Kitchen renovation interior design ideas | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Kitchen renovation interior design ideas | Gurgaon and Gurugram

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where the family gathers to talk and eat. Many people are always interested in choosing a kitchen that reflects their own tastes and makes them feel relaxed and comfortable. Certainly everyone aspires to have a large kitchen and furnished as it should, for easy movement within it and ensuring that it accommodates all purposes. But even small spaces are no longer a major obstacle; as some modern ideas have emerged that directly help in coordinating the kitchen and creating an imaginative space for it. Below we will show some economical ideas that will help you renovate your kitchen and utilize the spaces inside it.

1- Painting the walls with distinctive colors

The kitchen is one of the places where family members are most present during the day and sometimes for long periods, so you must pay attention to painting the walls, and choose bright, distinctive and vibrant colors, to enjoy being in the kitchen and feel renewed and relaxed.

2- Choose elegant pastel colors

You must take care of arranging kitchen furniture in an ideal way, and it is good to choose calm pastel colors and combine them in attractive and vibrant combinations to feel the difference and distinction in the kitchen and a sense of simplicity and comfort.

  • Kitchen renovation interior design ideas | Gurgaon and Gurugram

3- Organizing storage drawers

When placing storage drawers inside the kitchen, you must take into account that they are organized properly, so that things are easy to reach without effort.

4- Picturesque green effects

The green color, in its various shades, is one of the most suitable colors for use in the kitchen, as it adds a healthy and distinctive atmosphere and helps to feel comfortable while in the kitchen. In addition to being familiar and comfortable to the eye, as well as being elegant and attractive, it is good to use the green color effects by adding some plant pots and indoor plants, and also choose kitchen utensils in cheerful colors.

5- Adding special decorations

You can easily renew the general look of the kitchen by placing some paintings on the wall, paying attention to the interior decoration that creates an ideal and distinct atmosphere. It is also possible to add a small TV inside the kitchen for entertainment while you are inside for long periods.

6- Choose the right bulbs

The step to change the lighting inside the kitchen is one of the most important ideas that give a special atmosphere and available space in the kitchen, as well as being an important step for decorating the mace in a new and modern way. You can use lamps hanging from the ceiling with distinctive lighting, to add a more fun atmosphere in the kitchen, or wall lamps and table lamps can also be used to enhance the lighting inside the kitchen.

7- Choose a suitable table

It is a good idea when designing your kitchen, to focus on choosing the right table for the existing space. It is preferable to use white and smooth tables that take up a rectangular space with some small circular chairs to provide space for movement within the kitchen.

8- Add shelves

The kitchen contains many used and indispensable tools, but usually it is not possible to provide adequate places to store these tools, so the need to add and use shelves arose. The shelves are characterized by elegance and simplicity in style and give a distinctive design to the kitchen, and they also help to show the kitchen as if it was more spacious and comfortable, and the shelves are an economical alternative to other storage places, and it is also convenient for daily use.

9- Allocate a special corner

You can take advantage of kitchen corners, especially in small kitchens, to create a distinctive corner that can be used as a great way to entertain, snack, sip a cup of morning coffee while reading the daily newspapers, or even use it to become a distinct work space.

10- Add a wall or a private space

You can transform the kitchen from just a place dedicated to eating, to a distinctive entertainment space inside your home, that can be used and add a board on the wall (blackboard) to become a space to teach children to read and write, or even use it to write shopping lists. This simple idea is stylish and different, and is an economical and inexpensive way to create a distinctive creative atmosphere in your home.

Kitchens that will captivate you in modern style | Gurgaon | Gurugram

The modern style of kitchen design does not have a specific description of it. Since you want to design a modern and modern kitchen, it must have some qualities, elements and features that enable us to call it a modern kitchen. It is not only related to the modernity of electrical appliances or even lighting systems, it is about bold colors derived from the latest trends in the use of colors in decoration. Therefore, today will be on time to give us a brief overview of a number of models of modern kitchens that you can resort to get acquainted with some ideas that make your future kitchen fashionable and modern without any errors.

Modern Najaf

One of the simplest indications of the availability of a particular style in any kitchen is the quality of the chandeliers or lamps used in it. For example, in this model, the circular and shiny copper-colored shapes are indications of the availability of the modernist style in it, as well as the use of LED spotlights in sparse alignment on the ceiling in the rest of the kitchen is considered one of the most wonderful Modern uses of strong lighting and aesthetic form at the same time.

