Bedroom renovation ideas

Bedroom renovation ideas | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

We always need a feeling of renewal in our home to face our boredom, it does not mean that we will renew everything from start to finish, but it is enough to renew the places of furniture or buy new textiles that are different from the style we are accustomed to, so in this topic we offer you a set of new suggestions Which inspires you in case you get bored of your bedroom.

1- Vinyl stickers

Putting a vinyl sticker on the front wall of the room is not a unique idea, but it is new and cheerful, and you can choose as many designs as you want, it seems that the owner of this room dreams that his bedroom window overlooks the Eiffel Tower.

2- vacuum insulator

We can borrow an idea for our hotel bedroom from hotels, just as the designer of this room did where he borrowed the idea from the design of the rooms, where this wonderful wall provides a very romantic atmosphere, and also provides you with a space of privacy to change your clothes.

3- A reading lamp

If you are one of those who like to read a little before going to bed, this idea will please you, a very special design table lamp. Hide its very charming wooden design, wood made from beams reused in old dilapidated buildings, gives a touch of originality to the design and warmth.

4- Don’t miss the platforms

Although pallets are no longer very much on the scene, they can never be dispensed with in the design of beds, and they are still an ideal option to give a different touch to the bedroom.

5- Cartoon

Cardboard is also one of the most fashionable materials in the world of furniture packaging. You can make these shelves to collect small items so they don’t get lost or make a mess.

6- Mirror with lace

Putting a mirror in the room, especially if we don’t have a separate dressing room, will give it more depth and be a very functional item. But when choosing mirrors, let’s rely on an original and surprising model like this one presented.

Bedroom renovation ideas | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Influential Ideas for Small Kitchen Design

The design of a small kitchen is not a difficulty that everyone says, but it just needs a delicate mixture that combines practicality and beauty in a different and ideal decor that deals with space as an advantage and not a defect. He makes a choice.

Today, it offers us a unique set of ideas that help you design the kitchen in a distinctive way despite the limited space, which can be applied with fixed principles in a number of other rooms in the house.

Similar size

We must be aware at the outset that the space appropriate for the size of the furniture or the items it occupies is never narrow, but what makes the spaces narrow is that there are items that are larger than their capacity to accommodate, so we must design the kitchen with its components and elements in a size that suits the space and fits with it completely, note In this photo, the small cabinets and slender shelves were the creative cycle in the entire design.

Interior lighting

Interior lighting can achieve a lot of feeling of spaciousness inside the kitchen once it is used in the right way in places far from the middle of the kitchen, and thus we will have a feeling of fullness of space and more details, and of course this is in addition to paying attention to the main lighting in the design, whether through the windows or the main chandelier in the middle.

Division intelligence

The smart design appears from the beginning in dividing the cabinets in a streamlined and useful way, making you feel a lot of solutions in the presence of full capacity for all your needs without any difficulties. Note the bottom of the sink shelf here and how it was divided in the form of cabinets that accommodate the washing machine and stove, as well as additional places for multiple storage in an elegant white color With abundant solutions, we didn’t feel like we were in front of a small space.

Light color

Light colors are one of the most common tips to escape from any feeling of tight spaces. You can deal with this rule in all rooms and not only in the kitchen. In contrast, you can rely on light colors on the degrees that make a strong interaction with lighting, such as white, silver or ivory, and you use Vivid accessories such as plants deepen the sense of calm and harmony.

Reflective surfaces

Reflective surfaces are among the elements that help you get rid of the feeling of malaise, such as using mirrors or glass crystals, as well as surfaces that help reflect light such as marble, soft wood and aluminum.

Bedrooms: 8 colors you can use in your furniture | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Organizing and arranging the house is one of the necessary things that many people seek and are confused about to get their dream home. Those who are about to get married in all matters related to finishing and furnishing the house of life, the marital nest, and the confusion increases specifically when choosing the right color for bedroom furniture  , and they keep asking them this question: Which colors are newer and more prices? White, dark brown, light brown, gray, etc.

With this in mind, we decided today, through this article, to show you 8 models of modern bedrooms, each of which was furnished in a different color to help you choose what you like.

1- Dark Cafe X Light Beige = New and Strange!

Choosing and mixing colors is an art of a special kind, and today we offer you a wonderful bedroom blending two neutral colors, but with different tones, the dark cafe color and the light beige, which represents a unique case of mixing the two dark brown colors in the room’s bed and the light beige in a tone closer to gray in the room. Wardrobe! At first, you may feel that its look is unfamiliar, but after looking into the room and noticing the connecting elements between the pieces of furniture referred to, such as the rug, for example, you will appreciate this new decorative touch and perhaps seek to implement it in your home!

2- Dark gray color: modern and unparalleled elegance

The dark gray color is one of the new colors in the colors of the modern bedrooms. Its use gives any place prestige and luxury, just like the black color. This color is usually used in rooms designed according to the modernist style, as is the case in the room before us, whose bed combined wood and leather with a design that is more than wonderful and has a very distinctive aesthetic touch.

3- The color of the wood is closer to orange: the radiance of the color of nature

Aster color is one of the most popular colors in rooms designed according to the following styles: minimalism, Scandinavian and tropical. When you use wood in its color closest to orange in the design of bedroom furniture or any other room, it emits a bright and limitless feeling that you can feel at first sight, especially if you resort to yellow lighting, as is the case here, you will get the perfect effect in your bedroom.

