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Read More to Know About Interior Designing | Gurgaon and Delhi NCR

Read More to Know About Interior Designing | Gurgaon and Delhi NCR


The role of an interior designer is to design and create aesthetic, comfortable and functional interiors, playing with volumes, light, furniture, colors and materials. He must also take into account all the technical and financial limitations of his client. Interior designers must be able to create a space that reflects the personality of its occupants.interior designers design bodies and spaces.

They are true development specialists with solid field experience.They optimize different spaces in your home or workplace and redefine the layout of your home. They create a feel-good interior and also increase the quality of life of the people who live in the property. Our interior design team in Gurgaon will support you from concept to project execution, from first sketch to on-site acceptance. However, most of them adapt to your needs and can offer you different types of services.In interior design we work on volume, reconstruction, redistribution of spaces, circulation, the flow of spaces and their mutual cohesion.

The interior of the house, apartment or business is redesigned according to your wishes and ideas. The decoration usually takes a backseat in order to harmonize perfectly with the new interior design: the colors and shades of the walls, the wallpaper, the choice of lighting, the furniture, the light atmosphere, etc. The work consists in putting on a new shell to create the soul of the place according to your desires, your personality and your lifestyle.The main steps we take in our interior design services in Gurgaon are: 1. Assessing client needs The second step: study and design.Phase 3: Administrative formalities Phase 4: Commercial advice Phase 5: Supervision of the site and acceptance of the work.



We want all of our customers to be satisfied. Therefore, we ensure that we support you every step of the way throughout the design process. We design distinctive interiors. In each project, our goal is to plan the space effectively, taking into account functional, aesthetic and budgetary requirements.

You are unique and so is your project. That’s why our integrated approach puts you at the heart of the process.Assessment of customer needs and budgets, measurement and photography. Creation of floor plans according to your rooms, your taste and your needs and presentation of the floor plan. Initial room changes, structural changes where necessary and placement of adjustments to the primer and correct place. do the work and collect feedback.


We transform your home with care, taking care of every detail, optimizing spaces and bringing authenticity to each space. We transform your home according to your wishes, using the most modern means and the most qualified professionals. Our working team consists of highly qualified specialists from all areas involved in the reform of your project.

Thanks to this, decorating the interior of your home will not be a stressful process, but an exciting experience.The concept of gentle “Indian cuisine” has revolutionized the world of “interior design”.“People are increasingly turning to contemporary and ‘modern’ kitchens that make their dreams come true. We are professional kitchen interior designers based in Gurgaon, offering one-stop services to make your dreams come true.

We are known for bedroom interior design. We are both enthusiastic and professional interior designers with brilliant ideas that will make your room very attractive. Our bedroom designers in Gurgaon work by keeping in mind the different needs of the customers.Our team delivers the best bedroom designs to the full satisfaction of our customers.We have the knowledge to handle all types of showroom setups. Our team is well trained and able to undertake all Gurgaon interior design services for better look in your living room.

Interior Design Services | Gurgaon and Delhi NCR

Residential Interior Design

Your home is a very personal space and we understand that intimacy. That’s why our designs truly reflect your personal style and our concepts meet all your functional needs.We create spaces that offer the most beneficial and relaxing atmosphere.With our creative kitchen design ideas, you can save space while maintaining an elegant look.We design the most beautiful bathrooms down to the smallest detail according to the needs of our customers.





Commercial Interior Design

Our interior designers are experienced in designing highly professional spaces. They have the scientific and technical knowledge to design commercial spaces that exude an ideal work environment. In this way, our designs evoke the feel of the brand and enhance the company’s brand image to truly represent our client’s vision.



Party room

school and institution

Hospitality Interior Design

The hospitality industry has evolved a lot over the years, as has the approach to making guests feel welcome. The design is therefore essential to set the tone for this type of structure. We handle a wide range of projects in the hospitality industry, supplying hotels, bars, restaurants, salons, spas and much more.





loungesdrive and pub

Bedroom Colors | Gurgaon and Delhi NCR

We’ll be the first to admit that getting up early and getting out of bed isn’t always all that tempting, but creating a bedroom that energizes and lifts your spirits can make it easier (or at least cool). TO!). Because color and light affect our mood, there are many arguments for a colorful bedroom, or at least a wise color choice because it takes up such a large area. Whether you’re making those colorful accents with paint, bedding, or artwork, you’ll find something to emulate in’s gorgeous bedroom color examples (yes, even for readers who don’t like color). Before us, find out the best bedroom colors arranged in the order of the rainbow.We’ll start with red bedroom examples and end with monochromatic blue and black bedrooms.

