Sliding Doors Perfect for Your Tiny Home

Sliding Doors Perfect for Your Tiny Home


Currently the existence of sliding doors is increasingly popular among homeowners. This is because sliding doors not only offer better space utilization but are able to provide more value. With proper planning, sliding doors can give an overall beautiful visual effect to the space.

Sliding doors are usually sliding door rails that are hung above or mounted on rails shared under the door. With advances in technology, much of the sliding door hardware has become increasingly slimmer and able to support heavier loads, a factor that has led to newer and better sliding door designs.

If you want to increase the overall appeal of your space, placing sliding doors in the right place is a challenge. This idea book, our Interior Architect will give some examples of how to place sliding doors in the house and their functions. Hopefully inspired.

In the case of spaces like the Kitchen that sometimes need to be closed to avoid smells or a cluttered look, sliding doors can be the perfect choice.

One of the main functions of sliding doors is the separation of space. Depending on the nature of the space, you can opt for doors that are opaque or as in this case, transparent to allow light to pass between spaces.

For a narrow space, but sometimes you need to unite the two spaces, or want to make the door look spacious. You can choose this hidden sliding door.

4. Sliding doors with a minimalist touch

Sliding doors, when designed with the required precision, with appropriate raw materials and suitable for the surrounding environment, can definitely increase the overall visual appeal of the room. In this case, we added a beautiful minimalist touch to the appearance of the entire room through the sleek white windows.

5. Sliding door with panel view

This small panel is useful if you want privacy but at the same time need connectivity with other spaces. Sliding door with window/panel which is very useful for office or clinic.

Folding sliding door mechanisms often take up space when all doors are opened. But in a large room, folding sliding doors can be a solution to expand the space and divide the space when needed.

In Japan, sliding doors are a tradition and are always present in every traditional house in Japan. This sliding door takes inspiration from Japanese doors for its visual form. The simple symmetrical pattern of the black glass frame and panels looks impressive and imparts a nice contemporary touch to the space.

Japanese style sliding door, once opened

8. Sliding glass door with solid frame

The type of aluminum sliding door as seen in this picture is one of the most common types of designs available today. The thick aluminum frame with glass offers the necessary security and insulation and allows plenty of natural light to enter.

9. Sliding door for entrance corridor

If you have furniture elements that are positioned very close to the entrance, such as the cabinets seen here, sliding doors can be very useful and can offer more flexibility than normal doors.

10. Sliding door for bathroom

Sliding doors for the bathroom can be an excellent choice. Bathrooms are usually small spaces so sliding doors can offer excellent space utilization.

11. Fighting butterfly sliding door

You can install sliding doors in opposite directions instead of overlapping (flying butterfly). The plus side is that the layout of the space looks much cleaner and sleeker, while on the downside if you’re one you need more space to hide the door on two sides.

12. Sliding doors for small spaces

As previously explained, sliding doors due to their single plane movement consume very little operating space and therefore prove to be an excellent solution for small spaces as seen here.

13. Sliding door with Japanese wood charm

Sliding doors can be made of different materials, wood can be one of the best construction materials. The window wood not only looks classy, ​​it also lends a rustic Japanese appeal to the whole space.

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