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Our studio’s fundamental tenet is to offer customized, aesthetically beautiful solutions for our clients through quick project development using distinctive architectural and design elements. Even if you don’t have a ready-made plan for what you desire, we can still assist you achieve your goals.

Interior Designer Industry Leader Interior A to Z

Interior A to Z is the ideal interior designer for you if you want someone with years of experience and an uncompromising attention to detail. They have been offering consumers in Gurgaon excellent flair and sophistication since 2009.

Interior A to Z offers professional advice at every stage of the design process and doesn’t let up until the client is completely satisfied with the final result. They are passionate about developing and making environments that simplify your daily life and work. To make you feel proud, they mix their professional and creative abilities with the newest technology and a global design approach. Its work includes renovating projects as well as cottages and housing developments. They recognize that excellent design is attainable regardless of the budget and that the little things may make a big difference.

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Interior Design ideas for renovating kitchen wall

Investing in the wall covering of your kitchen can make it the protagonist environment. Currently, an incredible amount of original designs in ceramics and vinyl’s suitable for the kitchen are available on the market. In addition to new materials, traditional coatings also prevail, such as wood and exposed brick, which combined with modern furniture, bring a new style.

In this book of ideas, we bet on the game in an original and unique way and results. Walls that create depth, that contrast and at the same time, create a perfect harmony. We hope that these 12 ideas enchant you just as we enchanted you.

1. Patchwork in neutral shades of gray

A practical and charming proposal. Vinyl is easy to apply and can result in a beautiful option.

2. Retro style

In Team Ceramics projects we always find wonderful ideas. This project is the perfect example that a simple white enameled retro style coating is able to create a beautiful kitchen.

3. Coating that evokes practicality

Resistant to high temperatures, PVC panels represent a great option for those who prefer practicality above all. Available in neutral tones and also with prints make practicality and style always go together.

4. Glazed tiles

One of the latest innovations on the market, the glazed tile offers a shiny, clean and crystalline finish.

5. Rustic and modern

Wood is not a new coating, but the tradition of this material makes it very versatile and stylish. Dark colored walls and a wooden counter top in their natural color, results in an interesting combination.

6. Romantic geometry

Making a wall the standout character of the kitchen, allows us to have an elegant atmosphere, without being overdone and at the same time original. If you are a romantic person give yourself the opportunity to do something like this.

7. Wooden panels

The kitchen should not only be a comfortable environment, but also a hygienic environment. If this theme concerns you, the varnished MDF panel is a great option when evaluating what material and what design facilitates daily hygiene.

8 A touch of color

Ceramics and semi-opaque enameled in colors are the latest trend in kitchen walls. Studio shows us a style with simple and subtle Mediterranean colors.

9. Hexagonal parts

Small pieces of ceramic in hexagonal shape represent another trend in kitchen coverings. This design can be applied on tiles or vinyl’s and results in a charming proposal, like the image above from the studio.

10. Industrial touch

The exposed brick combined with the wood results in a rustic atmosphere. However, the combination of wood and steel forms a team with an industrial touch, unbeatable and modern for your kitchen .

11. Floral

The image above is another example of a practical anti-splash coating. In a simple elegant floral motif, in white and black, it allows adding colorful details and achieving contrast and life to the environment.

12. Deep red

The red to cover the kitchen wall can be found in vinyl, tile and even in epoxy, so that you can make your kitchen the heart of the house. In addition, red can be combined with neutral colors such as gray, bage and white.

7 unique ways to use walls for decoration

We can rely on walls to be the boundaries of our home and the security of our privacy inside our homes, and this is the common belief when the word “wall” comes to our minds, but we can think of the nature of walls as a major component in our home that can be fully exploited in a creative way that helps us to increase empowerment Decoration is from its aesthetic and practical mission at the same time in a more creative way.

We will accompany us on a fun tour among 7 professional inspirational wall models that played a great role in improving the decor with some simple steps that their designers followed, which we will explain in the next few lines.

Designer of modular kitchens in Gurgaon

In preparing a wonderful meal, a decent kitchen should not only appear excellent but also be convenient and easy to access. It is where one spends their most precious time, preparing meals for their loved ones. The culinary experience is therefore made convenient and enjoyable by having a practical and modern kitchen where all the cooking appliances, cookware, and supplies are within easy reach. The functionality of kitchens of any size or shape can be greatly improved with modular kitchens, and Interior A to Z is the best modular kitchen designer in Gurgaon.

