What does the perfect dining room look like?

What does the perfect dining room look like Gurgaon Noida Delhi NCR

The unmistakable elements of any good dining room are a charming dining table, surrounding decorative accessories and intimate lighting. It doesn’t matter if the space stands alone, connects to the living room or, as is increasingly common, is incorporated into the kitchen design. The dining room should radiate tranquility, warmth and class at a glance. And of course you make a statement to your guests with the interior. The dining room is your calling card par excellence. The pleasant experience of dinner not only benefits the meals but also creates a more open relationship.

Ideas and tips for the dining room

From rustic to modern, Scandinavian to Asian, minimalist to lavish, Interior A to Z offers inspiring dining room ideas. In the section specifically aimed at dining rooms, you will find a wide collection of photos of stylishly decorated dining rooms. With a simple click, a photo that appeals to you can be saved in your personal idea book. In your idea book, annotations can be added to the photos and interesting aspects of the dining room can be accentuated. Everything is automatically and conveniently stored in the personal profile you have created on Interior A to Z.

How do I set up my dining room?

The dining room is the ideal place for a pleasant conversation with roommates and guests. Central to the design is therefore the atmosphere that the room should exude. More than any other room in the home, a dining room should be inviting. It is important that all elements, the layout, the colours, the furniture and the accessories fit together nicely, and thus contribute to the feeling of warmth and relaxation.

What should I pay attention to when furnishing my dining room?

Furniture and accessories for dining rooms make the space. The heart of any dining room is the dining table, which must be chosen carefully. All other furniture and decorations will be coordinated with the dining table. Depending on the style you choose for the decor, you can determine what other furniture is added to the dining room. With an exuberant style, there will probably be a few, while with a minimalist style, only a few will suffice. The choice of material also depends on the style. In a country style, wood and other natural materials will usually have the upper hand, while in a modern style, plastic and/or glass are more often used.

Which colors are suitable for the dining room?

With a separate dining room, the choice of color is easier to determine. You can go for lighter shades if that fits better with your chosen style, but you can also use darker colors for the walls. With dark shades of green or deeper red, the illuminated dining table becomes the focal point of the room. If the dining room is part of the kitchen, lighter colors will usually match the kitchen interior better. But here too, variations in the shades for the table, the carpet and the lamps can give the dining area its own allure. If the dining room connects to the living room without separation, especially pastel colors can provide an excellent distinction.

Tips for decorating the dining room

Dining room interior design tips can be found in the dining room section on Interior A to Z. By viewing several dining rooms in the style of your choice, you automatically gain the necessary inspiration for choosing dining tables, chairs, lighting fixtures, area rugs, decorative elements and other accessories. Please be aware that it is never mandatory to follow a specific pattern. Your dining room will ultimately have to radiate your personal style. Interior A to Z offers you suggestions to support your instincts.

What should I look for when purchasing furniture for my dining room?

It is essential that dining room furniture matches the space in both size and style. As mentioned, the dining table is the heart of the dining room, so it should not be too big or too small. The material of the table must match the general style in the home. For example, a wooden dining table will fit better in a country-style home in most cases, and a glass top can be more ideal in a modern home. Please note that furnishing a home does not follow laws, but requires a more emotional approach. If the chairs are selected individually, the width and height must be carefully considered, so that they integrate perfectly with the table.

Tips for decorating small dining rooms

A small dining room naturally requires a somewhat smaller dining table. Your guests will not like to feel like they are in the walls. Also avoid placing additional pieces of furniture in the room if possible. A dining room should look relaxed. Lighter colors for the walls generally create more space, but walls can also be made invisible through a creative interplay of dark tones and directed light. An often overlooked option is a bench on one side of the dining table. It provides extra seating for visitors without taking up space in the dining room.

What style for my dining room

Country dining room

Wood is an almost unmistakable feature of a country dining room. Either in the floor, in a partition wall or in the table, chairs and/or other furniture. You can opt for a dominant wooden look or a more subtle option, whether or not in combination with other natural materials. In a rural setting, the dining table usually has a somewhat larger top with space for plants or a vase with fresh flowers. For lighting, a somewhat larger hanging fixture is also often chosen. Wall decorations, crockery, dishes and other decorations are also clearly associated within a rural style with the outdoor feeling, even if the house is located in a densely built-up urban area.

