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The bedroom is your last resort, your private corner and your favorite world, how can we not take care of its design, how can we not look for the best ways to present it as an ideal model for comfort and relaxation, but a number of obstacles may stand between us and our dream, including the small space, which is the most difficult, so today we will give you 8 great ideas To design a bedroom despite the small space.

  • Great ideas for designing a small bedroom

    | Gurgaon | Gurugram

  1. Merge

Compact room that combines simplicity and practicality, the space used for each room does not exceed the size of the bed. The wardrobe defined the bed space with two shelves on the sides to serve as an alternative to the side tables.

Great ideas for designing a small bedroom

  1. Smart Ideas

If there is not enough space for the two side tables, you can use the side shelves to be a suitable space for side lighting

  1. Whatever the space, there is a solution

In this room of the simple width, which does not fit a bed of this width. The designer placed the bed crosswise, and did not forget to use some complementary elements such as a number of plant pots, lighting and side tables of different designs.

Great ideas for designing a small bedroom | Gurgaon

  1. Modern style

An elegant room in a modern style, complemented by elegant paintings and mixing neutral colors.

  1. Great breaks

This rustic-style apartment opens up to each other, with glass partitions behind a thick curtain to create privacy between the kitchen and bedroom space.

  1. Simplicity is the key

This room is simple and romantic despite the simplicity of its components, from a simple bed, a side table and lighting installed on the wall of two contrasting colors and different textured materials.

  1. Small Show

The simple presentation of this room did not prevent it from pursuing a classic, elegant and luxurious style. Which was represented in a number of elements, starting from the bathtubs in the walls and ceiling, passing through the curtains, carpets, tables, furniture and lighting elements.

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