Practical Tips to Change Your Boring Living Room Interior

Practical Tips to Change Your Boring Living Room Interior

Living in an apartment with a uniform structure is very similar to fitting one’s body in clothes that don’t fit. Moreover, if the clothes are all of the same design, it is difficult to reveal one’s individuality and respect one’s taste. In most living rooms, TVs and sofas are placed, and the balcony is extended to make more space. Also, a living room decorated with a stylish interior design that is in line with the trend tends to be rustic and awkward after a while. So how can you change the interior of a living room that is plain and unique?

Today’s article introduces seven practical tips to transform a boring living room interior. Let’s break the existing stereotypes and decorate the living room a little more special. Of course, the most important thing in any interior design is to think about your own taste and personality and express your favorite design. You don’t have to think hard from the beginning. If you collect and pay attention to ingenious ideas step by step, at some point your dream house will become a reality.

1. Interior Ideas to Turn Your Living Room into a Study Room

The first house to check is an apartment that breaks the stereotype of the existing living room. While the whole family gathers together and stares blankly at TV, conversation and communication are cut off. In the apartment in the picture decorated by And Company , the TV was removed and a study was created in the living room. A large bookshelf is attached to the wall and extended in a letter L to separate the entrance and living room. At the same time, a track lighting is installed on the ceiling to create an atmosphere like an art gallery. The hardwood floor constructed in a herringbone pattern adds a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, and the space under the chair to sit and read a book is used as a storage space.

2. Living room made as a study room for children

The apartment decorated on First Avenue has a unique living room that has been transformed into a study room for children. I thought about decorating the interior space based on white, so I prepared a desk in the same color. A generously sized desk can be placed in the area between the extended balcony and the living room to receive bright light. It is a design idea that creates an environment where you can focus on studying and reading. Also, considering the fact that if all spaces are white, you can easily get tired of it, the sofa in the living room is given a point.

3. Living room interior with book cafe style

The basic concept is similar to the first apartment we looked at, but the method of solving it is different. The apartment in the picture decorated in Common Ground has a living room decorated in a book cafe style

. Although it is a space to read a book, indirect lighting was installed, and a place where neighbors or guests could be comfortably invited. A built-in storage cabinet was made to the end of the extended balcony, and the open type without a door and the non-open type storage space with an attached door give an interesting sense of rhythm. Books you read frequently or small items can be placed in an open storage space, and books or seasonal items that are not frequently read can be safely stored by closing the door.

4. A space where the work space and the living room meet together

The development of information and communication technology has brought the work space into the house. Many people now work from home by telecommuting. It saves commuting time and uses it for self-improvement, and on weekends or after work, the relationship with family becomes even closer. This apartment has a work space on one side of the living room for telecommuting. The apartment pictured has a bright, clean white living room decorated with a cozy sofa and a work desk. Living room interior design where home and work meet in one place.

5. Living room with interior elements of traditional architecture

This time, I will introduce how to create various atmospheres related to the form. In the apartment decorated in the hanok space, not only the finishing method of the interior space but also the interior elements of traditional architecture were applied to various furniture. The wooden furniture creates an elegant and luxurious atmosphere, giving you the feeling of entering. You can see the traces of meticulous attention to lighting ideas as well as decorating the windows using traditional window designs. If you want to find a modern project in more detail  , read this article and check out the meeting between traditional architecture and modernity.

6. Living room design with an exotic atmosphere

In the house above, the elegant atmosphere was saved with, while the newly decorated apartment by Design added an exotic taste with a unique interior. A herringbone pattern wooden floor was installed on the floor, and French door style windows were installed on the windows. In addition, a unique type of lighting is attached to the ceiling and patterns are applied to the walls to complete an exotic atmosphere. A storage cabinet was placed in the extended part of the balcony, emphasizing the handcrafted feel and decorating it to harmonize with the exotic atmosphere.

7. Folding door that captures function and beauty at the same time

The last idea to introduce is a folding door that is installed in many apartments recently. The apartment in the photo decorated in Namoosum Interior installed a folding glass door instead of extending the balcony. As the sliding door of the living room in the existing apartment is fixed on one side, it is not possible to extend the living room to the balcony. So, how about installing a folding door between the balcony and the living room? It is good to be able to use the space widely by opening the door wide when necessary, while easily solving the cost and problems of balcony extension. It is a folding door idea that can capture function and beauty at the same time.

