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Decorating is one of the most popular topics, and this time, in this book of ideas, we will describe and show decorations that fall into the category of total failure. Decorations that are not appropriate and do not represent the style of the house that you want to realize include. What are the characteristics of a decoration that are not included in a successful decoration?

The color combination in this kitchen can be classified as a disaster. This room lacks unsightly contrasts so the room feels boring and lacks style.

This one example really looks like a horror movie. In decorating, the first thing to understand is proportions and lighting. This concept is clearly a disaster. Instead of being romantic for the little girl occupying this room, this one just became a room of bad taste.

When you want to include ethnic style in your home decor, be careful about the number of objects you will place in the room and what kind of decoration you want to create. The risk of creating a mural that is too flashy is also too great because the decoration scene becomes more unpleasant and you will have to remove it.

Home wall decor can be an interesting addition to your home and lining the walls is one example. However, for upholstery, try not to choose a velvet material like this so it doesn’t become a decorating nightmare.

Classic style can create an elegant atmosphere when applied in the right dose. As the saying goes, anything in excess is not good and will actually damage it, like this room that looks like it came out of an encyclopedia with lots of objects and the room is really crowded.

Wall color is a vital part of a successful room decoration because color will help create the sensation of a room dimension that matches the lighting and feeling the room creates. Colors like purple often make the environment appear dark, and bright, intense colors like orange and green don’t work well in a home.

Ceilings are often overlooked in the home decorating process, but don’t let the ceiling decorations go too extreme. Such a ceiling in this picture is far from aesthetic, harmonious and stylish.

The idea of ​​utilizing the dimensions of the room space is not new, but it can only be realized with the right furniture and the right color combination. Here is an example of what to avoid in bedroom decoration. This quaint bedroom has no character at all.

What do you think about this room? Reducing the beauty of a room with an onslaught of different colors, textures, and patterns is a fatal mistake in decorating. If you want to give an eclectic touch to your room, choose a specific theme to embody and choose objects that fit that style.

This one actually has potential considering its dominant color is black and white which is classic, elegant and timeless. Failure results from a dizzying psychedelic pattern.

Green should be fresh and natural, and is a great choice for decorating a kitchen. The error occurs when the selected color and its combination is with yellow. 

A mistake that is often made in the house is the use of decorations that are classified as excessive, even in terms of wall coverings. Covered walls must be measured, especially in confined spaces. The mistake in this bathroom is the excessive wall design.

The bedroom should have a design and decoration that makes people in it feel relaxed and can release fatigue. There is no way a room with a view like this can make people in it feel comfortable with a messy style. 

Unique details can actually determine the fate of the success of decorating a room or not. This one is also an example of a failure of detail that should be able to lift the uniqueness of the room. The lesson to be learned is that the decorations that are installed in the house must be considered carefully, especially if what is expected is an original atmosphere. Artificial gardens like this picture trap and ruin the style of the room, only to be left dusty.

Not all decoration combinations can work. Although floral motifs can usually give a soft feminine style to a room decor, when they are in excess and placed in the wrong place, the result is disastrous.

Patterns can be an interesting touch when properly placed and in sufficient quantity, and in this case, there is no harmonization at all to create a cozy room.

The living room is the ideal room in the house to gather with family and spend time together. Often, the living room is also the area where the television is placed. Therefore, avoid setting the living room as in this picture which seems empty and cold because the television is far away.

Carpets and various knitted materials with animal patterns do have their own fans and charms. However, make sure the carpet you choose is not shaped like a real animal or a disaster like the following picture, where the animal carpet looks like an animal corpse.

This table looks like a sadistic animal on top of it.

In a hall that greets your footsteps as you enter the house, you need to have a friendly and inviting impression that radiates from your interior. Avoid placing chairs that will not be used and choose furniture that will capture the character of the room.

The chairs in  this dining room are a total disaster. Aside from the unflattering colors, the design of this selected chair doesn’t help with the odd chains either.

