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Interior design ideas about dining room in low budget

Interior design lighting ideas about dining room

Industrial lighting is an important thinks about completing interior home decor, as are carpets and curtains; we frequently see a particular house whose interior design is extremely elegant and complicated, but it lacks good lighting units to spotlight this elegance and distinction.

One of the important rooms that ought to be taken care of in providing good lighting is that the dining rooms to urge an honest view while eating, and today we’ll present variety of distinctive lighting ideas for dining rooms

1. Combining natural and industrial lighting during a distinctive creative way

By following the principle of providing strong lighting inside the dining rooms, natural and industrial lighting was combined during a distinctive way, within the room there are an out sized number of windows of various sizes, and for other industrial lighting units, we note that the trend has been to style some gypsum ceiling decorations with hidden lighting units surrounded by variety From small spots to reinforce the lighting, and above the board , a lighting unit consisting of exquisite classic lamps added an unparalleled aesthetic.

2. More natural radiance

In a wonderful classic dining room that relied totally on natural lighting to supply more radiance, a little glass chandelier was used above the table additionally to the presence of lampshades on the edges of the table with soft yellow lighting for a more classic atmosphere.

3. Spotlight lighting at the highest of the table

A small dining room in space that was designed within the traditional simple way that completely avoids the complexity, during which the main target was on the natural lighting coming from the massive window, and within the ceiling above the table, variety of spots were distributed to reinforce the vision while eating.

4. Modern lighting unit

Following a unified decorative style within the house doesn’t apply to the selection of room furniture only, but an equivalent thing must be followed within the selection of complementary elements to the planning, as we will see here a contemporary glass lighting unit was used at a coffee level from the table.

5. Distributed ceiling lighting in open dining room design

In the open design, it’s preferable to not specialize in a lighting unit within the middle of the spaces, as we see here that the tendency to distribute the spotlights within the ceiling during a random manner was better than employing a central lighting unit above the table.

6. Truth meaning of classic lighting through a crystal chandelier

A distinctive shot of a classic dining room that mixes gray and turquoise, the lighting in it’s been enhanced by counting on the planning of the massive window and therefore the transparent curtain that permits the foremost natural light to enter, and an out sized crystal chandelier was used directly above the table, but at A level far away from the table. And within the sides of the space, able cat was utilized in the edges of the space

7. More windows and appliques

In the longitudinal design dining rooms like better to believe natural lighting, and indeed this has been implemented during this design through the planning of an outsize number of huge windows, and therefore the ceiling was designed to contain hidden light houses, and at the highest of the table there’s an exquisite white crystal chandelier, and within the sides of the space an outsize number of appliques are installed to reinforce the illumination and classic feel.

8. The charming effect of the low chandeliers on the dining room atmosphere

In this example, we notice that a crystal chandelier designed during a wonderful way above the board and at A level on the brink of it had been used, in order that the space was indispensable for the utilization of the other lighting units.

9. Use a mirror near the lighting unit to supply more radiance

In a perfect design for the dining room, one among the tricks wont to enhance the radiance was the trick to reflect the sunshine, as an outsize modern chandelier was used at a coffee level on the brink of the table and next thereto was an outsizes mirror to reflect the sunshine and spread it throughout the space

10. an environment of ancient time

For fans of the classic, antique atmosphere, we provide a particular design for a dining room that relied on a chandelier of copper covered in gray, also on mix the old classic way with the new modern ways, using hidden lighting units surrounding the upper room.

11. Eat your food such as you are in an outside garden

The charming nature atmosphere certainly brings a way of relaxation and luxury inside your home, and you’ll enjoy this atmosphere by allowing the utmost amount of sunlight to enter your home, and that we see during this design that an outsizes number of windows were designed within the dining room to enjoy the atmosphere of nature while eating.

Interior design ideas about dining room in low budget | Top designer firm

Dining room design ideas about shape

If there was an important item in the dining room it might be, without a doubt, the table and chairs placed around it. So once you decide what sort of table you would like for the dining room, there are many doubts: What materials can we want to use? What percentage chairs? What shape may be a table round or square?

In our article today, we’ll specialize in this last aspect: can we need a round board or can we prefer the rectangle? Some people prefer round tables and a few find them tons less functional compared to rectangular or square tables. But both have many advantages also as some drawbacks. Let’s start the comparison: the round versus rectangular board.

Area and site

One among the primary belongings you will need to ask yourself when choosing a kind of board is that the position you’re in and therefore the space you calculate. The round table occupies a really special space: everything revolves around it. That’s why once we choose a round table we must take under consideration this detail and realize that we’d like breadth around it, in order that we will move without being uncomfortable to any of the diners.


In an elongated room, an oblong table is that the ideal option, because it makes the space appear much larger, and offers more places in less space. Another advantage to picking when choosing between a round or rectangular table is that you simply can place it against the wall, which makes it take up less space.


