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Best Interior Designers for small Kitchen Gurgaon

6 Ideas for the design of a kitchen open to the living room

Open concept designs have been gaining popularity for years. The appeal of the integration of spaces, yes, goes beyond the maximization of spatial perception. The elimination of the walls has allowed, among other things, to give the kitchen the importance it deserves and, over time, has managed to position this room in the house as one of the most interesting spaces. If we add to this the growing taste for elements such as islands, peninsulas and counters, the result is compositions that exude style and functionality.

Natural Inspiration

A kitchen is, by definition, a space full of inspiration and, in this first design, the professionals are committed to invoking the muses by evoking nature. The fronts in shades of green add an undeniable freshness to the composition which, on the other hand, adds charm thanks to the generous hanging planter supported by the hood itself.

The linear design facing a cute central island is projected towards the living room for which the experts propose a decoration with nods to the color palette of the kitchen. The stools in the form of high chairs with upholstery that matches that of the sofa recreate a small dining area that exudes inspiration.

Gray kitchen without handle

The same idea, in terms of distribution, is the one proposed by Madrid kitchen designers in this other proposal. It is a linear kitchen open to the living room that, once again, uses a central island to articulate the spaces. But what is it that makes it different?

As in the previous design, the furniture frames the sink area, reserving one side for the column of electrical appliances. However, we are faced with furniture without handles which, together with the choice of gray as the dominant color, gives the room an undeniable elegance.

Classics that never go out of style

Lover of classic designs? If so, nothing like a white kitchen to captivate the senses. In an eminently practical room, in which neatness and freshness are two hallmarks that are presupposed, opting for the purity of this chromatic bet is a sure success. In addition, it is a perfect choice if you want to further increase the feeling of spaciousness or maximize the brightness of environments.

In this case, the professionals opt for a kitchen open to the living room in white that, except for the color, respects other details such as the use of golden handles or the use of the hood as a vertical garden.

Kitchen, living room and dining room

One of the benefits of an open concept design is, as we have seen, that in addition to promoting a greater sense of spatial amplitude, it allows the creation of the most inspiring atmospheres. Achieving it is, to a large extent, a consequence of the harmony of the whole and, in this sense, elements such as materials, colors, textures and even lighting play a key role.

Kitchen with peninsula

The different furniture solutions are identified with the successive chromatic bets although color is not the only thing that attracts attention. The experts are committed to incorporating lighting with spotlights that enhances the strength of the design. In addition, the island that we saw in previous designs is replaced by a kitchen peninsula that, in any case, also has a counter area. Among the details, the retro-inspired refrigerator that matches the color palette of the set also stands out.

Trends: a kitchen in black and wood

There are formulas that never fail and, without a doubt, the black and wood combination is one of them. The last of the proposals put forward by the Madrid experts maintains the line of attractiveness and functionality of the previous ones, although, in this case, with an extra elegance. Wood is subtly integrated into the composition, providing a touch of warmth to a design that does not lack detail. From the imposing central island that connects with the living room to the lighting, passing through the column of the electrical appliances or the taps, each element has been chosen with the harmony of the whole in mind.

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6.Best Interior Designers for small Kitchen Gurgaon

Kitchen furniture: 15 keys to choose wisely

The kitchen ceased to be a work space a long time ago to claim itself as a meeting place within the home. And not only for fans of the stove, but also for meetings with friends, confidences or family sessions. The evolution of design has notably contributed to this momentum but, without a doubt, it is the kitchen furniture that has become a great ally in making this space a welcoming and functional setting.

Are you thinking of renewing yours? Do you no longer know how to make the muses accompany you when you decide to put on your apron? Whether you are looking for cheap kitchen furniture or if you are thinking of throwing the house out the window, we give you 15 keys that you cannot miss if you want to choose wisely. Take note!

Stylish kitchen furniture

An authentic home is the result of a careful creation process to which, who more and who less, contribute their own signs of identity. The design of the kitchen is no exception and, therefore, when choosing the furniture, the first thing to be clear about is what style we are looking for.

Are you passionate about industrial aesthetics? Are you more of rustic environments? Or maybe you prefer a classic air when cooking? There is kitchen furniture for all tastes, so choosing the desired style is an ideal starting point.

Analyze your needs

A sofa is not the same as an armchair, nor is a wooden countertop the same as a granite one. Each thing has its function and, therefore, it is important to be clear about your needs. Transferring this mantra to the kitchen, analyzing this chapter in detail will allow you to get a clear idea of ​​the type of kitchen furniture you need and determine whether you are betting on a total renovation or, on the contrary, you opt, for example, for kitchen furniture in kit that allow you to add solutions over time.

Furniture customization

As we said a few lines ago, kitchen design has evolved considerably and, nowadays, it is possible to carry out a great customization of this type of space. Although, in general, the furniture usually has standard measurements, there is always the possibility of adjusting the design to your needs, so the previous step we were talking about is essential.