Natural lighting

Natural lighting is another indication of the modern trend in design. We note here how the designer resorted to the external view to be professionally integrated into the general interior of the kitchen, as the operation area surrounding the basin was all exposed to the outside by transparent windows. The designer did not forget the aspect of privacy, so he added curtains White color can be controlled in the level of openness to the outside whenever you want it with ease.

Simplicity of details

Simplicity is not a word that is said about anything small in size, but simplicity means lack of complexity and that all the elements used do not have excessive frills, just everything is in its place or, as it is said simply, easy to abstain, we note in this model a practical investigation of this matter between The calm, harmonious colors and between the white cabinets are consistent in size, as well as the way the surfaces are coordinated between the sink work area for preparation and the fixed bar area for serving.

Hidden lockers

The hidden cabinets of equal size between the top and the bottom were ideal for use within this modern integrated kitchen, an ideal way of lighting by LED lights installed on the ceiling, in addition to the dark wood touch that breaks the white color in the rest of the design, which did not make us notice strongly the presence of a number A large number of cupboards is an optical illusion that is very needed in small-sized kitchens.

Unexpected lighting

Unexpected places to install artificial lighting in modern kitchens are among the most interesting ideas that we can touch during this wonderful style. We note here the use of the background of cabinets as a way to install wonderful and strong lighting at the same time, which includes a bright side to the details of the area surrounding the sink, which often suffers from Darkness and unwanted guest at all.

Glossy surfaces

The glossy surfaces the more they are in the kitchen, the more valuable and luxurious, but everything that does not exceed the permissible limit is good. In this model, we notice the use of glossy surfaces by marble around the sink and the harmony of white in all the components without any breaks of any kind except for beautiful plant accessories, these surfaces It was a distinctive sign of the luxury of the kitchen, and it is also considered one of the most tips that we can give to anyone who suffers from distress in his kitchen.

Bold colors

In the modern style, some bold colors carefully do not harm, but on the contrary, they are a great way to renew. In this kitchen, chairs for the small dining room attached to the kitchen were used in bold, unusual colors and we can change them in every period to simply narrow a different creative touch to the decor.

Kitchen renovation interior design ideas | Gurgaon

Kitchen Walls Design Tips | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Kitchen Walls Design Tips

We all need our rooms to be as nice as possible; if your kitchen is right, cooking, ingestion and meeting will be right. However, kitchen walls are a number of the trickiest within the home to decorate; as a result of they usually have additional advanced angles or are wonky sizes, thanks to carpentry and kitchen appliances. For this reason, has created an inventory of ten concepts for covering or enhancing kitchen every kind of kitchen walls, from the immoderate giant and empty kitchen wall to a smaller wall you have got been aiming to transform one thing for a while. Let’ start with the foremost purposeful use of wall area in a very kitchen: shelves and hooks.

1. Room with shelves and hooks

Victimization shelves and putting in hooks as a part of your carpentry is one among-st the only thanks to create the most effective out of your kitchen.

2. Room with snugger shelves

For very bold folks, you’ll carve out your own kitchen wall shelving—it is less complicated than it looks. Simply ensure you don’t go too deep and hit any electrical wiring or plumbing that may be within the wall. Once you’ve incised them out, line the insides along with your favorite material: wood is our favorite.

3. Room with curtains

That’ right: curtains don’t seem to be only for windows; they’re an excellent thanks to hide an unsightly wall or to only add some smooths glamour to a space. If you are doing use a curtain, get a thick, quality one with some texture. You’ll nail it directly into your kitchen wall or suspend it from a correct curtain rod and create it appear to be there’ a window behind it.

4. Room with chalk board

Suspend up a formula flat solid! This can be an excellent and well-known choice for all rooms within the house, however in the room; it’s each a cute thanks to up-do a blank kitchen wall and the simplest way to remain organized. Use the kitchen chalkboard for writing down recipes, grocery lists or notes to family. The dark charcoal color of a chalkboard fits well with particularly lighter colored kitchens.

5. Panel

Don’t have enough time, cash or energy for a full wall redo? Cheat a small amount and purchase a flowery massive headboard as pictured here and pop it onto the wall of your choice!

6. Wall tattoo

Wall and floor tattoos became terribly stylish ways in which to boost a area. Here we’ve a additional elaborate floor and wall tattoo of grass, however many styles of styles are available.

7. Suspending lamp

Hang a cool lamp. whereas a wall lamp may appear just like the obvious choice, hanging an artless ceiling lamp ahead of your wall space will a great deal to spotlight the wall. Simply make sure the wall incorporates a smart paint job, ideally in a very therefore lid color that matches the lamp!