Modern dining room

A modern dining room must be able to remain modern. So it requires a slightly tighter base that is easy to adjust over the years. Straight shapes, tight proportions and neutral, often lighter colors with a gray or brown tint in the compilation. Plastic and glass are the most popular materials for the dining table, but wood can also look chic in a modern dining room. Thanks to the neutral environment, an artistic dining table and/or artistic chairs can also blend seamlessly into the whole. In a contemporary styled dining room, the light radiates from contemporary lamps and is slightly cooler, yet soft enough to create a casual atmosphere at dinner. A beautiful and appropriate painting on the wall completes the modern dining room.

Eclectic dining room

Integrating a variety of furniture, accessories and decorations into a stylish whole is the essence of an exuberant or eclectically decorated dining room. If you do not choose to give the upper hand to a certain type of material, for example wood, the choice of materials for the various elements must be well coordinated. When furnishing the dining room lavishly, it is useful to only work with shades of one or two basic colors. Interior A to Z also offers a range of dining room ideas for exuberant furnishing. Combine this with your own feeling to create a perfect dining room where your guests will flourish in conversation.

Scandinavian dining room

Light is central to a Scandinavian-style dining room? Because of the limited number of hours of sunshine, Scandinavians like to use large windows to let in as much light as possible, and light and cool colors to reflect the incoming light as much as possible. It has now become a beautiful style that also comes into its own in places where there is sufficient sun. The light ambient colors are combined with warm elements in the Scandinavian dining room. Wood brown, gray or pastel colors for the dining table and accessories ensure that the contrast with the floor and walls is minimal.

Minimalist dining room

A minimalist style should radiate efficiency and overview, but should not be confused with simplicity or sobriety. It just means that the dining room decor is reduced to its simplest form. And this may and may very well be done in style. A pleasant color balance, with slightly lighter shades, gives your  minimalist dining room a pleasant and personal experience. The dining table is usually rectangular for efficiency, but a round table can also suffice. You can find interior tips for the minimalist dining room at Interior A to Z from an extensive series of photos. The dining room you’ve always imagined may be in our dining room section.

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Ideas for designing a dining room that accommodates everyone | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The dining rooms are considered one  of the most wonderful rooms that mean gathering family members in family homes to spend the most beautiful times with the family while eating and drinking in an atmosphere of fun and affection. On the other hand, more formal, the dining rooms in general are the main destination that visitors and guests will come to during their visit. To your home as a kind of welcoming them and offering them a haven and a good time, especially to clarify your happiness in visiting them and to clarify the aspects of generosity in their good reception.

We will offer you a variety of forms for designing family dining rooms suitable for receiving guests, characterized by many meanings of elegance, calm and coordination in all details, bringing you many ideas that can be implemented in the design of the dining room that suits you and simulate your aspirations.

Outdoor wood

A distinctive design for the dining table and its surroundings with natural patterns and inspiration from attractive natural materials such as wood and plants, where the main dining table and its seats were designed from dark brown wood with a touch of glossy lacquer that was added to increase the level of excitement in the rest of the room design.

The table was used in a large size due to the spaciousness of the room, which is a principle that you must follow if you want a distinctive design for the rooms of your house in general, as the size of the furniture must match the size of the room completely, so that there are no spaces if it is too small or there is congestion in the case of The furniture is too big and the room is narrow.


Light colors such as white are very suitable for the design of a dining room, a table and elegant chairs, and it may be more suitable for an official trip that receives guests and not family members and friends, or even to be designed for the people of the house because the white color does not suit them at all, specifically in the seats, and this can be compensated with neutral colors Like gray or light wood.

In this table, the seats were used to be the most distinguishing feature, as long and symmetrical armrests were a distinctive feature in it, with the strength of the lighting above the table and the sitting in general, making the table a prominent focal point in the hall that includes other rooms and it is a great way to divide by strengthening Lighting one room and reducing it over the other to control the degree of presence and the impact of each on the overall shape of the common space between them.

