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Ideas for Small Kitchens in Space but Big in Design | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Not all of us have been blessed with large, sociable kitchens where friends and family can flock to keep the cook busy (whether it’s you or someone else in your house). And yes, you may not even have a kitchen island, stove top, or dining table for guests to cram around, but that doesn’t mean you should underestimate your cooking space.

And like any professional kitchen planner (or interior designer), he’ll be quick to point out: It’s not the size that matters, it’s what you do with it…

  1. Choose a clear color palette

A light and neutral color scheme can definitely help make your small kitchen look lighter, bigger and more airy. But think beyond white or beige.

How about textured cream tiles and marble counter tops complementing Sky Blue cabinetry for a clean, crisp palette to help the light bounce off?

  1. Choose Flexible Storage

You need all the space even legroom that you can get in a small kitchen, especially for storage purposes. So ditch those plain floating shelves for something more functional like a wall-mounted plate that allows you to add more shelves, hang mugs upside down, neatly stack plates, and maybe even serve a wine rack.

  1. Invest in more storage helpers

Speaking of getting the right storage for your small kitchen, how about going beyond just cabinets and drawers? We’re talking tried-and-tested pieces like interior storage solutions (for example, wire shelves that pull out from corners or slim cupboards, drawer dividers for spices and utensils), a kitchen cart (with built-in storage compartments) that can easily get out of the way when needed, baskets or Containers Over Wall Cabinets… You Get the Picture?

  1. Distracts the eye with bold flooring

As long as your dominant color palette is light and crunchy, you can experiment more with the floors of your small kitchen (in terms of style) to make it stand out. Keep in mind the fact that a strong pattern can be distracting to the eye and make a space appear larger!

  1. Keep a neat and meticulous outline

Combined with those soft-colored walls and cabinets, take a step forward with sleek, modern details to open up your small cooking area.

Reflective materials, combined with a minimalist design, are ideal for small spaces and are recommended by the design experts. Furthermore, you can invest in white / faux glass cabinets, white or textured stone, stainless steel worktops, and even colorful tile backslashes…

  1. Check out that table

It may seem silly to bring a kitchen island into an already small space, but remember that they come in many different designs and styles — including tall, elegant, and thin. And the minimalist style can add additional storage and counter space.

Additionally, if there is a slight protrusion on one side, you can try to squeeze some bar stools for a more casual dining spot.

  1. Huge pelvic area

No space for a dishwasher in your small kitchen? Then it may be worth finding a place for a double sink.

Make the first bowl for washing and the other for rinsing. Or one for washing and one for stacking dirty dishes and cutlery – it’s entirely up to you! The point is, even a double sink takes up much less legroom than an adequate dishwasher, and adds a lot less to your small kitchen in terms of visual clutter.

8- Declutter

Modern and minimalist styles focus more on space than things. This means that you need to get rid of all the items that you don’t use in your kitchen on a regular basis. For some, that may mean donating an ice cream maker. For others, it’s their set of measuring cups or cheese knives (how much do you really need?).

9- Hide behind closet doors:

Closed-door cabinets are important in clean-looking kitchens. And for extra points here, we recommend choosing your units in chic metallic tones, stark white tints, or dark wood tones for a really clean look.

10- Focus on natural light sources

Even the most eye-catching lighting fixture doesn’t fit into a simple window that heralds bursts of fresh sunlight. And you’ll need more natural light in your modern/minimalist kitchen, as it’s essential to bounce off your tables and appliances to make the space feel more open and welcoming.

Ideas for Small Kitchens in Space but Big in Design | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Wardrobe ideas for your small bedroom

There is no bedroom without a cupboard or cupboard, as it is an essential piece that can never be dispensed with, but in cases of small-sized bedrooms, the presence of a cupboard or cupboard in the room may be a problem, and some may stand idly by because of this problem, but there is no need From worrying about the wardrobe crisis and the space of the room anymore, we will present to you today through 20 different ideas and designs for bedroom wardrobes that fit small spaces.

1- In the simplest and narrowest terms

In the simplest and most minimalist way, you can get a distinctive and simple wardrobe with a very elegant design and the simplest possibilities, just notice the wooden shelves designed in the small column, how beautiful they look next to the divided shelves like cupboards, but without doors in a modern form ideal for more youthful and bold trends in design.

