Dining room furniture interior Design Gurgaon

Dining room furniture interior Design Gurgaon

Interior Design Ideas for Dining room furniture

We almost all share the pleasure of socializing, welcoming friends and family at home, cooking the best dishes, spending long hours talking around a table. More than that, we have the biological need to eat and, for that, we need a space for that purpose.

Therefore, let us do it surrounded by comfort and, by the way, pleasant aesthetic details. Today, and as always, we leave you with ten images of dining rooms with particularly beautiful and unique furniture, even though we never forget that functionality should nowadays be a characteristic that cuts across all divisions of the house.

Invest in quality and comfort

Style is a seaside region in India known for its beautiful beach with pleasant and pleasant sea water, good fish restaurants and the imposing houses of the most affluent. It is in a house in that is this wonderful dining room that could not be part of this article not only to inspire the lucky ones who own a beach house, but also to show you the solid and robust table combined with the most comfortable chairs arms upholstered in dirty white.

If you organize many lunches and dinners at your home, spend hours with your friends and family around the table, and then bet on quality furniture that will provide you with comfort. Although this may be a huge investment, you will see that in the long run, you will not regret it. Opt for simple and neutral pieces that serve as the basis for a myriad of options when it comes to decorative elements.

At the bottom of the room there is a small kitchen. However, there is a natural fluidity between it and the dining area where a majestic spherical lamp leans over a ceramic plate, the only decorative object on the table. That’s enough!

Do you play with the whole deck?

A table named after what is, perhaps, one of your favorite TV series: is the brilliant mind behind this creative table that, supported by a tower of cards, conveys an idea of ​​lightness and instability. But, fear nothing. Contrary to our unsuccessful attempts to build a house of cards, which collapses in a puff, the table is solid. So solid that it supports 250 kilos. Cheats! As the brand explains, the design of the cards is individually engraved on steel plates which mean that each table has a different configuration. In addition, you can choose a top that seats six or ten.

This table is the asset that we wouldn’t mind having at home.

Playground love

Perhaps, after eating, these are not the most suitable chairs. However, they do not go unnoticed. They don’t really pass. We speak of the Swing Table designed, which is inspired by the infamous phrase by George Bernard Shaw: “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

This structure includes a table, the Geo lamp and eight hanging chairs or, better saying, eight swings. Your guests will never forget the fun experience that it certainly provides. In addition, and as the brand recalls, aspiring home is a dream!

Despite being in an indoor environment, we believe that it would look wonderful in a garden. The swings, the white, the lightness and the inherent concept, make it the ideal piece for the outdoors.

We confess, here that no one sees us, that the child in us rejoices at this table!


An extendable table will always be a pragmatic solution.  If it’s an extensible table like this, as its name indicates, a flexible table. Well, actually, there are two flexible tables summarized in one. A table with modern touches and another with a style reminiscent of the old fit together forming a single structure and a design piece of excellence that will attract all your attention. The white side has wheels. So, when you receive guests and need more space, just pull it out and, as if by magic, a long and beautiful table is available to gather many good people around it!

Magic mirror of mine…

Will there be a more useful reflection than yours? No! For small rooms, large mirrors. A flat, mirrored floor-to-ceiling surface will immediately provide spaciousness, light and, by the way, refinement to your dining room. Instead of a normal wall and heavier furniture, consider this alternative and put a built-in cupboard to arrange, for example, the equipment you need for meals.

In this case, the half-open door shows us bookcases. Very well thought out. Don’t you think? You can store your cookbooks there. Thus, it is all in the family.

And since we speak of luminosity and space, notice the airy color palette of this room that is divided between white and neutral tones. The most robust element is the rustic table that shows us how perfectly imperfect wood – and nature – can be. When planning the decor of your small room, keep these suggestions in mind.

I am from the time when…

In rough wood, with the mesh or glass door showing a curtain and sheltering the best service, carefully arranged. It used to be that way. And today, it can be too. Although it has a modern dining room, be bold and add to the set an old piece that, without clashing, creates an interesting contrast with the other furniture. This is the case with the green pottery in the image of a room in Germany. Although, in the decoration, a contemporary style prevails, we see the imposing pottery with the paint purposefully coming out, lending personality to the space. It is a pleasant meeting between seasons and, if the grandmother sees your choice, she will surely press your cheeks with pride!

Thinking little heads

In a one-room apartment, decorating is a challenge. Therefore, it is imperative to be creative, look for ingenious solutions, position furniture strategically and, if necessary, ask for help from a professional. It is the case of the image in which the dining room and the bedroom appear divided by a simple mobile with a pole where the television is placed that can, therefore, be rotated to both sides. Now, even though your room is not adjacent to your dining room, this image has a great option to share it from your living room, with the television serving both areas. An astute solution, don’t you think?

In a monochromatic space, for example, a simple table surrounded by colorful chairs would bring summer to your home throughout the year. And you don’t even have to run to buy new chairs. Please roll up your sleeves, choose the colors and paint them yourself. We promise you that it is a fun experience and, in the end, you will be proud of your Picasso paintings. Who knows, maybe he has a hidden artist vein!

In this room, full of light, everything takes on even more life. If you have the opportunity, place the table next to a window to make your new chairs stand out and enjoy your meals with lots of light to liven up your day!

You spin me right round, baby, right round

A table for any corner. For a small dining room or kitchen, the round table, in its simplicity, is the option that brings us to the cozy atmosphere of a home inhabited by a small family. In this type of table, there are no seats counted. Its format always lets us invite someone else. The one in the image, in glass, with straw chairs and an iron support, reminds us of the furniture of any 60’s office. However, the flowers, the fur rug and the supporting furniture bring this room , imbued in an eclectic style, comfort and warmth. It could only be so.

A classic is always a classic

Although today, people tend to move away from the conventional when decorating their homes, there are elements that prevail over time. For being beautiful, for being classic, for being useful. What is certain is that, for one reason or another, we do not give up on them. The sideboard is one of those pieces. Versatile and elegant, it looks good in several rooms of the house. It is common to see it in the dining room as support and storage furniture or as a support for decorative elements. In this room, the sideboard, retro style, contrasts with the more modern table, and serves as a support for the coffee machine, a beautiful set of cups and a vase of fresh flowers. A careful composition that you can put into practice in your home.


One more modern, the other older. One yellow, one blue. One padded the other not so. If you have chairs in your house that you no longer use, why not use them for this purpose? It saves your budget and, at the same time, makes your room unique and fun. Don’t forget that even if the chairs are old, you can retrieve them, paint them and upholster them with beautiful fabric. A world at your feet.

Dining room furniture interior Design Gurgaon


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