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How to make a modern living room

Are you looking for a living room that can only be seen in magazines, coveted by everyone? In fact, the living room is the central space in most homes. Therefore, it can be said that it is a space that represents the house. So, more attention and attention are paid to the interior. Most of them want to create a living room that is not only beautiful, but also comfortable and comfortable. But sometimes it’s not that easy. This is because not only does it fit my taste, but it also has to be convenient and practical as it is a space where I stay for a long time. If it is a beautiful and uncomfortable space only for the eyes, then all the interiors are meaningless. So today, I’m going to introduce you to how to make a modern living room. Let’s find a living room of various styles, such as a house that fits the latest trends or a classic classic house that never gets tired, and follow the know-how little by little.

Make changes to furniture

One of the easiest and simplest ways to make your living room modern and special is to make changes to your furniture. Instead of choosing a piece of furniture that feels plain and hard, choose a large piece of furniture with a variety of colors and designs to make the space more special. Even with the same table and chair, the living room can be transformed into something special depending on which design and color you choose. If you are choosing furniture, it is better to choose a more special and eye-catching style. If it is difficult to change all the furniture that way, let’s give a point to even one or two furniture.

Using the window

If you want to avoid a living room with a similar feel, try using windows and window frames. As Korea has a high proportion of apartments, many people live in apartments with similar spaces and interiors. So, sometimes it is not easy to create a different house. Even if you make special changes to other parts, you will feel the same way. In this case, try something different on your windows or doors. You may change the frame of the window frame or the pattern or color of the window. Alternatively, you can make another middle door on the window to add a sense of luxury.

Use point color

If your living room is plain and decorated in an achromatic style, try using a point color. It is good to give a point with color to a space that seems to be lacking something, as directed by the company in the photo . You can use furniture to make a more noticeable change, or you can use several props to give a point. There is no easier and simpler way to decorate a space than to give a space special with color.


An essential piece of furniture in the living room is the sofa. It is no exaggeration to say that it is responsible for the coziness and comfort of the living room. So the sofa occupies a large part of the living room. spatially as well. So, by using a larger sofa to focus on the sofa, you can create a more cozy and warm living room. A large, comfortable sofa made of fabric rather than a hard sofa can make your living room more cozy. If you want to know which sofa style is perfect for your living room.

Add color to trending furniture

It is one of the latest styles, and you can make a space special by adding several colors to the classic furniture. It is to eliminate the feeling of being hard and boring by adding a point color to the luxurious and classic furniture. This will harmonize the trend style with the classic, making your living room a bit more special. It is to create a new trend style by adding colors and trends from the past.

Retro style

For a more special and unusual living room, why not try a retro, but not overdone, style? In fact, when we think of retro style, we often think of flashy and bouncy designs. However, for a modern and point interior, retro-style furniture, lighting, and accessories are placed here and there. You can use posters, mirrors, etc., or add a handful of retro to places you think are boring. Then you can complete the living room that becomes the point without being bored.

Decide on the concept

A living room doesn’t have to be huge. Because it can turn a small but cozy space into a living room. Even a small space can be made more special by adding a special concept. You can create a Martin style or beach style atmosphere like the picture. In addition, if you decorate the living room with a special concept, you can easily create a more personal space of your own.

This is how you use the space in your one-room!- Plan your one-room decor

In a place where the space is not properly divided, a studio like a white drawing paper, and a studio, it is not easy to separate the living areas after placing the furniture for the first time. It can be convenient because the living room , bedroom, and kitchen are gathered in one place, but it can be inconvenient because of the ambiguous use of space. Therefore, it is very important to properly separate the space. You cannot build a separate wall or do it, so you have to use the furniture you have. Today, we are going to look for different types of studios and find out how to effectively divide the space. Let’s take a look at how you can have a convenient and stylish space, decorate it smartly and practically, and have a one-room that is second to none.