Best Paint Colors for Your Living Room | Gurgaon and Delhi NCR

When it comes to living room design, a flattering color palette is one of the first things to consider. This will likely drive the overall design scheme and set the mood for years to come. Also, your living room is probably the most used room in your home, so choosing colors that make you want to spend time in it is crucial! Whether you want something bold and bright, neutral, or dark and moody, we’ve got plenty of designer-approved living room color ideas to inspire you with. Whatever you want to do, throw on a wetsuit and get a roll—or, you know, hire someone to do the dirty work.The hardest part will be choosing from all these colors for your living room. But once you’ve done that, you can start buying decorations.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Custom Furniture | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi

You certainly have your own taste, and it’s hardly the same as someone else’s. This can apply in any area, from favorite foods, favorite music and architecture choices, to everyday lifestyle preferences. This taste is also included in pouring out your residential interior decorating ideas.

Especially about the furniture and all the kick-knacks, you can also choose it according to your personal taste. Unfortunately it is so difficult to find furniture products that really meet your taste in stores. There is only a treat to satisfy the tastes of the general public. When that happens, then you should turn to a professional furniture crater. Why? In addition to those previously mentioned, here are some other reasons.

You are the captain from the start. You are in complete control of what needs to be done when ordering furniture. Concept ideas, design ideas, material choices, motifs, colors, and layouts can also be customized based on the mandate you give.

But surely the opinion of the professional deserves a lot of attention. Because they are more skilled than you. With dozens of experiences that have made him more mature in beautifying residences on demand.

In a furniture store, your options are quite limited. The products are indeed many, but all of them are 100% so that it is almost impossible to modify. On the other hand, it will not happen when ordering the furniture yourself.

What materials fit the budget? Which design does n’t take up space? Please arrange it yourself. You get so much choice and variety, it’s almost unlimited in number.

Your specific characteristics will be clearly seen with custom furnitureThe image you have will look more assertive.

The choice of home furnishings can also be a means of self-actualization. You can express yourself as freely as possible and leave everything to the executor of this work.

As a result, get the most unique furniture models, which are not found anywhere but in your home. Corner table in the workspace, bunk bed models for children, rustic- themed relaxing sofas , just name it.

Since everything is in your hands, it will be easy to apply furniture in certain themes. In accordance with the global concept of housing, you simply determine the type of furniture that is most suitable to be applied.

For example, in environmentally friendly housing, it will match furniture from recycled synthetic fibers, energy-efficient electrical installations, and even special panels for indoor vegetation. This will make the house and everything in it look like it was specially built for you. But the question now is, how is your residential concept?

You can ensure the choice of furniture that is really effective when placed in a room. Not only the shape and type, but also the arrangement of its position.

Every abandoned corner can be used to put a functional piece of furniture. Colon gaps can be sweetened through the most ideal design touches. You also have the opportunity to fill an empty room with a variety of important pieces of furniture that can be adjusted in size.

Trust the best professionals , and you can expect them to do the furniture just the way they want. Quality materials, unique and applicable designs, plus the added benefit of a long duration of use.

The best professionals will be able to ensure that the furniture you order is more durable, lasting its function for the next generation or two. Even then after previously asking for your approval.

The shop’s expensive furniture is also strong and durable. But it’s a shame, because the owner is not just you. People will not remember you fully when they see or use the furniture.

But the only custom furniture that only exists in your home, will be a priceless legacy for the next generation. Your sons and daughters and their children will always remember the important figure behind this historic piece of furniture. Who else if not you?

Something personal and well-organized, full of aesthetics, will almost certainly give more value to the dwelling. A swimming pool in the backyard, a grand piano in the living room, or a custom wardrobe with a classic character in the bedroom can be an emphasizing in itself.

Things like that can improve the quality of your home. Also has the opportunity to increase the value of profits from the investments you have made so far. 

Reasons for Bad Smell in Your Home | Gurgaon | Gurugram

Your house smells bad every once in a while and you don’t know its source? All of our homes are exposed to it and it is a huge challenge in how to identify and dispose of its source. In this article, we have collected some tricks for you to know together about the sources of unpleasant odors.

Perfuming and incense are not the only solution. Rather, they work to change the smell, not eliminate it, so it is important to solve the problem, and not escape from it. Come together today, we know what those sources are.

Improper ventilation.

Open hoods and windows to create ventilation in your home and avoid unpleasant odors, especially when cooking foods such as fish or spicy foods. After you have finished preparing such pungent-smelling foods, you must disinfect the tools and get rid of the waste quickly outside the house and ventilate the kitchen.


Like washing machines, dishwashers should be cleaned frequently by filling a cup of vinegar to the top rack and running it on a very hot cycle without any other utensils or dishes. Leave the door open after each wash to give it a chance to dry and avoid any mold or residue from forming.


Make sure to change the litter box bags on a daily basis, dispose of any food residue or residue, and avoid decomposition.