The purpose of decoration is to beautify the room through colors, textures and objects that are placed in a coordinated manner. If you are not sure about the decorations you are planning, you should not force something that you are not sure about or you will destroy the aesthetics of the house.

Proportion and balance are the keys to a successful decor and ignoring this can create chaos like in this image. Excessive murals collide with bed sheets, curtains and seat cushions, and end up creating something unsightly. 

Another example of over-decoration. When in the room, there is an object with an accent color that gives the room more character, you should stop there. Don’t add other objects that will only make the objects stand out from competing with each other as in the following case.

Nothing is more gratifying than designing your own home to reflect your preferences and character. Making decisions that will last for years is crucial because remodeling may be an expensive endeavor. The biggest decorating mistakes to avoid are listed below.

Unbalanced Furniture

Carefully measure each room before purchasing furniture, and choose pieces that fit the style and dimensions of your house. While bulky or decorative pieces can be incorporated into large homes, furniture that is streamlined and sleek is best suited for small homes.

Neglecting Function

It’s crucial to concentrate on functionality while decorating a space and only include furniture that is absolutely necessary. Choose multipurpose furniture with at least two functions for small homes.

Insufficient Lighting

The home could appear dark and claustrophobic if there are only a few light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. To create a well-lit area, use several levels of lighting at various heights, such as under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen, table lamps, floor lamps, accent lights, and pendant lights suspended from the ceiling.

Unorganized Places

Create a well-organized room with lots of hidden storage because cluttered homes feel chaotic and stressful. Closed cabinets guarantee that every piece of storage is hidden from view. Regularly purge your home of clutter and discard everything you no longer need. Use concealed wiring as well, and installs cord covers or wire managers that match the color of the walls.

Investing in Cheap Furnishings

No matter how appealing the furniture may be, avoid getting sucked in by it. Accept strong, pleasant furniture that is simple to maintain and will last for many years.

Far Too Many Pictures

A collection of images can give the impression that the home is cramped. A designated wall should be chosen, and placement should be considered.

Decorated excessively

Your home would feel claustrophobic if you attempt to adorn every wall and nook of it. Create a focal point with major statement-making items rather than scattering multiple little accent pieces.

Coordinating Decor

You could be tempted to get identical upholstered furniture, drapes, carpets, and décor accents to be safe. Instead, play around with textures, colors, and a variety of textiles to put together an outfit that reflects your individuality.

Picking out paint colors Decide on your upholstery first, choose your furniture and accessories, and then match them to the color of the walls rather than the other way around.


Making a single purchase for décor

Take your time looking over various décor items and refrains from making impulsive purchases. Concentrate on the key furnishings, and then plan your house around them.

No one can contest the fact that interior design is a form of art when confronted with the pure beauty of any well-designed environment. For a professional interior designer to be able to expertly improve people’s lives through the proper designing of places, he or she must first obtain a professional degree and then spend years unceasingly developing and practicing his expertise and inventiveness.


The incorrect scale is one of the most frequent interior design errors we observe.

A place can appear congested and disorganized if there are too many little items present. Similar to overcrowding a room with heavy furniture, stuffiness results.

Mixing the scale is the secret. The room is kept fascinating by a “skyline” of several pieces in various heights, forms, and materials.

The ratio is very challenging to get just right. You do not necessarily need to buy little furnishings just because your room is limited. Nobody wants to experience what Snow White did in the Seven Dwarfs’ House!

Your room will be cohesive if you use one huge statement piece of furniture.

Setting up Accessories

Still keeping the china statues from your grandmother that you detest? It’s time to let loose and decorate the house with something you truly adore. Your space will look dated if it has too many antiques.

Your space will look dated if it has too many antiques.

Spreading mementos over the house, even if you truly love them, is just plain lazy and careless. Make little clusters out of the accessories instead. Now put them on ring trays in groups of odd numbers.