In fact, it is possible to find cheap kitchen furniture with special measures that are perfect, for example, for kitchens with peculiar dimensions.

Coatings and installations

Are you going to embark on a comprehensive reform or are you just thinking of painting the furniture in your kitchen? The dimensions of your project are another aspect to take into account. If you are willing to make a radical change, you will not only have to think about the kitchen furniture but it will be necessary to include a chapter for coatings and installations in your budget.

Since this type of reforms usually involve a significant outlay, it is better to undertake these changes coinciding with the furniture than to wait and risk possible breakdowns.

The work triangle

Whether it’s kit kitchen furniture, integral designs, large rooms or tiny kitchens, there is something you can’t help but contemplate: the work triangle. As you can imagine, designing it correctly is key so that the functionality and attractiveness of your kitchen are up to par.

The area corresponds to the space that connects the food storage, preparation and cooking areas and its design will depend on the type of kitchen you choose.

A perfect layout

Ergonomics and dimensions are two key aspects to take into account when designing your work triangle, which, ultimately, will be determined by the distribution you choose for your kitchen furniture. If we talk, for example, of linear kitchens (very common in the design of small kitchens ), the ideal is to place the washing area in the center and the other two on both sides. The same maxim is followed with L- or U-shaped kitchen design, although it will be the available surface that invites you to think of one or the other.

In any case, kit kitchen furniture with cupboards, drawers and columns are the most interesting to make the most of the surface.

Auxiliary kitchen furniture

Do you feel that you lack space? Has your kitchen stopped being functional? If your renovation plans are far from embarking on a comprehensive reform, perhaps all you need is to start looking for appropriate kitchen auxiliary furniture.

From simple shelves, to a cart with baskets, through a recovered cupboard, there are many elements that can help you recover the operability of your kitchen without having to change all the furniture.

kitchen islands

Not only auxiliary kitchen furniture can provide you with a plus in terms of storage capacity or work surface. Kitchen islands are great allies in this task, as well as an element with a great personality. In the market you can find different models: with or without storage, with or without counter, with sink, cooking area…

If you decide on a complete model, perhaps you can minimize the presence of kitchen furniture or reinvent the design by incorporating visually less heavy shelves or systems.

Accessories for the interior of kitchen furniture

Although certain pieces of furniture have a bad reputation, the truth is that there is no reason to give them up. Corner cabinets, for example, can complicate access to their interior, but with the appropriate accessories for the interior of the appropriate kitchen furniture, you will surely be able to optimize their use. What do you think of some removable trays like the ones in the image? You will have everything at hand without any extra effort.

Let there be light

It cannot be considered an accessory for the interior of the kitchen furniture, however, its lighting is another aspect to be valued. In addition to having enough points of light to guarantee operability in the room, incorporating lights inside the cabinets or their perimeter will multiply their functionality.

compartmentalize to optimize

Whether or not they are cheap kitchen furniture, if you are thinking of changing the furniture in this room of the house, it is important that you bet on variety. It is not only that you carefully study your needs or the possibilities of the space but, once you have all that clear, remember to incorporate everything from cabinets to drawers, through showcases or shelves, into the composition. Only in this way will you achieve a fully functional and, above all, 100% attractive kitchen!

Other recommendations

To the previous recommendations it is worth adding a couple more so that the choice of your kitchen furniture is successful. Although you will have already measured and analyzed each corner, remember that, in small kitchens without much work space, it is best not to saturate them with floor-to-ceiling columns. You would gain in storage, yes, but where would you go to work?

It is also interesting to adjust the presence of furniture to the maximum, especially in the case of superiors. In tall and narrow kitchens, its presence can end up creating a tunnel effect that is not recommended.

Cheap kitchen cabinets vs DIY

Do you have a tight budget? It is true that looking for cheap kitchen furniture is easier today than it was decades ago, but if you are comfortable with your furniture and simply want to give it a renewed look, nothing like DIY. Changing the drawer and cabinet handles, putting up some decorative vinyl or painting the kitchen cabinets are just a few ideas to give them a new chance by investing the minimum.

Beyond kitchen furniture

Although it cannot be considered regular furniture, the worktop is included as part of the kitchen furniture chapter. It is the surface on which you will work, so its choice is essential. In this sense, not only its dimensions matter, but also the material.

Granite and wood, for example, are aesthetically attractive although they are more delicate than other solutions such as silestone.

The importance of household appliances

Does your project include appliances? If so, there are several issues you should take into account. Betting on energy efficient models and making sure to place them in a place that allows ventilation (even if you panel them with kitchen furniture), for example, are two basic aspects.

