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Low Budget Interior Desingers in Gurgaon Near Me
Low Budget Interior Desingers in Gurgaon Near Me

Investing in kitchen renovation trends may be a complex process. As you’ll imagine, kitchen remodel ideas are often perplexing as you’ll not know where to start out, or the thanks to chart the only course of action.

So before you set about planning the initial stages of an entire kitchen renovation, it’s essential to understand exactly where to start out , and the way much of a budget you’ve got to figure with as a kitchen remodel may be a costly investment which will pay off when reselling – if done well.


Though we’ve seen our justifiable share of varied counter top materials come and go, the recognition of brilliant quartz finishes continues to possess without stopping in view because it remains one among our client’s most often requested materials, and permanently reason. And besides an excellent timeless look, quartz is virtually indestructible because it produces a harder surface – just make certain to avoid excessive heat as hot pots can damage the fabric easily.


A mainstay of the 1990’s and early 2000’s, we’re happy to report that granite continues to dwindle in popularity because it tends so far kitchen decor while making it appear a tad ordinary. Plus granite is super porous and will collect bacteria if not properly taken care of.


Low Budget Interior Desingers in Gurgaon Near Me
Low Budget Interior Desingers in Gurgaon Near Me

While there’s no denying the timeless appeal of an ultra-bright white kitchen, there are many fantastic alternatives to require certain a richer and intoxicating look.

And it should go without saying that each one white kitchens are much harder to stay clean on a day to day, so why not consider bringing in some distinctive hues to make a more memorable kitchen.


From graveyard watch, 2019’s dark and dramatic green tinged color of the year to earthier terracotta or maybe more vibrant tones, do consider adding a way of elevated energy with colors that evoke emotion and a positive spirit.


And lucky for you, we’ve noticed showrooms chock filled with matte cabinetry and appliances that while attractive, are ultimately much easier to stay clean and are bound to not leave of favor anytime soon because of their forever-cool allure.


The antithesis to the tendency to travel for all-white kitchens, black and moodier hued kitchen design ideas are bound to quickly add a chic sense of drama to any home, are easier to manage, and are a chic alternative to plain ivories.


As the times involve clean, symmetrical straight lines, we’re seeing grid motifs used as a late nod to industrial styling everywhere in contrasting black for windows, doors, and cabinet legs.


Instead, explore expressive kitchen furniture with the liberty to experiment while adding a way of play throughout.


Though ranges and hoods are often substantial investments, our interior designers still choose finds in surprising shades from cool and calming pastels to primary hues.


In a kitchen, less truly can mean more because the slightest upgrades can add more room for prep time and storage solutions. Persist with the concept of Hygge and make certain that surfaces are clutter-free, and believe alternatives for your upper cabinets from shelves to art – you name it.


For a contemporary home, consider updating your kitchen with clean-lined cabinetry and eliminate molding and heavy finishes and choose timeless straight lines to echo the pared back vibe throughout your decidedly minimal home.


Super cool and minimal else, probably one among the foremost innovative kitchen decor updates we’ve encounter in ages. Slim, sleek, and straightforward to hide, it makes for an excellent alternative to bulky prominent hoods.

Instead, usher in touches of the abstract, unfinished, and natural in small doses for hints of semi-rustic, industrial notes.

Low Budget Interior Desingers in Gurgaon Near Me
Low Budget Interior Desingers in Gurgaon Near Me


Great for cleverly adding more prep and counter space instantly, sliding covered sinks also boast the double-duty advantage of concealing a sink filled with dishes waiting to be cleaned.


Again with the purposely mismatched kitchen decor trend, think about using two complementary tones for walls and cabinets to surprise the attention with an instantly cool look.


Increasingly popular, customized banquette seating may be a good way to bring family and friends together during this most ordinarily used room while giving your kitchen furniture a singular feature that would also increase the worth of your home.


For an off-kilter layered look that’s still rich and layered, combine different metals like copper hardware, brass fixtures, and silver finishes for a more laid back however elegant statement.