Simplicity and natural brilliance

Multiple colors and simple lacquered wood help the dining room sparkle, especially if there are extra stretches of outside views surrounding it from more than one side.

The plant accessories also help the dining area appear more welcoming to the guests, and the white table suggests warmth and joy, making it very suitable as a special family trip, family and friends.

Comfortable chairs indoors

Choosing padded, comfortable and large chairs, you may need larger spaces to be suitable for them, especially as they fit the most formal designs for dining tables and dining rooms in general. You can choose suitable colors for the design of chairs away from dark colors as the size of the chairs increases and its components and accessories increase, so as not to have a negative impact. The general atmosphere in the room and the rooms near it.

Vibrant colors

The multiple colors in the seats surrounding the dining table are considered one of the most modern trends in the world of travel decoration in general and family trips in particular, where we can achieve the difference in color by using one or more chairs to be different in color from the general trend in the room, while adhering to the shape and color Prevalent in all other seating, this is an excellent idea for lovers of dashing and making a difference in their dining room designs.

Shabby Chic Furniture Painting Ideas

Chebbi-chic style has always been  popular especially lately, interior designers have been quick to promote the idea of ​​giving old furniture a new lease of life with a simple touch of paint, but if you’re worried that you won’t get that artistic finish, I assure you that through this article some Simple Shabby Chic Paint Ideas for Your Home Are you ready to fill your living room with furniture you’ve lovingly refreshed? Let us start!

Prepare first

The secret to success, in anything in life, is preparation. When it comes to painting your furniture, this is something that needs the most vibrancy. Old furniture items can peel, get dirty and fall prey to damage too, so always start your project by doing a thorough furniture cleaning. using an appropriate detergent.


Once your furniture is clean and dry you should give it a full sanding, which means you’ll need to work your way through a number of sandpaper, to get a really smooth, new surface.


Your finishing will help smooth out any stuck imperfections and you can spot areas that need more prep work before painting. The primer finish gives you a more even finish as you apply the top coat.

Sanding again

Once the primer has dried, then you’ll need to give the furniture a final light sanding, just to make sure there are no rough edges showing through your paint We know this sounds a bit stressful, but the finish you’ll get will convince people that you’ve bought new furniture And neat.

Painting on furniture

Do a trick on your furniture by painting on old furniture, first buy good quality paint and brushes, use long, graceful strokes and get rid of any drips or clumps as soon as you see them and don’t try to use single thick layers of paint.

When you’re happy with the finish on your furniture, it’s time to protect the paint. Usually, natural wax is best. Wax also gives you a matte finish that allows the piece of furniture to take center stage.

Interior design ideas about dining table | Gurgaon | Gurugram

Decent dining setting is a cornerstone of home living space design. Not just a place to savor delicious food or drinks, but the dining area is a space in which socialization takes place, which requires a critical arrangement of surfaces and seats that enable you to gather friends, family and visitors.

Integrated dining table

No dining room? Do not worry! This elegant setting, which extends the length of the kitchen counter top and adds a prominent dining table, is great for creating the perfect gathering space for friends and family.

This trick is ideal for compact homes, this also saves space that is customization, and can easily accommodate more than two people, just needing several seats for the number of people.

The best seat in the house

Everyone knows that the best seat in the house is closest to food, so why not design this seat with your dining space in one area? Similar to the first design, this takes things a step further and looks stylish.

Choose a small table

If you have a decent sized kitchen, but still lack enough space for a full dining table, why not go for a smaller table? This example shows us that a combined dining area can feel comfortable and fun, while still providing an aesthetic and appetizing interior in a kitchen.

Dine with a distinctive view

Without wasting space and adding a free-standing dining table, this example shows us that you can embrace your room by adding a long and linear table to your kitchen. In order to achieve functionality and efficiency, the designers have worked to convert this area into a seating area to simulate restaurants and cafes, and the seated people can watch their food while it is being cooked. You can add a flat screen to increase the fun!

A hidden table

I guess you don’t have any room for a dining table. Why not choose one of those tables that can easily get hidden when you don’t need them? This will save you space, while you still have room to eat with your friends whenever you want!