To stabilize everything and highlight the nuances of the smaller pieces, incorporate one large element into the vignette. Again, the most interesting display will result from a combination of various heights, textures, and forms.

Art may be imposing and very stunning when it is hanging. Regrettably, this is also the reason why errors are often obvious.

Choosing the wrong size is the first error several interior designers make. Don’t let size frighten you! Almost often, bigger is better. While a large-scale piece of art might become the room’s centre point, a piece that is too little can look foolish.


If you wish to add more than one component, play around with the scale and placement until you find one that appears balanced.

Keep in mind that eye level generally appears to be the most natural.

The First Fabric

Love the robin-egg blue lacquer on your living room wall but have no choice but to paint the wall white to go with the wood and lacquer?

Regrettably, many architects and homeowners wind up making this error.

It’s risky to start with something as permanent as the wall colour in home decor because there are so many variables that change over time.

Because of this, we advise that you set a budget for your purchases and choose the fabric for things like curtains, carpets, sofas, and chairs before choosing the hues in the material for the walls.

Also, it is simpler to locate wall paint that goes well with the fabric, texture, and lighting of the room than the opposite.

The color blue

We adore a cozy, Scandinavian-style home that helps you all feel at ease. White, however, is poised, but empty is not.

Yet only when done well, neutrals are stylish. If not, the living area could feel gloomy and unpleasant.

The layering of warm hues and textures is what gives Interior A to Z their cosines. The result is a bland, unfinished effect caused by white walls, all neutral furnishings, and no warmth.

Bring some décor items and artwork in. For extra zing, add some paint colors like Cook’s Blue! Pick out some colors, then use them sparingly on the shelves, carpets, cushions, and other decor items.

Add personality

We can easily get the newest design concepts thanks to Pinterest. Yet, it also accelerated the trend towards cookie-cutter interiors, where all rooms began to have a same, forgettable appearance.

Even if copying a Pinterest board exactly as it could be simpler, it won’t speak to you. Making your home uniquely personal and meaningful requires bringing your individuality to it.

Like to garden?

Incorporate the rug from your Turkish vacation into your master bedroom. Make your house a storyteller!


Take it carefully to get the most tastefully decorated home that is all you. As you discover new pieces you adore, add them. As we previously stated, interior design is a dynamic process. Let it expand alongside you.

Focal Point

No corner or scene in a room without a focal point will hold your attention for very long.

A focal point anchors your room and enhances its aesthetic value. A focal point is a location from which all of your room’s other activities emanate.

In an open layout, a visually striking feature aids in focusing attention and creating a sense of community.

A giant indoor tree, moving wallpapers, paneled walls, or a large piece of artwork are a few surefire methods to provide a focal point in a room’s design.

A room’s lighting may make or destroy it. Thus after providing a room with enough of natural light, be sure to include sufficient, thoughtfully placed supplementary lighting.

The biggest error you can make is to incorporate lighting as an afterthought or clumsy addition at the last minute.

Another error is installing lighting that is only bright enough to give basic illumination or utilizing inexpensive fixtures without dimmers. As a result, the house becomes glaringly brilliant or softly lighted and lifeless.

Lighting serves both practical and aesthetic purposes. The secret is to overlay your lights to create ethereal pools of light. A beautifully illuminated home is guaranteed by a well-balanced and innovative arrangement of ambient lighting, such as table lamps, job lighting, and accent lighting.

False rug

Your room’s décor depends on your rug. Doing it right might enhance the room’s appeal as a whole.

Not only is picking a rug that is too tiny a mistake, it also makes your area appear smaller and disorganized. Simple design ideas can help your carpets thrive in any setting.

Make sure it’s the right size as a first rule. This means that rugs in the living room should cover the front half of every piece of furniture that sits on it.

Imagine you are a latecomer and already have a stunning little rug. Do not worry; there are workarounds for rule one. By bringing the carpet all the way up to the “sofa wall,” it becomes an intimate component of the sitting arrangement rather than the entire living space.


