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Perfect salon like | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

What is the perfect salon like?

Each one has a different conception of the living room of their dreams. However, whoever follows a couple of basic rules can bring out the best in any salon. One must always take into account, on the one hand, the conditions of the space but, on the other hand, one must also let personal preferences be seen in the distribution. A living room becomes a home, if it is cozy and reflects our individuality. How to decorate a living room easily: although you have to be creative when choosing the decoration, do not forget that the living room must fit in with the rest of the house. We reveal some tricks to combine everything, to decorate the room by making the right decisions and to know what aspects to take into account to turn your room into the ideal room:

Ideas and inspiration for our salons:

From modern to classic, from extravagant to minimalist: in our “Living Rooms” section there are countless ideas and inspiration on how to decorate a living room for all tastes. The moment you see a room that you like, with a single click you can add the photograph to your idea book. Idea books are used to collect inspiration.

At any time you can add or delete photos, as well as change their order manually. In addition, the text fields that are predefined in the idea books allow you to include personal comments to your favorite projects. Idea books already created are automatically stored in your profile – so you always have all your ideas in view!

How can I decorate my living room?

There are different styles with which you can decorate a living room. Since the space should primarily reflect our individuality, it is essential first to define our own personality. Once this point is clear, you can start making decisions regarding the wall paint, the floor covering or the furniture that we want to use. Do we want to go for bright colors or do we prefer soft colors?

At least as important as appearance is functionality. Thus, before even decorating the living room, we must ask ourselves what characteristics the living room should meet: should it radiate comfort, offer ample storage space or be flexible? Of course, different requirements can be combined. However, the sooner we know what we want, the easier it will be to put our ideas into practice.

What color do I choose for the walls of my living room?

Before choosing colors for our rooms, we must consider whether we should give the entire room a new coat of paint or just accentuate some parts. In this sense, the size of the room plays a crucial role in relation to the color: while pastel tones put small rooms in the scene, bright colors are more suitable for large rooms or some specific areas. Since the incidence of sunlight can give the color of the walls other nuances, we should always test the desired color in small areas and observe it for a day.

What type of flooring do I choose for my living room?

There is a wide variety of design options for floor covering in living rooms. While the wood has a warm and friendly effect, the tiles exude cool elegance and are very easy to clean. Rugs, on the other hand, can be easily replaced and have the advantage of keeping your feet warm. What we ultimately choose is a matter of taste and depends on the conditions of the room. Before opting for a certain type of floor, we must ask ourselves what effect we want to achieve exactly: should the living room exude peace and comfort, or act as a “hook” for the rest of the house?

What style of living room decoration matches me?

Be it rustic, Scandinavian or Mediterranean, the style reveals a lot about the character of each tenant. All the more reason to know exactly our own preferences. Should the style of our living room radiate peace or be the center of attention? Should we highlight certain areas? It does not matter which design we end up betting on, the important thing is that it fits our personality. And since furniture can have as many facets as our personality, we do not have to decide on just one style, but we can combine several together.

How can I decorate my living room?

It can hardly be highlighted more than with accessories. So decorating a living room right doesn’t just add the finishing touch, it can alter the big picture – and for the best, with just a little effort. As decorative elements are generally more easily replaceable than furniture, they can bring the most current trends to our living room without problems. And it is that the accessories should not pursue any practical use as a general rule, but it must be taken into account when decorating that they always have to go along with the rest of the room.

Tips on how to decorate a living room:

If we want to decorate our living room, we must remember that furniture is not usually easy to change, so we must meditate in advance if the respective acquisition also makes sense in the long term. Our advice: invest in the classic. By using basic furniture, we can easily adapt our living room so that it is always up to date.

Before looking for the right furniture, we also have to take into account the characteristics of our living room. Is it a small or large space? Is it bright or is it dim? Is the rest of the decoration simple or ornate? By answering these questions, you get a clearer picture of what type of furniture your living room requires.

What style of living room decoration should I use?

Rural salons

Soft fabrics, cream colors and classic patterns – Country style exudes comfort above all else. The most important part of this country style is the wood, without a doubt. It does not matter if it is a coffee table or a built-in wardrobe – wood cannot be missing in any rural living room. When it comes to decoration, small details play an important role: from the checkered pillow to the candles.

Minimalist living rooms

Clean lines and simple colors. In a minimalist style living room, the furniture must be reduced to the essential. True to the motto less is more, it is recommended to check our belongings from time to time and, if necessary, put them in order. This is why it is important to leave enough space for storage; the more integrated and functional it is, the easier it is to maintain order for longer. As for the floor, ceiling and walls, concrete abounds, and glass for minimalist frames.

Classic lounges

A classic living room is the standard subject of a timeless and elegant design. Instead of flashy colors on your walls or unusual pieces of furniture, simple classics are used here. Typical combination: mixture of black and white tones, as well as various shades of gray. This is because, when creating a classic living room, the goal is to create a sense of harmony, but only when the interaction between the floor, the color of the walls, the furniture and the decorative elements is achieved, will we achieve it.

Eclectic lounges

For those who consider that simple decoration loses its appeal over time, you should decide on an eclectic living room. When it comes to colors, shapes and patterns, the imagination has no limits. It is especially recommended not to have an aversion to stylistic inconsistencies. On the contrary, the mix of colors and patterns are more than welcome! An ethnic rug next to a Chesterfield sofa or a graffiti wall behind a plaid sofa – why not? Ultimately, only one style rule applies: what we like is allowed – the more colorful and eye-catching, the better!

Rustic living rooms

If you had to describe rustic style in three words, it would be: no frills. Wood is the most important element and of course it cannot be absent when designing   rustic living rooms. With rustic furniture a cozy and uncomplicated atmosphere is created, so the decorative elements should be used with prudence, because it is the functionality that should be prioritized here.

Modern living rooms

Modern salons can only be defined by following the most current trends. If we opt for modernity, we have to be willing to take into account and accept the changes, since over time, not only our personal taste varies, but also the decorative fashion. In order to always adapt our living room to the latest trends, it is advisable to trust the assured classics and change partial aspects such as the wallpaper, a carpet, or the photographs on the wall.

Industrial style lounges

To create an industrial-style living room, there must be certain elementary conditions, such as an open plan – at best, a loft or an old factory. The most characteristic are the brick and concrete materials and the use of the non-colors black, white or gray. In general, the industrial style is quite cold and simplistic, but it can be broken with individual elements such as rugs, cushions or curtains.

Scandinavian living rooms

Optimized design is the alpha and omega in the Scandinavian countries. A  Scandinavian living room is marked by white and the whole range of grays above all, as well as by geometric shapes and natural wood. Although delicate patterns and soft tones in fabrics and decorative elements can act as eye-catching, multiple patterns or colors should never be combined with each other.

Mediterranean rooms

When we think of a Mediterranean living room, terracotta tiles and the combination of different shades of brown come to mind. In fact, the Mediterranean interior design style is largely based on the characteristics of Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Spain and Greece. Due to the warm climate and the proximity to the sea, materials such as natural stone and colors such as white or light blue also play a crucial role. Whether it is the selection of furniture, textiles or wall paint, a very special lifestyle should be considered:, the lightness of the Mediterranean countries.

Decorate small rooms

Decorating small rooms can be a real challenge. With the right approach, however, the square footage will have no influence on how comfortable and inviting our living room will be. In principle, in small rooms you should avoid using daring designs and focus on colors that visually enlarge the space. Selecting furniture in the same tone as the floor or walls can cause an optical illusion that compensates for the lack of space in a discreet way.

Perfect salon like | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

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