2- Wardrobe with full glass doors

The glass touch and mirrors are among the touches recommended by  decorators to get larger spaces, as they work to enlarge and double the space for the room and are used as a mirror as well, which is a trick followed in any small space because the mirrors reflect the light and make you feel great in the space of the room.

3- In the column there is nothing wrong with it

The poles, despite their importance and their distinctive decorative touch, may at times become an obstacle in the space and design of the room, but it will not be an obstacle or a problem if you use the column correctly, so if you have an unused column in the room, you can exploit the space between it and Between the wall to design a small dressing room that eliminates the presence of a large wardrobe in the room and will make the room more aristocratic.

4- The length of the wall

Similar to the idea of ​​using the pillars of the house and the spaces, we can also take advantage of the wall and design a cupboard in the entire wall, and it is installed in it from all angles and covered from the outside with mirrors, making its presence unnoticed in the first place.

5- The art of exploiting the lanes

Exploiting the spaces of the corridors is also a very genius thing. Tread the corridor or in the entrance to the room. You can design a cupboard without any wooden inserts and rely only on the internal shelves that will be installed in the wall and the external doors are made of glass.

6- Only one side suffices

It is okay to choose only one leaf in the wardrobe design if the bedroom is for you only, and in that case you can rely on some external accessories such as shelves for light items.

7- Exploiting the area under the stairs

The area under the stairs of the house is a treasure space that must be exploited, this cavity that you see without paying attention to it, you can use it to design shelves to become like a cupboard, and this hidden cavity will help you not to emerge any clutter.

8- Think carefully about the area of ​​the walls

The walls in your home can be exploited in a way that may bring you a great benefit that you do not imagine, so that you can get rid of the problem of spaces in your room by designing clothes in the wall, in this model we see a very smart application to design an entire room in the wall and not just a cupboard with reliance on the doors The tractor in its design.

10- In the wall without any identification

The modern bedroom wardrobe can always surprise you with unconventional ideas, for example, this wardrobe is open in a modern and simple way, and it suits young rooms very much.

11- A cupboard in the form of a desk

If you have not heard of the designs of bedroom wardrobes in the office form, you will certainly be impressed by this design of the wardrobe in its office form. This wardrobe contains shelves parallel to the top, like the usual library shape, but we can use it to store clothes, shoes, furniture, as well as books and accessories.

12 – an unconventional idea

Another idea is also to exploit the spaces and create an area for the closet, by installing some shelves in the wall so that you have a clothes area with shelves and many storage places, a nice thought, should I dress as well?

14- The wardrobe has other places too

You can add a cupboard or closet in places other than the bedroom in the bathroom, for example, especially if the room cannot bear any additions, but you can keep it completely away from any water source as much as possible.

15- Down the stairs

Another area that you can also use to get an unconventional and space-saving wardrobe, as we used to hide when we were young. You can hide the entire wardrobe under the stairs with all its details, doors and shelves, and no one will notice when it is closed.

16 innovative storage spaces

True, it is a wardrobe design, but it certainly serves as a decorative piece and will not take up much room for sure.

17- An integrated room

In an integrated room, you can design an integrated wardrobe in the form of a dressing room, but it needs additional spaces while saving a lot of space for the bedroom.

18- Distinctive and modern

A very distinctive design for a modern bedroom wardrobe, but in a special way as it is attached to the wall in the first place and not to the frame of the doors, which were designed in a pleasant way to reflect on the whole design positively.

19- Too simple

Another simple and very distinct idea of ​​having a wardrobe and wardrobe without consuming a lot of room space and with another idea other than the sliding wardrobe design, which is the most popular idea for designing bedroom wardrobes while preserving the spaces.

20- Ordinary and transparent cupboard

The transparent doors were used in an ideal way, as they helped to save the clothes and on the other hand, show the cupboard in a modern way, as well as the transparent doors working to create a light reflection of light, which combines with the presence of other mirrors in the room and negates any feeling of tightness.