Add life to your kitchen decor with striking patterned flooring and rugs that’ll lend a dynamic visual punch compared to a basic wooden or tiled floor.


For a romantic combat kitchen design ideas, think idyllic English countryside kitchens and obtain the design with simple paint colors, planer materials, a strict specialize in function, and listening to detail is sweet here – just don’t overdo it.


With storage and performance key concerns in any kitchen, the foremost “> cash in of that space under your kitchen island design and consider clever hacks to form the most use of the space to raised serve your needs.


By extending your counter top over the sting of your kitchen island, you’ll easily add extra space for seating more guests while eliminating the necessity for a table if you’re short on space.


We’ve seen some terrific updates to stool styling to think about from mid-century-modern beauties to Hollywood Regency styles filled with personality and everyday glamour.


Make a press release with a conversation starting set of pendant lights as they’re perfect for adding ample lighting to wide open spaces.


Go for the unexpected and choose a definite color for grout work as it’ll lend your kitchen decor a graphic kick and hints of needed color.


Because they appear great, consider high-shine cabinetry as slick because the painted surface of a car or nail enamel as a go-to option for a hyper-sophisticated kitchen.


For an overall feeling of wellness, keep things comfortable, usher in small plants and style elements from nature. And skip out on chemical products and choose natural and organic ones instead.


Though they require more care and have a shorter lifespan, wooden counters are efficient thanks to add warmth and character in any kitchen.


By combining the 2 design styles you’ll easily create an upscale and nuanced look in your kitchen which will be unique to your home.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – enough with using mason jars as drinking vessels. Sure, they’re great for storage and will be reused the maximum amount as possible, however, they’re highly immature for serving and low brow else.


Subway tiles could also be timeless but they’re also beyond tired at the instant as you’ll spot them everywhere, from your local fast-food outlet to your neighbor’s home. Transcend expectations and choose tiles that are more unexpected to offer your home a singular edge.


Are you actually that crazy with dusting that you’d rather keep your pots hanging and collecting and dropping dust in your kitchen? We thought not! So do cash in of newer cabinetry boasting deep drawers and keep your airspace clear for an inviting and open look.


We know you reside, laugh, and love in your home – don’t we all? So skip the redundancy and avoid having your home appear as if an indicator novelty shop and choose real, substantial art if you’re looking to form a press release.


A common mistake novice decorators make only too often is getting trapped in both themes and up cycling. And honestly, unless you’re cooking during a stable, there’s no got to bring the design into your kitchen.


Want to require guests back to the 80’s? If the solution is yes, stick with putrid brown granite. If not, choose surfaces that are less dated, more timeless, and admittedly, ones that are easier on the attention.


Unless you reside during a pristine castle, there’s no got to have overworked cabinetry in any home. And with today’s involves minimalism and clean, straight lines, we’d suggest skipping out on cabinetry with heavy looks as they’ll instantly add bulk to any kitchen decor.


Although these honestly have a reasonably decent look, we see all of them too often giving them a standard, basic feel. But if you enforce say a chevron backslash, keep it minimal by going tonal.


Because nothing dates a home quite cherry-toned wood, we propose steering beyond the fabric in every room as it’s too traditional and customary to think about.


Great for a bachelor pad or dorm, less so for an elevated home. Skip the bar height trend and persist with tried & true scales for a more timeless feel.


Because they really do look cheap, we’d suggest skipping out on those popular contact paper hacks for backslashes, cabinetry, and appliances because people can tell, especially when the whole room starts peeling away.

As you’ll see, it takes quite a mixture of trends and kitchen furniture updates to rejuvenate a cramped, and unappealing kitchen space especially when your current kitchen decor is dark and outdated, and lacking personality.

Sometimes there’s only one big impetus behind a kitchen remodel and kitchen renovation ideas: maybe your growing family can’t fit around your table, or your two-oven family cursed with an ineffective one-oven kitchen, or your kitchen is just an eyesore.