Ideal space creation

The studio in the photo is a studio in Paris, France. This is a very good style house for single men and newlyweds. Because it is a one-room studio, the kitchen, living room and bedroom are in one space, but it does not feel complicated or stuffy at all. It is especially important for a studio to freely divide and decorate the space according to one’s living style.


At first glance, the house in the photo looks like the kitchen and living room are properly separated. But in fact, the central wall supports the house and serves as a good separation. This is an impressive house with practical use that can be used as a storage cabinet rather than a cramped place to block the space. Overall, light pastel tones were used as the main color to create a neat and sensual one-room without feeling cramped. In this way, you can divide the space by using the wall in the center of the house or by placing storage cabinets.

One space, two concepts

The house in the photo is a space directed by the company, and it is an impressive space with a different atmosphere in one space. The kitchen, dining room, and living room are in one space, but each has a different interior style, so it seems like they have separate rooms. First, the kitchen and dining room were given a point by using more primary colors, and different lighting and rugs were used to create a different atmosphere. It is also good to remind people that there are spaces with different roles in one studio by using different furniture and colors.

Interior style

In the case of a one-room house that contains all the spaces in one house, it is important to pay more attention to the interior and eliminate the feeling of complexity or stuffiness. If the space is divided by using curtains and a temporary wall in the kitchen, it is important to set the interior concept to fill the space more sensibly. Using point colors is the easiest way to decorate a room. It is also recommended to use point pendant lighting for lighting.

Using sliding doors

In order to use the house neatly, it is actually not good to have everything mixed in one space. This is because, in the case of the kitchen, special attention must be paid to hygiene and odor due to cooking. It is also good to use a cozy space for the bedroom. However, if you use a sliding door, you can solve this problem even in a studio. If you really want to have a divided space, install a sliding door. Sometimes you can have a wide open space, and when you want a separate space, you can easily divide the room. In this way, you can have a convenient and practical one-room by using a variety of furniture and doors.

Loft bed

In the case of a small studio, space utilization is very important. Since the bedroom, living room and kitchen are all in one studio, you need to make the most of the space. In this case, it is good to use convenient and smart furniture. A good example of this is a bed and sofa, or a loft bed that can make a study room together. Recently, more and more people are decorating the space by using the underside of the loft bed for various purposes. Like the bed in the photo, you can effectively use the extra space to create a spacious and convenient one-room.

Cozy space

When planning the space in a studio, it is good to give special points to a certain part or to secure a wider area. If you want to give the bedroom more points, use a larger space in the bedroom, or if you want to focus on the living room and sofa like the house in the picture, it is good to reduce the area of ​​the bedroom and make a spacious living room by installing cozy lighting together. You can pay more attention to the parts that are necessary according to your lifestyle.

White interior

If you are thinking about how to decorate your studio, try a white interior. Not only is it neat and clean, but you can also create an organized style in the studio without difficulty. Just like the house in the photo, use white color as a whole and add a point color to the sofa or furniture to complete a more sensuous space. In this way, it is good to plan the space well and to decorate the studio by setting the interior concept. Let’s use the space smartly to have a practical and sensual one-room. If you want to know more about how to use the space.

Magical layout tips to comfortably use a small living room

It is the living room, not the bedroom or kitchen, where families gather and share their daily life. After a busy day, each family spends their own day, and when they come home, they tend to have different lifestyles. Then, on the weekend when everyone is finally able to relax mentally and physically, the late morning starts, and the place where the family gathers after getting out of bed and coming out of each room is the  living room. No matter how busy the daily life, the time for families to get together has decreased, but that does not mean that the value of the family has decreased. It is natural to take care of the family that is most important to us in the hectic daily life, and it is also natural to take care of the living room, where family love comes and goes in small conversations by splitting the time away from family members together. So today, even though the size is small, I would like to look at some magical layout tips that give the living room, which is the most valuable space in the house, to give our family individuality and beautify it, as well as instill a sense of serenity.