8. Material wall hangings

Material wall hangings are another massive factor lately and justifiably so. If material hangings heat up a space’ atmosphere abundant faster than an image and may add pleasant splashes of color to your room walls. Suspend one higher than the stove or a couple of on the feeding space wall!

9. Magic magnetic walls

Who knew your pots and pans were so artistic? Well, once you post up a brilliant magnetized board on your wall and prepare all the skillets simply so, you get a reasonably cool—and practical—look. If you’re fascinated by alternative magnetic wall boards, click here.

10. Wine rack

Rather than going for a usual wine rack, attempt a funkier style that adds texture to your room whereas remaining functional. A good, hip wine rack is nice as a result of it fits any space—big and tall or wee and small.

How to create a warm country style kitchen? 7 decoration points!

If you asked your favorite kitchen decoration style, which one would you choose? Is it modern urban style or traditional simple style. Apart from that, would you be less common, but can you feel a pleasant country-style decor? We know that country-style decoration always gives people a leisurely and warm feeling. Do you also particularly like this decoration style? If so, can you imagine creating a beautiful country-style kitchen at home? Just think about it, drinking afternoon tea in an American country-style kitchen surrounded by small broken flowers. Isn’t this the leisure time that everyone is longing for? If you also like country-style kitchen design, if you also want to create a warm country-style kitchen at home, then don’t miss today’s idea book~ Today, let us learn the following 7 key points of decoration, let us realize this dream together! By the way, if you have more detailed questions, you can also contact our experts directly~ What are you waiting for, let’s take a look now!

Overall decoration

The rustic style of interior decoration is actually subdivided. Generally speaking, the most common styles are American and British. Other rarer ones include elegant French style, harmonious Japanese style and simple Nordic rustic style. No matter which style you choose, it is not difficult to find the following common points:

1) Wood elements

To create a warm and soft atmosphere, wood is one of the least decorative materials. Whether it is the floor, counter top, dining table or storage rack, we can find traces of wood.

2) Harmonious tone

Country-style decorations are usually based on harmonious colors, such as beige, light gray, milk tea and powder blue. Generally speaking, no matter what the main color of the kitchen decoration is, designers usually use white as a collocation, the purpose is to create a visual balance.

3) Rough material

Some rough-looking materials, such as brick walls, cultural stone patches, rustic door panels, rustic kitchen utensils, and whitewashed wood are all necessary elements to create a perfect rustic kitchen. In addition, some retro-looking decorations can also be matched with these rough materials to make the whole space more complete.

Wall design

As we mentioned earlier, the rough material is one of the key points of showing the country style, which can usually be seen in the wall design. The materials commonly used for rustic kitchen walls include uneven fire bricks, rectangular wall tiles as shown in the picture, rectangular cultural stones, and some tiles with unique textures. Generally speaking, due to the large amount of oily smoke in the kitchen, in order to facilitate daily cleaning, we still recommend that you choose some easy-to-clean and maintain tiles to lay the wall. If you choose to lay the wall with tiles, please remember to ask a professional master to do the construction. Otherwise, if the bricks are not properly glued, they will be easily damp and protruding over time, and then you will have to rebuild the wall. Spread the noodles again!

Floor design

There are two main types of floor materials suitable for country kitchen styles-wood floors and floor tiles. There are many types of wood flooring, from expensive solid wood panels to cheap laminates with high CP values. However, when we consider the fume and cleaning issues in the kitchen, we must choose some styles of wood floors that are resistant to cleaning. Therefore, we would recommend that you choose PVC imitation wood-grain flooring or moisture-resistant island wood flooring (composite flooring). In addition, easy-to-clean floor tiles are also everyone’s favorite. There are many styles of floor tiles, so they can meet the preferences of different people. And in the summer when it is very hot and stuffy and everyone still wants to cook, the cold floor tiles can at least cool down your feet. If you like the exterior of wooden floors, but want to choose some materials that have the advantages of floor tiles, then you can consider “wood-grain tiles”! Wood substitute: moisture-proof, durable, and beautiful wood-grain bricks

