mix of mint and blue that catches the eye but make sure you don’t overuse them in the design so the bathroom doesn’t look cluttered.

Floral curtains and pillows

If you want a quick change in the hall or dining room, you can change the room curtains and pillows if the chairs and sofas are plain and not patterned. Also read all you need to know about living room pillows to see some flower pillow ideas.

Bobble chair

Add a chair with a base in the color of the sofa’s light fabric, but decorated with different colors of roses, to be the distinctive piece in the room and renew its shape without large costs or fear of exaggerating the use of flowers.


This delicate sofa will completely change the look of the salon. If you have a wooden salon, you can renew the upholstery with a floral patterned fabric and choose a solid color from the colors of these roses in the remaining salon chairs. Do you love classic salons and want some ideas to implement in your home and dazzle everyone?


DECORATIVE UNITS | Interior Design firm Gurgaon

Any area may be made to feel special with the help of decorative items. Everyone looks at a room with a cluster of units that is neatly placed. Interior A to Z offers the chance to turn your ideas into beautiful designs and units. Now, add bespoke decorative units to your home to update it, from elegant display units to contemporary cabinet spaces and open shelves of your choice. For our goods, we use hardwood MDF of the highest quality. Our products are powerful and long-lasting as a result, even in harsh environments. A wide variety of our goods are made specifically to match the space. Visit our nearby showroom for distinctive and personalised goods.

Any room may be made special by using decorative components. Everyone looks at a well-organized room with a group of units. Your thoughts can be turned into beautiful patterns and units with the help of Interior A to Z. Refresh your house with specialised decorative units, from elegant display units to contemporary cabinet spaces and open shelves of your choice. For our goods, we use MDF made of premium-quality hardwood. Our products are sturdy and long-lasting even in harsh environments as a result. We provide a large selection of items that are tailored to fit the space. For distinctive and personalised products.


The role of an interior designer is to design and create aesthetic, comfortable and functional interiors, playing with volumes, light, furniture, colors and materials. He must also take into account all the technical and financial limitations of his client. Interior designers must be able to create a space that reflects the personality of its occupants. Interior designers design bodies and spaces. They are true development specialists with solid field experience. They optimize different spaces in your home or workplace and redefine the layout of your home.

They create a feel-good interior and also increase the quality of life of the people who live in the property. Our interior design team in Kanpur will support you from concept to project execution, from first sketch to on-site acceptance. However, most of them adapt to your needs and can offer you different types of services. In interior design we work on volume, reconstruction, redistribution of spaces, circulation, the flow of spaces and their mutual cohesion.

The interior of the house, apartment or business is redesigned according to your wishes and ideas. The decoration usually takes a backseat in order to harmonize perfectly with the new interior design: the colors and shades of the walls, the wallpaper, the choice of lighting, the furniture, the light atmosphere, etc. The work consists in putting on a new shell to create the soul of the place according to your desires, your personality and your lifestyle. The main steps we take in our interior design services are: 1. Assessing client needs The second step: study and design. Phase 3: Administrative formalities Phase 4: Commercial advice Phase 5: Supervision of the site and acceptance of the work.

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