Bedrooms for girls with wonderful designs Gurgaon Noida Delhi NCR

Bedrooms for girls with wonderful designs | Best Interior Design Firm | 2023

Bedrooms for girls with wonderful designs | Best Interior Design Firm

Bedrooms for girls with wonderful designs | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Certainly, the designs for girls’ rooms have a special and distinctive character; This lies in the character of the girls themselves; As they enjoy a side of softness and tenderness mixed with vitality and activity, and given all these things, the designs must be Their own has a special character that enjoys calm and tenderness, as well as the distinctive colors that they like.

We find the use of pink, fuchsia and pink shades of the most used colors, but this does not reduce anything from the use of other colors that have a major role in the personality of every girl, such as mauve, violet or The calm, light green. As for the modern colors, they play a significant role, namely turquoise and gentry. As for white, this is a must, as it is the most common factor present in all designs; As it always enters into the design, whether it is a basic color or an auxiliary color, and if we come to the furniture, the shape of the furniture must correspond to the nature of the room and design.

In this article, we will discuss five charming and distinctive designs for girls’ rooms. Those between the ages of 12 and 21 years and over, and this age is between adolescence and young adults;

Where the beginning of independence and a sense of self and the beginning of requirements and the imposition of needs, so it is better for the skilled designer to take the vision and perception of the girl about her room as her own kingdom, and then add his own touches, as for the following designs, they are ready to choose among them the most appropriate design in terms of space and taste.

When you look at this design, you will feel as if you are in one of the princesses’ rooms, and these designs are closest to the hearts and minds of girls; Where we find the use of soft, calm colors, which is light pink and mixed with white and not only that, we find the back wall of the bed in light gray to complete the innovative artistic painting, with wooden floors covered with carpets like soft ostrich feathers, which gives the design a glimpse of tenderness, while the decorations are part Much of it is due to modern lighting units.

This design is more practical; Where we find a pair of beds, so that the room can accommodate two people, and this design is most likely suitable for a family that has two sisters. The pink color is heavily tilted to cashmere, with glossy porcelain floors in a light sugar color, all of this meets with the decor, whether for the walls or ceiling form of luminous stars, as for the natural side, we find good ventilation and natural lighting throughout this design, in addition to green views.

Despite the small space in that design, it has creativity from light wooden floors covered with distinctive carpets to pieces of furniture. The sleeping place here is a multi-purpose sofa, which can be used as a comfortable sofa or a place to sleep, all in a wonderful cream color, Decoration plays the biggest role in this design.

This design has a bright design, as evidenced by the white light that shines throughout the room through the window, in combination with the predominance of white with simple hints of light rose.

This design is like a joker, and this is not a vacuum. It can be suitable for a girls’ room, for boys or a master bedroom; Where the bed is wide and the colors intertwine with each other, in addition to the simplicity of the furniture pieces, as well as the natural views that contribute to purifying the air.

Bedrooms for girls with wonderful designs | Best Interior Design Firm

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