As often there are tons of little factors that add up to the decision for a complete kitchen renovation. Maybe you’re dreaming of a kitchen that matches your colorful, eclectic tastes, which can differ from the tastes you’ll have had once you first moved in. or even you’re looking to open up your kitchen to the remainder of the house for an open plan.

The Most Organized Kitchen Ever | Best Interior Design Firm

Whether your kitchen is big enough for an island or compact enough for dining for two (invest in a dining set), staying organized isn’t easy. From navigating tiny cabinets and cramped drawers to utilizing the top of your fridge for storage, there’s a lot to overcome when trying to keep your kitchen tidy and accessible.

With small appliances, groceries, a pantry, utensils, crockery, cutlery, and glassware, there is so much to store in your kitchen. Not to mention that it can be tricky to store things like plastic food container lids (no one likes opening a cupboard to an avalanche of plastic! ), cutting boards, bake ware, baking pans, and more. If you’d rather skip a complete makeover due to time and budget constraints, these hacks are great ways to get the most out of even a small space.

 To Try Open Shelving

Showing your casino to the world is downright scary. Yes, chaos exists, but it seems a lot less real when it’s hidden behind closed doors. If you’re hanging out on open shelves, I’m sure we can hear you, but listen to us. It can look incredibly chic and totally last if done right. Don’t judge yet: let these kitchens inspire you.

Low Budget Interior Desingers in Gurgaon Near Me
Low Budget Interior Desingers in Gurgaon Near Me

Modern Cabinet Ideas

If you have a modern kitchen, modern cabinets are an obvious choice, but the two don’t have to go together. Elegant, streamlined furniture can bring freshness to a farmhouse, seaside, or traditional kitchen. You can go as glamorous (shine for days), minimalistic, or crazy as you like—or you can go back to the mid-century. Whatever your aesthetic, you’ll find inspiration in this list.

Modern Kitchens

Modern design is often derided as austere and cold, but it’s about creating clean, open, functional, and relaxing spaces with room for character and personal style.

And that’s the recipe for the perfect kitchen, by the way. If you’re looking for a modern kitchen that embodies a sleek, innovative aesthetic, we’ve got plenty of designer-approved ideas for you. Whether you want something bright and whimsical or monochrome and sophisticated, these contemporary kitchens will inspire you to think outside the box.

What kind of lighting should my kitchen have?

For many people, the kitchen is their favorite place in the house. The reason? It is the environment in which we usually meet to enjoy our food or where we have a coffee in the afternoon. And what better to do it with the right lighting. In this article, we will share ideas that will inspire you to light your kitchen correctly.

If you have natural light thanks to a strategically designed window, make the most of it and also play with other sources of artificial light such as ceiling lamps, LED strips or spot lighting.

It is also important that you define the areas of your kitchen to know what lighting each area needs. In other words, if you have an area destined for the daily dining room, it should have warmer lighting than the one used for the work area (or where you will prepare food).

Once you are clear about the light sources and areas of your kitchen, you can choose lighting that is both functional and welcoming and that reaches all areas of this environment without leaving dark or unwelcoming spaces. Read on to find out what you should keep in mind when choosing lighting for your kitchen.


Ideally, you should locate the sink area near a source of natural light such as a window. But if you don’t have a fence, you can put LED or halogen strips at the bottom of the furniture. This way you will always have direct light in this area.

Light on the islands

Ideally, you should locate the sink area near a source of natural light such as a window. But if you don’t have a fence, you can put LED or halogen strips at the bottom of the furniture. This way you will always have direct light in this area.

Light on the islands

If you have an island in your kitchen, its lighting will depend on the use you give it. For example, if the island is where you cook, it is recommended that the light is integrated into the extractor hood. Another option is to choose ceiling lamps if you use the island as a daily dining room.


Sometimes the lighting of kitchen furniture is usually left aside. However, locating specific lights inside kitchen furniture will be very useful to find the utensils you need. It is recommended to choose led or halogen light strips.