Ideas of the most beautiful designs for wooden kitchens | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Wood is a versatile material used in home decoration, it is natural and brings with it a sense of warmth. Add to it, its powerful, long-lasting properties and most of all, it’s an all-time classic. Trends may come and go, but wood has stood the test of time. From Victorian times to today’s world, wood never fails to impress.

While woodwork is used both indoors and outdoors, in living rooms and bedrooms, today we’re just looking at 10 amazing wood kitchens. Using different shades, finishes, and patterns, wood has the ability to create a wide variety of shapes. It can be used to complement both modern and antique decor styles. Let’s take a look at these beauties.

1- distinctive rustic

Interior decoration in country style and wood is inseparable. Whenever I think of country, wood comes to mind. Wood plays an important role in this kitchen. The doors, windows, cabinets, table and chairs are all made of wood with different finishes. We love that the brown wood tones are used sparingly and that some pieces like the seat and door are white. Contrast is also provided by a cheerful vintage patterned floor. In general, the look is fun and relaxed.

2- Modern kitchen

Wood fits perfectly at home in a modern kitchen, too. This is a great example of such decor. Modern kitchen appliances blend beautifully with the woodwork on the walls. Thanks to the design and smooth wooden design. More wood finishes can be explored, as you can choose the look and color of a particular wood, from dark mahogany to light pine. But whichever wood you decide to use, be sure to take good care of it. Being a natural material, it needs a bit more maintenance than others.

3- Lighter tones

If you don’t like dark colors, choose a variety of light woods to keep things simple and fresh. Light colors better reflect natural light and make the room appear less claustrophobic. Similar wood has been used here throughout the kitchen, dining room and even the staircase.

4- Wooden Touch

It is not necessary to go out on the wood. Sometimes a slight addition can add a lot of depth. Wood and metal work great and there are amazing options to choose from. In this kitchen, light-colored wood is confined to only the counter tops and shelving bases while the rest is white veneer. It is like the best of both worlds; Contemporary as well as classic.

5- Rural shapes

This rustic-style kitchen has plenty of wooden elements, from the kitchen cabinets to the ceiling above. The color is bold making it a timeless look of the decor. It also helps that the kitchen be large, so the bold color doesn’t affect the room’s visual appearance. We love how the floor tiles are matched to perfection. Brown touches, but they are still light to keep things interesting.

6- Stylish design

This beautiful industrial-inspired kitchen is decorated entirely in wood. The counter tops, ceiling, kitchen island and even the dining table and chairs are all the same brown. The space could have looked cumbersome with all that wood, but thanks to the bright lights filtering in through the windows, making it refreshingly inviting, experts recommend it for lovers of simplicity and practicality.

7- Simplicity

Adding natural wood to the minimalist Scandinavian style of interiors can make for a great partnership! We love this beautiful kitchen in all its simplicity. White is used throughout, breaking up the natural brown of the wooden table and cabinets under the kitchen counter. A lamp shade above the table in a matching brown ties the whole look of the room while the colorful geometric floor tiles add playful character.

8- Unique wooden appearance

Surprise first-time visitors with a very unique look of natural wood as used in this kitchen. Designers have created a beautiful combination of different shades of rustic wood for kitchen cabinets; White, brown, gray! The rest of the kitchen decor is elegant and modern, giving the room a unique atmosphere.

9- Simple and elegant wood

For a wood look, the use of polished wood is a must, and you can combine it in the form of cabinet doors.

10- Wood and concrete bar

Creating a similar-looking concrete strip will not only give you a sturdy surface to work on, but also give a nice contrast to the wood interior.

Ideas of the most beautiful designs for wooden kitchens | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Tips for catching mice in your home

Realizing that there is a mouse in your house is not a great thing, as you immediately begin to worry about your health, the safety of your children, your stored food…

Yes, you have a right to be concerned, as mice are classified as rodents and pests, although some people prefer to keep them as pets. Mice can cause a lot of havoc in a home. Apart from chewing on valuables including electrical cables, they also carry and spread diseases due to their unhealthy nature.

With that being said, we decided to take a look at 10 things you need to know about mice in general, as well as how to get rid of mice effectively.

And the answer to the question: How do I eliminate mice in my house ?