Side table and sofa arrangement

The sofa is by far the most bulky piece of furniture in the living room. Since it is bulky and the material of the sofa is leather, the weight will also increase, so the sofa is usually attached to the living room wall. Even though the sofa is attached to the wall like this, since the living room size is small, rather than putting a side table for coffee, tea or snacks in the middle of the living room, I often put a side table between the side of the sofa and the window leading to the veranda. However, if you place the side table in the corner right next to the sofa like this, you can always have coffee or drinks in hand while talking with your family, or ask the person sitting right next to the side table to put the cup on the side table for a while. There are situations in which the conversation has no choice but to be cut off. Therefore, in order to create a smooth communication and comfortable refreshment atmosphere, it is recommended to place the side table right in front of the sofa, no matter how small the living room is. As a side table suitable for a narrow living room, it is recommended to select a side table made of wood designed with long legs in the picture to reveal the floor area as much as possible, thereby giving a visual space to the narrow living room. Also, rather than having a single wide side table, like the table in the photo, a small side table fits into a large side table to save space, but the side table and its legs are designed in a U-shape so that the side table is placed under the sofa. It is better to choose a design that uses table legs to make the most of the space.

Decorate the corner well

It is very difficult to use practically as a corner not only in the living room but also in all spaces in the house. However, as the space is narrow, we have to squeeze out ideas as much as possible and utilize even the neglected corners. In the case of the living room, the area is larger than other rooms, so if you use the corners practically, you can use the whole house much more widely. As for how to decorate a corner, you can make a corner cabinet built into the wall like the living room in the photo to store books, and decorate a corner of the living room cutely with various props such as picture frames, figures, and flowerpots. Of course, it’s hard to find custom designed cabinets in corners, so making your own corner shelves is definitely a good idea. Recently, solid wood panels and thin sheets are easily available in the market, so if you nail each piece according to the size of the corner and install a panel cut into a triangle shape, you can use the corner of our living room to the fullest. Small picture frames can be placed on the corner shelf so that you can feel the affection between family members, and it is a good idea to put air-purifying plants or succulents that are easy to grow and look pretty for a comfortable living room air.

Living room sofa layout designed in an open plan

If there is no wall separating the living room and the kitchen, and if it is designed as an open space that boasts a panoramic view, we use furniture instead of a partition or wall that blocks the view to naturally divide the two spaces while providing an open view. can keep Instead of bulky and high shelves or cabinets, by placing a sofa that was fixed to the living room wall in the middle of the living room and kitchen, you can divide the two spaces efficiently and complete the living room with a unique style. Rather than a monolithic living room where the sofa that we can see easily around us is on one wall of the living room and the TV is on the other side, we put the sofa between the two open spaces so that we can focus on family conversations and share our daily lives with each other. It is a friendly space to share , and it can be said to be a sofa arrangement method that breathes visual space into both the kitchen and living room  .

Storage cabinet for TV and books

Since the living room is small, we always need to be very careful not to pile up a lot of objects or furniture in the living room. This is because a narrow living room looks much more pleasant and spacious by creating a visually flat image. If the size of each piece of furniture is different and the living room has bumpy lines when viewed from the side, it is better to organize it from there. In addition to this, no matter how much a family shares blood, each person has their own tastes, so the living room, a common space for the family, is like a book cafe, a cozy and excellent educational space, and sometimes relaxing on the sofa while watching TV. I want the space to be used for various purposes. Therefore, the living room becomes cluttered and complicated with books and TV coexist, and this can be perfectly solved by providing a cabinet like the living room cabinet in the picture that can neatly store both the TV and the entire book. Like the living room in the photo designed by the domestic company, how about making a flat image of the entire living room with a white cabinet? In addition to visually making the living room more spacious and clean, you can cover the books by sliding the cabinet door to the side when watching TV. In addition, since it can look cramped with only a ceiling light, you can make a bright and comfortable living room by installing a buried lamp right above the TV & book cabinet.