Luminous bells

Extractor hoods and ceiling fans can also be a source of light. Currently many of these come with lighting included and provide a soft and functional light. It is ideal for both large and small spaces.

Over the bar

Bet on the use of ambient lights that provide warmth. This type of lighting is ideal for areas such as the American bar. You can also install a switch for each area of ​​the kitchen, in this way only the light you require will come on, reducing energy consumption.

In the dining room

If you have the dining room integrated into the kitchen, it is best to illuminate it in a special and distinctive way compared to the rest of the space. A ceiling lamp will provide direct lighting over the table area, but make sure it is a warm light and that it is placed correctly to avoid creating shadows (or dazzling) those who sit down to eat.

Play of light

You can play with indirect light and other more punctual. Here, for example, you can see how indirect light is reinforced with auxiliary lamps and spot light. Choose led lamps that create a special and unique atmosphere for the kitchen.


To get uniform light, choose to install recessed spotlights in the ceiling. An advice? Locate one per square foot of total kitchen area. This way you will not saturate the space, but you will illuminate it efficiently.

Low consumption

Among the advantages of choosing LED lighting is its low energy consumption and its long life. The best? It comes in different formats of sockets and bulbs and will give you light in warm, cold or neutral tones.

Punctual and general

You will require spot lighting for work surfaces because the lighting that comes from the ceiling will not be enough and will create shadows on the cooking or food preparation area. You can find this type of lighting in specialized studios .

Learn about lights

For the kitchen work area, look for cold light, that is, 4,000 °K. You can place it in the area of ​​taps or the hob. You will also be able to illuminate food correctly and perceive its colors in the most natural way possible.

More tips

If you have a daily dining table in the kitchen, the ideal is to install direct line lamps that do not exceed the length of the table. And if you are not sure how far away to place the down lights

Location Matters

If you can’t install the lights on the kitchen cabinets, you can choose adjustable spotlights and install them directly on the wall. You can choose a lamp with an extendable design, like the one in the image, as it allows you to maneuver the distance and location of the lighting.

From each other, it is best that they go in line and with an approximate distance of one and a half meters from each other. If your kitchen is large, you can place them parallel and away from the walls.

Hotel Interior Designers in Gurgaon Luxury and Low Budget
Interior Designers in Gurgaon Luxury and Low Budget

How to organize the pantry with 17 ideas for kitchen furniture

Do you also dream of a pantry full of kitchen cabinets that allow you to put order? Are you thinking of kitchen designs that let you find everything without fail? The order in the kitchen is a daily problem, because how to organize the pantry will save us time but also avoid food waste.

In addition to efficient pantries and pantry furniture, there are storage solutions and kitchen designs that allow us to optimize the rational organization of food, utensils and appliances.

Thus, in this article we are going to talk not only about pantries, but also about how to organize the pantry, how to choose a good storage cabinet with drawers, and kitchen designs.

Attached pantries with storage solutions

According to the FAO, an agency of the Nations Organization that fights against hunger, food waste in developed countries causes great ecological damage and endangers food health; however, it is produced from the production chain to our own homes. To combat it, the most ideal would be to have your own pantry space, in a shady part of the house, kept at a cool temperature (below 17 degrees).

In this kitchen there is an attached pantry, as well as a laundry room; the exposed shelves and drawers of the pantry are optimal for quick access to everything and for storing objects of various sizes. The kitchen measures 24 square meters and the pantry.

Pantries with everything in sight

How to put order in the kitchen or how to organize the pantry so as not to throw food away and not spend time looking for it? The most basic and cheapest step is to have clear glass jars that can be hermetically sealed to maximize the life of the food. Also, a good trick is to label the jars with the names of each food and the date of purchase or expiration.

Modular furniture for pantries

Modular furniture to organize all the spaces in your house and learn how to organize the pantry. One piece of advice: to keep the pantry clean and organized, it is important to put the foods and condiments that are least used at the bottom and on top, and the usual ones, in front and close by. Also, the smaller boats are put in the front row, so you won’t be able to see the tall ones in the background. The boats are very cheap, and for a price of 5 to 20 euros per boat you can have an army of container spaces.