1- Buy traps for mice

As soon as you see traces of mice and hear the sound of the mouse in your house, you have to go and buy traps for mice, there are certain places prone to the appearance of these rodents, especially in rural homes surrounded by underground spaces of warehouses, for sure they are there even if they are not seen, it is better to arrange traps to avoid their presence .

2- Look for the lanes

Mouse is like Tarzan when it comes to climbing. In fact, a mouse can jump up to 8 inches and climb up kitchen shelves to get to other places. So if you find droppings at high places, look low and place your traps there.

The only way to effectively catch mice is to track them down by looking for their tracks. Rats will usually use a path they are familiar with, so if you decide which paths to use, you are already one step closer to winning the war against mice.

3- Put a lot of traps

The first thing to do is to buy a lot of traps and set them. You should set up traps anywhere you see mouse droppings. Keep in mind that the more traps you set, the more mice you will be able to catch.

Although mice are considered pests, they are still mammals and most of us usually look for the most humane way to get rid of them. There are different types of traps that you can use for mice. It is not easy to set up the traditional type of hunting and release traps, but it allows you to release mice alive. You can also get glue traps, which are easy to set up.

4- Peanut butter is the best bait

Many baits work well, but experts recommend using good, old-fashioned peanut butter. This is advice. Mark the top of the peanut butter jar and let your family know what it is for. Think about it, you’re feeding traps with peanut butter, and then in the morning you might brush your toast with tainted peanut butter.

Other than peanut butter, the most common and effective bait for mice is usually sweet things like chocolate, small seeds, grains, and, of course, cheese. Now that you’ve got your trap and your bait, the next thing you need to focus on is where to pitch the trap. The location is very important.

5- Lower cupboards

The spaces under the cabinets are like a rat’s highway. Pull the bottom drawers out and look for litter. Place traps on the floor, replace trays, and check them every morning.

In order to get rid of all mice, be sure to protect all food items in drawers or cabinets from mice by placing them in containers where mice will not be able to reach. The lack of food will also discourage them from coming to your house

6- Look for wall perpetrators

Mice love to live inside walls where it is safe and warm. Look around to see where plumbing or anything else is penetrating drywall or plaster and place traps directly under it. This is where they will come at night to feed them.

Put yourself in mice’s shoes to find out what mice hate and where would you hide in your house if you were a mouse? While you are at it, you can also clean your house at the same time, getting rid of unnecessary things. It will be much easier to accomplish your task in a tidy house.

7- Look for feeding areas

Look for feeding areas. Where do mice get their food source from your home? If you have pets, it may be your pet’s food bowl. It could also be from the crumbs found in a dirty kitchen or stove. Once you have identified the feeding areas, set up some traps there as well.

Ultimately, your goal should be to ensure that your house does not provide any food for mice, until they stop coming back, the house should be kept clean at all times, and all food should be put away immediately. Wash the dishes as soon as you are done and clean the areas where you are eating, so that there are no crumbs around.

8-Keep Them Out!

When the temperature begins to drop, the mice look for a warm, dry place with food and good nesting conditions. In other words, they want to live inside your house. So, even if you deprive them of food, they may still come to your house for shelter and nesting. To keep mice out of your house, mark the paths they use to get into your house, and set up traps there as well.

9- Place traps near vertical surfaces

Mice are prey after all, so they are born afraid. This means that they are terrified of going out in the open and prefer to travel close to walls. Therefore, place traps near walls and vertical surfaces.

10- Philosophy of imprisoning the mouse

When mice have no food stored away and no nest to live in, they are more likely to go elsewhere or die of starvation. This is a more humane way to get rid of them compared to using rat poison. Most rat poisons are ingested and cause severe dehydration or blood clotting.

Ideas to revamp your kitchen on a budget | Gurgaon and Gurugram

Because most of the time we spend indoors is within the kitchen, it’s important that we design it with measures that are comfortable emotionally and physically, but in fact, after a short time we’d like to offer a replacement spirit to the atmosphere, to revitalize those important spaces in our homes, but this doesn’t mean spending tons of money! That’s why let’s show you 10 economical ideas to think about when renovating your kitchens.