When choosing tables, we’ve to require under consideration the impact their design will wear the event of our meals and celebrations. The round table features a big advantage regarding this in comparison to the oblong one: it generates greater intimacy, during which none of the chairs heads the table. All of them are of equal importance, and there’s no hierarchy.

The same thing happens with a square table, just like the one we see within the picture. It’s a table for eight; none of them is above the opposite. However, a square table can’t be very large because it will take up tons of space. For an equivalent number of people, so it might be more appropriate to settle on an elongated rectangular table, since it always occupies less space.


As previously announced, rectangular tables have a plus that neither round tables nor space can compete with: its capacity. Imagine we had to place all the chairs we see within the picture around a round table … that might be so big! The length of the table is so large that a part of the inside space of the table isn’t accessible to any of the patrons.

However, an elongated rectangular table manages to supply an area for more people to eat a lower surface. Albeit you’re trying to find your dining room for grandiose celebrations, you’ve got no choice but to surrender to the sweetness of an oblong table.

The legs

When choosing a round table, one among the aspects which will upset the balance is that the location of the legs. Many models usually remain on one central foot, thus eliminating the standard four legs from the square and rectangular tables. This manner you get the advantage that nobody is motivated to fight in order that you do not touch the leg.

The corners

When choosing between a round or square dining room table, another advantage of round tables compared to rectangular ones is that, with no corners, they’re easier – and fewer dangerous – in small spaces and rooms.

And let’s face it … Who among us didn’t feel in his body that painful beak from the table that pressed the thigh at the corners? With a round table this doesn’t happen. Albeit we’re clumsy.


Round tables are a crucial aesthetic option, with some distinct advantages. They’re more welcoming and versatile, they’re also more social and fewer disturbing to visitors, in terms of legs, it’s less uncomfortable, because there are not any angles. However it does require a really private space and isn’t suitable for very crowded celebrations.

But it’s true that the round tables have something very special: they’re fun, and supply a call for participation to conversation and discussion, because all the guests are almost at an equivalent distance from one another.

Rectangular tables are the foremost popular, which indicates that they’re practical, functional and cozy . On the opposite hand, they’re ideal for elongated dining halls and permit many of us to be accommodated in less space. So if we’ve a little area, and that we wonder which table takes up less space, which is round or rectangular, we’ll find that we will put the table against the wall, which we cannot neutralize the case of the round table.

But within the end, within the moment of truth, we cannot forget a crucial point, which is our own taste in evaluating all the benefits and drawbacks of every table, to settle on one that ultimately brings us somehow to the guts. Backgammon selection, in fact, sounds a touch like love. You cannot tell why, but when you’re ahead of the right table you’ll know exactly that.


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7 ways to create a small dining room in your kitchen

Many of us are used to having a dining area where we can enjoy any meal throughout the day. But we find that we do not have a large space to place our dining table with the corresponding chairs. In those cases, it is best to consult what options we would have in each case with a specialist in these issues, such as interior decorators and designers, who will know what options are the best for each specific space.

But we know that before you can make that change, you need some references to go to your professional. Therefore, below we show you 7 ideas to create a dining area in your kitchen, without taking up too much space. You will love it!

Lengthen your counter top

A simple and easy method to get a space to eat in your kitchen, is to extend the worktop a little more than what the cabinet below occupies. In this way, in the overhang that remains from lengthening the counter top, you can place some stools and get that eating area.

Island with bar

If you have the opportunity to create your custom kitchen, you can order a custom piece of furniture: the kitchen island. You will have the ability to request the drawers you need, the size, the finishes… And include a bar or breakfast area, where you can eat daily.

A dining room in the kitchen

Kitchens can be somewhat larger than normal and then you can place a dining table. If, in addition, you would like to have it a little more independent in some way, you can delimit the kitchen with tiles and leave the rest of the floor continuous with the material that is in the room; all this in case you have a kitchen open to the living room.

Continuous table

This idea would be an evolution of lengthening the countertop but in a more special way: creating a piece of furniture that is in symbiosis with the kitchen island, including storage and a table where you can eat every day. A simple and very practical solution!

Dining room in the wall

Sometimes our kitchens are very long, and therefore, we cannot create a specific dining area without taking up too much space. A good idea for this type of kitchen is to install an elongated table (you can make it to measure), which occupies the remaining space. Many times, that leftover space forces you to create a dining room facing the wall, but for daily eating it is very practical.

Mini kitchen-dining room

If you have a kitchen that shares space with the living room or that has a sufficient area, you can install a small table with some chairs and you will have, without much effort or investment, your own dining area. Fast and easy!

High table with stools

Another option that we can use to have a dining room in our kitchen is to get a high table with some stools. It occupies little, you can find the one that suits your space and your tastes, or create it to measure for you. Anything goes.


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