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Industrial style decoration for the home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Innovative, elegant, versatile, the industrial style emerged in disused warehouses and factories during the 1960s. As time went by, it became a favorite in modern decor. Some of its characteristics are the wide and open spaces, preferably, without divisions. The high ceilings and the bare materials.

Other highlights of this style are the exposed facilities, the huge windows and the predominance of materials such as steel, concrete, glass, brick and wood. You want to know more?

In this book we bring together 10 projects by professionals inspired by the industrial style. Objects, furniture and spaces for you to find all the inspiration. Join us with these industrial decoration ideas for your home ! We started!

Industrial style kitchen

The kitchen is one of the favorite spaces to express all the virtues of the industrial style. In the kitchen you can use finishes, furniture and deco objects of the industrial type. In the project of the image we have a faithful example. The furniture pieces combine materials such as steel and wood and subway style tiles are the best alternative to cover the wet area. Complementary, the lighting design, with exposed installations and large metal lamps, is masterful.

Structures and facilities in sight

The industrial style is also characterized by exposed structures and facilities. In this style, both become true protagonists of design and decoration. This is how we generally see brick, steel, wood combined with concrete floors or walls. Although you may not believe it, an industrial atmosphere can be applied in all types of spaces. Of course: they must always be well lit.

Small details

Small details make the difference. In the industrial style they are in charge of providing style and originality. Whether it is an object of daily use or a piece of furniture, the options for decorating with an industrial style are very wide and diverse. In this project of the image that translates into a minimum detail, but that marks a lot of style. We refer to the number that is printed on the door. Remember those used in New York lofts.

Finishes that give the feeling of the passage of time

In the kitchen in the image, the industrial details are found in the finishes. The counter tops and walls have been dressed with worn surfaces. The result is an elegant and extremely comfortable kitchen, thanks to its spaciousness and U-shaped design.

Bare materials

Naked materials are one of the must haves of the industrial style. In this proposal that idea is replicated in a wide brick wall. Without a doubt, it provides texture and combines perfectly with the color palette chosen for this space.

Reuse objects

Reusing objects is another must have of the industrial style and the best way to generate a less impact on the environment. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you find a functionality for it. Look at these tin cans turned into little pencils. Nothing simpler and more practical for your home. If you wish, you can customize them with different colors.

Everyday objects and antique frames

Other ideas, to create an industrial-style space, is to incorporate everyday objects such as a bicycle into the deco. Yes, a bicycle! On the other hand, an idea that never fails on the walls is to place old frames to frame photographs and works of art. Preferential frames should be important in their design or striking in their color.

Clear and simple

The industrial style is open. It is distinguished by its spaces loaded with natural light, it is also stripped down and simple. Therefore, recycle and reuse are some of its maxims. In fact, it arises in the old factories that were recycled for housing purposes, from the 60s. Did you see the seats on the floor? A great proposal that adds color and dynamism to the space.

Recycle objects

In the industrial style, in addition to reusing objects, you can recycle. Look at this car-chair. Very original! It even keeps the lights! Without a doubt, a simple idea that attracts attention and provides functionality. Would you like an armchair of this type for your home?

Materials viewed outdoors

We mention the materials naked or seen as one of the keys to the industrial style. But how is that idea applied in outdoor space? These options are great for delimiting a garden or terrace.

Industrial style decoration for the home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

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