1- Innovative shelves

One of the simplest kitchen renovation ideas is to feature an innovative shelf just like the model presented, in order that it acts as an ornamental aesthetic element that separates the kitchen from other rooms near it on the one hand and creates additional space for storing on the opposite hand.

2- Metal hooks for cooking tools

It is documented that in any kitchen on earth there are many small cookware that are often difficult to seek out , therefore the best thanks to store them is to possess hangers and fasten them to the walls in order that they become accessible to kitchen users.

3- Drawer organizer

To ensure the order and cleanliness of the drawers of your storage units, we recommend that you simply buy organizers in sizes that suit the drawers of your kitchen cabinets, in order that they permit you to divide the various tools and items, each category during a separate place, making it easier for you to seek out them.

4- Hidden lighting inside the storage units

Another practical and cheap idea to renew the design of your kitchen is to equip its storage units with internal bulbs to strengthen the lighting of the surface and therefore the entire kitchen, even as the experts did with the displayed kitchen.

5- Bar or island table

Adding a kitchen island or a bar doesn’t mean that you simply will waste an out sized a part of the entire space of your kitchen, but you’ll use an easy and stylish design at an equivalent time, like the model shown here, which the black bar has undoubtedly increased beauty.

6- A basin with a replacement design

You can make your kitchen beautiful without spending tons of cash by replacing the sink and employing a new design that keeps up with the newest decor trends.

This is what the experts have done here, and therefore the result’s apparently amazing!

7- Colorful curtains

If your kitchen windows are exposed to direct sunlight, you’ll add curtains that reflect the rays far away from the kitchen on the one hand and renew its look with its distinctive design and cheerful colors on the opposite hand.

8- New colors for lockers

Adding slightly of bright color to your kitchen may be a good way to renew the space and make it look vibrant at an equivalent time; you’ll do so easily with the assistance of adhesive wallpaper.

9- Stickers printed during a sort of shapes

Another excellent thanks to revamp your kitchen without spending tons of cash is to feature stickers printed in your preferred style to storage units and possibly also to the space between upper and lower cabinets.

10- Vases and pots

We conclude our ideas with a final concept will make your kitchen smell good in the least times and provides it an active and refreshing look, which is adding plants and flowers in elegant potted plants as shown here to renew your kitchen at rock bottom possible cost.

Inspirational designs for narrow kitchens | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The  kitchens  narrow in the area of the most common problems that you experience during your design for the dream home, which makes you think that this is the end that will make you acquiesce to the data available space you have and give up many of the aspirations that you wish to be available in your kitchen, but do not worry after watching this book ideas, we offer you a distinctive package of ideas that overcome the narrow kitchen space to make it look bigger and more beautiful..

Exploiting the corners

One of the easiest ideas to apply is related to your utilization of the entire space you have in the kitchen, whether it is by matching places for cabinets in line with the corners and walls or by providing places for rotations and extra columns in the kitchen to be the surfaces and island of the kitchen, where we notice in this image how the designer has directly overcome the space The narrowness by providing cupboards in the corners and fixing the surfaces in the rest of the kitchen without cutting and making them have a white color on their upper surface so that they do not cause any narrowness.

Split counter top

The counter top was ideal in this ideal design for the small kitchen, as it was separating it from other rooms close to it, and on the other hand, it was a sure practical way to prepare comfortably from inside the kitchen, and it also contains many places for storage from its interior side, which preserves the general shape of the kitchen and opens areas Multiple storage at the same time makes the kitchen look larger and more coordinated.

Glass walls

The use of glass walls opens the way for your kitchen to appear larger, and you will have a view of the outside, whether it is inside the house on other rooms or on the outside completely, according to the location of the glass wall.

All white color

The white color is simple and brilliant, it makes your kitchen resist the space with ease, it interacts with the lowest possible proportion of light and makes the general shape of the kitchen larger, and removes any feeling of tightness and darkness from the details of your kitchen that must always look sparkling and bright.

Exploit one side storage

Exploiting one side in storage makes there is an additional space that can be exploited in the kitchen. Note that in this kitchen we have made the left side is the side of the cabinets and shelves, and the other side was available for ease of movement in the first place and to provide places for electrical appliances without any inconvenience, whether for movement or for the practical side on the side the other.