Modular kitchens not only provide your kitchen a sleek appearance, but they also create hidden storage spaces and showcase areas where you never would have thought to look.

We have provided you with a thorough examination of kitchen interior design so you can get a sense of how fun and convenient using your kitchen can be.

The Interior A to Z has the most affordable prices and is the top modular kitchen designer in Gurgaon, offering the following extensive selections of finishes to fit any budget.

Silver Acrylic

The kitchen has a more opulent appearance thanks to the premium finishes available in Platinum Acrylic. It is a striking finish that has the durability of plywood and the appearance of glass. It not only satisfies the visual desire, but it is also every woman’s fantasy in terms of upkeep and cleaning simplicity. This finish maintains its quality for many years and never deteriorates.

Finished Glass

Glass with a lacquer finish may instantly upgrade your kitchen. Lacquered glass will offer your kitchen cabinets a luxurious look and feel instead of conventional glass. The most popular option for modular kitchens in contemporary homes is lacquer finishes. They are easy to clean and stain-resistant. The color remains unwavering, and the lacquer’s distinctive shine does not wane. The room is illuminated by the light reflecting off the lacquered glass, and the reflections give the impression that the space is larger.

Finish in acrylic

Cabinets look posh and expensive when made of acrylic. It lends the kitchen a very polished and elegant feel, is long-lasting, and is simple to maintain. By simply installing acrylic kitchen cabinets, you may brighten up and give your kitchen a much-needed makeover if it appears drab with standard cabinets. It reflections and, for years, makes your area appear more open, energetic, and appealing due to its glossy appearance.


The membrane finish gives any space a polished appearance. To create an eye-catching combination of colors for your kitchen interior, you can mix and match the numerous color possibilities that are offered. A surface’s appearance is made more natural and velvety by membranes. Membranes can cover all edges and grooves perfectly, negating the necessity for edge-banding. Our molded and routed shutters give your kitchen a noble, immaculate appearance!

Cabinets are made to appear pricey and fashionable using poly gloss/poly matte acrylic. It lends the kitchen a very polished and elegant feel, is long-lasting, and is simple to maintain. By simply installing acrylic kitchen cabinets, you may brighten up and give your kitchen a much-needed makeover if it appears drab with standard cabinets. It reflections and, for years, makes your area appear more open, energetic, and appealing due to its glossy appearance.

Laminate Surface

Your kitchen will have a really opulent and sparkling touch thanks to the laminate finish. It makes the space more cheerful and gives your kitchen a welcoming appearance. This finish is one of the greatest solutions for your modular kitchen since it is moisture and heat resistant, cost-effective, and long-lasting.

Gurgaon’s top modular kitchen designer

Modular kitchen accessories complement only modern dwellings. They work well in practically every sort of kitchen, whether it is conventional or minimalist. Modular kitchen accessories have gained popularity as a result of accessibility issues and limited space. Without the incorporation of modular kitchen accessories, a kitchen is plainly lacking!

As a designer of modular kitchens, we equip our accessories with the newest technology, organizational techniques, and design hacks.

The Interior A to Z makes the most of the available space and raises the standard of kitchen design. Every component of the kitchen’s interior will be useful and have a purpose.

Large Unit

Tall units provide plenty of room and a dedicated area for appliances like microwaves, mixers, blenders, wicker baskets, etc.

Unit Ladder

The additional storage and organization that a ladder unit offers in a small space is one of the key advantages of installing one. It makes things accessible with ease for effective use. One easy tug quickly removes the full contents from either side.

Kitchen Unit

Units for the pantry are long-lasting and simple to maintain. It provides excellent access to the merchandise, and the inside heights are controllable.

Designer of modular kitchens

With these contemporary modular kitchen ideas and accessories, you may simplify your everyday meal preparation and be motivated to spend more time in your kitchen. We are the best modular kitchen designers in Gurgaon, and we create a kitchen tailored to our clients’ needs to make using the kitchen productive.

Do you require professional guidance to purchase the most appropriate and useful modern modular kitchen?

You are welcome to schedule a consultation. We provide the most affordable modular kitchens in Gurgaon. For your lovely property in Gurgaon, we also offer the greatest interior design services for bedrooms and wardrobes.

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