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Interior design about dining tables and chairs

2017  houses  built in the biggest trend that has been returned to a regular  place to eat. What could be better than bringing you back to this style that we can show you the style of great dining tables and chairs that will be very stylish and very functional for your home.

First of all, you know that most homes today are built on an open plan. That’s why there is no need for a separate dining table, but you can put a beautiful table and chairs in the same large space. Most interior decorators will advise you to use the existing space beautifully instead of preparing a separate dining area. If you can’t believe it, take a look at the pictures below.

1- Wood and glass

The combination of wood and glass always seems to be the best and if it is combined with a little rustic touch then what is the point. This beautiful dining table can seat up to 8 people. And the wood flooring is giving the best impression with it to complete the rustic style. Sitting there, the taste of food will be doubled.

2- Present in a circle

If you want your furniture to be a little less formal, then use a round table so that everyone can enjoy the meal better. See how beautifully the experts have decorated the round table corner with angular furniture.

3- Long and elegant

If you have a little space, then it is best to add a wooden table to bring a traditional style to your modern home. This kind of table in the middle of the house is not only perfect for sitting and eating together, but you can also do your office work and your homework on this kind of table.

4- Great style

If you like tables of both length and roundness, then give this table a try. The corners are rounded, giving it a great look, and the carved wood is used to complete its majestic style. Isn’t that a great style?

5- Wood according to modern times

If you want to bring a more contemporary style to your home then use this type of wooden slab. This type of wood is usually walnut, so obviously it’s a little expensive, so if your budget allows you to spend a little on the dining table, this style is best for you. Is. Her real beauty is her rough style.

6- Glass surface

There are only two consequences of a glass table: either you like it or you hate it a lot, but we think it’s a great addition to a modern home. This table looks very attractive with beautiful legs and beautiful chairs.

7- Beautiful combination of old and new

These modern chairs look very dreamy with an old-fashioned table. White chairs contrasting with the dark wood give a very charming impression with this faded color theme. So if you also want to bring a cultural style in your home, make sure to add a beautiful piano, such table to your home.

8- Different setting

We really liked the idea of ​​having regular formal chairs on one side of a large dining table and a large bench on the other. That way you can find two different ways to eat. This dark table is perfect for this purpose.

9- Small and simple

You do not need to use a large dining table in your home as a small table is enough for a small home. Look at this picture of how charming this little open house is!

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