Sofa and rug arrangement in a wooden frame

The Scandinavian style, which is consistently loved by many, is undoubtedly the best style to visually decorate a narrow living room. The smaller the size of a given space, the better it is to expose as much of the floor as possible. This is because the larger the floor area that catches the eye, the larger the space appears. Therefore, if a sofa with legs designed with a wooden frame is placed in a narrow living room, a certain amount of space is given between the floor and the sofa, revealing the floor area, and naturally, you can enjoy the effect of making the narrow living room appear wider. So, it can be said that this wooden frame fabric sofa is a good item to create a comfortable and secluded feeling even when a large family gathers in a narrow living room. In addition, by providing a rug with short fur in front of the fabric sofa of the wooden frame, you can complete the living room with a more cozy and comfortable feeling. In this case, it is better to place the rug under the legs in the front of the sofa and in the middle of the living room. In other words, if we use rugs to make the floor where our legs touch when we sit on the sofa cozy and comfortable, we can feel cozy and relaxed even if the living room is small.

Living room with dining table

When the living room is narrow, it means that the overall size of the house, including the living room, is small. This means that the size of the kitchen is also small, but since the kitchen is small and there is no dining room, if you barely put a dining table in the narrow kitchen, there is no space, so comfortable meals are already over the water. Therefore, we can place the dining table in the living room, which occupies the largest area in our house, relatively compared to the kitchen or bedroom, and use the living room as a dining room and resting space. In particular, the best thing about having a dining table in the living room is that the living room, which had only served as a family gathering on holidays, does its job wonderfully at every meal every day, so that you can efficiently use the largest space in the house. can be pointed out When placing the dining table in the living room, there is a way to use the living room as a dining room by decorating it with metal, wood and fabric materials in a modern cafe atmosphere like the living room in the photo. Of course, if the living room is spacious because the veranda and living room are designed in an open style, you can comfortably relax while watching TV or a book, using the main purpose of the living room, place a sofa for 2-3 people and dine in the empty space that was originally a veranda. After placing the table, a pendant light is installed just above the table, so that even if the dining room and living room are located in the same space, the two spaces can be divided naturally.

Hobby space designed along with living room

Although the living room is small in size, as mentioned above, it is necessary to efficiently utilize the entire living room given because it is a space designed with a larger area than any other space in our house. So, it is valuable enough to use the living room as a resting space for families who only gather on weekends, but to increase the value of our living room during the week, we created a hobby space or study in the living room to make it valuable every day. can enjoy In general, the sofa in the living room is placed in close contact with the wall. In order to use the small living room as a weekend rest space for the family and a hobby space during the week, pull the sofa slightly forward to create a free space behind the sofa, then can be uniquely decorated. Since the ceiling light is usually located in the middle of the living room, install a recessed lamp in the ceiling to brightly and brightly decorate the space behind the sofa, or install a long straight shelf on the wall and a wall lamp just below the shelf to create a cozy and comfortable living room. can also make If this lighting illuminates the dark part of the back of the sofa in the living room, we can set up our own small study by placing our hobbies, such as a guitar or piano, or a book, or create our own small study room for work or study at home. Designing it as a home office is also a good idea.

Ways to increase the value of your home

If you live in a familiar space for a long time, it is difficult to maintain the interior you originally thought of, and traces of the times of life buried here and there will remain. A new attempt is needed in our house that is gradually losing its old appearance! Today, I am going to introduce 7 ways to erase children’s graffiti, the time of life, and increase the value of our home anew. If you need a new change by removing the old traces and feeling the embarrassment of an old house, please refer to today’s article. By changing the visible parts first, it will be possible to create a new atmosphere and cleanly erase the old traces. Also, keeping the basics in mind can make your home a lot cleaner and cozier. Let’s increase the value of our home with a new style based on cleanliness.

Paint the wall

Just by erasing the times of life and children’s graffiti, you can make your home bright and clean. Just repainting the wall. If you live for a long time, the wallpaper may come off, and the walls will become dirty with graffiti and scratches from children. In this case, it is good to change the whole house neatly by painting the walls with a basic color. In particular, in the case of an old house, the old-style moldings are often separated in different colors. A wall is a good element to create a new atmosphere in your home through various attempts. This is because it contains the overall part and can be easily changed to a new one by using point wallpaper, point color, and well paper. Let’s try changing the wallpaper for a new atmosphere and times and traces of old life. You will definitely feel the whole house change.