Flow table design

The common materials of flow counter tops are stone (such as granite and marble), stainless steel, wood board (fireproof board and solid wood board) and artificial stone (quartz). The natural stone has a unique texture and original feeling, which matches well with the rustic kitchen. However, the price of natural stone is on the high side. In addition, some stone materials, such as marble, are prone to eating problems (especially when we are dealing with tomatoes, curry and other dishes). We should consider this carefully. Stainless steel is very easy to clean and maintain, and the material is also very durable, but the disadvantage is that it is not scratch resistant, and the cold appearance may not match the warm country style! In the wood aspect, after all, solid wood panels requires a high degree maintenance, so it is not suitable for some cooking, but they hope to highlight the flow management units rustic style wind people. However, if you love both the texture of wood and the cooking, then the fireproof board, a processed board, will be more suitable. We will recommend another surface material as well as artificial stone BP. Artificial quartz stone slab is a material made of natural quartz stone and resin. It has the advantages of high hardness, heat resistance, easy cleaning, and beauty, so it is very suitable for our country-style kitchen. However, the price of quartz plates is relatively high, and some poor-quality materials may have cracking problems after a long time. These shortcomings should not be ignored.

Kitchen cabinet design

In terms of the design of kitchen cabinets, the general country-style kitchen will adopt the design of clean color, horizontal grooved kitchen cabinets, and match metal handles. When choosing the hue of kitchen cabinets, it is best to form a color contrast with the counter tops. For example: dark stone counter tops or dark wood solid wood table tops should be matched with white kitchen cabinets; simple and white acrylic Counter tops should be matched with gray or dark wood kitchen cabinets. In addition, you can also refer to the design in the picture to decorate the top cupboard with French glass cabinet doors to make the whole design more perfect.

Storage and decoration

To highlight the texture that a country-style kitchen should have, we can also start with both storage and decoration. In terms of storage, you can install several long wooden boards directly on the wall, and put the commonly used seasonings, small glass bottles and cups filled with various herbs on them. In addition, you can also install a hook directly on the wall to directly hang the commonly used pots to create a very life-like look and feel. In terms of decoration, common items include flowers, small potted plants, dried flowers, and small rattan baskets for bread or sundries.

Open Kitchen

The open kitchen makes the space of the whole home more spacious, and allows the members of the family in every corner to be closely connected with each other, so it is very in line with the living characteristics of modern people. There are many possibilities for open kitchen design, and if you plan to plan an open kitchen, this time the idea book will provide 12 modern and stylish great designs for your reference. The common point of these open kitchens is that they are all very modern and stylish, which definitely allows the chefs to enjoy cooking in the kitchen happily, and visitors will be surprised. If you are also interested in open kitchens, let us now appreciate these 12 modern and stylish excellent open kitchen bar designs to get some new inspirations~ I believe you can definitely find a design you like!

White kitchen

If you like a neat picture, then choosing a white system cabinet can satisfy your imagination of the perfect kitchen. As a white kitchen cabinet may be slightly cold, the wooden dining table balances the overall feeling.

Light-colored wood

The light-colored wood creates a soft feeling, while the L-shaped design makes the middle area a dining area. If you also like this bright-color wood-style kitchen design, you can also contact our designer directly~

Chic style

This open-plan kitchen is composed of a flat-shaped kitchen facing the wall and a middle island. The wood counter tops of the middle island form a harmonious contrast with the white cabinets and make the picture more refined.

Black and white interlaced

The contrast between black and white is very strong. The white island can be used as a bar table. The design of the wooden dining table and the kitchen arrangement in the middle make the overall space feel even better. Do you like this black and white kitchen design? Welcome to leave a message and share your thoughts with us~

The pattern of the wall

With white cabinets and gray islands, this kitchen captures our hearts with neutral colors. In addition, the special texture of the kitchen wall is a major feature.

Flat-shaped kitchen

The straight white kitchen looks very clean and tidy, but without losing a sense of fashion. Even a home can create a different sense of design!

Beige kitchen

The beige L-shaped system cabinets are matched with the upper island. This open kitchen is very spacious and is definitely the best partner for people who often cook for their families or many visitors.

Special Nakajima location

The middle island of the eighth open kitchen is located behind the wall, so it does not take up space. The pure white tone also gives the whole space a feeling of openness~

A great example of the L shape

If you like the L-shaped design, this kitchen that shows the beauty of wood is your best choice. The patchwork space design makes the whole kitchen more dynamic~ Would you choose to create an L-shaped kitchen design in your own home?

Elegant style

It exudes a slightly rustic style, and the open kitchen design with white and black is very elegant and beautiful. I believe that when there is sunshine, there will be a different kind of beauty~

Multi functional kitchen

The island in the kitchen not only functions as a counter top, it can also become an alternative desk. Do you like this open design?

Light industrial wind

The last one to be seen in this kitchen has exposed concrete floors and storage shelves with iron frames, exuding a soft light industrial atmosphere.