Interior Design ideas and tips for Kitchen design | Gurgaon | Gurugram

In modern houses, especially, we often see interconnected environments, this as a coherent distribution and strategy, as spaces separated by walls are a thing of the past. In addition, this idea provides a broad aspect for small apartments; it is not only a good alternative, but also a formidable maneuver.

Now, among which they can be interconnected: living room, dining room, balcony and kitchen – it works and looks great, meaning it can be freely connected to the rest of the house. In fact, today we decided to bring together 20 projects where the kitchen coexists perfectly with other spaces.

  1. Near the entrance

A wooden panel hides the connection with the kitchen, although it is a few steps away and is integrated with the main entrance. It is an original idea, as any visitor will be immediately surprised by the boldness of their planned kitchen design.

  1. Open to the backyard

This second project gives us another idea to connect the kitchen with the yard. You may also notice that it has a bench that can serve as a dining area. The glass door fills the room with light.

  1. Built-in furniture

Of course, you need to have walls inside the house, since these allow you to install all the built-in furniture , so you will have a spectacular space and every corner well used.

  1. Kitchen integrated with the living room

This project is fabulous, as the open-plan kitchen communicates formidably with the living room. It is important that the color palette follows the same language as the integrated environments.

  1. Without doors

What to do if you want an open kitchen, but they were already installed in advance and the walls were fabulous? This kitchen gives us the answer: you can try to create paintings, but you have to eliminate any door. If you try this idea, then consider expanding the spaces between open.

  1. Nice counter

Having an open kitchen involves not forgetting that it must also be close to certain spaces. This example demonstrates a great moment, as it is not a solid wall that prevents you from contacting the entrance, but it coexists with the living room, the mini bar and the dining room.

  1. Kitchen open in and out

This fabulous kitchen shows that when communication inside is not enough, the indoor area can also be connected to the outside. However, as long as there is a door to provide protection.

  1. Communication implies order

We hope to convince you to have an open kitchen in your home. However, it is essential that it is always in perfect order and, especially, clean.

  1. Everything for coexistence

The open-plan kitchen, integrated with the living room,  is perfect for ensuring interaction. Here we have the ideal model of a mini cellar facing the room.

  1. Communication on the sides

Note what this kitchen reveals: one of the easiest ways to achieve an open plan – no walls. The side of the counter will be free to communicate with the corridor.

  1. Large window in the kitchen

This kitchen area has a rectangular shape with large holes, both for the garden and for the living room, it is perfect to show that the opening can be partial and only has one passage completely free.

  1. Communication to the sides

The kitchen is open to a place on both sides. The garden communicates, but with a window in the background and a corner cancellation. It is a great way to maintain communication in the environment.

  1. Assign the secret to a closet

Any open plan project is fascinating, but remember that it is always good to define boundaries, so assign this secret to a piece of furniture, it can be a shelf, a niche, or both, since this beautiful piece is made of wood.

  1. When the kitchen has a lot of space

This kitchen shows a good strategy to avoid wasting space, as sometimes the large dimensions cannot be fully explored, so how about sharing the living room or dining room?

  1. Communication with style

The atmosphere of this kitchen seems to captivate with the glow of natural light on the black surface, all thanks to the furniture used to mark boundaries between the living space.

  1. An open and useful kitchen

The colorful atmosphere of this kitchen was designed in a formidable way to show us the surrounding decor.

  1. Visual communication

If it is impossible to open such a kitchen to the surrounding atmosphere, as in this project, it can generate an impressive window for your project.

  1. Using the corners

This kitchen is a perfect example for your project. It is small, but with furniture to suit every corner.

  1. Small and charming

This kitchen is naturally lit, even with the gray wall.

  1. Personality is needed

Our latest kitchen model is spectacular. We hope you find a project that serves as inspiration to carry out the transformation of your old one. Any questions, contact the  professionals and design your kitchen today.

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Low Budget Interior Desingers in Gurgaon Near Me
Low Budget Interior Desingers in Gurgaon Near Me

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Low Budget Interior Desingers in Gurgaon Near Me

Low Budget Interior Desingers in Gurgaon Near Me
Low Budget Interior Desingers in Gurgaon Near Me

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