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Ideas to Renovate the Kitchen for Very Little Money

How long have you been delaying the inevitable moment? Kitchen renovation can be stressful, but it’s an unavoidable step in every home. Don’t let your days continue to make you bitter due to small problems such as rusty pipes, outdated furniture, failing appliances or lack of space. There are tips and basics of low cost kitchen renovation that will help you enjoy a better lifestyle for little money.

Check out these tips inspired by the best experts in modern kitchen renovation. You will find short, medium and long term ideas to save today or in the long term. In addition, you will see some beautiful kitchens that will help you imagine yours. Dare to change today!

1. Keep the original structure and save yourself a mess

As much as you want to update the kitchen from top to bottom, do not make the mistake of moving the place of the sink, the refrigerator or the washing machine. If you do, be prepared to have to hire professionals to change pipes, electrical installation and drains!

2. Reuse every possible detail

Do you need to change your oven? Maybe you can keep your microwave. Does your kitchen table have a scratched board? You can consider keeping the legs and changing only the tabletop. Do you have any appliances that still work? Keep him!

3. Change cabinet doors

In the case of kitchen cabinets, you can probably keep the bottom structure and change the doors to completely different ones. In this way, the look of the kitchen will be fresh, but you will save on furniture and installation.

4. Is a coat of paint all you need?

Sometimes a kitchen that still has functional appliances and fixtures just needs a good coat of paint in modern colors to bring it back to life. Bet on bright and pastel tones. Basil, pale pink and light blue are especially in fashion.

5. Practice your DIY skills

In the internet age, there are tons of DIY tutorials that you can follow to fix and repair chairs, tables or install lamps without asking anyone else for help. Also don’t hesitate to borrow tools and help from the handymen around you.

6. Install new lights in the kitchen

A classic problem with old kitchens is that their lighting is white, surgical and not very warm. Installing mandible LED lights in the false ceiling, or long lamps that go down to the counter will give the kitchen a modern touch.

7. Bet on a bar next to the counter top

One of the funniest trends in modern kitchen renovations is removing the standard table and replacing it with a bar stool. You will save space and get a more functional dining space.

8. Add pops of fun color

Glossy lacquered surfaces in fun colors are great in updated kitchens. Changing the entrance door or adding lacquered coatings on the appliances will completely change the kitchen environment.

9. Spend your budget on the hardest-to-change parts

The counter top, the floors, the water and electricity installations are the most complex elements to change in a kitchen. It makes no sense to spend a lot on cabinets or wall painting if, in return, you are going to have to do work to change other elements soon.

10. Sell everything you don’t need

Surely you know countless apps for selling second-hand objects. Take advantage of them to get a good price for furniture, appliances or even lamps that you are no longer interested in keeping. It will be an easy saving trick!

11. Use vinyl tiles

Do you like colored hydraulic tiles? Do you want to add beautiful tiles on the front of the counter top? If you lack the budget, discover everything that vinyl can do for you. Today vinyl tiles are extremely convincing and cheap.

12. Dare to paint the furniture

If your appliances are still working fine, but you’re tired of their looks, did you know you can paint them at home on your own? The look will be bohemian, romantic and appropriate for young flats.

A Perfect Rural and Modern Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is the room where the physical and spiritual food of a happy family coexistence is cooked; and furthermore, it is the space whose design can best underline our personality. For those who are not satisfied with a conventional style, today we bring you an example of a sensational minimalist rustic kitchen.

Walnut wood and sliding glass doors

In addition, the light and space are guaranteed by the access to the kitchen through original glass and iron sliding doors that connect with the rest of the house.

A granite countertop forever

Have you noticed the effect of clarity and serene timeless beauty that comes from the whole of this room? It is because this beautiful kitchen combines the elegance of natural wood furniture with the stately effect of a granite countertop. In fact, the vivid pattern of stone veining is repeated on the wall, doubling the natural feel. The effect is spectacular!

Functionality on par with aesthetics

Of course, a kitchen should not only be exciting for its beauty, but also practical. In this case, the experts at thought of every detail with the care that only professionals can offer. And it is that, in addition to storage solutions, the LED lights strategically located under the shelves stand out.

Wood paneling to create a natural effect

Behind the glass doors that guarantee a correct flow of air, light and people, we find the electrical appliance towers. Notice how cleverly it has been used to hide the coldness of the appliances behind warm wood panelling.

Lots of storage space in every corner

Special mention deserves the sensational drawers with great width and sliding opening. This kitchen guarantees a space that unfolds, offering quick and efficient access to everyday kitchen materials.

A simpler life with order in every corner

There are interior designs that make it easy for you. This is the case with this kitchen, thought of in every detail to optimize order. This is how we see it in these cabinets with predetermined spaces for spices, cutlery and other details.

Enjoy the kitchen of your dreams right now

With one last image, we appreciate how well the interior of a modern rustic kitchen can be laid out when it is designed by expert interior designers. Do you want a similar kitchen? If you want to make your life easier by improving your kitchen.

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