4- White: calm, calm and comfortable

White is one of the most beautiful neutral colors that can add comfort, calm and serenity to the house, and there is no doubt that the white color, if used in any part of the house, whether in the walls, floors, or even furniture, as is the case here, plays its magical role in spreading a state of stillness and calm. This case is definitely required but especially in bedrooms which makes it ideal in bedroom design.

5- The color of the sea in all its forms

Blue with sea tones is one of the colors that create comfort and tranquility in the psychology of colors, and it is also one of the colors that matches with cashmere and together they can create a wonderful combination in the design of the bedroom, just watch with us the design and color of this elegant bed.. Have you noticed that its armrest looks exactly like the sea? Yes, especially those shades from light blue to dark blue.. how pure, cheerful, and elegant.

7- Wood in its first look

In rooms designed in industrial and rustic styles, experts recommend raw wood furniture without painting it with any traditional materials. Look with us at the two simple wardrobes, each standing on one side of the bed, as well as the primitive stone in the middle.. a touch of the spirit and simplicity of nature.

8- The color of the champagne

Lovers of luxury and classics, a unique bedroom in champagne, and it is one of the colors that were and still are used in bedroom furniture.

Bedrooms: 8 colors you can use in your furniture | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Ideas for your dream home at the lowest costs

Life is unique when it comes to choosing homes – while we all want a stunning structure that attracts attention (and envy), we also want our homes to blend in with their surroundings and the neighborhood. Long order, right? The process of designing an exterior home becomes more difficult once we start choosing colors, materials and shapes – definitely not a project for novice designers!

But in the end, we all want to live in a visually appealing home. Think of those homes that make you do a double take when you pass by; Those who have this sure thing. What rules did they follow? What basic principles do you include when it comes to exterior facade designs?

1- Symmetry and balance of shapes

Similar to graphic design and fashion design, interior and architectural design also work with balance and harmony. Therefore, the facade of every home needs some semblance of balance and harmony in order to appear properly designed.

The simple and straight lines of the modern home; The symmetrical curves of a traditional/classic structure… Regardless of the style, a properly designed home will flaunt a proportionate exterior that is balanced in its appearance.

2- Form follows function

The purpose of any building should be the starting point for the design. So, ask yourself what is the purpose of your home. Consider your lifestyle and your family’s needs to figure out what is needed for the appearance of your home.

are you an artist? Then you may need large windows that receive a lot of sunlight. Want extra loft/bedroom space above the garage? Then your home’s exterior may need a dormer window to make the window in that room look balanced.

3- Ideas for the interface

Whether you’re choosing between cedar and brick panels, always balance durability and aesthetics. Of course the exterior of your home should also reflect your personal style (for example, broken stone for a rustic look).

To avoid costly accidents, always consult a professional engineer. And keep browsing the internet to see what options are available in terms of interface materials and appearance.

4- Combine the external colors

The safest and most effective approach to your home’s exterior color palette is to choose two colors from the same color strip a few shades apart (such as cotton white and chrysanthemum white). The lighter or darker shade can be used for the body; Save the opposite for pruning. Then bring in a third, contrasting color (ie shamrocks green) to accentuate your front door.

5- Choose your roof

A fitting ceiling will not only look stylish, but also be functional and safe.

In terms of materials, slabs and tiles may look perfect, but remember that they are very heavy. Make sure your home structure can handle the load. Due to its low cost and ease of installation, asphalt and wood shingles seem to be the most widespread.

Always consider the cost, durability, weight, and style of your home before settling on a final ceiling design.

6- The correct garage doors

Regardless of the design style, you need to know about garage doors’ insulation properties, safety features, material durability, spring designs, warranties, and cost. This is where the help of garage door professionals can become invaluable.

7- Your windows

The windows of your home are his soul, they shine the light on all those personal moments you enjoy indoors. Therefore, when choosing the right windows for your home, first make sure that they are durable. Second, they need to complement your home’s design (while modern homes can look great with large floor-to-ceiling windows, traditional structures command more rectangular windows with matching white panels).

8- Getting the right entrance

In addition to choosing a contrasting color for your front door (as mentioned in Step 4), you can also choose a lighter/darker shade from the same color family as the rest of your home. But to make your front entry stand out, make sure your door is a shade darker or bolder than the rest of the facade.

And don’t shy away from other features that are meant to add character to the entryway, such as lighting, plants, door handles, rugs, porch seating, etc.

9- The importance of landscaping

Landscaping involves well-planned plant placement to add visual appeal to your yard. This means that you can’t just drop a few cultivators and call them a day!

To find out which plants are most suitable for your area/landscape, we suggest talking to a professional gardener/landscape architect, or someone at your local nursery.

10- Artificial lighting

Proper lighting is vital to the safety of the home and the allure of the night. Consider adding outdoor fixtures to garage, walkway areas, porches, patios, etc.

Choose lights that complement your home’s style. While traditional homes look great with lantern-style chandeliers hanging over a covered entry, angular steel lights can add modern flair to modern homes.

Getting your perfect home exterior design can be daunting, but it can also be fun. Remember patience and stick to style. And while it is important to follow the rules of color, material, form, function, etc., we also recommend keeping an open mind.