Make the most of your space

Utilizing your space is paramount in compact homes. In this example, designers have added dining space to the edge of the kitchen island, while it is separated with individual pendant lights that give the look of a modern bistro with a serving bar.

The work surface extends below the window

Below the window is the area that offers you a golden opportunity to have a private dining space, as the extension of the work surface below the window can provide you with a stylish and practical table that is easy to sit in front of to eat without the need to build a kitchen island, but you will have a bar for dining with a view Featured!

A blank wall

Rethinking the bare walls of your home can give you space to design a linear or bar table, providing you with a neat and easy place to socialize and eat, and even prepare food!

Combine living room and dining room | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

A task that is not easy when you have a small house is to combine these two environments, the living room and the dining room , so that both have a decoration that is harmonious, functional and does not break the aesthetics in this space integrated by the two functions.

In this book of ideas we are presenting you 10 examples of designs in these conditions and we will give you tips so that in your home it is possible to follow these recommendations, come and visit them.

Check the dimensions of the space for the living room and dining room

When you want to define the choice of furniture, for an environment in your home and especially when the spaces are integrated by two functions, in addition to not being very wide, the first thing you should do is be clear about the dimensions of that room. Draw them on a piece of paper with all the indications of protruding columns, doors, windows, height from floor to bottom edge of windows, width of these and doors. In this way you will have all the information you need so that when you buy a piece of furniture it is to organize a balanced setting and decoration.

Choose the style of the dining room decoration

Start by identifying which decoration trends you prefer, review images thinking of different combinations, with which to give your dining room a unique style and personality. If you have an available budget and the house is your own, you can think about custom furniture. If you live rented it is not recommended since if you move you can lose the investment of the furniture you made. The most important thing is that you make sure that the furniture you choose is in accordance with the available space and is functional.

Prefer simple lines when choosing furniture

If as we are thinking that the available space is not very large and you have integrated the living room and the dining room; the choice of furniture should be simple lines, light, glass, metal, acrylic. One possibility is furniture with the double functionality of serving for the living room and dining room simultaneously.

Important spatial harmony

By having a dining room in a single environment, try not to make your decoration compete with each other. Use neutral colors on the walls, choose a theme, a style, and the same range of colors with the same tone in both environments. You should think about generating points of greater interest by giving colors that combine, two or three, so that are found in furniture or decoration accessories.

The distribution of the furniture

By having  small spaces it is good that you try the placement of the furniture so that they are functional and there is space for circulation between them, being comfortable.

That each environment is well defined

Always taking care that each environment represents its own characteristics, you must ensure that its functionality is not affected when the spaces are integrated. In the dining room, natural lighting is important and neutral colors should predominate. In the living room you can play more with artificial lighting by placing ceiling, floor or wall lamps and playing more with color accents. If the kitchen is included in the dining room, then you have to hire an excellent kitchen designer , so that his style does not clash with that of the social areas.

Where to place the largest piece of furniture?

To make the furniture in this shared space look better for you, the largest furniture should go in the room on the wall that is the focal center of the visuals, that should be the sofa, then the smaller ones at its sides forming an L, As you can see in this image, that will give you a feeling of greater amplitude.

Wooden dining rooms

Depending on the  space you have available and its orientation, you will have chosen a rectangular, square or round table, this will force you to define its location taking into account the chairs and the space that the diners need to place themselves, plus the circulation around them. . The wooden tables, whatever their shape, tend to harmonize in turn with the furniture in the room or with the coverings.

The importance of lighting

Always in any room, natural or artificial lighting is of the utmost importance, even more so when the dining room and the living room are sharing the same space.

To place very light curtains over the windows that allow ventilation and natural light is not compromised.

For the dining room, a pendant lamp is ideal, which will also give you an interesting touch to the decoration. The recessed lights in the ceiling are a good solution that give that general lighting environment, to the shared space of the dining  room  and also choose some lamps standing to place them in any of the corners as points of interest.

The details you were missing: plants, art and harmony

The works of art, sculptures, paintings, photographs, it is the time that you place them, try that in both environments these works of art harmonize in their color and intensity.Include nature with some appropriate plants for interior and that are not too bulky for the little  space you have.

