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What Makes a Perfect Home Theater?

A home theater is the ideal space for movie fans. To achieve a perfect home theater you only need audio and video equipment with professional effects and some touch-ups in the room.

The final atmosphere of this place, with the appropriate technical equipment, furniture and decoration, turns each film into an incredible experience. You can choose this environment from a large number of options: if you prefer a casual look, you can transform an area of ​​an existing space and install other elements such as a pool table to entertain your friends before or after the movie. You can also create your home theater in a separate room for this sole purpose. The most important thing is comfort.


Where can I find ideas and sources of inspiration for designing my home theater?

You will find all kinds of ideas on the internet to help you create your own space, and you can always explore the Interior A to Z website for tips and expert advice and apply various tricks. You have two main options: either creates your home theater in a closed room or in an open space, such as in the garden.

Inspiration for creating a home theater usually comes from a love of movies and their gadgets. The decoration and the general appearance depend on the tastes and preferences of the owners; as we mentioned earlier, the type of comfort that is chosen plays a fundamental role in equipping the space.


What can I do to design a home theater?

You have multiple options depending on where you want to install the movie theater. The basic systems that a home theater should have are a projector and a screen with excellent definition.

On the other hand, the room must be completely silent during the film to provide the feeling of an auditorium. Install an efficient lighting system with a minimum intensity that at the same time allows you to move around the room while the movie is playing and also illuminates the room clearly when nothing is being viewed.

You can place furniture such as chairs and tables in a way that does not obstruct the view of the screen. You can also add accessories like a small refrigerator to keep drinks cool. If you are not convinced by the idea of ​​the projector, you can always install a flat screen television of at least 52 “. Along with this, you get a sound system to enjoy all the effects of the Blue Ray or DVD player in the best quality available.


What color should I choose for my home theater?

Paint the walls a dark color and do not add any accessories. Dark colors tend to absorb light and sound much more quickly than lighter colors, making them perfect for a room where you can watch a movie. The movie theater walls are built with a special insulation system to enhance the experience when watching a movie.

Keep the walls unadorned, as the main goal of this room is to enjoy the movies without distractions. However, if you want an artistic touch, go for a dark-colored paint with special textures.


What type of flooring should I install in my home theater?

Movie buffs will love having a room that transforms into a real movie theater. The floor in this room is usually sloped to give the chairs at the back a height; if your cinema also has elevations, any material will do. We recommend wooden floors, but the ideal in this type of space is a full carpet floor, since it absorbs noise so you can fully enjoy the sound effects from the film.


What technical equipment do I need for my home theater?

If you want a state-of-the-art movie theater, you need an up-to-date theater system. The equipment depends on the type of room where you install it and the number of users you expect to use the room.

If it is a large space and you think it will be used by a good number of people, the best option is the projector and the screen. In smaller rooms for smaller groups, on the other hand, you can use a television screen with a CD or DVD player. In any case, good speakers are always essential.


Are there specific tips when decorating a home theater?

When decorating a home theater room, you have to pay special attention to lighting. On the other hand, the space must be appropriately furnished with reclining seats with trays for snacks and glasses, folding cushions and foot massages, among other accessories.

If you prefer other types of seats, you can place comfortable armchairs throughout the room, both individual and for several people. For other types of meetings in which you want to have videos in the background, other elements such as poufs or low armchairs are enough.

Always take into account the distance between the seating area and the screen or audio system to enjoy the special effects in the most appropriate way. You can also add other elements such as shelves for DVDs or posters of your favorite actors on the walls. Choose a plain colored carpet; you can also opt for rugs instead. Finally, it may be a good idea to install a small bar counter in one of the corners to prepare drinks.


Is there a specific style guide for designing and decorating a home theater room?

Interior A to Z is a very elaborate style guide to help you design and decorate your home theater. Explore the different styles on our website and renovate your existing movie theater or design a new one for your home.


Modern Movie Theater


If you want to design a modern movie theater, the first thing you have to do is determine its location.

The most ideal option is to create it in a place with little exposure to noise and natural light to avoid that these elements interfere with the cinema experience. Choose the best furniture based on comfort level and position it so that all users can clearly see the screen.

Get a high definition screen to enhance the modern look of your theater. Add a few accessories such as paintings or posters for a perfect modern finish.


Industrial style Movie Theater


The industrial-style movie theater presents itself as a much more spacious area. It has a very large seating area and shows a modern as well as minimalist style. This design opts for the use of leather and dark colors. Add leather poufs and dark carpets to match equally dark colored walls. Wooden floors also tend to work well; Make sure you keep decorative elements to a minimum. Install reclining seats and complete the look with a dark wood bar counter in the corner.


Rustic style Movie Theater


A rustic yet elegant style includes a comfortable seating area with exotic wood furniture. You can decorate the room with artificial curtains and windows with efficient lights. Choose carefully the carpet or floor that you like best to enhance the cinema experience.

This style is best suited to small rooms that host a small number of people whose priority is comfort. If you expect larger groups of users, install carpet over the entire floor and opt for individual seats to give a rustic touch to your movie theater.


Whatever the style, a movie theater is one of the most welcoming and elegant rooms in the house. It is the place that movie fans will enjoy the most and where watching a movie becomes an unforgettable experience.

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