Even if it’s even smaller, there’s still hope. Make your coffee table the focal point of the room by placing a rug underneath!

Layers and Metal

Who doesn’t enjoy metallic details? Yet, it is simple to use too much metal.

A chrome floor lamp can seem stylish, but it looks bad next to a chrome chandelier, coffee table legs, and other accessories.

Unless it is warm like brass, too much metal can detract from a room’s warmth and make it sterile and cold.

Metals mixed with natural and organic materials like lines and jute, however, can soften the hard impression.

Room Dimensions

Your neighborhood secondhand shop has a beautiful accent chair that you found. You are proud as can be, you are thrilled, and you are turning green. Yet when you get home, you discover that the scale of your room has drastically changed.

Choosing style above substance

A well-known architectural idea known as “form follows function” also applies to interior design. The general guideline is that an object’s outside design should match its function or use.

Architectural Digest-worthy interior design may bring you lots of compliments and envious looks, but if it doesn’t improve and simplify your daily life, it’s really just a waste of money.

The furniture, color, accessories, and every other part of the room should all be chosen with the intended use of the space in mind.

Ignoring details

Lack of attention to detail is an easy decorating mistake that may be avoided.

A beautifully designed, perfectly functional kitchen will be rendered useless if it is equipped with unsightly, inappropriate fixtures.

Similar details like the positioning of dustbins, the knobs on drawers, the throw cushions on the sofa, etc., can be easily neglected but if given care, they will delicately embellish the home.

Dull entrances

Many designers make the mistake of underestimating the significance of an entryway when working on a home.

When visitors arrive at your home, the doorway is the first thing they see and the final thing they take with them when they leave. Give this alcove the attention it needs.


Install a stunning work of art with excellent overhead lighting. Lay down a comfortable area rug. If you have a mudroom shelf and storage in your doorway, make sure to give them a chic makeover and add some chic decorations.

Keep in mind that the entryway establishes the tone for your entire house.

One reason is that if you furnish your home with worn-out furniture, it will need to be replaced sooner due to normal usage and wear. A product of high quality, however, will last for many years.

Similar to this, think about buying one quality item rather than flooding your room with cheap items.

Here is where the images of slow living that were described earlier come in; let your house wait for you. Watch for good deals, treasures at yard sales, and antique shops as you progressively amass accent items. Advance together!

No Strategy

We’ve already seen how careful planning is necessary to get furniture that is the right size. But it’s not just about the size of the furniture. Designers and clients frequently disagree owing to poor organization and communication.

Designers and clients frequently disagree owing to poor organization and communication.

Furniture placement and home layout that has been carefully thought out and planned offers greater practicality, a winning color palette, and a unified design aesthetic.

No matter the size or scope of a design project, careful preparation in terms of requirements, timeframe, budget, preferences, etc. will result in a smooth project completion.

Pillow stack

Who doesn’t adore plush pillows that resemble clouds? How much, though, is too much?

While you can be more creative with the pillows you put on the bed, it’s best to keep the amount of pillows on the sofa to a minimum.

Thankfully, the practice of stuffing pillows onto sofas and armchairs has faded, leaving our seats once more clutter-free.

Window Problems the sumptuous softening of the rooms is greatly aided by the use of curtains. But, they are also incredibly useful. Because of this, there are numerous ways that window treatments might go awry.

To give the impression that the space is tall and vast, curtains must be hung at the proper level.


Some people trim the length of half windows’ curtains at the level of the sill, giving the window an aged and even smaller appearance. Yet, curtains that are overly long droop and trail pitifully along the floor.


Therefore, even if there is little tolerance for error nowadays, human error still happens. Learning from others’ errors is the best approach to deal with your own. Visit the Foyr Community to connect with other interior designers. You can seek advice and guidance as well as engage in meaningful conversations.

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