Make this dining room space a pleasant place for family and friends to coexist.

Bonus: Dining room and kitchen models

If we are talking about a liberated plant, like the one in the image, the dining room will be spatially and visually integrated with the kitchen. It is therefore very important that we opt for kitchen models that harmonize with the decoration of the dining room. In other words, we have to elevate the design and decoration of the kitchen, so that it integrates seamlessly into social areas.

Combine living room and dining room | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR


Let’s talk about a coating that has the power to completely transform our walls, spending little money and in just a few hours. What do we mean? Wallpaper, obviously, one of the most expeditious and economical ways to decorate our walls, giving them color and texture.

The decorators and interior designers use it often with excellent results, but the fact is that the tapestries papers are today are very easy to install and is a matter of being meticulous and take good measures.

The offer that there is in terms of wallpaper is almost unlimited. There are all kinds of colors, materials, textures, patterns and motifs, so it is practically impossible not to find a wallpaper that we like.

Join us to visit these 11 spaces that were completely transformed thanks to the choice of wallpaper to cover their walls.

Wallpaper in pastel shades

If we want to incorporate color into our walls but without reaching too intense or vibrant tones, pastels are a fabulous option. They transmit serenity and are very appropriate for spaces intended for rest and relaxation, such as the bedroom.

Decorative vinyls

An even easier option to decorate our walls is to opt for decorative vinyl. They are nothing more than stickers that stick to the wall very easily and allow us a little more creative freedom.

Textured wallpaper

Some people prefer a wallpaper that is inconspicuous, but one that adds a different texture to the walls. We cannot fail to mention the importance of incorporating different textures in our spaces, which will give a more tactile look to the whole.

Embossed wallpaper

One step beyond textured wallpaper is embossed wallpaper. It is a way to give our walls much greater depth, creating very interesting visual effects that can also help us make our spaces appear larger.

Measurements for the wallpaper

The wallpaper is sold in rolls divided into stripes. When installing it, it is important to have measured it and if it was necessary to cut a piece, to have taken the measurements carefully.

Wallpaper in metallic tones

They are super elegant and can be an intermediate step for those who are not convinced of having so much color on their walls.

Wallpaper with geometric patterns

It is a trend that takes us to the retro imprint of the 70s and that is returning with great force.

How to install the wallpaper?

Thanks to advances in decoration, it is becoming easier and easier to install the wallpaper ourselves. They already come with the adhesive on and the new materials are easier to glue without air bubbles or wrinkles. Once the measurements are taken, we must carefully glue the paper stripes, taking great care to continue the pattern when placing a new stripe. If trimming is necessary, it will need to be done beforehand.

Wallpaper with abstract motifs

As well as geometric patterns, abstract motifs are the latest and are suitable for endless spaces within our home.

3D effect wallpaper

Wallpaper with a 3D effect is becoming more and more popular as it creates visual effects that are difficult to beat with any other type of coating. It is advisable to limit ourselves to a single wall, or we will lose the desired effect in excessive repetition.

There is a wallpaper for each one

Finally, we have to say that there is a wallpaper model for each person and it is best to keep looking until we find that pattern or color that we fall in love with.

Interior tips to increase the value of a narrow dining room

The dining room is a place where friendly stories come and go while sharing delicious food with the most precious people in the world. It is a space where family meals are made, a time when we can breathe and relax the body and mind in the hectic daily life that suffocates us. The furniture placed in the dining room is a table and chairs, which is very simple compared to other spaces in the house, but if you think about the role of communication between family members that only the dining room can do, it is undoubtedly the most important space in the house. In addition, although there are only two types of furniture in the dining room, a dining table and chairs, the atmosphere changes depending on what style, material, and how the designed table and chairs are provided. However  , if the size of the dining room is small, it is necessary to design the dining room while considering how to utilize the dining room to the maximum and practical use. Because it is small in size, it is necessary to design the dining room delicately with the most comfortable and friendly feeling so that it does not become a space to eat with family members or just eat. So today, through this article, we would like to take a look at interior tips that increase the value of a small dining room to the maximum.