Unique decorations for the industrial style living room

Unique decorations for the industrial style living room | Gurgaon | Noida

What is your knowledge of industrial style? Have you ever been exposed to designs in this style? In this article, we will learn about the nature of the industrial style and its use as a pattern within the known patterns, and it is known that this style began in the fifties of the last century, and the aim of this pattern is to restructure things that have no use, and because of that, that pattern spread quickly, and many Designers tend to use it in their designs, but this style has reached the admiration of many people who love simplicity mixed with modernity, but in the early days of using this style, some believed that it had a harsh and cold character;

Where European designs are far from the warm oriental designs, in addition to using stark touches of colors, but this style is added to it with a touch of simplicity and contemporary to bring us a wonderful industrial style, and this style relies heavily on recycled and manufactured old things Once again to come to us in a new dress that enjoys beauty, creativity, development, and attention Living rooms with their importance in the house; As it is the place where the whole family or friends gather as well as eat food and watch TV and so on.

This room is considered an industrial-style design, and this can be seen through the ceiling in neutral gray, with walls in the same color, but the material is closest to cement.

As for the wood element, we find it in each of the floors and some sides of the walls, which is prepared, and this is in line with the pieces of furniture, which is a sofa In gray with some colored cushions, as for the carpet, it is in harsh colors, all of this combines with all types of artificial lighting in all its forms, whether hanging or sideways, and space plays a big role in that design.

It is possible to notice the presence of the industrial style with the modern through modern or modern furniture, but we also find it very close to recycled or manufactured things in order to appear in a new way that fits, and perhaps the colors of the walls express this style to a large extent, the combination between the stone wall With wooden floors, as well as artificial lighting with natural, a different set and grouped together to bring out this design for us.

This design is a combination of a large number of things, including glossy wooden floors with one wall in matt red and another side in burgundy, and the fourth wall in bright white, and here the furniture used is less; As a neutral gray sofa with two comfortable black leather seats, the design is simple.

This design is highly characterized by its tendency to elegance, luxury, modernity and coordination, although these features are largely far from the characteristics of the industrial style, we find wooden floors in a large area with few pieces of furniture with a stone wall and distinctive lighting.

The most distinguishing feature of this design is the mixture of bright yellow color and industrial features, wooden floors, stone walls and a joint between the living room and the kitchen, as for the lighting, it is natural with industrial.

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