Distinct living rooms in modern style | Best Interior Design Firm

Distinct living rooms in modern style | Best Interior Design Firm

Distinct living rooms in modern style | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Modern style title of beauty and simplicity, the furniture light and charming touches, much different from contemporary and classic also fashioned balance between the two modes and collect common details between them, today the beauty of modern style and is starring in 10 designs for rooms distinctive and different living , we all know the importance of g unburden living for each house, It is a focal point around which all family members gather after a stressful work or study day, and spend the most beautiful times in it. We hope that you will find what you have been looking for for a long time among these designs.

10. Simplicity of modern design.

The most important characteristic of the modern style is the lack of details and the lack of use of inscriptions and decorations greatly, its colors are mostly bright and bright, and its furniture is light, simple and with smooth lines. certain time..

2. Merging modernity with the beauty of everything old.

Very easily, you can combine the elements of your old home with the style of a modern living room with dreamy and bright colors, and attractive patterned curtains.

3. A cheerful color box..

A strong painting tops a wonderful scene in a distinguished living room, its furniture came in purple, and wood also came as a main partner in the design..

4. Dreamy and beautiful design..

The dreamy, aesthetic design in front of us carries calm details despite their use of shades of gray in varying degrees, a main wall that plays the role of full hero, a simple sofa with round tables and a large carpet..

5. Neutral and a touch of another color..

Neutrality plays a major role in modern designs, and experts are content to leave a touch of another color by adding simple pillows, different benches, lighting units and flowers.

6. Wood and its beauty..

Wood has its own luster and we cannot overlook its great role in modern designs, whether it is in the form of a wooden floor, walls, furniture or different ceilings. It adds wonderful warmth and intimacy to the calm and coolness of modern style, especially in living rooms..

7. Black is the king of colors..

Black will remain strong and beautiful in all styles and models, and here the designer made a bold mistake, which is choosing pieces of furniture completely in black and then choosing white and gray tones for walls, carpets and floors..

8. A pastel color..

Pastel colors are one of the most important choices of modern style, and even the most common in 2017, the choice here was very special, as the designer came with a soft heavenly degree with white and a light wood tone, a distinctive combination that captures the heart..

9. Delicacy and beauty..

Wallpaper is a key partner in the modern style, but a major favorite in addition to experts in this style, and the more it was different was the most beautiful design,  the living room here chose her designer grades extents balanced and beautiful, very simple furniture leaves a great movement of space to emphasize the feeling of comfort and simplicity ..

10. White..

White has its charm and grandeur, despite its simplicity that it imposes on the design as a whole. Design experts advise against using it completely in the  living space. but to add another color that makes the design more beautiful and more balanced, but it is a choice that is the most distinguished and bold among all designs..

Distinct living rooms in modern style | Best Interior Design Firm |

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