Change door and handle

It is the door that not only has a lot of time in the house, but can also make a lot of changes visually. First, a door that opens and closes dozens of times a day is easy to dig, and various graffiti and pitting can occur. Especially in the case of an old house, traces of the times remain. If you want to get rid of the signs of life and give your home a new look, try repainting the doors in your home. You can paint it cleanly white, or you can paint the point door in black and blue like in the photo for a new atmosphere . Also, it is better to replace the handle with a stylish and modern one without feeling old. Doors take up a lot of space visually, so a stylish change to the door can make your home look much more organized and fresh. If you have children, especially if they are messy, try changing the door first.

Change the front door

The first thing you see when entering the house is the front door. Therefore, if the front door looks old and worn out, it is difficult to make a good first impression no matter how clean and sophisticated the inside of the house looks. Conversely, if your front door looks sturdy and neat, you can make a good first impression of your home. In the case of an old house, it often has an old metal door along with a door with an old design. If so, let’s change the front door. Then you can take the overall frame of the house a little more stylishly. Also, the inside of the front door can be replaced with a new one. Recently, the inside of the front door is often replaced with a blackboard. Simply apply and harden the chalkboard paint, and the blackboard is completed immediately. It can be used practically as well as complete a neat and witty front door. You can also leave a picture of your family or a cute little message. Don’t think that changing the front door is difficult. First, try an easy blackboard board or paint it with a different color for a point.

Brighten up your home with lights

The dark and somber atmosphere makes the house more stuffy and gloomy. There is a distinct difference between dim lighting and dim lighting in a cozy atmosphere. Weak lighting makes the house narrower and darker. So let’s use different lighting to make the atmosphere of the house brighter. A bright house is not necessarily a good thing. In Korea, white light is often used as the overall lighting of the house. This isn’t bad either, but using multiple partial lights in addition to the overall lighting can make your home more effective and create an interior effect. First, in addition to the overall lighting, you need to arrange several yellow indirect lighting. However, this lighting is not just plain, but it is good to choose a lighting that can be a little more pointy. You can not only get enough decoration effects without investing in interior decoration elsewhere, but also use light and lighting to change the atmosphere of a space and create a cleaner atmosphere.

Keep the toilet clean

The most hygienic and cleanest space is the bathroom. Old traces and traces of use not only interfere with the cleanliness of the toilet, but also interfere with the use of the toilet. If it is difficult to completely transform a bathroom, it is important to stick to the basics. It is to keep the toilet clean. If there is scale or dirt on the whole, it is important to clean it thoroughly and replace it with cement or silicone where there is a hole or where necessary. Basically, you can easily transform your bathroom by maintaining cleanliness, throwing away messy items, and replacing shower curtains, detergent bottles, toothbrush stands, etc., with something more stylish and pretty. It’s a small prop, but it will help you transform your bathroom. Fragrance is also important, so it is good to use a diffuser or air freshener to maintain the fragrance every time.

Create a more spacious home using color and mirrors

If you create a house with a more spacious feel, it is good to maintain a neat interior without feeling stuffy. Also, it looks more organized even when there are a lot of things. So, this time, let’s use a mirror to make the house look bigger. First, let’s break away from the narrow feeling by placing mirrors in the narrow hallways of the house. A large full-length mirror can be placed at the end of the hallway, or mirrors of various shapes and feelings can be hung on the wall. You can also place a mirror on one side of the living room, or paint the walls using a variety of colors, especially bright beige or point colors, to make the living room appear larger. If you use bright and bright colors, you can create a brighter home, so a narrow space can appear larger. You can also emphasize the bright feeling by using accessories of various colors. Especially in a small space, use a variety of mirrors and use bright colors to brighten up a small space. If you are curious about the living room interior using various colors.

Change the fabric

Change the overall fabric in your home. If there are parts that use fabrics, such as curtains, carpets, or sofas, give them a point with a new pattern or color. First, it is good to choose a fabric of a material suitable for the season and give it a desired point. As spring approaches, let’s use fresh and bright colors for point curtains and carpets to bring a bright energy into your home. You should also change the table mats and fabrics in the kitchen frequently and take care to keep them clean. If you change the atmosphere in your home and strive for a neat style, you can make your home more valuable and beautiful.