A wall of decorative cabinets

If we do not have a pantry itself, a good wall of kitchen furniture will also serve to obtain a large storage space. In an open kitchen, integrated kitchen or kitchen with a breakfast bar, this solution is also essential to convey a sense of glamor and cleanliness to the rest of the house. In this case, this white kitchen with splashes of bright color relies on wood and marble.

Cabinets, hangers and drawers

To put order in the kitchen, it is not only useful to have cabinets. Kitchen cabinets must have smart doors and well-designed spaces to make good use of space with maximum order. Rely on hangers and bars to keep everyday spices close at hand.

Regarding the drawers, both above and below the countertop we can have storage space with different functions. Use the lower furniture to store the heaviest things, such as milk crates, but do not overload the removable furniture or the sliding system could be damaged.

Large cabinets with transparent doors

In your pantry cabinet, group similar foods in different spaces: pasta on one side, vegetables in another space, the less durable close and visible. In addition, in the upper storage space, where we sometimes forget to look because we did not arrive, it is useful to have transparent panels that allow us to see what is stored at a glance.

Refrigerators that hide nothing

In this kitchen with practical fronts in an intense blue color, the block of stainless steel appliances is concentrated in an impressive wall panel. This industrial look goes well with an efficient kitchen where a lot of food is stored. Refrigerators with display doors are closely associated with the hotel industry precisely because of their great versatility and are fantastic as a second refrigerator (their prices, depending on size and quality, range between 100 euros for very small ones and 4,000 for large but affordable options for home).

Pantry without secrets and without cabinet fronts

Another risky but very efficient option in an integrated environment is to have kitchen designs as avant-garde as this one: the fronts of the cupboards have been removed, so that the shelves and drawer panels, normally inside, are visible. By leaving drawer organizers out in the open, it’s hard to forget which products may be out of date.

Hang it in plain sight!

Another basic and cheap trick to improve order in the pantry are bars, hangers and uncovered shelves that allow us to leave everything in sight but with elegance and style. Instead of putting away your mugs, hang them up.

Sliding drawers

This type of wood and plastic composite drawers are not only low in price, but also help us to extract medium and heavy weight things with great ease. However, do not overload these sliding drawers because you risk breaking the mechanism.

Corner drawers

The best kept secret of good kitchen designs are corner drawers that take advantage of those lost spaces with new corners to store more utensils. Simply a great design!

Retractable sliding doors

Many people hesitate to put an open kitchen at home because they fear that leaving food and pots in sight will be aesthetically ugly. However, sliding cabinets or cabinets with retractable doors (which, beyond opening at 90º like any cabinet door, also slide into the cabinet itself) are the perfect solution for tidy storage with baskets.

LED illuminated pantry

An extra trick! If you add LED lighting and pull-out drawers to your pantry cabinet, no product that is going to expire will be overlooked. An ingenious idea and very cheap.

Sliding door cabinets

Pantry cabinets with vertical storage doors not only reduce the problems of furniture doors opening outwards and taking up space, but also give the kitchen a very elegant vintage touch.

Order and pets in hidden holes

This clever breakfast bar not only serves as a hidden pantry, but a special space has been added for the third member of the family, the cat has its lair in the lower part of the cabinet!

Accessible hidden drawers

In addition, to ensure total hygiene in a small kitchen and pantry, we can think of custom cabinets with hidden trash cans, accessible by simply pressing the drawer with a foot. A magnificent design of a good carpenter!

Make sure everything matches

In short, storage spaces with retractable doors are a blessing for elegance and order in the kitchen, making our furniture with kitchen instruments and ingredients hidden from view but organized inside. However, it is not enough. Storage and decoration are essential, but you must also take care that they go in harmony with other kitchen furniture.

Best kitchen renovation trends | Best Interior Design Firm

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