Sinks and plumbing

Leftover dishwashing is the cause of odors in the kitchen, so it is important to take care to clean utensils and dishes regularly and wash the sink well with soap and chlorine after each use with a lemon squeeze in the drain to get rid of any smells that may be formed in it.

A refrigerator with a strange smell.

To get rid of any unpleasant odors in the refrigerator, you can put an open package of baking soda on one of the shelves in the back, changing it every year, taking care to keep it away from any vegetables.


Clean up the leftovers and monitor and train the pets if they are on their own at home. Fill the box with special anti-odor sand.


Upholstery retains unpleasant odors, whether they are absorbed from the air, due to frequent use, or even constant dust and dirt. Therefore, care must be taken to wash carpets and curtains annually, while cleaning any stains or what may be sources of unpleasant odors with vinegar and water.


If smoking is repeated in the house, especially without adequate ventilation, the house will be exposed to an unpleasant smell similar to damage, which may not be removed except by cleaning the air conditioning ducts and pipes and by repainting the walls, which may have absorbed the smells.

Paints and walls

As we mentioned before, walls and paint absorb odors and dust over time, so it is important to repaint the rooms, especially when moving to a new house to get rid of any odors that may be stuck. For seasonal cleaning, spray a warm vinegar solution onto walls to clean them and remove odors and stains.

The bathroom

The bathroom should be cleaned frequently and the bathroom hood should be turned on, taking care to light a candle with a pleasant smell or an air freshener.

Real shot matching of Venetian blind | Gurgaon | Noida NCR

This time, I will introduce you to the interior design matching and real shots of the curtains. By the Design good room design collaboration, configuration curtains white building with a rotating ladder. In response to the abundance of sunlight in the whole room, the designer also uses white as the main color of all curtains, and matches different curtain styles according to the space. In the main open-plan living room and kitchen, choose imitation wood blinds, and in the bathroom that is prone to dampness.

Choose aluminum Venetian blinds, and for children’s sleep needs, choose full blackout honeycomb blinds for the windows on the second floor. For readers who have curtain decoration needs but don’t know how to proceed, real shot matching can more systematically show how designers choose curtains according to themes and functions, and clearly appreciate how different curtains add color to the interior. Let’s enjoy the dream house with curtains now!

Fresh and dreamy white building

The white hollow revolving ladder unites the two-story living space, creating an elegant, clear, bright and open environment. How will the designer match the appropriate curtains according to the theme and different spaces?

All-match wood-like white Venetian blinds

Wood-like white Venetian blinds are suitable for various styles and colors. For example, modern style, Nordic style, country style, Japanese style, or even more luxurious and dignified classical style, imitation wood white shutters can well bring out the clearness and lightness of the space.

Pure coating

The delicate white shutters cover the open-style guest dining room, adding more diversified light and shadow changes and adjustment possibilities to the spacious and translucent foundation. It is also warm as water, containing all kinds of colors in the room, harmonious and non-conflicting, leaving a room without pressure and elegance.

Coffee corner

A small work table by the window with a variety of coffee tools. The curtains sift the daylight lightly, and are dyed with a simple white thread to give a retro and mellow aroma.

Natural elegance

Imitation wood blinds have a realistic embossed wood texture and a delicate and natural appearance. PVC plastic is also suitable for enduring high humidity and easy dirty environments. You can enjoy the fun of making handmade coffee by the window. The official website of the items in addition to product descriptions, also accompanied by really making installation instructions and different spaces.

Game room on the second floor

Go up the stairs to the game room on the second floor. Large floor-to-ceiling windows welcome abundant light, spacious and clean, so that adults and children can be happy and comfortable.

Beige full blackout honeycomb curtain

With light compartments with hidden doors, the boundaries between children’s rooms and playrooms can be handled freely. For children’s rooms, choose honeycomb curtains with more dexterous functions such as temperature adjustment, ventilation, and concealment to provide a better sleeping environment.

Look at the children’s bedroom

A closer look at the children’s bedroom with refreshing water and green walls. The full blackout honeycomb curtain is a quiet and reliable supporting role to ensure a good night’s sleep for children. The cordless and honeycomb curtain unique open and close operation (Top-Down & Bottom-Up) ) To make the curtain more flexible.

Bathroom aluminum shutters

For bathrooms that are prone to dampness and splashes of water droplets, install refreshing white aluminum shutters. On the one hand, it continues the fresh lines of the main room, and more importantly, it is waterproof and well-maintained. The aluminum shutter itself is waterproof, which naturally greatly reduces the problems of rust and mold. The shutters can adjust the angle of the blades, and also achieve functions such as privacy protection, dimming and ventilation.

Laundry work area

The laundry work area is also equipped with white aluminum shutters, taking into account the function and maintaining the consistent style. It is not because it is a private cleaning field that it reduces the requirements for aesthetics.

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